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How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees And Elbows

How To Lighten Dark Elbows Fast

How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees Quickly

There are various ways that we can used on how to lighten dark elbows, by use of the following we can whiten the dark elbows;

  • how to lighten dark elbows using Lemon; this is an anti-oxidant that has both bleaching and exfoliating properties and thus can be used to get rid of dark skin cells that appears on various parts of the body that includes the dark elbows. It equally clears the way for healthy cells reproduction.
  • Cut a large lemon into halves. Squeeze the juice from the halves into two small cups. Scrub each lemon on each elbow and knees for about 20 minutes and rub away the pulp. Keep the cleansed area away from sunlight by staying indoors or you can alternatively cover them using a loosely fitting clothing.

    However, avoid putting water on the cleansed area. Moisturize the area with pure petroleum jelly or Vaseline and your elbow will start feeling smoother and softer. Repeat the process daily up to a few weeks until you start to see a significant improvement on your elbow skin. Continue with the treatment until the elbows are lightened and thereafter use the same ingredient and procedure when necessary.

    Rub the made mixed paste onto the dark elbows for each and every day for about 20 minutes and a significant change will be noticed after 1 week.


    what causes dark elbows

    Exfoliating and Moisturizing

  • Moisturize the skin after scrubbing; dry skin causes the elbows to darken. So remember to always keep the place moisturized
  • Other Dos And Donts To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees

    Sometimes, besides unavoidable factors, we ourselves do stuffs that unknowingly cause harm to us. You need to be aware of them to get rid of your problem faster. Besides the above-mentioned natural ways to lighten dark elbows and knees, follow all of these below written steps that will help you prevent the darkness of your elbows and knees from occurring.

  • Please use a sunscreen whenever you are going out in the sun.
  • Try to wear full sleeves to cover your elbows and knees during daytime.
  • You must carry an umbrella every time you step out.
  • Avoid leaning with your elbows and knees as much as possible. If that is unavoidable then cover them up with some light clothing.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and free of toxins.
  • Use an exfoliating brush while taking shower.
  • Go for mild soaps only and avoid the chemical based ones.
  • Never forget to moisturize your elbows and knees after using any soap.
  • Whenever you are scrubbing the skin of your elbows and knees, try not to be too harsh as it may too damage instead.
  • Take some old socks and cut them. Every night apply vaseline on your elbows and knees, put the socks over them and let it stay overnight. Repeat this process for few weeks and enjoy the results.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and include adequate vitamin E enriched foods.
  • If you are too bulky, be determined to shed few kilos.
  • Over to you

    Till then stay happy, stay healthy, stay gorgeous.

    Potato Pulp/ Juice/ Slice

    Potato is very helpful in lightening your dark skin areas. It contains a catecholase enzyme that is proven to lighten the skin color.


    Take a raw potato and squeeze the juice out of it or blend in a mixture to form a paste or cut thin slices of it.

    Apply this pulp/juice or slice on your elbows and knees and rub for around 5 minutes.

    Leave it there for 15 minutes.

    Wash off with lukewarm water.

    Apply heavy moisturizing cream.

    Do this once in every two days to see the visible results in a week.

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    How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees

    Do not allow your dark elbows and knees to rob all the confidence you need to wear short dresses and sleeveless tops, it would not be an embarrassing affair anymore!

    Regular bathing is vital to keep the skin and the body clean and healthy. Bathing and scrubbing helps eliminate dirt, oil, dead skin cells and germs from the skin. Our skin constantly gets renewed as dead skin cells are shed from the body and new ones form itself about once a month. These dead skin cells can easily be removed by exfoliation and basic hygiene, such as bathing with a mild soap, water and loofah. If you would not wash any of the area of your skin regularly and properly, these dead skin cells may build up dark patches that are often scaly and rough. Symptoms may get worse the longer a person does not clean properly. Also secondary infections and other skin disorders can arise if these dark patches are left untreated.

    Prevention From Darkening Of Knees And Elbows

    How To Lighten Dark Ankles Elbows, Knees Or Neck  Get Rid ...

    Although darkening of knees and elbows is unavoidable sometimes, you can consider a few simple things to prevent it:

    1. Apply a high SPF sunscreen on your skin before stepping out into the sun. Exposure to sunlight is one of the biggest triggers of hyperpigmentation, and sunscreens can help.

    2. Avoid putting pressure on your knees and elbows for an extended period of time.

    3. Treat wounds and injuries with care while they are healing.

    4. Check for harsh ingredients in your skin care products and stop using them if they are causing irritation or rashes.

    5. Your laundry detergents or body soap can also cause inflammation and skin darkening. Opt for gentler cleansers to prevent darkening of knees and elbows.

    6. Lack of vitamin A and vitamin E in your diet can also adversely affect your skin and cause dark patches. You can include vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, etc. in your diet to get sufficient vitamin A. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and greens like spinach are a rich source of vitamin E.

    Wrapping Up

    Darkening of elbows and knees is a common phenomenon, especially among people with darker skin tones. It is usually not a major reason for alarm, except in rare cases where darkening of these joints may be due to some disease or hormonal disorders. If you are concerned about your appearance due to dark knees and elbows, opt for one of the OTC or home remedies to brighten them up.

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    Diva Fit & Sexy Premium Skin Lightening Cream

    Lighten and brighten your skin with the power of Discover the best organic and natural skin lightening cream. Diva Fit & Sexy Premium Skin Lightening Cream utilizes the beneficial effects of green tea, licorice root, ginseng and bergamot extracts combined with numerous other organic skin boosters to provide natural enhancement for the damaged and sensitive skin. It not only bleaches elbows and knees but also reduces blemishes and wrinkles and promotes smooth and radiant skin. Stay moisturized and hydrated as well.

    Lemon Juice Mixed With Sugar And Honey

    This is actually one of the best combinations when it comes to getting rid of dark elbows and knees. Lemon juice has powerful skin lightening properties. This is due to its high vitamin C content. Honey is also known to help make the skin look brighter. Sugar, on the other hand, works as an exfoliator.

    How to Apply?

    • Take a fresh lemon and squeeze out all the juice
    • Mix the lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of sugar
    • Mix them well and apply it on the affected area
    • Massage gently and leave it for about 20 minutes and the wash with lukewarm water

    To get the best results, apply this remedy alternate days a week.

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    Lemon And Baking Soda Have Excellent Bleaching Properties

    Both lemon and baking soda are known to have excellent bleaching properties.You can either separately apply lemon juice and baking soda paste to the darkened skin or make a paste from them.Make a paste with equal portions of lemon and baking soda. Rub this mixture on the knees and elbows and leave it for 10 minutes.Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

    Tips To Prevent Further Darkening Of Skin

    • Always apply sunscreen on your knees when you go out. The harsh UV rays of the sun make your knees darker. Thus, protecting your knees from the sun is very important.
    • Dark knees may also be caused due to improper hydration. So, never miss out on moisturizing your knees.
    • Diet also plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Have a diet rich in vitamins A and E. Vitamin A-rich foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, dried apricots, etc. Vitamin E-rich foods include almonds, cooked spinach, etc.
    • Do NOT lean on your knees often. This creates friction, and the result is dark knees.

    Now that you know;how to get rid of dark knees and dark elbows, what are you waiting for? You can try;these remedies in the comforts of your home. We hope that you found this article on how to lighten dark knees and elbows interesting and useful.

    Do give us your valuable comments and feedback.

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    How To Lighten Dark Elbows With Home Remedies

    It is common to see dark patches and discoloration on high friction areas such as the elbows and knees. Elbow skin is naturally thicker than the surrounding skin. Knees and elbows withstand frequent bending, kneeling, leaning and get rubbed on by rough clothes. With few oil glands for lubrication, the skin in these areas grows thick and naturally

    With few oil glands for lubrication, the skin in these areas grows thick and naturally adopt a protective layer of dark skin. Note that while it is possible to lighten, bleach or whiten dark elbows and knees, there is no magic treatment. You do not need expensive creams and procedures to lighten up the dark skin on elbows. Use these simple home remedies

    How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees And Elbows Very Quickly

    No one ever dreams of having dark elbows and knees.

    Not only are dark knees and elbows unpleasant to look at, but they also put a dent to the glowing skin we all thrive to achieve.

    However, you can get rid ofdark knees and elbows very quickly. ;

    But before we go into discussing the different ways to get rid of them, lets examine the causes of dark elbows and knees.

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    How To Lighten Knees And Elbows Permanently

    According to Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS, a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, the skin over the elbows and knees is resilient and elastic. Pigmentation is usually more pronounces when the joints are extended and the skin overlying the joints is contracted.

    The darkness of the knees and elbows is caused by the redundancy of the skin which has to be there to allow for bending. This type of skin is caused by constant friction which thickens the skin. In other words, this means that most home remedies for dark elbows and knees are superficial and they cant do much to change the specific type of skin in these areas.

    Most of the dark elbow and knee home treatments described above are temporary. To have long lasting results. It is recommended that you find one remedy that works for you then find a way of incorporating it into your skin care and beauty regimen. Regular exfoliation will help you to maintain the areas in their best appearance. For more permanent results, talk to your dermatologist about the possibility of having a chemical peel or permanent exfoliation procedures.

    Note that, permanent methods that can be used to lighten your elbows or knees should be used carefully in people with a darker skin tone just so you dont end up with unnaturally lighter elbows than the rest of your body.

    The above remedies can be equally used to lighten dark elbows, knees, and knuckles.

    Home Remedies For Dark Knees And Elbows:

    How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees Naturally

    It is very true that even skin tone adds to your beauty and having dark knees or elbows can actually degrade your beauty. However, this is a common issue that can make anyone worry about her beauty.

    There are no oil glands in the skin of knees and elbows and thus, these areas easily dry out and collect dirt and impurities that are pretty difficult to remove. Friction, pressure, sun exposure and buildup of dead skin cells are some factors that can contribute to dark knees and elbows.

    You do not have to spend tons of money to get your beauty back. Here are some of the home remedies that you can follow to get rid of dark knees and elbows.

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    Over The Counter Products

    You can choose from a number of different OTC products available in the market. These can effectively brighten up your knees and elbows.

    The American Academy of Dermatology suggests to look for the following ingredients in your skin lightening products for effective results :

    • Glycolic acid
    • Vitamin C

    Word of caution :

    Avoid using bleaching creams or products containing mercury. Bleaching creams can actually worsen the darkening of your skin by causing irritation or inflammation. Mercury can cause serious health problems.

    You can try SkinKrafts knee and elbow brightening cream, which is free from harsh chemicals. It has mandelic acid which gently exfoliates the skin, along with sunflower oil and Mauritia flexuosa oil for skin nourishment and UV protection.

    Natural Remedies For Dark Knees

    If you prefer the DIY way, several home remedies might help improve the tone and texture of your dark knees over time. The most common are:

    Aloe vera. This plant has soothing and calming properties that help ease discomfort from irritation and sunburn. One study found that aloe vera may also help reduce the natural skin darkening that comes with sun exposure.

    Turmeric. This versatile spice gets its yellow pigment from a chemical compound called curcumin. Many people have traditionally used this herbal ingredient to even out their skin tone and reduce excessive pigmentation.

    Green tea. The leaves in green tea have a chemical compound called epigallocatechin gallate. It might be another skin-lightening agent, as it blocks the enzymes that help make melanin.

    Keep in mind that there’s little to no scientific proof that homemade skin-lightening remedies work. If you’re worried about harm and irritation to your skin, talk to a doctor before trying natural ingredients.

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    Use A Lemon Juice And Baking Soda Paste

    Both lemon juice and baking soda are believed to have bleaching properties, making the combination a great choice for skin lightening.1 These ingredients are also said to get rid of dead skin cells, giving your knees and elbows an even skin tone.

    • Make a paste using baking soda and lemon juice in equal quantities.
    • Scrub the paste on your knees and elbows to remove the hardened, dead skin.
    • Then, rinse thoroughly with some water. Remember to moisturize well after rinsing.

    Natural Remedies To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees Easily


    In this looks obsessed world, beauty is not just about having a pretty face. It includes your overall personality, your figure, the way you dress up or the way you carry yourself in public etc. Our society demands all of us, specially the women to be perfect from head to toe, and if you are not, you may have to face the humiliation at times. We live in a society where not just your face but also the color of your elbows and knees matter. One such thing happened with one of my friends where she was ridiculed in public for having dark elbows and knees. In fact, not just my friend, but there are thousand others among us who face such situation and desperately needs help. Are you also a victim of such a situation? Do you feel ashamed of flaunting your hands and legs? Do you also have to cover up your dark elbows and knees by wearing full sleeves tops and full pants? Well, then this post is a must read for you. Here, in this post, I will be sharing an extensive list of 33 natural tips thatll help you to lighten dark elbows and knees easily.

    But its not that difficult to lighten dark elbows and knees, especially when you know how to get it right. Today I am going to share everything worth knowing about how to lighten dark elbows and knees, including factors leading to dark elbows and knees.

    But before we discuss those tricks and hacks to lighten dark elbows and knees, let me tell you some of the possible causes behind dark elbows and knees.

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    Pink Madison Skin Whitening Mask Cream

    A dark spot corrector that is effective to even out the of your elbows and knees by lightening it a few shades more. Pink Madison Skin Whitening Mask is perfect for face, body, dark spots, and age spots. The formula has all-natural and holistic ingredients like jojoba seed oil, Morus alba root extract, bentonite clay, papaya extract vitamin C, B3, lactic acids, and various other clays for doing the job correctly.

    What Causes Dark Elbows

    Why are my elbows dark? The skin around the elbows and knees is a little thicker with more skin folds than the surrounding areas. Uneven distribution of melanin pigment in the body can result in some areas being darker than others. With little blood supply and no oil glands, the area tends to be rough and dry.; Here are some of the common causes of dark elbows:

    • Genetics
    • Frequent contact and friction with clothes, leaning on the table with your elbows
    • Benign hyperpigmentation or active melanocytes in the elbows Dark skin over the elbows

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