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How To Heal Knee Pain

Question 1 Of : Can A Meniscus Tear Heal On Its Own

How To: CURE Knee Pain After Basketball
  • 1Yes, but it depends on how bad the tear is. Small tears along the outer third of your meniscus can heal independently, and might not need surgery. However, tears along the inner two-thirds of your meniscus will probably need surgery. Dont worry at your appointment, a doctor can pinpoint your injury and point you in the right direction for treatment.XResearch source
  • A lot of meniscus tears can heal without surgery.
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar

    ACV may help reduce inflammation and alkalize the body, contributing to pain management. However, the use of ACV for knee pain is purely anecdotal, and therefore should be employed with caution.

    How to use:

    Dilute ACV in water and consume as a tonic. Alternatively, soak a cloth with diluted ACV and wrap over the affected area. Further, cover the cloth using a plastic wrap and bandage, and leave for 68 hours.

    Can Knee Injuries Be Prevented

    Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to be careful, there is always the risk of an innocuous incident or unlucky accident causing a knee injury.

    However, we can take precautions to decrease the risk of injury or prevent the wear and tear of the protective layers around our knees. Here are some practical tips to lower the chances of hurting your knee:

  • Wear protective gearIf you regularly play sports or work in an industry that causes a lot of stress on your knees, make sure to wear protective gear. Dont forget to wear proper shoes, preferably ones that absorb shock which put less stress on your knees.
  • Strengthen your muscles with exerciseThere are many types of exercises which help you prevent knee injury. You can do squats, lunges, and other stretching exercises. Its especially important to do this before and after a workout or other extreme physical activities.
  • Understand your limits and take a restUnderstanding your limits doesnt only apply to people who have been injured. If you play sports or go to the gym frequently, make sure you know your limits and give yourself time to rest. Your muscle repairs itself during that time and fatigue can also cause you to be less careful, which can lead to accidents.
  • Improve your posture and exercise techniqueSometimes we may be doing our exercises the wrong way. The incorrect posture while doing squats or lunges can cause additional stress on our knees. Ask your trainer or coach for help to improve your posture or technique.
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    Getting Medical Treatment For Knee Pain

  • 1See your doctor for prescription medications. Make an appointment with your doctor so he can diagnose the cause of your knee pain. Your doctor will likely do a physical exam, take x-rays and order blood tests to confirm a diagnosis. If your knee pain is not alleviated by home remedies or OTC medications, then talk to your doctor about getting a stronger prescriptions drug.
  • COX-2 inhibitors are particularly strong NSAIDs that have less risk of stomach problems.XResearch source They are usually prescribed for OA of the knee.
  • Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs are typically used to combat the pain and reduce the progression of rheumatoid arthritis by dampening down your immune system.XResearch source The most common DMARD is methotrexate.
  • 2Consult with your doctor about steroid injections. An corticosteroid injection into the knee can quickly reduce inflammation and pain, and allow for better range of motion.XResearch source Corticosteroids are hormones that act as strong anti-inflammatories. They are usually injected into joints by orthopedic surgeons under local anesthesia. The most commonly used medications are cortisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone and triamcinolone. The effects of the shots are almost always short-term â the pain relief will last from a few weeks to many months typically.
  • The number of corticosteroid injections you can get is limited to one every three months, because they can cause the knee to deteriorate more quickly.
  • How Boswellia Supplements Reduce Knee Pain

    5 Ways To Cure Common Knee Injuries

    Boswellia contains several anti-inflammatory substances, including boswellic acids, which are as effective in reducing pain as some non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs . Boswellia is particularly effective for reducing knee pain, and is often combined with other joint supplements such as turmeric and glucosamine to boost their effects.

    When Boswellia extracts were added to cartilage cultures grown from people underoing knee replacement surgery, Boswellia was found to stabilise the cartilage, reduce loss of structural substances, and had a protective, anti-inflammatory effect that was predicted to reduce cartilage degeneration.

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    /9massage With Essential Oils

    Massaging is an excellent way to get relief from the symptoms of knee and joint pain. Using essential oil for massaging your knees is even more effective. As per some studies, ginger and orange essential oils work quite well in getting rid of knee pain. It releases stiffness and reduces pain in the affected part.

    Epsom Salt For Joint Pain Relief

    A lot of people learn how to get rid of knee pain fast with the help of the Epsom salt. This is because Epsom salt has magnesium sulfate. It is a compound used to lower chronic knee pain.


    • Soak the joints in this water for at least 15 minutes.

    You will have great relief almost immediately after.

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    What Is The Recovery Time For A Knee Injury

    Knee injury healing time varies, depending on the gravity of the injury and the treatment used on the patient. After your knee has healed, you should also give it time to rest and recover. Unfortunately, a torn ligament treatment is dependent on how much time you give it to recover so avoid putting too much stress on it too soon.

    For sprains, it can take up to a month for the knee to fully recover and it may not be advisable to engage in sports or physical activities for up to another month after that.

    The same rule applies for traumatic injuries. In some cases, you may also choose to undertake a physical rehabilitation program which might last several weeks, or several months, depending on the type of injury sustained.

    How Turmeric Reduces Knee Pain

    How To CURE Knee Pain After Workout

    Turmeric blocks the production of a variety of inflammatory substances, including the enzyme COX-2, interleukins, and TNF-alpha a powerful cell signalling protein involved in triggering acute inflammation.

    Curcumin is recognised as one of the few orally available substances that can block TNF-alpha, which is the target for many new and expensive antibody treatments given by intravenous infusion or subcutaneous injection to treat severe inflammatory diseases including some forms of arthritis.

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    Try A Castor Oil Pack

    Castor oil has been long used for treating various pains, including sciatica and arthritis. It has been found to possess anti-inflammatory ricinoleic acid which may help reduce pain. However, its use is based on anecdotal evidence and therefore should only be used as an additional therapy with caution.

    How to use:

    • Prepare calendula tea by steeping the herb in around three cups of boiling water and strain.
    • Soak a cloth in the warm tea.
    • Massage the affected knee with castor oil and cover with the soaked cloth, leaving it for up to 7 hours.

    Other Tactics You Can Use To Avoid Injury:

    • Choose the right shoes, and know when to replace them. Avid runners will be prone to knee pain if they wear incorrect running shoes, such as a shoe designed for a low arch worn by someone with a high arch, or if they fail to replace their running shoes in the correct time interval, typically at 200 to 300 miles depending on body type and shoe type, Bayes says.
    • Stretch properly. Tight muscles are at risk for strain and can put extra force on the knees and other joints.
    • Get adequate rest. Take at least one to two days off from running per week to avoid overuse.
    • Stay well-hydrated. Dehydration by even 5 percent has been shown to increase injury risk, Schulz says.

    Once you know what to do to avoid an injury, use these workouts to take your fitness to the next level.

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    What Conditions Can Exercise Help

    Knee exercises and stretches can help relieve knee pain caused by many conditions, including these three that commonly affect older women:

    Patellofemoral pain. This condition typically causes a dull, aching pain in the front of the knee thats made worse by daily activities, such as squatting, going up or down stairs, or standing up after sitting for a long period of time. The pain is caused by irritation of the cartilage underneath the kneecap when it does not glide or sit properly. Exercise can help to eliminate problems that lead to this irritation. Stretches can loosen tight muscles on the side of the knee that may be pulling the kneecap out of its groove as it moves. Strengthening weak hip muscles or stretching tight muscles in the front or back of the legs can also reduce discomfort.

    Chronic degenerative meniscal tears. When one or both pads of cartilage that cushion each of your knee joints deteriorates or tears, you may feel pain and a sticking or locking sensation. While surgery is sometimes necessary, doctors usually first recommend physical therapy to help build up the muscles around the knee to take the pressure off the joint and reduce discomfort.

    Exercises To Heal Knee Pain

    Heal Foot, Ankle, &  Knee Pain

    Rick KaseljExercise, Fitness, Foam Rolling, General, Knee Pain

    Last weekend, we decided to go out boating one last time for this season. We were welcomed to a beautiful day of sunny skies, crisp air and flat water.

    The family and I enjoyed our last ride on the water before I prepare the boat for winter storage.

    Today, I will be filming more videos in my gym. However, before I leave, I will be sharing a few exercises that will help you heal knee pain after workouts.

    I am approaching 1,000 uploaded videos, so make sure to subscribe to keep up-to-date with my latest videos.


    to watch the YouTube video.

    Initially, I would recommend icing your knees for 5 minutes. You can use an ice bag or a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel. See how your knees feel after doing this. Do they feel better or worse? You need to focus on feeling better after icing the knee. You can progress to icing your knee from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes to help manage any knee inflammation or pain.

    Here are the exercises that you can do to help with your knee pain after workouts.

    I got Andrea to demonstrate the exercises.

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    Essential Oils For Knee Pain And Healing

    I believe that essential oils played a key role in helping me get better. Prior to this injury, I had almost no experience with oils. To say that I fell in love with them is an understatement.

    • Wintergreen: Contains 99% methyl salicylate, which gives it cortisone-like properties. Supports discomfort that is related to inflammation of bones, muscles, and joints. This is my favorite essential oil for knee pain!
    • Peppermint: Anti-inflammatory properties helps damaged tissues. Has a soothing and cooling effect.
    • German Chamomile: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
    • Helichrysum: May help clean the blood and improves circulatory functions. It is a potent anti-inflammatory.
    • Lemongrass: which supports inflammatory response, ligaments and tissue regeneration.
    • Frankincense: which is also an anti-inflammatory and immune support that is good for general healing.

    Question 8 Of : How Do I Know If I Have A Torn Meniscus

  • 1You cant move your knee as much. After a meniscus tear, you might not be able to straighten or rotate your knee like you normally would. You might also feel like your knee is locked, or that it cant support your weight.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
  • 2Your knee is really sore. Pay attention to your regular, daily movements, like climbing out of bed or walking down the street. With a meniscus tear, your knee might feel painful, swollen, and/or extra stiff. You might also feel like your knee is popping.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
  • The pain may be especially obvious when you rotate or twist your knee.
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    /9heat And Cold Compress

    Both heat and cold compress can be beneficial in lessening the symptoms of knee pain. But the treatment you choose depends on the type of pain you are suffering from. If there is inflammation then you should avoid heat compresses as it can make the situation worse. Heat therapy is best for chronic pain like arthritis. In case of sports injury, apply a cold compress.

    What Medical Conditions Cause Knee Pain

    Learn How to Heal Knee Pain with a Castor Oil Pack

    Medical conditions

    Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that can affect any joint in the body. It can cause severe pain and disability, as well as swelling.

    Gout is a form of arthritis that is most commonly found in the big toe, though it can also affect the knee. Gout tends to flare up and is extremely painful during the acute episodes. When there is no flare-up, the knee can be pain free.

    With , the knee joint can become infected this leads to pain, swelling, and fever. This condition requires antibiotics and drainage treatments as soon as possible.

    Chronic use/overuse conditions

    Patellar tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons connecting the kneecap to the shinbone . Patellar tendinitis is a chronic condition often found in individuals repeating the same motion during exercise .

    Patellofemoral pain syndrome is caused by degeneration or stress under the kneecap where it meets the thighbone . Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs in runners and cyclists.

    Osteoarthritis: a wearing down of cartilage of the joint due to use and age

    Prepatellar bursitis: Inflammation to the bursa in front of the kneecap may cause anterior knee pain.

    Other causes

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    Turmeric Supplements For Knee Pain

    Turmeric is a familiar, yellow spice widely used to enhance the flavour and colour of curries. It is also a traditional Ayurvedic medicine used to treat inflammation and reduce pain.

    The active ingredient in turmeric is a golden-yellow pigment, curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory actions.

    Turmeric supplements can be concentrated and standardised to contain as much as 95% curcumin, the active ingredient, per dose.

    Several studies suggest that turmeric is as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for alleviating knee pain but without the side effects.

    The absorption of turmeric and curcumin from the digestive system is notoriously poor. Even so, turmeric still produces significant anti-inflammatory effects elsewhere in the body, such as reducing knee pain, even though no measurable levels are present.

    The most likely explanation is that turmeric is able to interact with immune cells within the gut lining to reprogram how they respond to inflammation. Water soluble turmeric supplements with boosted absorption are now available for a more powerful dual action.

    Posterolateral Corner Injury Causing Behind The Knee Pain

    Experiencing stiffness and pain behind the knee could be due to injuries to the delicate structures in the knee. These types of injuries are referred to as posterolateral corner injuries.

    According to the journal Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia, PLC injuries are common if the ligaments of the knee have been damaged by trauma. This can result in severe pain and inability to put pressure or weight on the damaged knee. In some cases, PLC injuries occur without damaging any of the knee ligaments.5

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    How To Treat Knee Pain: Easy Tips And Home Remedies

    • sparshita saxena

    According to Dr. Supriya Bali, Internal Medicine, Max Hospitals, there are a few other things that can contribute in triggering knee and joint pains in general. “Knee pain can occur to anyone, from children to the elderly. Some of the most obvious reasons would include lack of Vitamin D, calcium and iron.” Lack of Vitamin D is often responsible for hampering optimum bone health. It is one of the leading medical concerns in India. People, who suffer from it, complain of dull pain in their knees as well as in other joints.

    Home remedies for knee pain: There are a few other things that can contribute in triggering knee and joint pains

    The Prevention

    As many say, ‘prevention is the best cure,’ many common ailments can be avoided just by making minor changes in our lifestyles. Knee pain, if sustaining for more than a week, could mean something serious including risk of arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other bone related ailments. In order to rule out these conditions, it is imperative for one to consume a diet rich in calcium and vitamins right from one’s childhood.

    Home remedies for knee pain: Mushrooms are enriched with Vitamin D

    The Remedies

    Causes Of Inner Knee Pain

    How to Heal a Runnerâs Knee

    The inside or medial part of the knee contains a wide variety of bones, ligaments, and soft tissue structures, all contained within a relatively small area. Because of this, pain in this area of the joint can be tough to diagnose.

    Several of the most common conditions that cause medial knee symptoms are listed below.

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    Achieve A Healthier Weight

    As the experts explain,excessive weight can put too much pressure on the knees. Whats even more concerning is that when the knees receive excessive pressure for extended periods, the risk of inflammation increases.

    For this reason, it will be helpful to keep your weight at a healthy level. If youre having a hard time with your weight loss goals, talk to your doctor about how you can modify your diet and exercise.

    Do take note that while these are common home remedies for knee pain, it may not be suitable for everyone. If in doubt, consult a doctor or therapist for a personalised treatment plan.


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