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What Size Knee Compression Sleeve Should I Get

How To Measure For Pantyhose Compression

How to put on tight knee sleeves – SBD
  • Ankle Measurement
  • Measure the circumference of your ankle by placing the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle and wrapping it around to make a circle. This should always be your first measurement.
  • Calf Measurement
  • Find the widest part of your calf and measure the circumference.
  • Thigh Measurement
  • Find the widest part of your thigh, right under your buttocks and measure the circumference.
  • Leg Length
  • Measure the distance from your buttocks to the floor.
  • If You Have A Recurrent Knee Injury

    Recurrent injuries are acute injuries that happen many times. For example, people that sprain their knees constantly have chronically sprained knees.

    But, recurrent injuries are hard to manage with knee sleeves only. Relying too much on knee sleeves can be harmful to you in the long term.

    This is because, in this scenario, knee compression sleeves work as a crutch. They help you get by, but the cause of injury is still there. You must pinpoint the root cause to prevent the injury from happening again.

    If this is you, please go to a physical therapist. They will identify the main cause and give you a treatment plan for it.

    Should you have any trouble finding a PT in your area, we can help.

    Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve For Plus Size

    When it comes to knee pain, your weight is first to blame. Doctors always say your knees will feel better if you lose weight. This is true, but we all know that losing weight is easier said than done. It’s just not a useful suggestion or solution, especially if you’re in pain! It isn’t a miracle worker, but in time, we hope our knee sleeve can help you get back to life, whatever that looks like for you.

    This knee compression sleeve in XXL and larger sizes is a simple solution for pain in the knee joint stemming from arthritis, and other knee injuries. We understand that fit can be a challenge, so unlike other brands with limited sizing such as Mueller and Copper Fit, we designed this compression knee sleeve for sizes up to 6XL with an elastic stretch to fit large thighs and big calves comfortably.

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    Knee And Patella Support

    Knee sleeves limit the movement of your patella, strengthening your joint and reducing the risk of injury. Your patella is a piece of triangular bone protecting the knee joint. When you wear a tight knee sleeve, you get an extra layer of protection to keep the patella and knee joint in place, regardless of how rigorous the activity is.

    Weightlifting Knee Sleeve Buying Guide

    Outtop adjustable Knee Brace and Support Bilateral Hinges ...

    There are several brands of knee sleeves available in the market today. Choosing the best, therefore, cannot only be a daunting task but also confusing even to the most experienced athlete. As a result, you need to be harmed with the right information before you go shopping.

    When you have all the product details to look out for in each brand, your shopping will be much easier. You will not also waste a lot of time looking for a suitable brand. Additionally, the risk of being scammed will be minimal. Before you set out for your shopping, consider the following factors:

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    They Can Get Smelly Fast

    Most people wear knee sleeves while doing physical activities. This is great because the compression will provide some stability, enhance recovery, and can reduce knee pain.

    But, this also means the sleeve will accumulate sweat. This can foster smelly bacteria if you dont wash the compression sleeves often.

    Minimize this by letting your knee brace air dry after wearing it. Also, wash it following the instructions of the manufacturer. This will prolong the life of the sleeve and keep it smell-free.

    Knee Compression Sleeves: Dangerous Or Not

    Knee compression sleeves are typically made from high-grade nylon and provide warmth for your knee. They also provide stability, elasticity, and compression to the joint on which they are worn. And better yet, they can be worn for many hours before washing them.

    Compression sleeves are not as dangerous or harmful as people sometimes think they are, so dont stress.

    Side effects of knee compression sleeves are very rare. Skin irritation is possible monitor your skin closely if you have sensitive skin and wear these types of products often. Some other minor side effect may include:

    • Skin Irritation.
    • Restriction of blood flow if compression sleeves are too tight.

    One of the most common questions people ask is whether they can sleep in a knee compression sleeve. The answer is NO! Sleeves should not be worn overnight.

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    For How Long Should You Wear Compression Knee Sleeves

    Your doctor or physical therapist will be the best person to answer this.

    They will assess a few factors about your injury, including:

    • Your symptoms, and
    • Your lifestyle

    They will use these to determine how long you should wear a knee brace.

    In any case, heres a rough guideline on how long to wear knee compression sleeves:

    Knee Sleeve Tightness Depends On The Sport

    How to Wear Strap for Knee Brace Compression Sleeve by Athledict

    Next, identify what type of sport or physical activity will you need knee sleeves for. Tightness will vary based on whether you need to be agile or simply perform a one-and-two exercise.

    Here are some of the most common sports to use knee sleeves and the general level of tightness:

    Bodybuilding: Depends on the weight load. If you are following a lighter weight, higher repetition program, wear a comfortably tight knee sleeve. You can use the size from the chart above. However, if you are performing lower repetitions with a heavier weight load, especially during compound movements such as the squat, consider wearing a tighter knee sleeve.

    Looking to improve your squat? Check out our article on how to master the back squat.

    CrossFit: Requires a high degree of agility including sprinting, jumping, and turning. Do not size down, you want a knee sleeve that gives you room to move, not restrict you. You can follow the size chart above, and you may even consider going one size up.

    Interested in getting started with CrossFit? Heres our complete guide to finding a reputable CrossFit gym.

    Powerlifting: Since you are using up to 100% of your one-repetition maximum, we would advise going a bit tighter. You can size down, but make sure you arent cutting off the circulation in your legs.

    Still not sure what qualifies as a Strongman exercise and what makes for a powerlifting exercise? Read our article on the difference between Strongman and powerlifting.

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    So How Tight Should It Be

    First, make sure you have the right size knee sleeves measure the circumference of your knee using a flexible type of tape measure, keeping your leg straight, and refer to the size chart below.

    If youre in between sizes, say at 14 inches, we would recommend going for the smaller size. In this case, that would be an M for comfort fit instead of an L you want them tight, not loose otherwise, how would you get the support and compression you need? Plus, brand spanking new knee sleeves do stretch out just a little bit after a few wears.

    Plus Size Knee Brace For Arthritis And Obesity

    The knee is an important joint for the body when it comes to movement and its very function subjects it to a high amount of stress. Each pound of body weight puts an estimated five pounds of force on the knee.

    Considering that, it should not be surprising that there is a link between obesity and knee pain. The obesity knee pain brace helps those dealing with arthritis and other obesity knee problems. Many aspects of this product make it a great knee brace for obesity-related knee pain.

    This knee brace has a wrap-around design that closes in the front with two Velcro straps. Its heavy-duty hinges help the knee withstand the extra weight, allowing the user to move about more easily and with less pain.

    The brace is constructed of CoolTex, a neoprene alternative material that is both lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. This composition will allow for a more comfortable experience while using.

    Also ensuring a comfortable and effective fit, this plus size knee brace comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from large to 6XL.

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    Iron Bull Strength Knee Sleeves


    • Features a slip-resistant material that helps hold sleeve firm
    • It is lightweight and helps heal muscular injuries faster
    • Sizing charts in listing images to help order the correct size

    You will love these sleeves for their exceptional design and features. The new version comes with a unique 7 mm design that guarantees maximum safety, comfort, and durability. Besides, it will keep your joints warm, increase your blood flow, and create much-needed compression for maximum performance.

    If you are in the market for a product that increases your strength and prevents injuries while helping boost your confidence levels, then go for the Iron Bull Knee Sleeves.

    It is the perfect choice for a beginner, a regular trainer, or an advanced lifter looking to protect their knees under heavy load. Furthermore, the product provides compression and increases your blood flow to enable faster recovery from injuries. It also aids quick muscle recovery and rehabilitation.

    They are also built to last long and give you the results you so desire. What is more, if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the product, you can always take them back for a full refund. Buy them here

    Mm For Medium Strength And Agility

    [Amazon.com] BERTER Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeve ...

    For consumers that want a little bit of control with a bit of support, thats where the 5mm thickness might benefit them. They offer some support for powerlifting, but they also provide the user with enough movement to get the agility and mobility of the 3mm sleeve.

    Weightlifters and similar athletes may not get the support they need with this thickness because it is too light for their activities.

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    Top 3 Knee Injuries To Look Out For

    There are many ligaments and muscles in theknee joint, which makes it highly susceptible to injury. Anyone of any age can suffer from these knee problems. The impact of knee injuries can be felt on every aspect of your life, from routine activities to getting up from the couch. In sports, ligament damage is often caused by a sudden twist or reaction. Heavy running in particular is often a common culprit, which is why knee sleeves for running are in strong demand. Here is an explanation of three common knee injuries, along with knee braces that can help manage symptoms.

    Mm For Normal Strength And Support

    Most knee sleeves are easiest to find in a 7mm thickness, giving the most strength and support possible. This thickness is more stable and stiffer than the other thickness options, which is crucial for anyone who uses them during cross-training or to lift weights.

    While the purpose of these sleeves is to reduce mobility slightly, they shouldnt be uncomfortable or prevent the user from moving at all.

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    Make Sure Its The Right Size

    If the knee brace isnt tight enough, it wont give any benefits.

    But, if its too tight, it can restrict the blood flow down to your leg. The uncomfortable compression can increase knee pain and/or damage your skin as well.

    In both scenarios, you wont be able to wear your knee brace. So, make sure to spend some time searching for the correct size.

    Also, sizing charts may vary between brands. Double-check the size before buying!

    What Are Knee Compression Sleeves Actually Made Of

    How to Wear A Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Relief

    Knee compression sleeves can be made out of lots of different materials, but there are two main types: Lycra and Neoprene. Lycra is generally considered to be more comfortable than neoprene, and it also offers the benefit of being able to stretch with your movement. That said, it might be worth trying both in order to find your perfect fit.

    One of the things people like about these knee sleeves is how comfortable they are. They dont feel bulky and they give you a better range of motion, because theres no loose material tugging on them.

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    How To Measure For Knee Sleeves: A Simple Step

    Last updated on

    Knee sleeves are extremely beneficial tools for the gym, especially if youre into weightlifting. However, you get to only reap the full benefits of it if you have the right fit! Thats why its important to learn how to measure for knee sleeves to prevent injury and get your form right.

    But how can you do that properly? Read on as Ill be showing you how to measure for knee sleeves!

    Quick Navigation

  • Wrapping It Up
  • Check The Sizes For Reference

    Once youve already figured out your measurements, you can now refer to the different sizes and their exact dimensions. This determines what size you need to purchase. Take note that sizes can vary from brand to brand, so Ill be showing you a general list you can refer to, depending on where you want to purchase your knee sleeve.

    • XS: 31-33cm or 12-13 inches
    • SM: 33-35cm or 12-13 12/16 inches
    • MD: 35-37cm or 13 12/16 14 9/16 inches
    • LG: 37-40cm or 14 9/16 15 12/16 inches
    • XL: 40-43cm or 15 12/16 16 15/16 inches
    • XXL: 43-46cm or 16 15/16 18 2/16 inches

    Note that some people prefer to go one size lower than their actual size. This is because they want to maintain a slightly tighter fit once the sleeves get looser. I highly recommend that you get the smallest size that can fit you tightly as long as you can squat comfortably and properly.

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    Our Top Picks For Knee Sleeves Cover The Best Options For Joint Warmth Compression And Functional Fitness Training

    Knee sleeves are supportive pieces of strength equipment that come with a variety of options. Like most pieces of supportive equipment, their use comes with a time and place, so its not a bad idea to keep yourself equipped with a pair for times you need them most. Strength athletes typically reach for knee sleeves for joint protection, warmth, and stability.

    A sleeves benefits will be dependent on your strength sport, preferences, and knee sleeve wants/needs. Weve been on a mission to find the best knee sleeve for powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit®-style workouts, knee warmth, and even heavy squats. Below are our current favorites.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Sleeves


    Q: What are knee sleeves?

    A: A knee sleeve is a garment that goes around and over the knee, providing more excellent stability to the joint. Many people wear them to reduce their risk of injury possibly.

    Q: Do consumers need knee sleeves?

    A: Not necessarily. This garment is primarily helpful to individuals with knee pain when they put their bodies through too much physical strain. It also helps fitness enthusiasts that regularly include squats in their routine.

    Q: What should consumers do to reduce their knee pain?

    A: The use of a knee sleeve can help consumers alleviate their pain. Maintaining proper hydration, including a supplement with glucosamine, or taking other therapeutic pain relief solutions can also help.

    Q: What are the advantages of knee sleeves?

    A: Along with improved mobility and reduced pain, the use of knee sleeves has been directly associated with improved blood flow, compression benefits, and recovery after a workout.

    Q: What are the disadvantages of knee sleeves?

    A: A knee sleeve is not enough for someone already injured. They wont offer the support that a knee brace can.

    Also, using a knee sleeve wont improve how much the user can lift. Some people believe that using a knee sleeve is akin to the placebo effect.

    Q: Do users need knee sleeves for lifting?

    A: Not necessarily. However, many users find that wearing a knee sleeve benefits them when they engage in these workouts.

    Q: Should users choose a 5mm or 7mm knee sleeve?

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    Who Should Use Knee Sleeves

    Knee sleeves are beneficial to anyone. Many people wear knee sleeves to alleviate joint pain and aging-related mobility issues. Others use knee sleeves for CrossFit, intensive workouts, or general athletic activity.

    Overall, here are some of the people who could benefit more from knee sleeves:

    Any person involved in workouts, runs, or general exercises

    Anyone with joint pain or arthritis

    Any person who wants to prevent swelling or inflammation after a workout while boosting recovery

    CrossFit athletes

    Anyone who wants to improve mobility, movement, and range of motion without attracting pain and inflammation

    People suffering from lower leg pain or other lower body pain due to arthritis, ligament tears, knee tendonitis, muscle sprains, and more

    Generally, anyone can benefit from a good knee sleeve. They are good for managing pain, recovery, and improving performance.

    Whats The Difference Between Knee Sleeves Wraps And Braces

    • Knee sleeves are for athletes of almost any sport, gym-goers, and the general public. They give constant compression which keeps your joints warm, improves circulation, reduces pain, and helps prevent injuries.
    • Knee wraps are typically for powerlifters, bodybuilders, and similar disciplines. Their elasticity may help lifters exercise with more weight.
    • Knee braces are for already injured knees or those that are healing from injury and/or surgery. Their rigidity helps prevent excessive movement which then prevents injuries from getting worse.

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    Neenca Knee Compression Sleeve

    Price: $$

    This knee sleeve is for those who want extra support during their activities. It comes with a contoured patella gel pad, which surrounds the kneecap, and double-sided metal spring stabilizers to offer a tighter fit around the knee. Its moisture-wicking nonslip fabric is designed to help keep it in place comfortably.

    Because of the added support, this sleeve could work well for high intensity activities, recovery from minor injuries, or support for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. The unisex sizes range from small to xxx-large.


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