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Can You Rent Knee Scooters

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What You Need To Know About Renting A Knee Scooter

A knee scooter can be a very beneficial tool in your day-to-day independent lifestyle. From running errands to simply moving around your house, this excellent mobility device can be extremely valuable for your active lifestyle. While knee walkers are used by those experiencing long-term complications with an ankle injury, knee injury, or an injured leg, theyre also commonly used after suffering an injury or having surgery. In this instance, renting a scooter may be the best choice. In this post, well discuss some considerations you should make before renting a.knee scooter.

Crutch Alternative: Scooter Over Crutches

As crutch alternatives, seated knee walkers are associated with crutches. The KW-100 is a novel technology.

They are more comfortable, easier to travel with, and more convenient than crutches.

Crutches are becoming outdated with some people since they are inconvenient, uncomfortable to use, and can cause further harm.

Another reason why medical knee scooters are used instead of crutches is that some patients have arthritis or other health concerns that make using crutches difficult.

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You Are Fully Aware Of What You Are Buying

If you decide to go for a new knee scooter, you will have a lot of options to choose from. You also get to know the specification, warranties, or guarantees that they offer. That means that you decide on which to go for based on the information at your disposal. And the chances of you choosing the wrong one will be lesser.

How To Rent A Knee Scooter Online

An alternative to Crutches, RENT this Mobility Knee ...

In the age of smartphones, Amazon Prime, and instant access to whatever you needit’s no wonder more people are renting their knee scooters online than visiting their local medical supply store. In almost all cases, the online option far succeeds the capabilities of the local stores.

As you can already expect, renting online is the most convenient way. You don’t have to leave the house to order or pick-up. Simply go to our rentals page , complete your order, and your unit will arrive at your doorstep in a few days.

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Knee Scooter & Walker Rentals Available In Sun City West Az

Why Knee Scooters or Knee Walkers?

A common advice from medical professionals after a broken foot, ankle sprain, or knee injury is to keep the foot elevated and stay off of it meaning most are stuck in sedentary positions.

What if, that is not an option for you? If youre looking to get around the house a bit easier and looking to stay away from the common solution: the uncomfortable medical boots, or crutches consider getting a knee scooter or knee walker, we have numerous of rentals available, see them here.

With the aid of knee scooters or knee walkers you can stay active and productive with ease. Here are some benefits of knee scooters or knee walkers.

Maintain Good Posture

When you use a knee scooter or walker, youre staying in an upright natural position with shoulders fully back and your standing leg following in a comfortable stride. Its often that the unnatural contortions from crutches that cause soreness and stiffness.

Aids in Recovery

Range of Motion

The handlebars on our products provide great directional control, and walkers can be used indoors and outdoors. The ease and range of motion will help you feel more confident in moving around without the worry of falling over or losing your balance.

Say Goodbye To Uncomfortable Crutches

A knee scooter is, hands-down, your best alternative to crutches and makes maneuvering around with an injury way more convenient than ever! You’re not required to put your life on hold, and you can rest your injured leg and carry on with your daily tasks.

A knee scooter is considered a medical device designed for support and mobility and there is a lot to consider.

-What are my buying options? New vs. used vs. knee scooter rental

-What design is right for me?

-How can I customize my knee scooter to fit my needs?

These steps will help answer your questions and guide you in making the right choice!

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How Often Will I Use This Scooter

How often the knee scooter rental will be used is another key factor to consider. If you only use the scooter for a few minutes out of the day, then you probably need a standard model and not a model with all of the fancy features. But if this scooter will be constantly used day after day, then it may be worth it to choose a model with advanced capabilities.

Take Knee Scooters On Rental From Affordable Medical Equipment

No deposit on Knee Scooter rentals.

We deal in different configurations and styles of knee scooters. We offer these scooters on sale as well as on a rental basis. Moreover, those people who are already using the scooter and looking for repairing solutions, we are comprehensive solution provider of assistive mobility needs. So, if you are looking for the right scooter meeting your requirements, consult your healthcare professionals. Else, our professional team can assist you in choosing the right model. In case you have specialized requirements, we are ready to offer tailor-made mobility solutions within your budget.

Rest assured, when you contact our leading online store, we help you to regain independence in the most comfortable manner and in the minimum time frame. For more details, call us now!

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Easy Steps To Rent A Knee Scooter Online

Since most people have a recovery period of 6-8 weeks, opting for a no-hassle online rental is the best financial option.

Heres a quick and easy guide to renting a knee scooter online in 2 easy steps.

2. Complete the rental requirements.

Receive and ride!!

If you want to learn more about knee scooters, check this video:

How Much Is A Scooter Rental

A knee scooter rental price varies among companies. It can go as high as $55 a week. At Rent A Knee Walker, the cost of renting a knee scooter is only $30 a week. We don’t up-charge for premium models, and we include a free basket accessory for our knee scooters.

  • When you rent with us, if your recovery is going to be longer than expected, your rental price is automatically put toward the purchase of the knee scooter. If your rental price matches or exceeds the purchase price, you get to own the scooter.

When renting online is the best option.

  • Things to consider when renting from your local medical supply store:
  • Limited Stock
  • Because most medical supply stores do not specialize in knee scooters, you will often find that they will carry old dusty models, and in some cases, not carry any knee scooters at all.
  • Limited Choices
  • Do you live in a tight space? Do you need an All-Terrain knee scooter? Chances are, you will be choosing your model based on availability rather than what your specific needs are. Local stores that don’t have expert knee scooter knowledge will provide outdated, basic models.
  • Limited Service
  • Again, because these stores do not specialize in knee scooters, they are unable to provide repair services or extra parts. Most local knee scooter providers also charge additionally for using a basket.
  • Picking Up the Knee Scooter
  • More Expensive
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    Power Scooters & Power Wheelchairs

    When you need a mobility aid to help you get around, a power scooter or a power wheelchair may be just what youre looking for. A scooter is comfortable, easy to use, and can be transported from one place to the next when youre on the go.In some cases, a power wheelchair may be the better choice. This is a more heavy-duty type of equipment for when you need maximum support and stability. Depending on the model, this rental might be more difficult to transport.

    Knee Walker Rentals In Columbia Sc

    Knee Scooter with Basket rentals in USA

    Having an injury or major surgery on foot or ankle isnt easy. With restrictions and limitations put on bearing weight, your everyday life and living activities are severely hampered. Sometimes, a person takes ample length of time to recover from these injuries. In such a scenario, the common advice given by healthcare professionals is to keep the injured leg or foot in an elevated position and rest as much as possible. For most of the people, lying in the bed for 24 hours is a fearful activity. They keep looking for such mobility devices that allow them to perform daily chores and stay mobile. Thankfully, by using knee walkers on a rental basis, a person can stay active as well as productive the entire day and even allow injuries to heal with the time.

    We at Affordable Medical Equipment are here to help you forget your disability and assist you get back in motion and continue doing your important daily living activities. Our knee walker and other associative products are specifically designed to get you better faster, keep you mobile and enjoy your independence.

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    Does Rent A Knee Scooter Vs Buying A Knee Scooter A Good Choice Cost

    When you consider the purchase price of a knee scooter, it is almost above $350. Mostly, you will need it for 4-6 weeks. So, if you need it for a shorter time period, we suggest you rent a scooter that costs around $25-$35.However, if you are using a knee scooter for daily help, to avoid falls or further foot injury, then it may be useful for deciding to invest in a long-term purchase.

    Renting a knee scooter is a wiser option and there are many online stores that provide you with the facility to avail of rental knee walkers.


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    Do you know other places where to rent a knee scooter? Please share with us below!

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    How Often Can You Get A Walker From Medicare

    If your equipment is worn out, Medicare will only replace it if you have had the item in your possession for its whole lifetime. An items lifetime depends on the type of equipment but, in the context of getting a replacement, it is never less than five years from the date that you began using the equipment.

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    Is Knee Surgery Covered By Medicare

    How does Medicare cover knee surgery? With Medicare, there are little out-of-pocket expenses for knee replacement surgery if you are a registered public patient and have surgery in a public hospital. Whilst Medicare will cover 75% of costs, there can still be out-of-pocket expenses, so do your research beforehand.

    You Won’t Have To Rush Your Recovery

    How Does a Knee Scooter Fit Back in the box

    Usually, knee scooters are meant for short-term recovery. But the truth remains that not everyone will heal at the same pace. If you choose to go with a rental knee scooter, which is usually for 4-6 weeks, you will consciously or unconsciously want to hurry your recovery. But if you buy yours, you won’t have to hurry but instead, focus on healing at your own pace.

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    Types Of Knee Scooters:

    • 5-wheeled design with two rear wheels and three front for easy maneuvering
    • Storage basket included for personal belongings
    • Dual braking system along with parking brake
    • Good for small spaces

    Our Recommendation:The Swivel Scooter is best for anyone who will be maneuvering through more crowded work and living areas. The 5-wheel design allows for a 90-degree radius that makes change directions easy but will cost you around $500. We don’t recommend this scooter if you’re looking to get the most value from your purchase and feel that the tight turn radius does not justify the cost.

    $30/week For All Knee Scooter Models

  • All models are $30/week. Whether you would like the premium knee scooter model and why wouldn’t you, the Swivelmate, or the All-Terrain option with the Orthomate we believe in offering all of our models at one price to make your decision strictly need-based, not financial. If you find you need your rental longer, you can extend any rental by calling us at877-520-3708 or emailing .
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    Which Knee Scooter Is Best

    For indoor use, we recommend the Swivelmate Knee Walker. It’s a premium model that, aside from being very comfortable, has a unique ability to make 90-degree turns. This means navigating around the house, and obstacles is a breeze.

    For outdoor use, we recommend the Orthomate All Terrain Knee Scooter . It has air-filled rubber tires that absorb the shock of rough outdoors surfacesmaking for a comfortable and smooth ride.

    Where Can You Rent Knee Scooters

    Best Knee Scooters (Review &  Buying Guide) in 2021

    Because you cannot rent knee scooters at CVS, you can source these rentals through websites such as

    Other than that, you can also ask your doctor or health care provider for resources related to renting knee scooters, as they might have access to other retailers rental schemes.

    Alternatively, most Walmart and Walgreens locations do offer knee scooters for customer rental, available in adult and child sizes, and with a variety of discounted plans.

    However, keep in mind that such rental services are primarily only available in-store.

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    Ways To Get A Knee Scooter:

    Now that you might have established a reason for you to get a knee scooter, it is often hard to understand where to start. We have determined a couple of ways that you can use to help you to get your hands on a knee scooter. Here are some of the top ways that can work for you when you are trying to rent a knee scooter:

    • Buying A Knee Scooter:

    One of the first ways that many people consider is buying a knee walker or scooter. However, the prices of these units can be fairly expensive. They range from $100 to $400 and the price will vary depending on the quality of the unit and the model. This is an option, but if you are not using it forever, it is not recommended.

    • Rent A Knee Scooter At The Doctor:

    The more common alternative is to rent a knee scooter from a reputable source. When visiting your doctor, they might often have knee scooters and your medical aid should be willing to cover these scooters to ensure you have comfort. It might be a little expensive, but it should be far cheaper than buying one.

    • Rent A Knee Scooter Online:

    If you dont like any of these options, you might want to consider turning to the internet. The internet will show you a variety of these scooters that you can rent. By searching for knee scooter rentals near me, you should find a list of reputable options that will allow you to rent a knee scooter for a limited time.

    To Rent Or To Buy: The Best Option For Obtaining Your Knee Scooter

    Youve injured your leg or ankle and youre laid up at your house, pretty soon you realize that staying in bed for the duration of your recover just isnt an option. Everyone needs to get around after all. But are you really going to have to ride around on a wheelchair, or contend with the frustration of crutches? No, youve decided youre going to get a knee scooter instead the only decision to make now is whether to rent one, or buy it outright.

    Why You Rent

    After all is a temporary injury, provided everything goes well you should be back on your feet in a couple of weeks or months. If finances are preventing you from investing in a KneeRover then renting is a great stopgap option. It can even allow you to purchase a newer model with better features than youd otherwise purchase.

    Generally a rental will also offer flexible terms so youre able to extend the length of your lease period depending on the duration of your injury and of course your rates will be dependent upon how long you need the knee scooter for. In some instances it is cheaper to buy a KneeRover then to rent.

    Why You Buy

    New KneeRovers will come with a warranty and guarantee of workmanship so you can use them with ease, regardless of how long youre out of commission. When you do get better you can store yours away, safe in the knowledge that you have a backup plan, or you can sell your knee scooter on to recoup your investment.

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    About The Knee Scooter Store Denver

    Top view of the bright red junior rover Rent this knee scooters in Denver!

    The Knee Scooter Store in Denver offers Colorados best selection of knee scooters. We have 5 different model options, helping us find the ideal choice for every customer.

    Many customers who know theyll be injured or recovering from surgery for a couple of months think they will be better off buying a knee scooter. But then they buy the cheapest knee scooter from Walmart and find that its an uncomfortable experience.


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