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Knee Injury Workers Comp Settlement

Can I Receive Workers Comp For Degenerative Joint Disease And Osteoarthritis In The Knee

Workers’ Compensation Settlements for a Knee Injury


The Subcommittee on Osteoarthritis of the American College of Rheumatology Diagnostic and Therapeutic Criteria Committee dfines osteoarthritis as a heterogenous group of conditions that lead to joint symptoms and signs, which are associated with defective integrity of articular cartilage, in addition to related changes in the underlying bone at the joint margins.

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of work limitations. And it has many potential causes: age, obesity, previous trauma, family history, gender, knee alignment, occupational requirements, physical exercise, and cigarette smoking.

If you have osteoarthritis in the knee, you may suffer from joint swelling, pain, and loss of range of motion.

Having preexisting arthritis does not mean you lose your workers comp claim automatically. But you will need to work with your and other experts to develop the evidence.

Suppose your doctors state that a work accident aggravated or worsened your osteoarthritis or sped up the need for knee surgery. In that case, you can receive workers compensation benefits such as lifetime medical coverage for the knee and temporary total disability payments.

Average Workers Comp Settlement Knee Injury

The average workers comp settlement for a knee injury is of your wages during the period you receive medical treatment. Then, if youre unable to recover fully, you receive additional weeks of pay, at the rate of your usual average pay, as compensation for the fact that you have a continuing disability.

The average workers comp settlement with a knee injury also includes the cost of medical care from approved providers. The average knee injury workers comp settlement is your usual income for a number of weeks based on the severity of your injuries.

$40900000 Workers Compensation Settlement:

Our client that was a construction worker injured in a car accident while working for Employer. Cervical disc herniation was accepted. Employer paid for disc replacement surgery. Client returned to work but continued to suffer low back problems. Lumbar MRI revealed L4-5 and L5-S1 disc bulges with spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. Employer denied the low back injury as Employee had prior lumbar disc herniation for which surgery was recommended but never performed. The $409,000.00 includes a trial Award for the Second Injury Fund, under-insured motorist coverage, policy limits liability coverage, and settlement with workers compensation carrier. Subrogation claim by the workers compensation carrier was substantially reduced.

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Maximum Workers Comp For Knee Injury Settlement

To get the maximum amount from your workers compensation knee injury settlement youll have to make sure you follow a few simple guidelines. In this article Ill walk you through everything you need to know in order to know the next steps you should follow after a workplace injury.

Knee injury claims are among the most common issues that workers are likely to contend with in any workplace. The knee is one of the most sensitive and important parts of our body, as we use it for almost every work-related activity. Moreover, it is also the load-bearing joint that plays a crucial role in any activity or movement, which explains why they are more likely to get hurt or wear down.

With these injuries sensitivity, getting compensation after filing knee injury claims for a work-related injury is extremely important. Here we look at all what you need to know about the workers compensation settlement for knee injury claims.

Average Workers Comp Knee Injury Settlements

Tucson &  Phoenix Knee Injury Lawyers :

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 150,000 cases of work-related knee injuries across the US every year. The number makes up over 13% of the total injuries. The average workers comp settlement cost is about $32,622 , according to the National Safety Council data.

Here is a table showing the average workers comp settlements for knee injuries based on the NSC data.

Amputations, torn ligaments loss of use and many others

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How Can I Determine How Much The Insurance Company Should Offer Me In A Settlement

This is complicated. When I evaluate a workers compensation case for settlement, I consider all of the different benefits that the workers compensation insurance company will likely have to pay my client in the future. I use a detailed computer program to make sure I include everything.

Based on these calculations and my own experience, I make determinations to advise my clients about settlement. After a discussion with me, my client makes a decision about whether they want to settle and, if so, what they would be willing to accept. Then, I go to the insurance company and negotiate until I get their best offer.

You can approach settlement the same way. You could evaluate your case and make a determination of how much you would be willing to accept.

The things that you may find difficult are accurately predicting what workers compensation benefits you will receive in the future. You may also find it difficult to negotiate with the insurance company and convince them that your case will cost them a lot of money if they do not settle.

Should I Contact A Workers Comp Attorney For A Knee Injury In Arkansas

Workers compensation provides a valuable lifeline for someone hurt and unable to return to work. Our Sebastian County workers comp lawyers understand the challenges associated with getting the benefits you require. Sometimes a settlement offer might appear to be a financial windfall when all it does is deprive you of the full benefits you deserve. If you have injured your knee or suffered another injury in a workplace accident, call 316-0438 to discuss your next steps.

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Reimbursement Of Healthcare Insurance Plans From Your Personal Injury Settlement Or Verdict

In Georgia, insurers that provide first-party medical payments coverage may be entitled to subrogation in certain circumstances. Subrogation is a legal principle that allows a party that has paid for damages or losses to seek reimbursement from a third party that is responsible for those damages or losses.

First-party medical payments coverage is a type of insurance that pays for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or injury, regardless of who was at fault. This type of coverage may be included in an automobile insurance policy, for example.

If an insurer has paid for medical expenses under a first-party medical payments policy and the injury or illness was caused by a third party , the insurer may have a right to seek subrogation from the third party. This is known as a third-party claim.

If the insurer is successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment against the third party, it may be able to recover some or all of the money it paid out for medical expenses. The policyholder may also be entitled to a share of the settlement or judgment.

Its important to note that the right to seek subrogation is not automatic and may depend on the specific circumstances of the case. If you have questions about subrogation in the context of a first-party medical payments claim, its a good idea to seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in insurance law in Georgia.

Below Are Brief Summaries Of Workers Compensation Cases That We Have Resolved For Past Clients

Knee Injuries and YOUR Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim
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Getting Compensation For A Knee Injury At Work

Getting compensation for a knee injury at work involves filing a claim for benefits. You must report the injury to your employer. They report it to their workers compensation insurance carrier. Then, you have a medical evaluation, and you receive treatment.

While youre being treated, you receive compensation based on your average weekly earnings. If youre permanently disabled, you continue to receive benefits indefinitely. Otherwise, if youre still able to work, getting compensation for a knee injury at work means receiving a number of weeks salary as pay for your injuries.

You’re Receiving Other Government Benefits

If you’re receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, these benefits may be reduced if you receive workers’ compensation benefits. A lawyer can help you minimize how much your SSDI benefits will be reduced. If you are eligible for Medicare, you may also need to set aside a portion of your workers’ comp benefits to pay for future medical treatment. A lawyer can help you do this in the most advantageous way.

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Payment For Medical Expenses

Workers compensation insurance companies will only pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Doctors must document the specific nature of your injury and the reason for your treatment.

Depending on the workers comp laws of your state, medical benefits may not cover chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other alternative treatments.

Insurers will also often condition a settlement upon you waiving your right to coverage for future medical care. If you waive this right, youll be responsible for future medical bills related to your injury.

Make sure you speak with a workers comp lawyer before waiving any workers comp benefits.

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Most Common Causes Of Workplace Knee Injuries

Avoiding Work

Here are some of the common types of knee injuries:

  • Loss of Limb/Amputation
  • Torn MCL Ligament
  • Chondromalacia Patellae. This is the softening and damage of patella, which is the cartilage under the kneecap. Work-related injuries can cause post-traumatic arthritis or worsen pre-existing arthritis, which may lead to knee cap misalignment and damage of patella.

The cost of knee injuries treatment varies depending on a number of factors, including the kind of treatment and their severity. For instance, knee sprains and strains heal with over-the-counter medications and days of rest. Some injuries may require much more in terms of treatment.

Torn Meniscus:This injury involves the pieces of cartilage in your knee that absorb pressure and prevent bones rubbing on the joint. The injury results from an awkward twist of the knee joint, especially in older people since the meniscus wears down thin with age. Some of the common symptoms of a torn meniscus include knee locking or stiffness, a popping sensation, limited knee motions and swelling.

A severely torn meniscus may require surgical procedures. This includes meniscus removal , meniscus repair and arthroscopy. Arthroscopy cost between $7,400 and $9,000. Fortunately, you may recover from a minor meniscal with rest, compression, ice, and leg elevation.

Ligament Tears :The injury results after the ligaments that control stability and knee movements get torn.

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Do I Have To Accept Amazons Light

Whether you have to accept Amazons offer of light-duty depends on the requirements of the modified duty position and the restrictions your doctor gave you.

If your doctor disabled you from all work while you treat for your on-the-job injury or occupational disease, then you do not have to accept Amazons light-duty offer, regardless of whether it is at the warehouse or at a non-profit location.

If your doctor released you to light duty for your work injury and the light-duty job is within your restrictions, then you must accept it in most cases. Otherwise, you may forfeit the right to workers comp benefits during the period you refuse light-duty work through Amazon.

There are some possible exceptions to this rule. For example, if you were hurt while working the night shift at Amazon and are offered a light-duty position with daytime hours, then you may be able to refuse the position based on other circumstances, such as lack of child care.

How Can I Make A Knee Injury Claim

Most employees whove recently suffered a workplace knee injury are focused primarily on their medical care and treatment. However, it is also imperative to ensure that all actions following a workplace injury adhere to the Pennsylvania workers compensation filing guidelines, as they play a determinative role in your workers compensation eligibility and award amounts.

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Is There A Specific Settlement Amount That I Should Receive For My Knee Injury

No. There is no certain amount under the law that the workers compensation insurance company has to pay for a knee injury settlement. This applies regardless of what type of knee injury you have:

  • Patella fracture
  • Knee replacement surgery

Some people confuse settlements with permanent partial disability benefits. Permanent partial disability benefits are paid in a specific amount and for a specific time based on a rating that your treating doctor assigns.

Settlement is different. The amount of the settlement will depend on how much you or your workers compensation attorney can convince the insurance company to offer. The ability to know how to convince an insurance company to pay more is what will determine whether your case settles for as much as it should.

Torn Meniscus: How Much Compensation Can You Claim

Winning Strategies for Knee Injury Claims Under Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law

If you have sustained a knee injury that caused you pain, suffering, or long-term debilitating problems that have impaired your quality of life, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the severity of the initial injury and the type of treatment required, you can expect to be compensated between $10,000 and $15,000, or as much as $115,000 or $50,000 on average. If you have been injured at work, you may be eligible for compensation of between $11,000 and $21,000.

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How Workers Comp Is Computed

If you experience an injury in the workplace, understanding the structure of the workers compensation in your state enables you to plan for your future accordingly. Understanding how workers comp is computed and the entire process allows you to ensure that your employers claims adjustor and employer are fair in their assessment and compensation.

Consequently, it is important to learn how to calculate the workers compensation benefits if you or someone close to you experiences work-related injuries or illnesses in any state. This is because every state has some unique laws and different ways of dealing with workers comp issues.

For instance, under California law, you are eligible to receive two-thirds of your average weekly earnings, but there is a maximum allowable and legally accepted minimum amount. To compute your average weekly wage, you need to divide your annual salary by 52. For instance, if you earn $52,000 per year, your weekly wage will be $1000. The maximum benefit will be two-thirds of the weekly wage with no tax as the state law dictates, which will amount to $666.66 in this case.

However, you can get the remaining third of your average weekly earnings if your employer offers a Disability with Leave Pay program. In case of permanent disability, you are eligible for SJDB . However, if you suffer a partial disability you are likely to be assigned less physically demanding jobs for the rest of the days in your career.

How A Spartanburg Workers Comp Attorney Helped A Client Get A South Carolina Workers Comp Settlement For Her Knee Including Denied Treatment

About 3 years before she needed us, our client got hurt at work when she slipped on gravel at a basketball court at the Charles Lea Center in Spartanburg. She tore a right knee ligament, her ACL. The employers workers compensation insurance company paid for her initial treatment. After she developed problems with her left knee caused by her right knee work injury, the insurance company refused to provide treatment. She came to Rob, who filed for a hearing before a Workers Compensation Commissioner to get treatment. Before the hearing, Rob convinced the insurance company to treat the left knee.

This case shows how aggressive workers compensation insurance companies can be in denying injured workers treatment to inflate the insurance companys bottom line. Several months later, the insurance company again denied treatment by refusing to pay for an operation recommended by the surgeon, whothe insurance company selected. The insurance company claimed it shouldnt pay because Medicare deemed the surgery experimental. Rob requested another hearing.

The Commissioner concluded denying the recommended surgery could potentially increase and prolong disability by forcing our client into a knee replacement too early. She ordered the insurance company to provide it.


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Work Restrictions For A Knee Injury

Obviously, the severity of the injury will determine how long you are off work and what restrictions might be in place when you return.

The other determining factor is fairly obvious, too the opinion of the workers comp doctor who treats you.

The medical opinion related to your particular injury could put you in one of three categories:

  • No work. You simply are not ready to return to your job.
  • Work with some restrictions.
  • Fully capable of your regular duties without restriction.
  • Your doctor will likely base restrictions on the demands of your job, especially pertaining to the amount of lifting and carrying you do. Knee injuries often lead to restrictions on lifting, squatting, climbing, kneeling and even standing.

    Make sure your doctor lists recommended restrictions in your workers comp paperwork.

    Workers comp falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act, giving workers protection if what theyre asked to do in the workplace exceeds the restrictions put on their return to work.

    Your employer can suffer consequences if the company asks you to do something above and beyond your return-to-work medical restrictions.

    State workers comp rules can vary. What they do have in common state to state is that they can be complicated and confusing.

    If your claim is complicated, or contested, or you feel filing a claim in the workplace has resulted in repercussions such as change of job status, you should contact an experienced workers comp attorney.


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