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How To Strengthen Your Knees

Strength Training: Side Leg Lift

How To Strengthen your Knees

This move works a muscle on the outside of your hip, that travels down to the knee and helps brace it, says Westcott.

How to: Stand with your feet together and your hands in front of you or on your hips, toes straight ahead or slightly out. Keeping your foot flexed, slowly lift one leg out to the side as high as you can without pain, shifting your body weight to your other leg. Lower your leg back down. Make it easier: Hold on to a sturdy chair, or try it lying on your side. Make it harder: Use that resistance band. Do 12 to 15 reps per leg.

Causes Of Knee Sprains

Any activity that forces your knee out of its natural position can cause a sprain.

The ACL is often injured when you play a running or contact sport like soccer, basketball, football, or gymnastics, usually as a result of jumping or twisting suddenly.

It can also occur if you over-straighten your knee to an extreme degree or if you get struck by something in the knee or lower leg.

The PCL can be injured in a car collision when your knee hits the dashboard, or in a sport where the front of your knee is hit while its bent. Falling hard on your knee can also cause a PCL sprain.

You can sprain your LCL if you receive a blow to the inside of your knee. This is less common than the other types of sprains because your other leg protects this area.

An MCL sprain is usually caused by something hitting your leg from the side, or a fall that causes your lower leg to twist outward from your thigh.

Exercise : Knee Extension

Sit on a table or desk with your legs hanging freely, and place a thin pad under your knee, so that the knee is slightly higher than the hip. Extend the knee slowly with the foot flexed, until the leg is extended hold 3-5 seconds, and then lower slowly under control. Do 10 repetitions and repeat with the other leg. You can do 2-3 sets as needed.

As you get stronger, you can add light ankle weights to increase the resistance. Your kneecaps will love you for this one! Your hamstring muscles will also get an excellent stretch in the process, as you strengthen your quads.

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What Else Can Help With Knee Pain

Finding relief from knee pain depends on the cause or issue thats making it difficult for you to go about your daily activities. Carrying excess weight puts extra stress on your knees, which may lead to osteoarthritis.

In this case, the most effective treatment, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is weight loss. Your doctor may recommend a combination of diet and exercise to help you lose weight and strengthen the muscles in your lower body, especially around your knees.

A 2013 study found that adults with overweight and knee osteoarthritis experienced a reduction in weight and knee pain after 18 months of a diet and exercise program.

But if overuse is the culprit, your doctor will likely suggest RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation and physical therapy. A physical therapist can work with you to develop a program that includes range of motion exercises, stretches, and muscle strengthening movements.

Jumping And Landing Practice


Incorrect landing, which puts unwanted strain on the knee ligaments, is another major cause of knee injury in basketball players.

For optimal shock absorption, players should land with their upper body straight and bend both their knees and thighs.

In addition, maintaining a strong and flexible lower body can help save your knees from being injured when landing.

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How Do You Lubricate Your Knee Joints

Foods high in healthy fats include salmon, trout, mackerel, avocados, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, and chia seeds. The omega-3 fatty acids in these foods will assist in joint lubrication. Water can assist in joint lubrication. Make sure you drink plenty of water each day to ensure that your joints are lubricated.

How To Strengthen & Protect Your Knees Against Injury

Knee injuries are a risk no matter what sport or activity you do. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or running, the impact on your knees can lead to injury that hurts you both physically and mentally so preventing it altogether is the optimal solution. Strengthening your knees can help prevent injury, but how exactly should you go about it?

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How To Save Your Knees Without Giving Up Your Workout

Theres no magic bullet to knee health, but staying active and building muscles around the joint are crucial.

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In the annals of unsolicited advice, few nuggets have been dispensed as widely and with less supporting evidence than this: If you keep doing all that running, youre going to ruin your knees.

The latest salvo in the debate over knees and running a systematic review of 43 previous MRI studies that finds no evidence that running causes either short-term or long-term damage to knee cartilage is unlikely to convince the opinionated ex-football star at your Thanksgiving table who swears his bum knee was caused by wind sprints. But given that nearly half of Americans are expected to develop painful knee osteoarthritis at some point during their lives, the findings do raise a nagging question: If abstaining from running wont magically protect your knees, what will?

Strengthening Exercises For Your Knees

Stop Knee Pain Now! 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Knees

Expert reviewer, Lucy Rath, Bupa Senior PhysiotherapistNext review due January 2023

Doing regular exercise of any type will always bring about benefit. Keeping your knees and surrounding muscles strong can help reduce stiffness, prevent injury in the first place and aid recovery of a current injury.

Below is a series of exercises you can try at the gym or in the comfort of your own home, to help keep your knees strong.

Remember, start slowly and only do as much as you can manage without feeling any pain. These exercises aren’t a replacement for expert advice, so please speak to your doctor or physiotherapist if you arent sure.

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Beware The Weekend Warrior Effect

Of course, no workout takes place in a vacuum: What your knees can handle today depends on what youve been doing with them over the preceding weeks and months. Thats why the arrival of ski season is a source of predictable carnage for physical therapists, as enthusiastic weekend warriors hit the slopes after months of inactivity.

Dr. Whittaker suggested taking the first day on the slopes easy and being willing to cut subsequent days short when it feels like your leg muscles or joints have had enough. Its pacing, she said. Its adapting to the capacity of your body to handle the load.

Better yet, she strongly suggested doing some strength training to prepare your legs before putting any new stresses on them. A simple, generic program of squats and lunges can strengthen the muscles that keep the knee stable and stiffen the tendons and ligaments around the joint. For starters, aim for three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, lifting a weight that leaves you with shaky muscles and the feeling that you could have done two or three more reps if necessary.

Great Exercises To Strengthen Your Knees

Check out these 5 great exercises to strengthen your knees so you can enjoy your day-to-day activities with less pain, popping and stopping.

One of the best ways to develop stronger knees and ward off future injuries is to build strong, fluid and solid muscles around the knees and in your legs and core.

Strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand: a fluid muscle is a happy muscle. Knee exercises and stretches that promote both power and flexibility are of the greatest benefit. Knee strengthening exercises develop the muscles around the knee, but they can also cause the muscles to get tight, if not stretched properly. A tight muscle will constrict the knee joint and be more prone to injury. Stretching after knee strengthening exercise will alleviate muscle soreness and keep the muscles long and elastic.

Before embarking on any kind of training regimen, consulting with a certified physical therapist is a small investment that can pay huge dividends down the road. The expert advice of a trained professional, with no referral needed, can save you time, allow you to work more efficiently and guide you toward the best exercises for your own unique situation.

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Stop Doing Random Quadriceps Exercises

Now dont get me wrong, your quadriceps muscle is really important for the knee. However, failing to address the other dynamic components and muscles around the knee would be negligent from an injury prevention perspective. Improving strength in your hamstrings, groin muscles, glutes, and calves can go a long way in reducing excessive stress on the knee. Like weve mentioned previously, the knee is where most symptoms will arise if other areas are lagging. Start with these exercises to help build up the other muscles that affect how the knee responds to stress:

#11 Romanian Deadlift

The truest of the hip hinge patterns, the RDL can be challenged with many different tools and loading parameters. The top down approach moving from an anatomically neutral position at the top and grading down range of motion through both eccentric and concentric muscular actions make this a superior hinge alternative for improving movement capacity and building muscle and strength through the posterior chain.

#12 Physioball Hamstring Curl

Physioball hamstring curl variations, both bilateral and single leg, are amazingly effective for linking up the hips and knees so that they move together as a functioning unit. As the knee flexes, the hips drive up into extension to improve the activation of these two posterior chain muscle groups, but also to set the spine and pelvis into a stabilized position to work from.

What Is The Best Exercise For Weak Knees

Best strength training app, strengthen knees, abs workout ...

Straight Leg Raises. If your knees not at its best, start with a simple strengthening exercise for your quadriceps, the muscles in the front of the thigh. Hamstring Curls. These are the muscles along the back of your thigh. Prone Straight Leg Raises. Wall Squats. Calf Raises. Step-Ups. Side Leg Raises. Leg Presses.

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Focus On Modifying The Fundamental Movements To Work Around Discomfort

Trying to push through discomfort when doing squats or the notorious knee extension machine, is a sure fire way to knee pain. If your knee pain has gotten to the point where something as simple as going up or down stairs is painful, then figuring out what the right prescription of exercises are can be a challenge.

However, what shouldnt be negotiated is still trying to implement the basic squat, hinge, or lunge pattern into your routine, albeit with some modifications. Here are some knee friendly variations to the fundamental movements we mentioned above, that will help build strength and capacity in the knee:

#8 Spanish Squat

The Spanish Squat is great as it provides a form of Reactive Neuromuscular Training that allows the body to optimize its positions and stability, while also helping to rewire some of the faulty movement patterns in the process.

#9 Reverse Lunge with Hip Dominance

The reverse lunge really separates itself from its forward counterpart due to its more posterior chain dominancy. This means that reverse lunging targets the glutes and hamstrings to a greater degree than the forward lunge, largely due to the tibial angle and relative torso angle over the front leg.

#10 Split Squat

Always Warm Up And Cool Down

You cant underestimate the importance of proper warm-up and cool-down exercises before you begin playing. These activities improve blood circulation and heart rate while minimizing muscle stiffness, which could lead to severe injuries.

A proper warm-up session for any athlete can include anything from basic skipping to stretching exercises such as side lunges and sumo squats.

After your workout, you should cool down with brisk walking, standing stretches, and ankle rotations. You can try out these cool-down routines after your next practice or game.

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Exercises To Instantly Improve Knee Pain

Be honest with yourself, have you really tapped into and addressed all the things that could be the reason for your knee discomfort and exhausted every last conservative option before jumping into a reactionary model of medicine? Probably not. So thats why Ive put together my 5 most effective approaches to eradicating chronic knee pain from your training, including the best exercises in each category for you to start using right away. Its time to identify the problems, strengthen the weak links and get back to being pain-free once again.

The Many Benefits Of Knee Strengthening Exercises

How to Strengthen Your Knees

Knee strengthening exercises do not affect the knee joint directlyinstead, they target the muscles surrounding the knee which help to support the knee joint. Strong muscles in the legs can help provide support for the knees. This support may alleviate pressure and strain on joints, enabling a person with joint pain to be more active in their everyday life.

The following exercises can help strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. If at any point you experience pain during an exercise, stop what you are doing and consult a doctor.

Remember that is is always best to warm up before trying out a new knee exercise. Try out something that is easy on the knees, like going for a walk, cycling, or using an elliptical machine to warm up!

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Focus On Your Whole Knee

The quadriceps may be the bodys natural knee brace, as the study authors referred to them, but theyre not the only muscles that are critical for good knee function. Equally important are the hamstrings on the back of your thigh and the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Like the quadriceps, these muscles not only help you sit and rise from a seated position, but they also enable you to complete other everyday activities. These include climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects and getting into and out of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, many people tend to focus on increasing quad strength and flexibility, at the expense of their hamstrings and gluteal muscles, Bungo says. We see that a lot, and that creates a muscle imbalance, which can predispose you to injury. Its important to have that balance.

Several complications can arise from having weakness or poor flexibility in your quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. For instance, you might alter your gait to compensate for these deficiencies, and in doing so, you can put stress on other parts of your body, such as your hips and lower back. Plus, poor leg strength can impair your balance and increase your risk of debilitating falls.

Balance is a combination of lower-body strength and your sense of balance, Bungo explains. Knee weakness, and lower-extremity weakness in general, absolutely can increase your fall risk.

Knee Strengthening Exercise #: Hamstring Curls

Using a chair for balance, lift one leg behind you and bend your knee. Try to pull your heel up toward your glutes, keeping your knees close together. You should feel this in your hamstrings.

Hold for 5 seconds and release. Do 3 sets of 10. To make it more difficult, add an ankle weight to the leg you lift.

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Drawbacks Of The Elliptical Machine

With all of the pros that come with using the elliptical, there are some cons to keep in mind.

The motion on the elliptical is slightly different than running or walking, so leg and core muscles are activated differently, says John M. Martinez, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at Pain Free Running.

This difference in muscle activation may potentially lead to injury if the body doesnt adapt to the new muscle-firing and movement patterns.

Also, if you arent consciously trying to keep your legs aligned properly, you may feel pain associated with improper tracking of the feet and legs, especially because your foot often remains in a fixed position on the elliptical machine.

He also points out that since the elliptical is lower impact than running or walking, you may see fewer gains in leg strength due to less stress being placed on the legs.

Because of this lower impact, Dr. Martinez says you may also see less improvement in bone density compared with running or weightlifting. This is because higher loads or impact tend to increase bone density in the lower body.

Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch Your Knees

Pin by Kathryn Ofstad on S Runners Knee

NO ONE THINKS ABOUT their knees unless they hurt or when their knees happen to be carrying them up or down a steep mountain trail under the weight of an overstuffed backpack. Your knees deserve appreciation. So, why not take a Tebow and offer a little prayer of thanks for these unsung heroes?

The knee is the largest joint in the bodya complex engineering marvel of ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendonsthat endures hundreds of pounds of torque depending on what you demand of it. Mogul skiing? Zumba class? Even getting up out of a chair to answer the doorbell requires a certain choreography thats fraught with risk.

An anatomical illustration of the knee joint looks like a softball held in place with rubber bands and duct tape between two baseball bats. No wonder knee pain is the most common injury complaint of anyone who stands erectfrom professional athletes to troop committee members who go backpacking twice a year.

Are your knees a pain? The remedy is not necessarily to get off your feet and on the couch but to stand up and keep moving, says Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and author of The Athletes Book of Home Remedies.

Start with a brief warm-up of jumping jacks, arm swings, and high-knee marching in place. And, as always, schedule a doctors exam before embarking on any new fitness program.

Take a Load Off

Hows that for a motivator to lose weight and shape up for the troops next 10-miler?

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