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Which Knee Brace Do I Need

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Knee Brace

How to Choose a Knee Brace for Arthritis or Knee Pain- Up to 6XL-size

Walk and move with more confidence using a knee brace! Knee braces are structured to offer compression, helping reduce the direct pressure from the upper leg on a damaged meniscus or torn ligament. The added pressure of a knee brace will also improve your circulation. The increased blood flow brings more oxygen to the injured area which assists with the healing process.

If you’re looking to purchase a knee brace, weve provided a few things to consider when choosing the brace right for you.

But If Youre Planning On Wearing A Brace Knee Braces Wont:

  • Restore natural leg strength and stability.
  • Replace proper technique.
  • Make you heal faster.
  • Cure your knee problem.

Unless your therapist or doctor tells you otherwise, you shouldnt be wearing a knee brace all your life.

Thats why the best knee brace is the one that makes it easy for you to do your rehabilitation program.

Ideal Knee Supports For Sports Of All Kinds

Sporting injuries, especially to the knee, are a fairly common occurrence, which is why wearing knee braces for protection against these injuries is of the essence. The most frequent knee injuries are tears to the ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus.

An ACL tear frequently happens during high-impact sporting events or when there is a lot of twisting and turning involved, such as in basketball. PCL tears occur when there is a direct impact from the outside of the knee joint or during a front-on collision or while falling when the knee is bent, which often occurs during soccer or football. MCL and LCL tears are often caused by a blow to the outer side of the knee that stretches and tears the ligaments on the inner side of the knee. A torn meniscus, on the other hand, occurs when doing movements that forcefully rotate the knee while bearing weight. A partial or complete tear of a meniscus happens when an athlete quickly twists or rotates the upper leg while the foot is firmly planted.

We at BraceAbility provide a variety of knee braces for sports such as basketball, soccer, football, running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and even for water sports such as swimming, wakeboarding, surfing, and waterskiing.

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Best Overall: Ezyfit Knee Brace Support Dual Stabilizers & Open Patella

  • Pull on-design may be difficult for some people to place on

  • Hand wash only

Since this sleeve is made of a nylon-lycra blend, its super breathable and provides a four-way stretch. While it will definitely provide your knee with a lot of support, it also allows for a full range of motion. Its super snug and has a no-slip silicone grip that will keep it in place.

Material: Nylon-lycra blend | Fit: Comes in different sizes | Feel: Comfortable stretch and breathable fabric feel

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For Pain Around The Patella

Do I need a knee brace? Detailed and Explained Guide

The patella or kneecap is the bone at the front of your knee. It looks like an inverted triangle.

The patellar area can get painful for several reasons: weakness, overuse, patellar tendonitis Thats why its important to define the root cause of the pain. This will help you know which knee brace will be best for your needs.

However, for this type of injury, we usually recommend:

  • Wrap-around braces.
  • Knee braces with patellar straps.
  • Open patella knee supports.

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Compare Your Measurements To The Size Chart

Most brands have different knee brace sizes. To make sure you have the right fit, compare your measurements to the sizing guide of your chosen brand.

If youre not sure which knee brace you need, decide that first before buying. A physical therapist will recommend the best type of knee support for your current needs.

What happens if youre between sizes?

For knee sleeves, some brands recommend choosing a smaller size. Sleeves tend to loosen up with time, so yours may last longer.

For knee braces, brands recommend choosing a larger size. This is because you can put something between your knee and the brace to help it fit better. Like a thin sleeve or a DIY garment.

But, its best to check the website of the brand directly. Their FAQs usually include what to do if youre between sizes.

What Are The Benefits Of Knee Braces

Knee braces can:

  • Support and stabilize your knees
  • Help relieve pain
  • Make it easier to move

Certain types of knee braces, like knee sleeves, also provide compression around the knee tissues, which may help reduce swelling. Many people report that knee braces allow them to move with more comfort and confidence.

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What Knee Brace Is Right For Me

There’s no doubt that knee braces are helpful to manage knee injuries or prevention. But choosing which one is right for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. From hinged and immobilization to compression and prevention, we break down everything you need to know to help you find the right knee brace for you.

Open Vs Closed Patella

Do I Need A Knee Brace on the Appalachian Trail?

You may see some knee braces with an opening at the knee cap while others are covered. The braces with an open patella help relieve knee pressure and support the knee cap with tracking assistance. A closed patella brace can help offer compression and knee support. If unsure, you can contact our customer support team for assistance, or speak with your doctor on the better option for your needs.

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Best Knee Brace For Acl Sprain Or Tear

  • Pro: Can improve function and may allow for a speedier return to activity or sport.
  • Con: If a brace significantly restricts movement, muscle atrophy and stiffness may occur.

This knee brace combines bilateral hinges with a breathable compression fabric designed to minimize skin irritation and discomfort.

Theres a hole over the kneecap to support it and at the back of the knee to prevent friction burn. It comes in six sizes, ranging from small to 2X-large.

Rated 4 stars on Amazon, customers like the lightweight yet supportive feel. Some report an issue with finding the right size or comfortable fit.

Features Of High Quality Of Braces

  • Comfort and Breathability: You should be able to wear a brace comfortably for extended periods. A brace should also use breathable materials for use during exercise or sports activities such as Bauerfeinds patented flat knit material. Braces made with neoprene are not breathable and will result in a large build-up of sweat, possible skin sensitivity with general discomfort and lack of tolerance in wearing it for long periods. The fabric is made from rubber and traps heat and typically would have a patella cut out to try and manage some of the extreme heat build-up.

At Bauerfeind, we provide high-quality medical grade knee braces for both prevention and recovery of all types of knee injuries to help you live a more active and pain free life. Our products are developed and manufactured at our innovation facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on over 90 years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

To maximise the effectiveness of your knee brace, ensure you are selecting a suitable brace for your circumstance and the correct size based on our size guides. To check out how to fit your knee brace properly, .

If you require further assistance selecting the right product for your needs, reach out to us online, over the phone, or in store. You can book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466

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Ensuring Proper Brace Wearing

One simple way to ensure that you are wearing a properly sized brace is to check the sizing chart that comes with your brace. Use a tape measure to measure the girth of your knee at the joint line, and check the chart to choose the right brace.

Everyone is a little different, so be sure to try on your brace, and let your physical therapist or healthcare provider know if your brace is feeling too tight or too loose. The other simple method to make sure your knee brace is fitted properly is by using the two-finger method.

Best Knee Brace: Dynamic Pcl Brace

What Knee Brace Do I Need For My Condition?

The function of the PCL is to stabilize the knee and prevent the shin bone from moving too far backwards. A PCL brace can reduce unwanted forces on the injured or reconstructed ligament by limiting rotation and backwards movement of the shin bone during bending and straightening. Static PCL braces do this by providing a constant force to the knee during the entire range of motion. While this has its benefits, there is evidence to suggest that knee stability is not adequately restored following management with a static brace .

A dynamic PCL brace provides more force the more the knee bends, so it provides the most support during a deep knee bend when the PCL is maximally loaded . In addition to protecting the PCL, this also enhances stability and can reduce pressure in other parts of the knee. This means a dynamic brace is likely a better option than a static brace for protecting the PCL before or after surgery . More information on the best PCL braces can be found here.

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How To Measure For Knee Braces In 5 Steps

I am gonna cover a very often asking question on different social media platforms and online communities How to measure for knee brace?

Knee braces are a type of support that is worn when you have pain in your knees due to some injury or swelling.

Or, if you are like me, you may even use a knee brace just as protection while doing any rigorous sports which require sliding or tackling.

So, these knee braces provide a slow and limited movement allowing your knee to recover.

These knee braces are made up of a combination of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material, and straps.

Previously, they didnt come in various sizes or shapes but now, as companies have progressed and their demand has been increased, knee braces have different colors, sizes, and designs to choose from.

When To Wear A Knee Brace

In general, braces should be worn if you’re having knee pain or you wish to prevent injuries during high contact sports where there is a higher likelihood of knee injury. Knee braces can also be used for rehabilitative purposes, for example, following an ACL injury. The brace will provide slow, limited movement allowing the patient to gradually regain their range of motion. Knee braces also come in handy for arthritis sufferers as it can aid in reducing pain and inflammation. Your doctor can help you decide if it’s necessary.

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Get Back To Doing What You Enjoy

* START HEALING YOUR INJURY with consistent use. Extra support will prevent re injury.

* EASY TO USE Choose from 4 sizes. Measure the circumference around the center of the knee cap and the circumference 3 inches above the center of the knee cap . Then use the Size Chart to determine best size. Sizes Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large availablefor men, women and kids.

*Dont Miss Out on another Day of You Favorite Activity

*Pain Relief of Meniscus Tears, ACL / MCL Injuries, Arthritis, and Tendonitis.

*The Best Excercise Support Crossfit, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Jogging, Walking, Hiking, Wrestling, Skiing, Soccer, Gym Workout, Golf and Other Sports. Or just all day comfort without knee pain no matter what activity.

TechWare Pro Products Be Active / Stay Active

Choosing The Correct Knee Brace

How to Choose a Knee Brace for Arthritis or Knee Pain| GUIDE

Do you need help on selecting the correct size for your knee brace? Check out this short video tutorial. Below, you can find further instructions and more helpful information.

Important Note: Not all of our knee braces follow the same measuring regimen for sizing. Make sure you look at the individual sizing chart for the specific brace you are ordering to see where measurements should be taken. If you can’t find your sizing chart watch our video.

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Best Knee Brace: Patellar Stabilizer Or Realignment Brace

The underlying cause of PFPS is thought to be abnormal movement of the patella , also known as patellar maltracking . A patellar stabilizer brace is a type of functional brace that counters patellar maltracking. The brace stabilizes and controls the position of the knee cap to make sure that it is aligned properly throughout your range of motion. By correcting patellar alignment, the brace can help to relieve the symptoms of PFPS.

Studies examining the benefits of patellar stabilizer braces for PFPS have produced varying results . Overall, there is not a lot of high-quality evidence to support the use of these braces for PFPS . However, some research suggests that they are effective at relieving pain from PFPS and that those with patellar maltracking can benefit from wearing a brace to complement a physical therapy program . In most cases, the patella tracks towards the outside of the knee . Using a brace that directs the patella towards the inside of the knee to correct lateral maltracking has been shown to lead to better outcomes and pain relief when combined with physiotherapy exercises . This suggests that patellar stabilizers should not be viewed as an instant solution to PFPS, but as one of many tools in a more comprehensive rehabilitation plan.

Rigid Support Knee Brace

This is the most restrictive type of knee brace. It sports rigid bars on the sides of the knee as well as horizontally around the knee joint. A strong hinge may restrict movement of the knee.

This is a common type of brace to wear after having surgery, as it provides support for the ligaments as they heal and prevents contact injuries. This type of brace must be wrapped around the knee and latched into place.

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The Best Knee Brace For Pain

Knee pain can be caused by all sorts of injuries and conditions. Regardless, pain often limits your ability to do the activities you love. There are lots of knee braces out there that can help relieve pain and provide support for your knee. With so many options, it can be hard to know which is right for your situation. In this post, well cover everything you need to know to help you find the best knee brace for pain relief.

This information is not intended to replace the guidance of your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Knee Braces: Choosing The Best Knee Brace For You

Best Hinged Knee Brace [2020] Top Knee Braces with Hinge [Reviews]

Knee injuries can be some of the most debilitating injuries one can deal with. Whether you have a recent injury or if youve been having persistent knee pain, you know exactly how tough it can be to get from one place to another with this type of injury. Although knee injuries come in many forms, there are some key things that you can do to help recover and get back on your feet. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are definitely recommended, however, if your pain is too intense it may limit what exercises and protocols you are able to follow. This is why many rehabilitation centers recommend knee braces for their patients. Whether you have a serious injury such as an ACL tear or a less severe injury such as a knee sprain a brace can help get you on the road to recovery. Below we will explore the many aspects to take into account when finding the perfect knee brace for you.

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When Are Knee Braces Used

Different knee problems require different knee braces. Your doctor may suggest one kind of knee brace after knee surgery. Some doctors may choose another kind of knee brace for support instead of surgery for a torn knee ligament. You may also need one for pain in the front of your knee that isnt getting better with strengthening and flexibility exercises. Braces dont seem to work well to stop knee injuries from happening. Get your doctors advice if you want to try a knee brace.

How To Measure For Knee Sleeves: A Simple Step

Knee sleeves are extremely beneficial tools for the gym, especially if youre into weightlifting. However, you get to only reap the full benefits of it if you have the right fit! Thats why its important to learn how to measure for knee sleeves to prevent injury and get your form right.

But how can you do that properly? Read on as Ill be showing you how to measure for knee sleeves!

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Rigid Hinged Knee Brace

Made of 1/8 neoprene with soft cushioned liner for warmth, compression and durability. Features open patella with sewn-in universal buttress and open popliteal area to eliminate bunching. The hinges are molded into the brace to maintain a low profile.

Increase your ability to perform your best during training and sports with a knee sleeve! A compression sleeve is designed to offer the least amount of support and can be used for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. Best for pain relief when remaining fully active, these knee sleeves are flexible and can easily fit under clothing for daily comfort.

RolyanFit Knee Sleeve Designed to provide therapeutic warmth, compression and support to the knee joint area. The open cutout over the patella improves patella tracking, which in turn reduces knee pain. Made of neoprene, the sleeve helps retain body heat and provides even compression without restricting knee mobility.


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