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What Is The Best Knee Pillow

Ziraki Memory Foam Wedge Contour Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Tynor Regular Universal Size Orthopaedic Cervical Support Pillow (B-08) ð TheHealthPointâ¢

If you are in need of a pillow that has been designed to give you the best service, then it is right here with you. Unlike the many others, this one has been designed with high density memory foam so that you are able to enjoy that long lasting comfort for many hours of sleep. It provides better spinal alignment and improve blood circulation as you sleep.

Different Knee Pillow Types

Knee pillows come in diverse shapes and sizes. Most are about 10 inches wide and between 4-6 inches thick. The average knee pillow only weighs about 1 lb. If you need something more substantial for pain or discomfort, you can try a cervical pillow, body pillow, or wedge pillow.

Hourglass Knee Pillow

Most knee pillows today are an hourglass shape, which is most compatible with side-sleepers. Because it is the most common pillow shape, its also the cheapest. Thanks to its curvature, it should hold your knees and legs in place all night.

Wedge Knee Pillow

Not to be confused with wedge pillows for the head , wedge-shaped knee pillows are best for back sleepers. These pillows go directly under both legs, not between them, and provide some elevation and increased circulation. Wedge pillows are usually shaped like a triangle or a half-moon.

Long Knee Pillow

As you might have guessed, this type of pillow is longer than a typical knee pillow instead of fitting just under the knees, it extends down to the feet. The longer length can be helpful for those with knee injuries, bunions, or other foot injuries.

Strap-On Knee Pillow

These nifty knee pillows come with a strap to keep the pillow in place all night. If youre a combination sleeper or just find yourself shifting around a lot while you sleep, this might be a good option to pair with a mattress for combination sleeping.

Size & Weight Of The User

People have different weights and sizes, but their physical attributes matter a lot when it comes to picking the perfect knee pillow. If you are overweight or your thighs are thicker, you should pick a firmer and thicker pillow. If, on the other hand, youre in excellent shape or even skinny, you should consider getting a softer pillow.

Even your height can make a difference in your decision-making process. Naturally, shorter individuals will have different sized bones than taller folks.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Knee Pillow For Your Needs

There are a lot of different factors to think about when choosing the right knee pillow. You have to think about your own sleeping style, for example, with some knee pillows being better-suited for side sleepers, back sleepers, or restless sleepers. You also have to consider the shape, the size, and the materials being used.

Back Support Systems Knee

Best Knee Pillow of 2021

The Back Support Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow is a knee pillow that can help you get a better night of rest. This is a perfect solution for people who change their sleeping positions multiple times throughout the night.

This pillow is made out of soft foam material that provides adequate support to your knees, legs, and head. It also comes with a strap that keeps the pillow in place, so you dont have to worry about it getting dislodged while you sleep.

The cover of this pillow is washable and can be removed easily to clean it. Also, if you have a pet or child in the room, it wont be a problem for them as well.

Reason to buy:

Overall, this is an ideal pillow for people who want to get a good nights rest but are facing problems with neck pain or sore knees. It also provides enough support for your knees, legs, and head.

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What Sizes Are Your Pillows Expand/collapse

Saatva pillows are available in Queen and King sizes.

Below are the dimensions of our pillows:

Saatva Latex Pillows

Saatva Memory Foam Pillows & Down Alternative Pillows Queen 28″ x 16″King 34″ x 16″

Please note that our pillows are slightly larger than standard queen and king sizes. We recommend using our Saatva pillowcases with your Saatva pillow.

Pricing Warranty And Return Policy

  • When in the market for a knee pillow, pricing, warranty, and return policy are all important factors to consider.
  • Pricing: For a quality knee pillow, expect to pay between $25 and $30. The most common factor that influences knee pillow pricing is often material, followed by size, durability, and brand reputation.
  • Return policy & warranty: Some knee pillows offer sleep trials, which allow customers to test out the pillow for a certain period and if they are dissatisfied return the product for a refund before the trial period ends. Sleep trials can be an effective way to try out different products without committing to a purchase.

Note that although certain manufacturers offer return policies with their knee pillows, others may not due to hygienic reasons. However, a quality knee pillow should come with a warranty against manufacturer defects that lasts between one year and a lifetime.

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Features To Consider When Choosing A Knee Pillow

When shopping for a good quality knee pillow like the Cushy Form Knee Pillow, you need to think about a lot of different factors and features. Its important to consider each factor and decide how highly you value it. Some people will care greatly about the shape of the knee pillow, for example, while others will put more emphasis on its durability or the materials that have been used to fill it. Read on to learn more about all of the main features of knee pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

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Q1. Is it ok to use a regular pillow as a knee pillow?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can always use a regular pillow under your knee. But to reduce the stress in your spine and align your body, it is better to use a specially designed knee pillow.

Q2. Are the knee pillows available in the market adjustable?

Ans: Some brands provide adjustable pillows that allow you to adjust the size of the pad by unzipping and removing a few portions. But make sure to check all the details before buying such products.

Q3. Which is the right area to place the knee pillow?

Ans: For side sleepers, a knee pillow is generally placed between the knees. Whereas for a back sleeper, a knee pillow is placed under the knee. The design that has a wedge shape provides support to your neck, making it a multi-purpose product.

Q4. How long does a knee pillow last?

Ans: The degree of usage and the quality of foam play a significant role in the durability of a knee pillow. These memory pillows can last from a year to ten years, but make sure to look at the reviews before buying one.

Q5. What is the process of cleaning a knee pillow?

Ans: The instructions to wash a knee pillow are given on the product because some pillows have removable covers that can be cleaned, and some pillows can be washed in a washing machine. Make sure to look at the instructions before washing to avoid any damage.

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Is It True That Knee Pillows Are Effective

The best Knee cushions assist in maintaining the spine in good alignment by absorbing pressure. When the spine is not correctly positioned, pressure builds up in the spine and hips. Knee cushions can also help relieve knee strain by themselves. However, the thickness and stiffness of the knee pillow impact how well it reduces discomfort.

What Is A Knee Pillow And How It Works

A knee pillow is a type of pillow that has to be tucked in between or underneath the knees of a sleeping person for added comfort and a better sleeping alignment. You can actually use any type of pillow as a knee support, but the specialty knee pillows are always better because they are designed to match the natural contours of a persons body and that is exactly why they are considered more effective and thus, preferred.

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A Note On Editorial Testing

Sifting through product descriptions and customer reviews can be overwhelming. Were here to make researching products easier.

In some cases, that means having our writers and editors test products to see how they perform in real life. In others, we rely on crowdsourcing reviewer feedback from retail sites.

For this review, our writer tested many of the products herself. Heres what she kept in mind while testing:

  • sleeping styles
  • washability
  • Price: $$
  • Size: 26 by 13 inches

Of all the knee pillows I tested, this one takes the cake. It apparently does the same for many, which may explain why its often sold out.

It can be used both between the knees for side sleeping or behind the knees for back sleeping. As a side sleeper, I kept it between my knees and found that it stayed put better than a memory foam knee pillow.

That may be thanks to its polyester fill, as well as its design. Its sewn down the middle to create two separate chambers and offer ergonomic support. This support, according to the brand, helps ease joint tension in the knees, ankles, and lower legs.

This design also helps keep the pillows shape it doesnt flatten like a traditional pillow. Its also soft but offers cradle-like support at the same time.

Another perk is that its machine washable. A 100 percent cotton pillow protector is available but sold separately. I tested the pillow protector too, and think its worth the protection.

  • Price: $
  • Size: 16 by 9.5 inches
  • Price: $$
  • Size: 9.5 by 8.5 inches

Can I Fold My Regular Pillow Instead Of Using A Knee Pillow

Top 10 Best Knee Pillows

While sticking a regular pillow between or under your knees is certainly an option, you might not get as many benefits as you would from a knee pillow. Knee pillows are specifically designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort that comes with different health conditions and sleep habits. Theyre often made out of dense memory foam that wont go flat halfway through the night. They are built with the ideal spacing to keep your knees apart and your spine aligned and designed with contouring material or straps to keep your legs in place.

Regular pillows, on the other hand, may not have the right firmness, height, or shape, even if you double them up. They wont contour to your body as well as a knee pillow, nor would they have anything in place to keep them from shifting or flattening during sleep. If you do choose to use a regular pillow, wed suggest you use a memory foam pillow with a high density.

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Best Hourglass Knee Pillow Livivio Memory Foam Orthopaedic Cushion

  • Hypoallergenic Viscoelastic Memory foam

The side sleeper that needs a leg cushion that is as comfortable as it is effective need look no further than the Livivio. The small profile is ideal for use between the knees or shins or thighs. You can prop up an ankle or a whole leg.

There are two things about it that separate it from the masses of knee pillows on the market.

The first is the type of memory foam. It is quite durable and firm, yet has just the right amount of give. And, like other memory foam, it bounces right back to form so it never needs to be readjusted.

The other aspect that I really like is that it has a comfortable, removable cover. The material is a type of soft velour that feels great against the skin and does whisk away some body heat to prevent overheating. Even better is the fact that it can be washed.

If you are somebody who doesnt stay in one position during the night, then youll appreciate the lightness of it so you can still keep it between the legs even when rolling over.

Conditions such as back pain, hip pain or sciatica can be relieved due to the ideal width to keep your legs separated. Post-operation recovery is also something that the pillow can be used for. If you have recently had a knee replaced then I highly recommend this cushion.

Though, for that purpose it is fantastic.

Of course, it can be used by side sleepers as well. Between the legs or even just one leg since it can be moved wherever you like it due to its shape and length.

Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

Side sleepers take note! Eli & Elms popular cotton pillow has a special U-shape design, which helps people maintain the proper spinal alignment in this sleeping position.

This pillow has a thin cotton cover, so it shouldnt make sleepers overheat at night. In the filling, youll find two materials: soft polyester fiber and responsive latex noodles. The interior fluff gives the pillow a balanced feel.

To make things even better, this pillow is especially versatile. You can easily remove some of the filling to adjust the loft. This means it will work well for both small and large people.

Plus, you can remove the cover and wash it on the cold cycle. Its easy to maintain and should last for many years.

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Can I Use A Regular Pillow As A Knee Pillow

Knee pillows may be specially designed with the proper density, shape, and feel to maximize benefits like reducing hip strain and dissuading you from sleeping on your back. However, if you prefer to use a traditional pillow as a knee pillow, we recommend a dense memory foam pillow. Memory foam models with high densities generally are the most similar in construction and feel to knee pillows.

How Knee Pillows Work

Meditation Music to help you relax 5 Hours

Knee pillows are designed to elevate the lower body and take pressure off leg, hip, and back muscles, allowing them to more fully relax. Being relaxed is a key to falling asleep and staying asleep. Knee pillows can reduce or eliminate certain kinds of pain and improve sleep overall. They are structured to support good nighttime posture and improve circulation.

Will a knee pillow work for you? Read on to see our best picks and what to consider before you purchase.

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How To Select The Knee Pillow

You should find knee pillows that will help you keep comfortable while you sleep. Here are a few things to keep considering when shopping for the best knee pillow


The traditional shape of knee pillows is the hourglass, which is ideal for side sleepers.

The wedge-shaped pillows are suitable for back sleepers and knee comfort. You can also use them for moments.

These are the perfect pillows for people who sleep on their sides and stomachs and for pregnant people. They are also good for people who suffer from back pain.


The thicker your pillow is, The more it takes the pressure off your back. If its not thick enough, it wont be able to do its job.

You dont have to get a specific size for your pillow. But you do want to make sure youre comfortable with the size. Thats what matters most.


Most knee pillows are made of foam because it provides excellent pressure relief. There are a few diff types of foam:

There are many types of foam available for knee pillows. The most common type of foams.

Memory foam

That foam thats so body-contouring and so squishy, but it traps heat, too.

Gel memory foam

The gel-infused memory foam has a cool, cooling effect that can be great for sleeping.

Polyurethane foam

Its cheap and usually low quality than actual memory foam. It doesnt last as long as memory foam.

Latex foam.

Latex foam is made from natural rubber, durable, and can bounce back to its original shape. But it is more expensive than memory foam.



How To Pick Your Knee Pillow

Its a good idea to decide on the material and your budget first. Do you like a dense or softer pillow? What about memory foam versus polyester fill? How large or small should it be?

Youll also want to consider if youll be traveling with your pillow and if the look of the pillow matters to you.

Be sure to read legitimate reviews before buying, and check out return policies.

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Best Knee Pillows Available In 202:

The popularity of knee pillows has increased significantly because of their numerous benefits. Let us go through this article for the best knee pillows available in the market.

1. ZOAN Knee Pillows:

The following are the benefits of using knee pillows:

  • It gives you a comfortable sleeping position.
  • It helps align your spine correctly.
  • It helps reduce hip, back, and knee pain efficiently.
  • Pregnant women can use this comfortably.
  • It helps enhance blood circulation.
  • People with breathing issues can use this pillow.
  • It helps reduce muscle tension and pressure.

What Is The Leg Posture Pillow

Knee Pillow Top Brands And Buying Guide For 2020

A knee pillow is a small pillow designed between or beneath the knees to help keep the company store knee elevated while lying down. Most Knee pillows can help support the lower back and relieve tired legs.

Its a leg posture pillow designed to support your legs when you sleep on your back. It helps to keep your legs flat while also providing a comfortable place to rest your head. The leg posture pillow is one of the best pillows for people who spend a lot of time in bed and use a backrest at night.

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The Best Knee Pillows For Sleeping

Now that weve covered the benefits of using knee pillows and what you should be looking for when buying one, well review the best knee pillows for sleeping that are currently being sold.

Weve based our selections on comfort, durability, price, and overall customer satisfaction.

Like many knee pillows, the ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow is filled with 100 per cent high-density memory foam.

Weighing only 12 ounces, however, this hourglass-shaped pillow is much lighter than other memory foam knee pillows on the market.

The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow features a breathable, removable cover that is machine washable.

This pillow provides firm support, but some customers have complained that it is too small and thin.

Fortunately, the pillow is backed by a 100-per cent customer satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to try it out before buying it.


  • Made from high-density memory foam
  • Lightweight construction
  • Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee


The Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow shares the same hourglass-shaped design as the ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow, with the addition of a removable knee strap that can be used to hold the pillow in place as you sleep.

This convenient feature makes the pillow ideal for side sleepers, pregnant women, and others who may have difficulty keeping their knee pillow in place throughout the night.


The ComfiLife Bolster Pillow is a versatile support pillow that can be used on various parts of the body.



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