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Do They Still Make Knee High Converse

Higher Than High Tops

I Made DIY Knee High Converse

Punks, goths and other alternative subcultures have included Converse All Stars in their fashion arsenal for as long as these groups have existed. Converse recognized this and produced a version of their legendary footwear that seems to cater to the fashion sense of the females in these groups, with their introduction of the knee high Converse All Stars. This isnt to imply that the knee high chucks cant be worn by people of other social groups, but the punk/goth subcultures seem to prefer them more so than the others. Their appeal to the goth/punk cultures could have possibly stemmed from their previous preferences of knee high leather combat boots. With their existing fashion choices already in mind, Converse fused together the favorite foot of the alternative cultures and produced this half sneaker-half boot hybrid.

As the name implies, these boots go almost all the way up to the knees for most people. They have a zipper located directly above the heel that zips up to the very top making them easier to put on. They come in classic black, white and red. These models are called extra-high or x-hi. The unmistakable star patch, usually located on the inside of the ankle is now located farther up around mid-calf. They are a great choice in terms of fashion especially when worn in conjunction with a skirt or shorts to show off the entirety of their length.

Extra high black chucks knee high ad from the 1980s.

Millie Bobby Brown On Chucks In Movies

As part of their Forever Chuck social media campaign, Converse has enlisted the help of Millie Bobby Brown from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things to cover the impact of chucks in film. Were shown many characters throughout film history wearing chucks. These include Marty McFly from Back To The Future, and Allison from The Breakfast Club. Brown starts out by saying that when you see a movie character in chucks, you know theyre doing their own thing, and this sentiment is echoed by the chosen characters highlighted as both Marty and Allison are rebels who their own thing.

Millie Bobby Brown tries on some red high top chucks.

Millie also speaks with costume designer Stephanie Collie about how the styling of a movie character happens and what type of character she would put in chucks. She says that she would put a character in chucks if theyre the underdog, if theyre the one we, the audience, are supposed to root for. Collie says that because the costume is meant to help the audience identify with the character, and to give a glimpse as to what their dreams and desires are. This is why chucks are the perfect show for the underdog. Theyre the shoe of the underdog dreamers who we should root for.

Stephanie Collie and a selection of brightly colored chucks used in her costume designs.

Millie watching a movie in black chucks.

Overview On Knee High Converse

Gone are the days when the choices were limited in colors and fabric as far as the converse shoes were concerned. Since the days of the all famous Chuck Taylor all stars, the converse has undergone an evolution through the century of them being in the game. And staying at the top they have managed.

Today, the choices are limitless, both in fabric and colors. However, the black converse has remained the all time most popular color among its users. Common fabrics that are used to make these high end shoes include not only canvas, but also leather, suede, denim, hemp and vinyl. They are either with laces or without laces.

Apart from that, they are extremely stylish and flexible, thus very convenient for a multitude of tasks. If you are into fashion, and looking for stylish thats fun and hippy, you got it with converse. There are some styles that are available in fun print designs, in addition to the solid colors. There are designs such as stripes, swirls, cartoon characters, which are especially favorable.

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Chucks Footprints: A Summer Abroad

Correspondent Carolina Ibarra writes: A European summer abroad left me with tons of memories, tan lines, mosquito bites and a roughed up pair of well-loved chucks. Across the world and across cultures, wherever I went my chucks followed. They were worn down from long walks down countless airports, faded by the warm Italian summer sun, and weighed down by the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea. They were lined with the residue of summertime adventures abroad. Whatever I lived, my chucks lived it with me.

The languages changed and the cultures transformed as I jumped from country to country. When the sun was rising over the horizon for me, it was setting back home. I was halfway across the globe a 10-hour flight away from everyone I loved and everything was different, but the chucks on my feet remained as my little piece of home. I had worn converse through the summer for as long as I could remember. The setting was different, but my shoes were the same they fit so easily into this new world.

Many people frame their awards or pictures or certificates for the nostalgia. Im thinking of framing my chucks. They remind me of the time I missed my train and made an Italian friend while I stood around waiting for hours until the next one. They remind me of the melting ice cream dripping all over them on hot, sunny afternoons. Now that Ive returned home, I look down at them and relive my adventures.

So, dear chucks, where shall we go next?

Good Ol Boys And Good Ol Chucks

Converse Shoes

Chucks have been a timeless fashion statement spanning back all the way to 1920s, when they first gained popularity from basketball player Chuck Taylor. Chucks have stood strong since then, and have been worn by countless people for their athletic value or purely for style. Most of these people are kids, teens or young adults, however, some of the most devout wearers of Converse sneakers are fully grown, fully functional adults. For many of these older converse enthusiasts, they started wearing them when they were young and fell in love with the shoes, and so they continued to wear them well into adulthood.

James Shields and other baby boomers still like to wear chucks.

When John Ullman, 47, of Altoona Pennsylvania was asked, he responded with a more personal answer. Aw man I remember the EXACT day I got my first pair of Chuck-Ts. It was 1980 and I got them for my 10th birthday. At first I was mad, I mean, what ten year old kid wants a pair of shoes for their birthday? But they really started to grow on me. A ton of the other kids at school wore them too, and it made me feel like fit in. Since then, when a pair wears out I immediately get new ones. I dunno, I guess they make me feel like a kid again. While the younger generations wear chucks like theyre a new fashion statement, the old timers are truly the ones who know whats up. They werent even the generation who started the Converse craze, but they did pass the torch to an eager generation of millennials.

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The Character Of Converse

Generally speaking, when shoes are worn to the point where they get rips and holes they are considered ugly and are thrown out, unfit even to be donated to charity. Converse All Stars are a different story entirely, and a beat up pair of chucks can really tie the right kind of out fit together.

Fresh out of the box, chucks already have a distinct retro appearance, so when holes, fading ink and extensive use take their toll, the retro flare to them is amplified. Each rip has a story of a past adventure, the faded and frayed fabric tells a tale of experience. Artwork on the rubber toe caps from a sharpie marker also adds to their charm. All of this comes together and gives the shoes a sense of strong character. Its comparable to a pair of beat up work boots, the more scratches and stains shows work ethic and unique personality.

A well-worn pair of chucks perfectly complements the grunge style, and goes incredibly well with a pair of faded and thread-bare blue jeans that are ripped at the knees, a faded band T-shirt and a jacket covered with pins of every shape and size. The late Kurt Cobain is the ultimate example of this sense of style, as well as punk rock in general. The shoes might be beat up, but their state of disrepair shows the love the wearer has for the shoes.

More damage means more character.

Various Types Of Knee High Converse Shoes

There are two kinds of these converse shoes: the regular converse knee high sneakers and the XX Hi Chucks. The latter are more like the tennis boots, but they also cover the leg up to the knee level. However, unlike the knee high, they cannot be worn rolled down. Thus, they are not as versatile.

  • Kids knee high converse

The knee high converse for kids are just awesome. If you are looking for boots that are stylish and versatile for your kids, these are the boots to go for. They can be worn with the inside part folded out, so your kids will enjoy the convenience of two-shoes in one. When the day gets too hot, the cover can be turned down to look like an ordinary shoe. Dont worry about the inside being too dull. It has fun colors and patterns that can be matched with most regular outfits easily and conveniently.

  • Knee high converse for girls

On the other hand, converse high knee for the girls are uniquely designed taking into account their special fashion needs. These converse shoes are regularly used for a casual tennis game or just for casual occasions such as casual dinners or picnics and dates. They are available in various fun colors and patterns, giving them the feminine feel. Get them cheaply from most convenient stores and local outlets.

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Fresh Colors For 2017 Announced

Converse has come out with nine new seasonal colors for 2017. They include Sunset Glow, which is a salmon color, Camo Green, a very grey looking color from the photos, Menta, which is a bright green color, Yellow, the return of a seasonal color from before, Soar, this years version of a bright royal blue, Light Olive, which is a very faded green with tinges of light gray, Hyper Orange, a bright orange color similar to neon orange, Fuchsia Glow, a very light purple color, and Shark, which is dark grey. The colors are all listed as unisex and come in whole and half sizes. All colors come in both high top and low top oxford models. This years colors do not include anything in a red shade, brown, or off white.

Hyper Orange is one of the new seasonal colors for 2017.

There are a number of seasonal models from 2016 that you still can purchase. Most of these colors will be on closeout soon. Go to our Shoe Outlook page to see the new and older seasonal colors.

An Overview Of The Knee High Converse Boots

What’s Inside Converse (WHY SO UNCOMFORTABLE?) Top 3 Questions Answered

Are you looking for shoes that are both functional and of high quality? When it comes to versatility and quality, the knee high converse shoes have no equal. Believe it or not, these are the shoes that can cover the entire length of your leg, or just be like ordinary shoes when you roll down the shoe tops. The knee high looks very great whether you are on a pair of jeans or just bare legs in a short skirt just like the classic converse sneakers.

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Converse All Star Tekoa Boots

Converse All Stars are truly an all American classic theres nothing to complain about regarding their style. Theyre comfortable, allow greater movement of the foot, and theyre reasonably affordable especially when compared to a pair of the latest trainers. These are features that anyone can find appealing about shoes, but like any canvas shoe, Converse All Stars have one major Achilles heel water. They might look cool, but their canvas can very quickly get soaked through and make for some uncomfortable walking.

The solution to this problem is the waterproof Converse All Star Tekoa boot. In a genius combination of form and function, these boots keep the basic design of classic All Stars, but instead of being built with water absorbing canvas, theyre made of leather treated with a water repellent and thicker rubber soles. These boots are able to keep the elements and the water out while simultaneously allowing ventilation. The tongue is also more stationary and doesnt slide around. The traction has also been improved upon with deeper treads on the bottom of the sole for superior traction regardless of the weather conditions. They are available in three colors: black and white, solid black and black and brown.

Waterproof Tekoa boots combine form and function.

Check out this new article about chucks in our articles section.

Converse Custom Pastel Collection

Converse has just announced a New Pastels for Spring line of custom made Chuck Taylor sneakers. All the models available must be custom made, which means you would pay $75 per pair for adult sizes and $50 for little kids sizes. Models you can choose include the standard canvas high and low top Chuck Taylor All Star for men, women and little kids, the shoreline slip-on for women, and the regular low top slip-on for men. Some of the colors to choose from include pure platinum, egret, khaki, dust pink, barely orange, lemon haze, and fiberglass. There are also more solid colors similar to what is available in the 2017 Fresh Colors issue discussed below. Custom designed shoes can also be made with print design uppers, with choices of dot, line, camouflage, star, and zebra pattens.

The start of a barely orange high top design.

If you want a pastel color but dont wish to pay the extra $20 for a custom design, you can always purchase one of this years Fresh Color models which retail for $55. No matter what your preference is, you always have a lot of color choices when you want to buy a new pair of chucks.

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Back To School Guide For 2017

Back to school shopping is the annual chore that all families must endure during August and September. Luckily enough, the Converse store can be your one stop shop for all your back to school fashion needs. Theyve got the gear that will keep your wardrobe looking fresh as Picture Day comes around, starting with their T-Shirts. There are many cool and unique styles of T-Shirts available for purchase in the Converse store, such as their Elevated Chuck Patch Shirt. This shirt is the perfect way to show off your love of the classic Chuck Taylor brand for only $25. In just a few months, the cold Fall and Winter weather will set in, and its best to get your winter clothes now. Two great options available at the Converse store are the Hybrid Bomber Jacket and the Essentials Collegiate Star Pullover Hoodie, each of which cost $80. These two jackets will keep you warm and looking good once wearing just a T-Shirt wont cut it anymore.

Left to right: Converse Essentials Collegiate Star Pullover Hoodie , Converse Hybrid Bomber Jacket , Converse Elevated Chuck Patch Shirt , Converse Poly Go Backpack , Converse Snapback Hat

Top: Converse One Star Classic Suede Low Top Bottom: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit

Our New Cartoon Series

Converse Shoes

We invite all ChucksConnection visitors to enjoy our new cartoon series. Each month a new cartoon will be posted with a humorous look at the world of chucks and the people who wear them. For February we take a look at a love-struck young couple who met in the checkout line at a Chuck Taylor sale. You can find the cartoon by going to the monthly cartoon link on the home page or on the Books and Comics With Chucks page.

Enjoy our ChucksConnection cartoons.

We also invite you to view our other cartoon feature, The Chucks Life comic strip series which has over forty issues, and the ninth book in the Hunter & Holmes Mystery Series, Senior Year, which is a full color graphic novel. These can also be accessed from our Books and Comics With Chucks page. These days we can all use a little humor in our lives.

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Black Galaxy Anime And Other Cool Shoes

Shoe seekers, youve met your match, meet the Hot Topic Shoes Collection, a pop-culture-approved selection of savvy, sweet, and silly shoes that are guaranteed to stunno matter what youre into.

Crazy for creepers? Weve got plenty of em waiting for your approval in this selection. Feelin feisty for flats and fashion shoes? Hot Topics got youand your feetcovered. Heckin obsessed with heels and wedges? Weve got a whole subsection for that. From boots and platforms to flats, sandals, slippers, sneakers, and beyond, our collection of shoes is solely dedicated to bringing the best of the best.

Know what else rules about these shoes? Weve laced in all the pop-culture licenses, franchises, characters, books, brands, movies, anime, and more that youre totally obsessed with. Yep, you can consider this selection the perfect intersection between the stylish shoes you want to wear and the fandom kicks that are sure to knock your socks off.

Check out staple-worthy selections like our Black & White Varsity Chunky Hi-Top Sneakers, our Daisy Skull Combat Boots, or even our White Faux Leather Mary Janes.

Seekin something more pop-culture-ish for your shoe selection? Sweet. Check out our all-time fave pop-culture shoes like our The Nightmare Before Christmas Toys Lace-Up Canvas Shoes, our Disney Pixar Coco Skulls & Flowers Sneakers, our Haikyu!! Slide Sandals, or even our cosplay-approved DC Comics Wonder Woman 3-Piece Cosplay Wedge Boots.


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