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What Mm Knee Sleeve Should I Get

The History Of The Zercher Squat

How to put on tight knee sleeves – SBD

Who invented the Zercher squat?

It comes from Ed Zercher, St. Louis Strongman and powerlifter of the 1930s. According to the Zercher squat origin, he trained out of a home gym that looked more like a junkyard. So, he had to get creative with what he had. That led to the inception of what we know today as the Zercher squat.

Zercher was highly respected throughout his career for his strength and no-nonsense approach to training. Naturally, then, the squat grew in popularity. Now, functional fitness athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other athletes use it to build head-to-toe strength.

Bear Komplex Compression Knee Sleeves


  • Made from highest quality neoprene to make it last for long
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product


  • They are not IPF approved
  • A little high on the price

Key features

  • Provides stability and comfort for all kinds of workouts
  • Made from waterproof materials that ensure your knees don’t get wet
  • Available in two versions 5mm and 7 mm
  • Features a sweat absorption system to keep your legs dry and odorless.
  • The product is USPA approved
  • The sleeves come in a variety of designs and colors

If you are looking for knee sleeves that provide reliable protection and high physical compression, then go for the Bear Komplex sleeves. It will give you the confidence and right mindsets to enable you to perform your best moves. Moreover, with these sleeves, you can comfortably perform more exercises, including Double Unders, running, lunges, box jumps, snatches, power cleans, and squats.

The exceptional product comes in 7 mm and 5 mm thickness. The thickness guarantees optimal support and comfort. If you wear these sleeves in your next practice, you can be assured that you won’t feel pain and discomfort from your previous heavy-day leg. The sleeves fit snug to provide added support and compressions in your workouts.

Differences Between A 10mm Vs 13mm Lifting Belt

Both the 10mm and 13mm belt will provide excellent stability while lifting. Some of the heaviest lifts in the world have been done using both a 10mm and 13mm lifting belt.

So, dont think that only beginner and intermediate powerlifters use the 10mm belt and advanced powerlifters use the 13mm belt.

This is simply not the case.

To get the most out of any belt, you need to know how to breathe and brace properly, which I wrote an entire article about. If you fail to implement the proper breathing technique while using your lifting belt, then the differences between the 10mm vs 13mm belt wont matter.

Obviously, however, the main difference between a 10mm and 13mm lifting belt is the thickness.

It might seem like a small difference, but as a percentage, the 13mm is 30% thicker than the 10mm. This extra thickness creates certain outcomes that you wouldnt get with the 10mm belt.

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Iron Bull Strength Knee Sleeves


  • Features a slip-resistant material that helps hold sleeve firm
  • It is lightweight and helps heal muscular injuries faster
  • Sizing charts in listing images to help order the correct size

You will love these sleeves for their exceptional design and features. The new version comes with a unique 7 mm design that guarantees maximum safety, comfort, and durability. Besides, it will keep your joints warm, increase your blood flow, and create much-needed compression for maximum performance.

If you are in the market for a product that increases your strength and prevents injuries while helping boost your confidence levels, then go for the Iron Bull Knee Sleeves.

It is the perfect choice for a beginner, a regular trainer, or an advanced lifter looking to protect their knees under heavy load. Furthermore, the product provides compression and increases your blood flow to enable faster recovery from injuries. It also aids quick muscle recovery and rehabilitation.

They are also built to last long and give you the results you so desire. What is more, if you are not 100 percent satisfied with the product, you can always take them back for a full refund. Buy them here

Self Treatments For Bakers Cysts In The Knee

Best Knee Brace For Running Review

Have you been told that you have a baker cyst, youre getting swelling behind the knee, you probably have had a history of knee arthritis and meniscus problems as well. If this is the case, most of the time, people are left hanging with what to do about their Bakers cyst. And theyre not really fully sure about how to get their meniscus problem or their knee arthritis problem under control.

At the very root all three of these problems Baker system and discuss problems in the Arthritis problems are cartilage related. And weve got tons of videos on our channel about knee cartilage problems. Well link a playlist to all our new videos here in the description below.

But in this video today, Im going to cover with you a few things that you need to know specifically about Bakers cyst so that you can begin to treat it yourself at home. Ive got another video that talks about how Bakers cyst develops and what the signs and symptoms are for Baker cysts in case youre not sure if youve got one, go check that out. Ive also got a link in the description here below.

My name is Dr. David Middaugh. And Im a specialist physical therapist at El Paso manual physical therapy. And this channel is focused on helping people stay healthy, active and mobile. while avoiding unnecessary surgeries, injections and medications. Please subscribe to our channel so that you dont miss any of the helpful videos that we upload to our channel every week.

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Your Knee Sleeves Must Be Snug

Now that you know how to measure your leg area for your knee sleeve size, its important to know two things:

  • It is recommended to go down a size lower than the size that corresponds to their measurement. This is because you want a snug fit for support and your sleeves will eventually become looser over time. Always go for the smallest size that fits tightly enough but doesnt interrupt your blood flow and without compromising comfort.
  • As I mentioned earlier, each brand tends to have its own sizing chart. You need to make sure you look at these before buying to ensure you pick the right size.
  • But Are Zercher Squats Better Than Regular Squats

    Thats a fair question.

    Its okay to compare and contrast the various squats, but be careful with trying to determine which one is best. The reason for this is, plain and simple, theyre just different. The many squat variations offer their own unique benefits. Instead of relying on one over another, rotate between them.

    Are Zercher squats harder than other squats? In some ways, yes especially if youve never done them before. Holding a barbell in the crook of your elbows will take some getting used to! Any new stimulus is going to give you a run for your money.

    But all of the squats can help you make serious strength gains in the gym. So, its in your best interest to give each of them the attention and time that they deserve. If youre consistent and take your recovery seriously, you will be rewarded!

    You cant go hard at squats without protecting your joints. Shop The WOD Lifes selection of knee sleeves today.

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    Knee Sleeve Size Chart

    How to measure for the right size

    Take a measuring tape and measure right around your knee joint with your leg straight and relaxed. Have a look at the sizing chart to decide if you want a standard fit or a tight fit. Always consider that the size of your calves can be a limiting factor, so it might help to measure them too. Since the knee sleeves are cone-shaped and not supposed to stretch much you might need to move up a size.

    How tight you want your knee sleeves to be is entirely up to your personal preference. Some people like it super tight and dont mind when the blood supply to the calf gets restricted, other people prefer to just have a warm knee joint without feeling like their leg is about to fall off. When in doubt about the right size just shoot us an email, call or come into our Store at City Strength HQ in Sydney and were happy to assist you.

    How to put them on

    There is a little card in every pack of knee sleeves that gives you instructions on how to put them on.

  • Fold the top half of the sleeve over the bottom half of the sleeve and pull them over your foot.
  • Adjust them with the SBD label being on the bottom and facing forward.
  • Get your fingers under the bottom edge of the sleeve and slowly pull them up just past the thickest part of your calf
  • Roll the top half of the sleeve up and adjust
  • Your knee sleeves should fit nice and snug and you can go squatting!!
  • When Should You Wear Knee Sleeves

    Rehband’s Knee Sleeves are WORTH EVERY PENNY

    Like with most supportive strength equipment, knee sleeves should only be worn with intent towards a specific activity/adaptation, and not used as a crutch, or as a means to solely create joint stability. In the gym setting, knee sleeves are typically worn for two major reasons, and these include: Joint Warmth.

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    Product Description Rehband Rx Knee Sleeve 5 Mm

    The 5mm thick Rehband RX Knee Sleeve benefits varied training that requires both agility and support.The construction of this product is engineered with a unique shape, securing an anatomical fit. The shape allows for a safe, optimal range of motion. This creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep your body moving towards strength instead of injury. The knee support will guide your body to move correctly without limiting muscle development around your knee. This product combines the key benefits of stability, compression, and warmth.Feature:- Helps prevent injuries by protecting your joints and soft tissues- Made with 5mm SBR/Neoprene- Fits right or left knee- Sold individually- Engineered for varied training, such as weightlifting and circuit training- Construction allows for safe, optimal range of motion- Improves muscle control and coordination- Stays in place while you workout- Provides a mental and physical feeling of safetyFlexible Compression:- Enables you to be agile and doesnt restrict your movement- Warms and maintains muscle temperature as you train- Reduces wasted muscle energy- Promotes blood flow to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery- Lessens strains on knees during high-intensity training- Helps to correctly guide your bodys movementsIndications- Anterior knee pain syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome- Strains and wear-and-tear injuries

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sbd Knee Sleeves

    SBD Snee Sleeves are probably the most sold knee sleeve on the market at the moment. Theyre not only liked by Powerlifters but become increasingly popular amongst Weightlifters, Crossfitters, Strongmen/-women, and Bodybuilders.

    We’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to find the right size, instructions on wearing them and how to make them last as long as possible.

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    Outcome #: The 13mm Might Give You A Strength Advantage At The Elite Level

    I mentioned that at the elite-level of powerlifting you can see top lifts being performed with both the 10mm and 13mm belt.

    This is true, and I think that you can progress very far with a 10mm belt and never have to think about switching to the 13mm belt.

    However, when youre at the elite level of powerlifting, and youre trying to push yourself beyond your biological limits, fractions of a percent improvement can make a meaningful difference.

    This is why elite-level powerlifters focus on getting as much as they can out of their gear whether its upgrading their squat shoes, knee sleeves, or belts.

    In theory, a thicker belt should give you more support.

    The extra support might not make a difference for a beginner or intermediate powerlifter because there are other aspects of their training and technique that would make a more meaningful impact on their performance.

    However, for an elite powerlifter who has already mastered the basics and has impeccable technique, the increase in belt thickness might be the next optimization in their training that makes a difference in how they perform.

    In A Hurry Heres My Recommendation

    Knee Support: Choosing The Right One For Your Condition

    The 10mm lifting belt is going to be a better purchase for most powerlifters.

    The best 10mm lifting belt is the Inzer Forever Lever Belt .

    Ive used this belt for 15 years, competing at the World Championships in powerlifting. Even as Ive gotten stronger, I havent needed to upgrade it to a thicker belt. Its easy to break in, fits extremely comfortably, and will last you a lifetime.

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    Outcome #: The 13mm Belt May Lack Versatility

    When I say versatility, Im referring to the types of exercises you can do in the gym when wearing the belt.

    Let me be clear: both the 10mm and 13mm belts are made for powerlifters. However, theres definitely going to be some differences in the types of exercises you can or cannot do in these belts.

    The 13mm belt is only made for the powerlifting movements and thats it. So, youd likely only wear it for squatting, benching, and deadlift.

    In fact, some people who wear the 13mm belt go one step further and say that its only really made for squatting, and they dont wear it for benching and deadlifting.

    Does this mean you would get one belt for squatting and another belt for benching and deadlifting? This seems like a waste of money for me. But, some people actually do have two belts for this reason.

    The 10mm belt can most certainly be worn for all of the powerlifting movements, and it can also be worn for some non-powerlifting movements, including various rowing and pressing exercises.

    So, you need to ask yourself why youre purchasing a belt and what you want to use it for.

    If youre a powerlifter, then both belts are great options.

    But, are you someone who wants to use the belt for various movements in the gym and not just the powerlifting movements? If yes, then the 10mm belt will likely be a better choice.

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    Choosing The Right Knee Sleeves: 3mm 5mm Or 7mm

    Rehband Rx Knee Support are anatomically shaped support sleeves for knees, providing both compression and warmth to help increase an athletes performance and to prevent injuries. The construction of the Rehband Rx Knee Support is built on a unique patent, securing its anatomical fit. The shape allows the product to follow the bodys motions, ensuring that it stays in place during workouts.

    There are three different thicknesses of knee sleeves, all designed for different usage areas. The 3mm thick knee sleeve provides ideal support for high agility or endurance workouts. The 5mm thick knee sleeve benefits the athlete in a varied training where both agility and support is required. The 7mm thick knee sleeve offers powerful stabilisation for heavy lifting and extra support during rehabilitation, says Johan Bohlin, Physiotherapist and Head of Development at Rehband.

    Knee sleeves are designed to protect your knees when you are injured, but also to prevent injuries and re-injuries. They work by providing warmth and compression to the knees. The compression increases the blood flow and the receptive input from the knee, helping an athlete perform more controlled and stable movements. The warming effect of the knee sleeves helps with increasing blood flow quicker, and is effective for keeping knees warm throughout an activity.


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    Best Overall: Rogue 5mm Knee Sleeve

    The Rogue 5mm knee sleeves are cheaper than my other recommendations which makes the budget friendly.

    They still provide great support, are incredibly versatile and therefore suit a variety of exercises.

    Rogue always provides premium quality products and theres no change here. These sleeves are great quality, comfortable and survive serious training.

    If you are after a sleeve to support your training, without being uncomfortable or restrictive, then this is the sleeve for you.

    When Should I Wear Knee Sleeves

    Getting your tight AF knee sleeves on – 3 ways to suit even the most hoooge calves. Chur!

    You should wear knee sleeves for any exercises that involve your legs. It could be low-intensity exercises such as walking or cycling. Also, you should wear your knee sleeves for strenuous activities such as cleans and squats. Knee sleeves come with a lot of benefits. They protect your joints to prevent injuries. They also help the blood to circulate faster to enhance excellent performance.

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    How To Pick The Right Knee Sleeves

    When shopping for knee sleeves and to answer the question of how should knee sleeves fit, there are a few things that you need to think about.


    Knee sleeves are available in 3, 5, and 7 mm thicknesses. Each thickness is suitable for a certain activity but there is plenty of crossover between them.

    The 3 mm sleeves will keep your knees warm, but they dont provide the most support, so theyre suitable for endurance activities. Long-distance runners and swimmers prefer these sleeves as they wont restrict the range of motion. At the same time, they will protect the knees from injury and will promote better recovery after an extensive workout session.

    If heavy lifting is your thing, go for 7 mm sleeves. If you’re a mountain goat, stick with 3mm.

    CrossFit athletes prefer the middle number: 5 mm. This thickness is designed for activities where support and agility are of equal importance.

    If heavy lifting is your thing, go for 7 mm. These provide maximum support and will stabilize your knees to protect you from painful injuries. They will also give you an extra push, so you can light heavier weights with no issues.


    Most knee sleeves are made of neoprene because it provides the needed support that stabilizes your knee joints. SBD neoprene is a stiff material that holds your knee in place, so its an excellent choice for CrossFit, weightlifting, and other straining activities.


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