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What Is Conformis Knee Replacement

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Sarkis Bedikian Specializes In Conformis At Midamericas Palos Hills & Mokena Locations

What is ConforMIS Total Knee Replacement?

Dr. Bedikian is one of only a handful of physicians who specializes in Conformis knee replacement in the Chicagoland area.

As a fellowship-trained physician in Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction, Dr. Bedikian has published numerous orthopedic papers and received honors and awards including recognition for medical leadership and induction into academic honor societies.

MidAmerica Orthopaedics and Dr. Bedikian strive to provide patients with a lasting, pain-free and mobile knee joint, allowing them to return to a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.

To learn more about custom knee replacements and make an appointment to see Dr. Sarkis Bedikian, call MidAmerica Orthopaedics, at . You can also request an appointment online.

What Is Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is often the last option when non-surgical treatment options fail to relieve osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis is a degenerative joint disease in which the joint cartilage gradually wears away. As a result, bones rub together resulting in extreme pain. The knee can be divided into three compartments:

  • Patellofemoral the compartment behind the kneecap
  • Medial compartment the compartment on the inside of the knee
  • Lateral compartment the area on the outside of the knee joint

Traditionally, total knee replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of the knee joint with a metal implant. This surgery requires a substantial amount of bone removal that may have certain limitations. In a total knee replacement, all the compartments are replaced whereas, in partial knee replacement, only the affected compartment is replaced.

How Does Knee Replacement Work

A knee replacement consists of an artificial knee being implanted by surgery. Artificial knees are usually stock models within certain size ranges, but ConforMIS Knee Replacement is custom made for each patient and unique to their physiology. ConforMIS Knee Replacement is a superior-grade quality option versus traditional knee replacements which are not manufactured or created to the same high standards.

Knee replacement is usually not the first choice people make when they are being evaluated for knee health concerns. You will need to have an extensive consultation with your physician, go through surgery and eventually undergo physical therapy which can last up to several months. You may also need other assistance during this time and will need to fully prepare for every aspect of your care in the process.

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What Is The Problem

As of March 2014, the FDA has received about 30 reports of spacer dislodgment or tibial tray loosening. In April 2013, ConforMIS submitted another 510 application seeking approval for design changes, allegedly aimed at fixing the problem.

According to a lawsuit:

These changes to the iTotal were necessary because when the knee was flexed, the femoral component exerts an inordinate amount of pressure on the posterior side of the lateral tibia spacer. This led to a grinding of the spacer, and in some cases spacer dislodgment and/or tibia tray loosening.

ConforMIS is accused of negligence for selling a knee replacement they knew was defective, failing to issue an appropriate recall, and failing to adequately warn surgeons about safety risks.

There Has To Be A Better Way

ConforMIS Knee Replacement

Knees vary in size and shape. Even your own two knees are different. In a traditional knee replacement, however, the surgeon selects an off-the-shelf implant from 6-10 standard sizes and makes the necessary adjustments to fit the implant during the procedure.

Because off-the-shelf implants arent designed to your specific anatomy, surgeons often have to compromise on implant fit, rotation, and alignment. These compromises can cause pain or discomfort after surgery and help explain why 1 in 5 patients arent satisfied.

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Artificial Knees Made To Order

A startup company is taking a customized approach to knee replacement surgery, creating knee implants on demand that exactly match a patients anatomy. The company, ConforMIS, based in Burlington, MA, is bringing the technology of rapid prototyping, which converts a three-dimensional computer design into a physical object, into the field of orthopedics. The company believes that such custom-made implants can make knee replacement surgery faster, more accurate, and less traumatic to the patient.

Customized knees:

Knee replacement surgery repairs damage and relieves pain in patients with severe osteoarthritis or knee injury. Total knee replacement involves removing diseased cartilage and bone from the surfaces of the knee jointthe thigh bone, shin bone, and kneecapand replacing them with an artificial joint made from a combination of metal and plastic. A partial knee replacement can also be performed on one part of the joint.

Typically, a surgeon chooses an artificial joint from several options of different sizes. ConforMIS, however, creates a custom implant based on imaging data of a patients knee joint, a technology that the company calls iFit. ConforMIS transforms images from CT or MRI scans into a three-dimensional computer model using computer-aided design software, which serves as a template for manufacturing the implant.

Precise localization:

What Does The Surgeon Do In The Or During Knee Replacement Surgery

Surgeons are equipped with many tools during a Conformis knee replacement to ensure the best chance for a successful procedure. Before each case, the surgeon receives a pre-operative plan called an iView that is designed specifically for each case. This allows him or her to better understand that patients anatomy before starting the procedure.

Once the surgeon has reviewed the iView, they use a series of disposable 3D printed cutting blocks designed for that patients anatomy to create the bone resections outlined in the preoperative plan. The surgeon then cements the custom-made femoral and tibial implants.

The video below is an animation of the surgical technique used during a Conformis iTotal PS knee replacement procedure. If you are interested in a Conformis knee replacement and need help finding a surgeon in your area, visit our Surgeon Locator or contact our Patient Relations Team!

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Does The Orthopedic Surgeon Replace My Kneecap Too

In part, yes. On the underside your own kneecap a thin layer of arthritic cartilage and bone is removed during surgery. In its place, surgeons affix a plastic kneecap to your own remaining kneecap. This new part functions just like your own kneecap. The front surface of the kneecap is your own bone it is the underside of the kneecap that is lined with plastic.

Is Conformis For Me

Conformis Knee Replacement Technology | Conformis

A bespoke implant is more expensive than a traditional implant but most private health insurance companies now approve ConforMIS procedures that are performed by surgeons trained in the ConforMIS technique.

If you wish to learn more about ConforMIS please visit

If you wish to discuss your suitability for this procedure then please contact us.

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Key Benefits Of Conformis:

Matching every angle and curve of your natural knee, Conformis allows Dr. Mines to work his magic and deliver the best outcome for knee replacement surgery.

  • A custom, individualized knee based on your anatomy.
  • Aligned to both of your knee joint lines, which often vary in height.
  • Optimal bone preservation of your natural knee so it stays strong and healthy
  • Conformis knees result in quick recovery times and there is less blood loss and pain.
  • Partial knee replacement and total knee replacement.

Outpatient Joint Replacement SurgeryDr. Mines now offers same day joint replacement surgeries to his patients. Same day joint replacement utilizes the latest advancements in techniques and technologies, and will soon be the standard of care for joint replacement surgeries. Medicare and most insurance will cover the surgery, and most patients are excellent candidates for the procedure.

The Itotal Implant Is Designed To Fit Your Anatomy

Our implants are personalized using a proprietary software that uses a CT Scan to create a 3D virtual model of your knee. The 3D model is then used to design and manufacture a personalized knee implant and instrumentations just for you. The personalized instrumentations are referred to as our unique iJig instrumentation. These iJigs are also made specifically for the shape of your knee and are designed to improve alignment and provide a more natural feel to your knee. Improved alignment can reduce implant wear and extend the longevity of your implant.

Personalized implants offer unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement. Because each ConforMIS implant is designed specifically for you, the implants have articulating surfaces that better match your natural shape. Traditional knee replacements offer “off the shelf” implants in a limited range of sizes making it necessary for a surgeon to make sizing compromises during surgery. Because your ConforMIS implant is designed to fit only your knee, sizing compromises common with traditional implants are eliminated. Traditional knee replacements require the surgeon to cut bone during surgery to fit your anatomy to the “off the shelf” sized implants. ConforMIS designs the implant to fit your anatomy therefore allowing the surgeon to preserve as much of your bone as possible.

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Stability More Closely Matched To The Normal Knee

Many patients complain that their knee feels wobbly after knee replacement surgery. This feeling is formally known as mid-flexion instability. Off-the-shelf knee implants arent designed to match the natural offset joint line that most patients have. Instead, they flatten the offset to the same height, which can lead to mid-flexion instability.

Conformis implants maintain the patients medial and lateral joint lines, which allows for a more stable knee after surgery.


Designed for a more natural feeling knee

Conformis implants are designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee, which plays an important role in the way your knee bends and extends. By restoring the natural shape of your knee rather than replacing it with the standardized geometry of off-the-shelf implants, your knee may feel more like your natural knee.


What Is The Conformis Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Knee Replacement Pictures

There will also be an increased temperature around the joint, this comes from the increased blood supply to it. The stitches used are self-dissolving, so a further procedure to remove them is not required. It is possible to start walking near immediately, soon after awakening.

A certain effort is required in the first days and months in order to loosen the stiffness of the new joint. This effort is worth it and the final performance improves with that work done. The final performance will also be better than the alternative knee replacements available.

Driving will not be possible immediately it is banned for 24 hours after a general anaesthetic anyway. There is no set time when the knee will be ready again. The actual test is more psychological than physical. Sit in the car and attempt an emergency stop while stationary of course.

If there is hesitation in using the knee, then driving is not yet to be allowed. Fixing one knee has the tendency to cause such hesitation in both. This effect can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to fade and is accelerated by more exercise and use of the new joint.

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One Patient One Implant

  • More natural feel

    ConforMIS custom-made knee implants are designed to mimic every aspect of your natural knee from its shape, to the way it bends and extends. We restore the natural shape of your unique anatomy, corrected for deformity, rather than replacing it with a pre-determined, standardized geometry.

  • Optimal bone preservation

    Our innovative design allows for an implant that is thinner than traditional knee implants. A thinner implant can preserve more of your natural bone, which may be beneficial for future treatment options.1

  • Precise fit

    Traditional, off-the-shelf knee replacements are manufactured in 610 standard sizes. During surgery, the surgeon selects the closest approximate size and makes necessary adjustments to fit the implant to your knee. The result is a replacement knee that is nothing like your own knee. This often can lead to pain or discomfort after surgery.

  • Happy patients

    Multiple studies have shown satisfaction rates with iTotal CR well above the average of 80% seen in off-the-shelf knee patients.2,3

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Are Newer Knee Implants Much Different From Old Ones

Yes. There are newer high-flex knee designs that allow greater safety during deep knee bending. There are also newer gender-specific total knees made to fit the anatomical differences in the knees of men and women. All knee replacement components that we used incorporate these modern design features.

Other variations in total knee implants include a ceramic oxinium surface, the rotating-platform knee, and other brands marketed by implant companies. Discuss this with your surgeon and medical team they will help you make an informed choice.

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Your Best Knee Replacement Solution Should Be Individualized

Custom-made no longer applies to only furniture, vehicles, or accessories. Designed and crafted specifically for your body and lifestyle, the new standard for your knees is the highly successful Conformis knee implant.

From cyclists, marathon runners, salsa dancers, golfers, and other top athletes, getting back to an active lifestyle with Conformis implants is a breeze.

How does Conformis work? Advanced 3D imaging technology is combined with the latest manufacturing methods so each and every implant is unique. Theres no one size fits all here.

Dr. Craig Mines is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Georgia who is trained to offer and perform Conformis knee replacement.

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Australia Clears Conformis’ Itotal Ps Knee Replacement System

ConforMIS Knee Replacement Segment with Dr. Palumbo – Florida Orthopaedic Institute

The system’s patient-specific implants fit the unique size and shape of each persons knee.

  • patient-specific femoral and tibial fit to avoid overhang, under-coverage, and sizing compromises
  • patient-specific shape designed to provide stability throughout the range of motion and to restore kinematics
  • patient-specific cam and spine to provide optimal stability and to reduce the potential for a mechanical feel
  • pre-operative surgical plan to enable a predictable, reproducible knee replacement procedure and
  • a safe and simple delivery model that includes a single pre-sterilized kit, a single reusable instrument tray, and no implant inventory.

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Custom Total Knee Replacement With Conformis At Midamericas Palos Hills & Mokena Locations

Have you been suffering from severe knee pain and are unable to find relief from non-surgical methods like supportive devices, medications, and physical therapy?

If you feel that your day-to-day activities like walking or climbing stairs have become increasingly difficult due to loss of function or chronic pain, it might be time to consider total knee replacement surgery.

If this is the case, a custom knee implant with Conformis technology can deliver a more natural-feeling knee. This is because a Conformis implant is designed uniquely for your body, recreating your natural motions.

What Do I Tell Patients Who Are Interested In Knee Replacement

First of all, I reassure them that the process is not as bad as they are expecting, as knee replacement success rate is very high. They often know people who have had a tough time recovering and arent happy with their results. In my experience, with the advances in patient-matched implant design like the Conformis iTotal®, better anesthesia, and advanced physical therapy techniques, patients are recovering quicker and achieve much better results than in the past.

Most of our patients are able to take advantage of preoperative physical therapy and classes before surgery that help prepare them for what to expect. We teach them about possible complications like infection and blood clots, but they are gratified to know the lengths we go to prevent them and the treatments that can help resolve them if they occur.

We go over the plan right before the surgery and also go over the anesthesia. Our surgical team is able to use advanced pain management techniques and regional anesthesia blocks to reduce pain to a minimum. Many of our patients are able to walk the day of the surgery because they dont experience the grogginess, pain and nausea that anesthesia caused in the past. Patients can start walking moderate distances and climb stairs the next day and generally can get around fairly well with crutches or a walker. Physical therapy starts right away and helps patients advance to a cane in the first few weeks.

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So Just How Good Can A Custom

Ive been doing Conformis custom-made knee replacements since 2012 now, and was the first surgeon in the UK to implant a Conformis prosthesis. Our practice is now a Surgical Visitation Centre for Conformis, and we have a steady flow of surgeons from across the UK coming to join me in theatre to learn the specific techniques for implanting Conformis prostheses.

But just how good are they, really?

The proof is always in the pudding and for us, the pudding means proper clinical audit, national registries and prospective research projects . theres now increasingly convincing evidence that Conformis knees are indeed the very best knees available, with:

  • 95% patient satisfaction rates, compared to just 80 to 85% with a standard off-the-shelf knee in unhappy patients, which is massive!
  • 3A rating from ODEP:
  • The latest reports from the Beyond Compliance register showing a 60% reduction in early revision rates with the Conformis knee compared to the average knee on their register:

The question is, what does this actually equate to and look like in real life?.

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Customized Just For You

The Future Is Now: Christ Hospital Creates 3D

Conformis iFit® image-to-implant® technology converts a CT scan of your knee into a 3D model and then designs an implant thats unique to you. This fully automated process ensures that your implant is made for your knee, and only your knee.


These videos are designed to help educate you on Conformis and our knee replacement options. The iTotal CR Knee Replacement System is intended for use as a total knee replacement in patients with knee joint pain and disability whose conditions cannot be solely addressed by the use of a prosthetic device that treats only one or two of the three compartments. The iDuo G2 Knee Repair System is intended for use in patients with severe knee joint pain and disability whose conditions cannot be solely addressed by the use of a prosthetic device that treats only a single knee compartment. The iUni G2 Knee Replacement System is intended for use in one compartment of the osteoarthritic knee to replace the damaged area of the articular surface in patients with evidence of adequate healthy bone sufficient for support of the implanted components.These implants are intended for cemented use only.

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