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Low Impact Cardio For Bad Knees

Side Leg Raises In The Swimming Pool

Knee Friendly Cardio HIIT, 40 Minute LOW IMPACT Workout Burn 400 Calories

Target Abductors and glutes.

How To Do

  • Stand in waist-deep warm water. Use a water noodle to add some weight to the affected leg. You may also use ankle weights.
  • Hold the side of the pool for support and balance.
  • Lift your affected leg sideways. Lift it as high as possible.
  • Slowly lower the leg.
  • Pause and lift it sideways again.
  • Sets And Reps

    3 sets of 10 reps.

    These simple exercises can help strengthen your legs. If done right, they may also relieve your knee pain. However, it is important you take the necessary precautions.

    What Cardio Is Easy On Joints

    Two of the best ways to get a great cardio workout thats easy on your joints are water exercises like swimming or aqua jogging and dancing. Both of these things can be done to the intensity you want to go to. Its not too difficult to do high intensity interval training in a swimming pool and there are even companies coming out with pieces of equipment designed to be used underwater.

    And as far as dancing goes, if youre as awkward and uncoordinated as I am youll know just how sweaty and out of breath you get from dancing. So why not give that a go, put your favorite album on, and have a boogy, as far as your knee will let you push.

    While this whole article has been focused on cardio it is important to get a mix of resistance training into your weekly routine as well. So have a look through this article next and see why you cant get away with just doing cardio.

    Bad knees dont completely rule you out of resistance training. Try my FREE quiz and learn the best piece of gym equipment for your fitness goals.

    Exercises To Avoid If You Have Knee Pain

    While we have extensively covered the best workouts for bad knees, there are several workouts that should be avoided as they may cause further knee pain and injury. They include:

    • Full/Deep squats
    • Lunges
    • Running or jogging
    • Full-arc extensions. These apply constant pressure on the anterior cruciate ligament and can make your knee cap slide unnaturally to the left or the right .

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    Exercise Modifications For Bad Knees

    Most leg joint pain actually stems from a lack of strength in your legs. Hows that for ironic? Yes, strengthening the muscles around your knee joint is one of the best ways to protect you from knee pain. There are all kinds of ways you can work your legs by either modifying traditional leg moves and choosing moves that are effective but more gentle on your knees.

    Follow along with this video as we show you the five great exercise modifications for bad knees, including glute bridges, squat alternatives for bad knees, and more.

    What Are Common Examples Of Low

    40 Minute Low Impact Workout for Bad Knees  Cardio and Abs Exercises ...

    Low-impact exercises are not uncommon. And, they tend to be a fun change of pace for orthopedics patients, too.

    • Cycling: Despite relying on both the legs and knees, cycling is an easygoing exercise that will help you to meet your fitness goals. The less rugged the trail or route, the better it is for your knees.
    • Walking: Switching from running to walking should be a relatively simple adjustment. This will help you to maintain your routine, with minimal impact to your joints.
    • Elliptical: Because the elliptical keeps your feet above the ground, none of your steps will have a heavy impact like a treadmill.
    • Rowing Machine: Many people enjoy the rhythmic flow of the rowing machine. This exercise works out the legs, without impact-related injuries.

    To find the best low-impact exercise for your body, consult with a qualified orthopedic specialist.

    Continuing to follow the same problematic exercise routine will eventually affect your long-term health. The team at Central Orthopedics can help you to find exercises that are fit for your health. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and begin improving your health and lifestyle!


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    Squat Alternatives For Bad Knees

    The big daddy of all leg moves, squats are a must-do! But youre right to wonder can I still do squats with bad knees? If you have knee pain you might have taken squats totally out of your routine.

    Dont worry, there are many squat alternatives for bad knees. First up, we love these stability ball wall squats.

    Try: Stability Ball Wall Squats

    Instead of a traditional squat, grab a stability ball, place it between your mid-back and the wall. These squats for bad knees will still help you work your lower body without putting pressure on your joints.

    • Lean slightly back against the ball with your feet shoulder-width apart in front of you and begin your squat.
    • Not only will this take some pressure off your knees, but youll also be able to adjust the move on the fly to suit your own strengths and weaknesses.
    • Get a feel for this and then add some dumbbells in your hand to make it harder.this for later

      Stability ball wall squat

    Tip: Choose your range of motiongo lower if you can, but stay higher if your knee pain kicks in. The key is to sit back as you squat, keep legs hip width apart, and focus your weight in your heels!

    Isnt Resting Better Than Exercising

    Maybe in the short term, but not for the long haul.

    As far as the function of your body is concerned, a decreased range of motion is the primary consequence of an injury. The same is true for orthopedic knee injuries especially those involving muscle or tissue damage. And, the goal of any orthopedic treatment process is restoring the range of motion. Generally, this involves physical therapy, along with guided exercises. And if necessary, it may need more serious procedures such as surgery or joint replacement.

    Of course, resting is an important aspect of recovery. However, exercise is often overlooked as a remedy. From an orthopedic perspective, engaging in deliberate exercises is critical. Doing so naturally restores the knees range of motion, without the potential for side effects. Planning exercises that gradually increase in intensity is the fundamental principle behind sports medicine. This is especially true for back pain, but applies to knee pain as well. Also, the type of injury can determine which type of exercise will be most beneficial.

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    How Else Can I Relieve Knee Pain

    Building leg strength reduces knee stress and pain. Think of the muscles around your knee like the shocks on your car.

    If your shocks work well, you wont be jarred and uncomfortable every time you hit a small bump in the road. Strong knee muscles absorb shock, stress, and force. Walking, running and jumping dont hurt as much.

    Weak muscles expose your joints to more loading and pounding. If you have knee problems, strong surrounding muscles translate to less pain.

    A few common culprits cause most knee pain. And simple exercises strengthen muscles around the knee and alleviate knee pain. Learn more in this article.

    As always, please seek professional medical advice from a qualified healthcare providerDr. Google doesnt count! Getting professional advice is especially important if you recently injured your knee or you are sidelined by chronic knee pain.

    What are your favorite cardio exercises for bad knees? Let me know in the comments.

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    How To Work Out With Bad Knees

    Cardio for Bad Knees | Home Low Impact Workout for Knee Pain-Free

    First and foremost, dont skip your warm-up. Failing to get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your muscles and nervous system primed for action before working out is a bit like asking impatiently to become injured.

    Indeed, the result is similar to repeatedly driving your car in the dead of winter without warming the engine first sooner or later, the stress on the system will cause a vital part to fail. In the human body, that failure usually occurs at a joint.

    Also, make proper form a priority. If a weight is too heavy to allow you to execute an exercise with perfect technique, grab a lighter one.

    If you lack the mobility to execute an exercise through a complete range of motion, modify it until you build that mobility.

    Many people push their knees too far forward when they squat, increasing the strain on their knees. If that sounds like you, do the box squat instead.

    As its name implies, it requires you to sit back onto a box or bench as you squat. In doing so, it conditions you to master the hip hinge movement required to execute the traditional squat perfectly.

    Sometimes, however, an exercise can cause knee pain even if you perform it flawlessly. And you should avoid those exercises entirely.

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    Is Walking One Of Easy Cardio Exercises For Bad Knees

    Osteoarthritis in the Knees

    Walking causes forces of approximately 1.5 3 times your body weight to the knee joint, and for every additional pound gained it will then multiply the forces 2 -3 times the force. On the other hand, every additional pound loss will decrease the amount of force transmitted through the knee joint. Walking is good if the knee problems are not too severe. For severe knee problems, other low-impact exercises listed above may be a better option.

    Start with lower impact activities and progress to higher impact activities with time and training as tolerated. To schedule with JOI Rehab for Physical Therapy, please call

    If you would like to learn more about the knee, watch this video on the Anatomy of the Knee. Other related knee articles:

    Lying Hamstring Stretch With Resistance Band

    • Lie flat on either the ground or a mat with the legs fully stretched out.
    • Place the strap across the ball of the right foot and hold the strap in both hands.
    • Keep the left leg extended on the ground with the foot flexed, pushing the thigh and calf toward the floor.
    • Slowly extend the right leg with the foot flexed. The right leg should be straight with a slight bend in the knee, and the bottom of the foot should face the ceiling.
    • Gently pull the strap until there is a slight tension in the hamstrings.
    • Hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
    • Repeat two to four times before switching to the left leg

    If you do not have a resistance band, you can still do this stretch without it . Here is how:

    • Lie flat on either the ground or a mat with the legs fully stretched out.
    • To stretch the right leg, hold the back of the right knee with both hands, pull the leg up toward the chest, and slowly straighten the knee until it feels as though it is stretching.
    • Hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
    • Lower the leg and switch sides to the left leg.
    • Hold onto a counter-top, wall, or chair back for balance.
    • Bend your knee back by grasping your ankle with one hand.
    • Pull the ankle gently toward your glutes as far as you can comfortably.
    • Maintain this position for 30 seconds before returning to standing position.
    • Repeat this 3 to 5 times with each leg.

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    What Are The Best And Worst Exercises For Bad Knees

    As discussed above, the worst exercises for bad knees include running, full-arc extensions, and deep lunges and squats. On the other hand, the best exercises for bad knees are those that do not demand a lot of effort from the knees.

    They include calf and leg raises, step exercises, yoga, and tai-chi, among others. However, you must always seek the go-ahead from your doctor before attempting any workouts, especially if you have bad knees.

    Resistance And Posture Training

    45 Min Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout for Bad Knees/ Best Fat Burning ...

    The more time you spend sitting, the weaker your lower body becomes. Many individuals are just ignorant of their posture since slouching gets more comfortable and natural the more we do it. If this is ignored for a long time, your body will adapt to accept the pressure applied in this posture, resulting in a slew of bad consequences. These may include the following:

    • Circulation issues
    • Curvature of the spine

    Here are some preventative measures you may take to avoid these problems:

    • Hip thrusts, bodyweight squats and lunges, calf raises, and resistance band workouts are all examples of resistance training.
    • Set reminders to sit up straight to practice excellent posture and remain awareness of it.

    Joint stress may be increased by weak muscles and poor posture. This may involve your knees, but it can also encompass your hips, ankles, and other joints. To avoid these problems, sitting for lengthy periods of time should be avoided. Even if you just get up for five minutes per hour, its a good start.

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    The Hydrow Rower: One Of The Best Exercise Machines For Knee Pain

    Rowing isnt for everyone, and thats a fact. But if youve been injured or are suffering from arthritis yet would like to get cardio exercises and a complete workout, rowing might be the answer. Rowing exercise machines will help strengthen the muscles that support your knee and hasten your recovery.

    Before engaging in any type of exercise, however, you should speak to your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist. This article is not to be considered medical advice, only a general advice from a friend.

    How the Hydrow Helps Knee Pain

    Rowing machines, such as the Hydrow, build strong knees by working the quadriceps on the front of the thighs and the hamstring muscles on the back of the thighs. Engaging these muscle groups equally prevents knee injuries due to imbalance.

    If you want an indoor rower, you want the best, right? You wont find a better rower than the Hydrow. This indoor rower is designed for rowers by professional rowers and is a great piece of exercise equipment for bad knees.

    It offers a low-impact, full-body workout that you will never get bored with. The 22-inch HD touchscreen offers a terrific view of iconic river locations that include all the sound effects you would expect. There are hundreds of live-on demand classes and variable resistance levels to ensure maximum calorie burn that beats all treadmill machines and most types of home gym machines.

    Cardio Exercise For Bad Knees

    Everyone needs cardio! Cardiovascular exercise is vital for health and wellness. But how do you get cardio exercise if you have bad knees? Well, there are plenty of options to allow you to get your heart pumping without pounding those bad knees. If you have knee arthritis, knee pain, or any other knee problems, you need to read this list of options to help you find the right cardio exercise for you and your bad knees.

    Cardio Exercise for Bad Knees

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    Mcl And Lcl Stand For Medial Collateral Ligament And Lateral Collateral Ligament Respectively

    On the inner and outer sides of the knee, the MCL and LCL are found, respectively. The major purpose of these structures is to keep the femur from moving from side to side. When too much power is applied to the outside of the knee, these ligaments are usually damaged.

    Aside from the ligaments mentioned above, there are two C-shaped cartilage fragments. The medial and lateral menisci, which function as shock absorbers between the upper and lower leg bones, are the medial and lateral menisci. The knee also has a number of fluid-filled sacs that aid in its smooth movement.

    Bridge The Gap With Bridges

    LOW IMPACT CARDIO HIIT WORKOUT – Beginner friendly and good for bad knees workout

    Yes, you are lying on your back. No, you are not getting a break. A Glute Bridge is like a laser beam for your butt! If your knees keep you from squats or lunges, or you just need some variety in your lower body moves, the glute bridge is a killer. So

    Try: Glute Bridges

    Glute bridges target and strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, core, lower back and hip muscles and uses your stabilizers to keep your body strong. Performing a glute bridge will give you amazing results for lifting the backside, without all the consequences to your joints.

    Glute bridges

    Tip: Try single leg glute bridges too! Isolating one leg will target the hamstrings and give you an extra challenge once youve mastered traditional glute bridges.

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    How To Exercise With Bad Knees To Lose Weight

    Knee pain can make it tough to exercise especially if you are overweight. However, it’s important to keep moving because exercise is key to restoring knee function, decreasing pain, and losing extra pounds. Excess weight puts more pressure on the joint which makes pain worse. Be sure you know which exercises are safe for painful knees versus those you should avoid.

    Low Impact Cardio At Home

    Sweat anytime, anywhere with this fun and effective no repeats, low impact cardio workout!

    Do these low impact cardio exercises at home or in a gym. Theres no equipment needed, bodyweight cardio exercises only.

    And its all timed intervals, which means you move at your pace.

    This cardio at home workout is great for burning calories as well as increasing endurance, bone density, and cardiovascular fitness.

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    How To Do A Lateral Shuffle And Chop

  • Start in an athletic stance, feet hip-width and knees bent. Clasp your hands together.
  • Perform two large shuffles to the right side of your mat. On the final shuffle, rotate your torso as you chop your hands crossbody. Think about the driving power coming from your hips and core.
  • Note, toes follow hips and hands to the right.
  • Then, perform two large shuffles to your left. On the final shuffle, rotate your torso, turning to face the left as you chop your hands crossbody.
  • Modification: Follow Lindsey on the right, performing a push with your palm instead of a chop if core rotation does not feel good for you.


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