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Must Haves After Knee Surgery

Restorology Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

MUST Have After Hip or Knee Replacement – The Chair that Made Life Easier after Surgery

The Restorology pillow wedge is a customer favorite and works perfectly for people recovering from knee replacement surgery. Its marketed as a way to reduce discomfort from leg and back pain, restless leg syndrome, and injuries or surgeries.

This knee replacement wedge pillow uses memory foam that keeps its shape under the heaviest of loads. Because it uses foam it wont wear out for a long time.

The leg pillow for TKR has a microfiber cover that can be washed if your wound leaks or if theres excessive sweating.

The leg wedge pillow measures 24 x 16 x 8 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds. The slope stops at 12 inches. It can be used to support 1 leg or both while sleeping

They offer a money back guarantee for 30-days. Try it out and if its not up to your expectations then send it back.

Most reviewers like the product for its effect on the legs. Whether after surgery or for just resting the feet and legs after a long day of work, people are using it for various reasons.

There is some confusion with this product on the word memory foam. While its advertised as memory foam, some customers think its just common foam filler.

Either way, the majority of customers like it and I really like the price .

Hermell Zero Gravity Elevating Leg Pillow

This zero gravity Hermell is one of the best leg elevation pillows. Similar to the other options on our list it works to maintain the lower spine and coccyxs curvature.

It can help leg pain, back pain, and restless leg syndrome. It can also be

a tool to elevate your leg after TKR.

Its one of the larger leg elevation pillows on our list. It measures 20 x 26 x 8 inches utilizing a wide platform for both legs if required.

The Hermell knee replacement pillow is made from polyurethane foam and works head and shoulders above the pillow stacking method that I used.

The leg pillow has a removable cover that can be washed to maintain cleanliness. What I like best about this pillow is the reviews and the fact that its made in the U.S.A.

Reviewers say its great after knee surgery and works much better than stacking all the soft pillows in the house. I didnt see many negative reviews so this seems to be the best double leg elevation pillow. I like it and Id buy it.

Must Have Items For After Hysterectomy Surgery

January 4, 2021Katie Hale

Many of you know that I am approaching surgery next week, so sharing these items for after hysterectomy should come as no surprise. ;However, you may not know that I have contracted to share a sponsored post with you about Depends Silhouette Active Fit Briefs. ;Why is this significant with this post? ;Because I never thought I could honestly share a reason to buy them until now. ;In fact, they are one of the first things on my must haves list and I am actually happy to share reasons why.

At 33 years old I never imagined I would have a hysterectomy and be looking at menopause. ;However, life and illness have a way of taking some things end up being the best possible choice for your health. ;I didnt think I would have major back surgery at 32, but I did and am much healthier and happier because of it. ;One thing I learned fast, though, after my back surgery, was how important incontinence protection is. ;Bladder leakage was no longer something that happened only when you are older. ;Post-surgery last year I was faced with a whole new level of struggles when it came not wetting my pants.

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Subscription Media For Entertainment

Okay, I might be showing my age a bit with this one, but I thought it was important enough to add because I did say at the beginning of the post I was adding stuff to this list I used daily. I bundled this all into one, but I have multiple subscriptions I use that I love!

Im an Amazon Prime girl, and many of these services I use come with a 30-day free trial. I knew I was going to be pretty darn bored for roughly that amount of time, so it was perfect! Ill list all the deals I can find right now, because hey everyone is different, right? The ones I ended up keeping for myself after the trial were , which is included with Prime unless you want extra channels, and .

Action # 4 Rechill The Water

Must Have Items For Pain Control after a Total Knee ...

Rechilling the water in the cuff is easy. Youll want to do this after 15-30 minutes then once an hour as needed.

To remove the water from the cuff into the cooler, connect the tube, open the cooler vent and raise the Cryo Cuff higher than the cooler water will return to the cooler. If you want cold water immediately, raise the cooler higher and cold water will return to the brace.

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How Often Should I Elevate My Knee Using A Pillow

Literature discussing how often to elevate ones knee after TKR varies. You and your doctor will make the ultimate decision. However, Ive read anywhere from 1-6 times a day after surgery for approximately 20 minutes.

3-4 times per day in the days following TKR is a reasonable amount that will help reduce inflammation. Youll experience pain the first two weeks after surgery but soon youll be feeling much better.; Its wise to continue elevating your knee a few times a day, especially in the afternoon if youve been active during the day.

I had a favorite spot on the couch where Id elevate and ice my knee while watching the evening news. Icing and elevating the leg at the same time kills 2 birds with one stone they complement each other but make sure you dont ice too long .

This routine worked well for me as I recovered. It helped prepare me to sleep with less swelling so Id wake up more refreshed the following day.

Crucial Compression Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

The Crucial Compression knee sleeve is recommended for supporting knees with meniscus tears, arthritis, joint pain relief, injury recoveries like ACL and MCL. The sleeves come in a pair and at a price hard to beat .

But dont worry about quality because these compression sleeves have solid reviews.

Crucial Compression sleeves come in 5 sizes all the way up to knees 26 in circumference. The compression sleeve provides an added layer of support and stability while reducing inflammation and swelling.

It uses an ergonomic fit thats snug but doesnt cut off circulation or your range of motion.

The Crucial Compression sleeve is made from nylon, rubber, and spandex with an interior silicone grip so it wont slip. It is nice that it comes in many sizes and in a pair rather than just 1 makes me think I can rotate them while 1 sleeve is being washed.

The reviews are good with most people saying the sleeves do the job for the right price. One negative reviewer commented that they werent as durable as expected, but for a great price, you can always buy another pair.

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Movies Music And Books

Let’s face it, recovering from surgery can be really boring. There is a tremendous amount of sitting down, quietly resting, and avoiding pain, while you would rather be doing many other things. Is there a movie you’ve been wanting to see? A book that you bought that you just never quite found the time to read?

In the days leading up to your surgery, stock up on your favorite entertainment, whether it be crossword puzzles, video games, books, or even the supplies to knit.

Arrange For Help With Chores

5 Must Haves After Knee Surgery | ACL Surgery Recovery Tips

Whether you have family or friends living with you or you live alone and need to make special arrangements, be sure someone is on hand to help with tasks like getting groceries, walking the dog, and house cleaning. You also wont be able to drive for a time following surgery, so arrange for transportation to your appointments.

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Things You Need After Knee Replacement Surgery

In this article, Ill share my thoughts on things you need after knee replacement surgery. I did research on the Internet and talked to friends who had had a knee replacement but Ill admit, I wasnt completely prepared when I came home from the hospital.

During my pre-operation appointment at the doctors office and hospital they prepared me well for my surgery. But neither the doctor nor the hospital suggested things I might need after the surgery.

Some of the items I purchased beforehand but others I had to scramble to order or buy after my surgery. I hope this article makes you aware of the necessary items to have after surgery.

If you have them waiting for you at home your recovery will be easier.

Mini 1 Oz Cups For Food Prep And Pill Organization

I have a pill organizer, but it wasnt big enough for the task.; This left me searching for a large, 4 times a day pill box.; I found this one and was really happy with the quality and functionality of the box.; The daily pill containers come out individually, so it is easy to take just one day with you and keeps you from having to turn the whole gigantic box upside down to dispense one dose of meds.; That said, it didnt quite fit all of the supplements that bariatric patients need at once.; My calcium citrate supplements and two of my post-op prescriptions were pretty large and needed more room than the box allowed for.

Skip ahead to meal prep.; When you enter your pureed food stage you are going to be able to eat very little.; Im talking 1-2 tablespoons at a time.; When you purchase food for this stage, youre obviously going to have way more food in a package than you need.; I wanted to be able to grab and go without having to weigh and measure every time.; Enter these 1 oz plastic cups!; You can use them to portion out your food and store them in the fridge for easy grabbing!

Tip: I usually take my supplements in coordination with my meal times to make sure there is something in my belly.; Take the supplements/pills first with as little water as you can BEFORE you begin to eat and then have your meal just after.;

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Follow All Physician Recommendations

You should always heed all of your surgeons instructions and advice. Your surgeon is a medical expert, and they know what recovery looks like and requires. If they prescribe medication, recommend rest, or have other instructions, follow everything as prescribed.

If you fail to follow your surgeons recommendations, you might experience adverse effects that prolong the recovery process beyond the initial time frame. Additionally, if you avoid medications or dont rest when told, you could negatively impact the long-term results of your surgery.

Alternate Option Auto Chill

Whats Life like After a Total Knee Replacement?

If youre using the auto chill option you wont need to raise the cooler above the Cryo Cuff. The cooler and cuff should be fairly level for the pump to work optimally.

When setting up the auto chill system, connect the clear air tube from the pump to the cooler lid with the check valve at the cooler end. Also connect the power cord to the bottom of the pump and plug in turn on the power switch.

If you need to replace the ice when using the auto chill, turn off the pump and unplug the device then disconnect the clear airtube and tube from the Cryo Cuff.

When using the Cryo Cuff sensitivity will differ from person to person be aware of how your knee feels when icing. If you experience pain you may be icing too long or you may have other issues to consider.

If you are hypersensitive, lack circulation, have Raynauds disease or vasospastic disease, you should consult your doctor before use.

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Prepare A Recovery Area

Due to mobility limitations, you will likely do a lot of sitting during the first few weeks after your return from the hospital.

Designate a recovery area with a sturdy chair to relax in. The chair should be high enough that it is easy to sit down and get up from. It should have arms and a solid back so you dont fall.

A recliner is a good choice because you can elevate your legs. Place a sturdy footstool in front of your chair if you dont have a recliner. Some chairs have a device to tilt you slightly forward, making it easier to get up.

Your recovery area should also contain items within arms reach, in case you need them quickly.

Consider having the following items on hand near your chair:

  • eyeglasses

Tips For ‘must Haves’ When Coming Home From Knee Op

I just thought I would start this as mary-ellen asked for some tips – she is going in for her op very soon:-

I will kick it off by saying some things that I did.

My hubby brought a bed down for me so I didn’t have to climb.

We bought toilet seat risers for each loo – they are not expensive.

I had a table by me with everything I needed; – meds, books, water etc

I made a chart for timing my meds – You may find you are a bit drowsy with all the pain relief and what you don’t want to do is over/under dose. I ticked it off as I took each med.

I had extra surgical stockings so I always had clean ones as you need to change them every day.

There – that’s a start and I am sure lots of people will come up with more. I will think more, but at the mo I am in the middle of making fish pie

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  • Prepare for when you come home from hospital..

    take up all rugs,so you dont trip..

    Have plenty of ready meals,so you can just pop them in the micro.

    Have a foot stool to raise your leg/or a recliner is good to have.

    I found it helpful to buy a leg lifter off Amazon,only a couple of pounds,but a god send.

    Bio-Oil for your scar when its healed

    and good luck..xx

  • Posted 6 years ago

    I like the idea of the leg-lifter i didn’t know such a thing existed so i will definitely get one of those for when i get knee two done. I used to use a towel around my foot for leg raising and also to help me;gently bend my knee.

    The raised toilet seat is also an excellent idea, wish i had gotten one those!

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    Ziraki Memory Foam Wedge

    I wanted to include this knee replacement pillow on the list in case youre looking for something different. This pillow will not help to elevate your knee after TKR, however, it might help you sleep.

    As we mentioned in the sleeping section earlier, it will be difficult to sleep in the days following TKR. Most likely, youll be sleeping on your back. If you cant do so, sleeping on your side could be an alternative.

    To be honest, its not easy balancing your legs when sleeping on your side. Your top leg might slip and rest behind or in front of your bottom leg.

    This memory foam wedge is meant to rest between your legs as you sleep on your side. Its a smaller pillow that will help keep your knees stable and in-line and keep pressure off the hips which commonly happens when side-sleeping.

    It is 100% memory foam with a zippered cover that can be removed to wash. The Ziraki memory foam wedge measures 9.8 x 6.3 x 7.9 inches and weighs only 9.6 ounces.

    I like the quality material and the guarantee for the product or your money back. I also like the reviews that have a high positive average.

    Many of the reviewers enjoy how the leg pillow helps sciatica; while others say it helped with pregnancy, back pain, and hip pressure. There are only a few comments about knee replacement surgery, however, I know it would have helped me.

    Millard Foam Leg Elevator W/ Washable Cover

    6 MUST HAVES FOR AFTER ACL SURGERY (and ankle surgery too bc why not)

    This is a unique leg wedge that will actually hold your leg in place. I like the structure of this leg elevator and the fact that it is specialized for 1 leg.

    Sometimes its nice to have both legs raised but this takes up less space and is perfect for a single leg. If you have 2 TKRs you can buy 2.

    Millard the leg elevator also has a washable velour cover . Inside the foam is polyurethane with a 45 degree angled thigh ramp.

    It measures 32 x 13 x 9.5 inches and weighs 4.3 pounds, making it wide and sturdy enough to hold the largest of legs.

    Customers commented that it worked great for post-operations and solid for people over 6 feet tall. The reviews are superb and I like that it holds the leg in place.

    When I was using regular pillows my leg often fell off the pillows. I was constantly readjusting pillows to keep my leg on top.

    This is the one Id get if I had surgery again.

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