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How To Wear Knee Sleeves

How To Choose The Right Knee Brace

How to Wear A Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Relief

March 27, 20204 min read

There’s no doubt knee braces are important when nursing an injury or for injury prevention, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Knowing more about how to pick the best knee brace for your individualized needs by using a knee support guide can make the process more enjoyable.

Can Knee Sleeves Help Reduce Running Injuries

Knee injuries are considered as one of the biggest problems among runners. Most runners are prone to getting torn cartilage or blown patella after running for a long time. While rigid prophylactic knee braces are used to help reduce the severity of the injuries, they do not protect athletes knees while there are running. This is the reason why most athletes resort to wearing knee sleeves.

When To Use Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves can be worn anytime, if you feel they will offer you benefit then, by all means, wear them!

Knee Sleeves are most commonly used for Squats and Squat variations such as lunges and many find benefit in wearing them during Deadlifts too.

Knee Sleeves can also be a great tool for rehabilitation work and recovery from an injury.

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What Does A Knee Compression Sleeve Do

There are many reasons why people wear knee supports. This could be because of a sporting injury, bad posture, after surgery, or for arthritis.

The type of injury you sustain will largely account for the amount of time you will need to wear your knee compression sleeve and when.

During sport, at work, or even while you sleep can help to support the knee and decrease pain and swelling. It can also help to strengthen the knee after significant trauma.

A knee compression sleeve is a great way to begin and maximise your healing. It can significantly reduce your recovery time.

In regards to knee compression sleeves we will be addressing

  • How does a knee compression sleeve work?
  • Can it be worn all day?
  • What material comprises a knee compression sleeve?
  • When you should wear compression knee sleeves
  • Is compression good for knee pain?
  • Sleeping with a knee compression sleeve

Knee Sleeves Vs Wraps

Using knee wraps for squats increases wear and tear in ...

Knee wraps are a long length of elasticated material and, as the name would suggest, are wrapped around the knee joint much like applying a bandage.

They offer similar benefits to knee sleeves but at a much more significant level and also require a lot more effort and know how to put them on correctly .

Due to this, knee wraps will offer significantly more performance benefits over knee sleeves. They are designed to provide a lot more compression and it is typical to find it very hard to bend your knee at all when wearing them!

This inability to bend your knee translates directly to being able to move more weight when squatting adding a lot more support and rebound out of the hole.

A point to note is that knee wraps are commonly used in Equipped Powerlifting for the squat and are not permitted in standard or raw competition whereas knee sleeves are permitted in Raw Powerlifting.

I would consider knee wraps to be an advanced piece of Powerlifting Equipment and as this article is aimed at beginner and intermediate lifters, I would recommend you do not concern yourself with these for now.

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Who Should Wear A Knee Brace

If you experienced a traumatic knee injury or have osteoarthritis, a knee brace is recommended over a compression sleeve. For example, if you had LCL surgery, knee sprain, or an ACL tear, your kneecap will need far more support than a knee compression sleeve can provide. Always speak to your physical therapist about finding the best knee brace for your recovery process.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Knee Sleeves

There are some places around the internet that merely spin a random wheel to point at different products, but not here. Instead, we put in some thorough and in-depth research when seeking out the best knee sleeves. This included:

Reviews – Reviews are incredibly useful for finding essential information regarding products that we might otherwise not know about. We also dont have a wide variety of guys and girls with bad knees to test these products out on, so getting advice from people who have used the product is our only option in deciding if the product is worthy enough to make the list.

Quality – With knee sleeves, youre looking for quality material that is breathable, anti-slip and offers good support for the problem area or the whole knee. You can tell if a product is good quality based on the brand, construction, and the design. If it doesnt look and sound like good quality, we moved on.

Price – We cant necessarily say its just a knee sleeve so price doesnt matter, but youll have no doubt noticed the differences in price throughout the list. We believe in selecting products that are in everyones budget, so youre sure to find something to suit you.

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How Healthy Are Most Peoples Knees

According to the statistics, not very.

Nearly half of American adults develop knee osteoarthritis in their lifetime and one in twenty Americans already has an artificial knee. The statistics for athletes must be even higher from the constant stress of running, jumping, and lifting heavy things. Here at Gunsmith Fitness, we believe that a strong knee is a healthy knee, but you cant get around the fact that lifting progressively heavier loads grinds the kneecap onto itself.

Knee Sleeves : Everything You Should Know

How to put on tight knee sleeves – SBD

July 10, 20206 min read

Do you ever feel like we dont pay enough attention to our bodies until something goes wrong?

Knee problems and knee pain are among the most common complaints with people of all ages. According to the Mayo Clinic, knee pain can occur for a variety of reasons including injury or from medical conditions such as arthritis or gout.

So what can be done about such a persistent problem that seems to plague many of us? One alternative people choose for pain relief and functional support is knee sleeves.

The compression material in knee sleeves provides support to the knees and is often used during sports like basketball, weight lifting, and running.

In this article, well cover more details about knee sleeves, including who benefits from using knee sleeves, the best knee sleeves available, recommended care for knee sleeves, and how to choose the right size and material. Here’s a preview of the the topics covered in this post:

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What Should You Look For In A Knee Compression Sleeve

When choosing compression knee sleeves, there are a few essential things to get right. Lets take a look at each of them.

1. Fit

It is quite crucial that you are compression knee sleeves Ive just the right amount of compression around the area. You need to ensure that if youre in sleeves are not too tight because this can obstruct your blood flow. If they arent tight enough, then you would not receive the compression benefits from the sleeves.

2. Length

Different compression sleeves will have different lengths to cover different areas. You should buy sleeves that cover the area of your leg that you want to protect. Longer sleeves will cover larger areas, but not every player may feel comfortable wearing them.

3. Materials

The materials that construct compression knee sleeves are critical to take note of before you make your purchases. Materials will determine the durability of the product, the amount of compression it can provide, and also if your skin will react negatively to it.

If you intend to wear a knee sleeve 24/7, it is important that you are comfortable. Sleeping with a knee sleeve on can get uncomfortable if the materials arent just right.

Hinged Knee Brace Vs Compression Sleeve

A hinged knee brace can support and stabilize an injured knee, limiting movement while your knee heals. Hinges on each side of the knee help prevent hyperextension of the knee and offers protection of ligament injuries. It may also reduce pain and pressure if you have arthritis in your knee. Hinged knee braces are best for knees that need extra support.

Hinged knee braces come in two forms: rigid hinged and soft hinged. A soft hinged knee brace provides mild to moderate support whereas a rigid hinged knee braces provide moderate to maximum support and offer better protection and stability for contact-sports.

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Most Affordable Knee Sleeves For Lifting

Weve covered a lot of information that is useful to anyone looking for knee support and pain relief. In this article, youve discovered a full overview of what knee sleeves do, who benefits from using knee sleeves, the best knee sleeves available, how to choose the right size and material, and recommended care for knee sleeves.

If youre looking for a quality compression knee sleeves to help you reach your fitness goals and get pain support and relief, Gymreapers offers premium compression knee sleeves that are ideal for any functional training movement at any location. Shop sizes and options today.

How Does Knee Compression Sleeve Help


Knee compression sleeves are suitable for a wide range of purposes. Generally speaking, they are very effective for protecting and providing compression around your knees for various uses such as running, basketball, workouts, sports.

Knee compression sleeve can apply gentle and stable pressure around your knee joint in order to provide optimal muscle support by forming structural support during the workout or daily activities. Knee compression sleeve can broaden the range of exercises and sports you were able to tackle by offering extra protection for injury prevention. For people who are a big fan of impact sports that puts high level of stress on your knees and causes cartilage wear and tear, but looking to get rid of the heaviness from traditional knee braces. Then knee compression sleeve is the answer for you to provide sufficient knee support, protect your knees while maintaining a fixable range of motion.

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Whats The Knee Compression Procedure

Make sure those bandages have metal hooks to hold them in place or you will have to purchase them as well. You dont want your bandage to open up when you walk around.

You should go to the market and buy some wrapping bandages which are even known as compression bandages. You can look for them in a general store or even in a pharmacy.

Determining The Best Fit

If you are new to knee sleeves or have no intention of competing any time soon, I would recommend sticking with a standard fitting knee sleeve based on each individual manufacturers provided sizing chart.

An advanced technique that can be used is to go one size down from the recommended fit. This will provide more compression to the knee joint and ultimately provide an advantage to your performance and could result in being able to add a few extra pounds to the bar.

I would only recommend considering this for competition. For regular training, stick to the recommended size.

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Common Knee Compression Sleeves

Tommie Copper has different types of compression sleeves. The Recovery Sleeve is as simple as they come. It fits well, silicone helps it stay in place and most people tolerate wearing it for long periods of time. It is not cumbersome and will fit under most all of your garments.

Tommie Copper also offers a Performance series of sleeves. I find that this has a more snug feel to it, but that might not translate into better pain relief.

Bauerfeind has been producing high quality knee sleeves for a long time. Their basic knee sleeve is the Genu Train sleeve. These sleeves are made of a comfortable mesh, and it is a different material than the knee sleeves made by Tommie Copper. For those of you with pain in the front of your knee, Bauerfeind recommends their P3 model which offers more support around the patella. If you are uncertain, do not start with a model with all the supports. Sometimes the simplest is the best.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different types of knee braces and a compression sleeve is only one type. We use the more complex braces for people with certain ligament issues or more profound feeling or instability. Bauerfeinds most elaborate knee sleeve is the Genu Train S. This is more support than most knee pain sufferers need, but if you feel that your knee requires the extra support than this might be worth evaluating.

If You Have A Recurrent Knee Injury

How to wear the Orthosleeve KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve

Recurrent injuries are acute injuries that happen many times. For example, people that sprain their knees constantly have chronically sprained knees.

But, recurrent injuries are hard to manage with knee sleeves only. Relying too much on knee sleeves can be harmful to you in the long term.

This is because, in this scenario, knee compression sleeves work as a crutch. They help you get by, but the cause of injury is still there. You must pinpoint the root cause to prevent the injury from happening again.

If this is you, please go to a physical therapist. They will identify the main cause and give you a treatment plan for it.

Should you have any trouble finding a PT in your area, we can help.

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How To Wash Knee Sleeves

Caring for knee sleeves is an important part of ownership. After all, we sweat a lot during our workouts, and knee sleeves can get pretty musty.

There are steps you can take to prevent the smell such as turning your knee sleeves inside out after a session and letting them air dry. To maximize the lifetime of knee sleeves, heres how to take care of them.

1) Normal Wash

Depending on frequency of use and smell, the easiest way to wash them is to throw them in with your regular laundry and then letting them air dry.

2) Intense Wash

If youre wanting a more intense wash, you can also boil knee sleeves in hot water. Place them in a pot filled with water for 5 minutes. After boiling for 5 minutes, remove from heat and add some dish soap. Let cool. Once knee sleeves are cooled down, rinse them out with water and sit out to air dry.

3) Extreme Wash

For extreme cases and to remove mildew, using distilled white vinegar and soaking the knee sleeves in a water-vinegar solution is an alternative. Youd soak them for about 10 minutes and then hand wash or throw them in with your other laundry. Leave them out to air dry and youre good to go.

4) Regular Maintenance

Washing your knee sleeves from time to time is also good so they can regain their tightness and support. Over time, the compression material can get a bit loose, so to return it to its strong form give your knee sleeves a rinse.

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Buying Guide For Best Knee Braces

Knee pain affects millions of people each year. You might experience occasional Monday morning knee pain after a weekend of athletics and fun. Or, you might experience chronic knee pain, a near-constant discomfort that diminishes your quality of life.

A knee brace provides extra joint support that can either ease your current pain or prevent it from happening in the first place.

We spent hours scrutinising the market and gathering product insights from owners. As a matter of policy, we never accept free samples from manufacturers. At BestReviews, we want to be your go-to source for honest, unbiased reviews and recommendations.

If youre looking to combat knee pain, please read on through our buying guide to learn which knee-brace features and options are most important, along with insights and advice from Physical Therapist and expert adviser Lynda McClatchie.

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Find A Good Knee Compression Sleeve:

The number one thing which we should always look for is to purchase a good quality compression sleeve. The best material the compression sleeve is made up of, the more soothing and supporting experience it will give.

Buy the right size:

Make sure that whenever you buy the best knee compression sleeve, it should never be tight. Wear it and check it about how comfortable it is. Check that does it allow free movement or cause any hindrance. Does it make your leg feel uneasy? Answer all these questions and you will know that is it tight or is it a perfect fit.

Adjustable compression sleeves:

Whenever you go to a shop or pharmacy, check all the brands and buy those compression sleeves which can adjust according to your needs and movements.

You should also go for those compression sleeves which are made up of those materials which can absorb moisture and make you feel comfortable and easy to move.


Always consult with your skin specialist before choosing the right material for your knee. Sometimes, some materials can cause rash and itching and may even bruise your knee and damage it further.


It should have been the first thing on your list. Always pay a visit to your doctor and let him diagnose you and decide what is better for you. Whenever you are hurt, your first thing to do is to tell your doctor what you feel and let him do x-rays or anything which he needs to treat you properly.

It will save you from long-term injuries or disabilities.

Knee Wraps Vs Knee Sleeves: Which Should You Be Using

Up To 25% Off on Copper Wear Knee Sleeves for ...

If youve ever seen knee wraps or knee sleeves being used in the gym, youve probably thought to yourself, Whats the difference? Although they might look similar, a knee wrap and a knee sleeve are not the same thing. Each has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and one might serve you better depending on your medical history and fitness goals.

Lets take a closer look at the difference between knee wraps and knee sleeves, and which one is best for you.

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