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Average Settlement For Slip And Fall Knee Injury

Average Settlement Value For Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit

Settlement Value of Ankle Injury Accident Claims

When thinking of slip and fall accidents, one may imagine a customer falling at a store because of wet floors or a pedestrian falling on a sidewalk because of a crack in the sidewalk. Whatever the case, slip and fall accidents happen every day. When people slip and fall, or trips and falls, they may wonder who they have to sue, and how much their case is worth. Below you will find some information on this topic. If you have any questions after reading this article, please feel free to contact our top law firm. All consultations are provided 100% free of charge. If you currently have an attorney and would like a second opinion on your case, our experienced lawyers will be happy to help.

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Slip/Trip & Fall AccidentsSlip and fall accidents can range from minor bumps and bruises to severe debilitating injuries that can lead to extended hospitalization, prolonged disability, and even death. In some cases, no one can be found liable for a slip and fall accident. However, if a slip and fall accident occurs at a hospital, place of business, or government property, those parties can be held responsible for compensating you for the damages. A skilled attorney who has experience in slip and fall cases can help you file a lawsuit. Some of the more common slip and fall injuries are as follows:

I Settled Her Case For $120k Because It Was Hard To Prove Fault

It was tough to prove liability in Tiffanys case. We did not have any photos or video showing the hazard that she she tripped on. In May 2020, I settled her case for $120,000.

Take a look at the settlement check:

If her fall would have occurred at night, we would have gotten a bigger settlement. This is because she may not have been able to see the yellow caution tape that she tripped on.

Cases are usually worth more if, before you trip and fall, you cant see what you ultimately trip on.

If the mall would have been 100% liable, I think we may have been able to settle her case for over $300,000. Even the malls insurance adjuster agreed that Tiffany had a serious injury. However, she felt that the mall didnt do anything to caused her to trip and fall.

This settlement shows you that if you are partially at fault, it can greatly lower the settlement value of your case.

Since Tiffany did not have health insurance or Medicaid, she owed the hospital a lot of money. However, we asked them to greatly reduced their bill.

The good news?

They reduced her bill by a huge amount. Thus, most of Tiffanys settlement was for pain and suffering damages.

$250000 Settlement For Slip And Fall

Angela slipped and fell in a bathtub of a resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

At the hospital, an MRI revealed that she had broken her arm.

At the hospital, doctors operated on her arm.

You can see the plate and screws that they put in her arm:

Philadelphia Insurance Company insured the resort. Shortly after her accident, Angela got a free consultation with me and hired me.

Philadelphias first offer to me was just $12,500.

Check it out:

I found some complaints online about the floor in the bathroom being slippery.

Take a look:

I sent that review to the hotels insurance company.

Ultimately, we settled her slip and fall case for $250,000. Here is a comparison between the first offer and the settlement:

About 96% of her settlement was for pain and suffering:

The rest of the payout was for her medical bills and health insurance lien.

After my attorney fees and costs, I paid her health insurance lien and she got $157,353 in her pocket.

She was very happy.

This is one of our many settlements for a broken arm. Its also one of our many hotel injury settlements.

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Florida Walmart Premises Liability Claim

One personal injury law firm obtained a $689,000 slip and fall settlement in 2020 for a Florida accident victim who sustained a back injury when they slipped and fell at Walmart. With over 5,000 stores all over the United States and an average size of over 100,000 sq. ft. it is easy to understand how someone could slip and fall and sustain significant injuries in an accident at Walmart. The primary facet of these cases is in determining the store or owner’s liability for preventing slip and fall injuries. This can include both removing hazards and posting warning signs when someone is likely to slip and fall.

Learn About Thestrength Of Your Claim During A Free Consultation

Slip And Fall Knee Injury Settlement [Average Settlement Amount]

Althoughthere is no guaranteed formula to help you identify what your claim is worth,use your out-of-pocket costs as a starting point. It is vital that your injuryclaim covers all of the medical bills you have accumulated due to the slip andfall accident. However, your injury claim could be worth far more than your currentmedical bills, due to your future medical needs, pain and suffering, and othertypes of compensation.

While no one can guarantee a specific amount of compensation for your claim, a consultation with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer can provide you with a fact-based estimate of the strength of your case and the chances of success. To discuss your options, schedule a free consultation with Salamati Law as soon as possible.

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Florida Private School Claim

A private school located in a strip mall was the location of another massive 2020 slip and fall settlement. The victim ended up recovering $120,000 as a result of her injuries after walking through a parking lot that had tile removed on the mall walkway. The tile removal meant that there was only one path that visitors could use to get to their car. In this case, it was the involvement of an experienced personal injury lawyer that made the case that much more compelling by gathering the necessary evidence to explain what happened.

How To Get Legal Funding For Your Knee Injury

You can apply for lawsuit funding with a reputable funding company. It doesnt matter about your credit rating, credit history, employment history, or current income. The funding company will look at your injury case and estimated settlement to determine if you qualify for and for how much.

You can use this money to help you stay afloat until you receive the settlement for medical care and other expenses associated with your injury. The funding company will speak with your attorney to determine the strength of your injury case and how long it is expected until you receive your settlement amount.

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What Is The Biggest Factor In That Drives Settlement Amounts In Knee Injury Claims

The biggest factor that drives knee injury case values is whether there was a surgery. I dont have statistics on this. But our lawyers universally find compensation payouts higher in knee surgery cases.

These improvements have consequences in the legal sphere. A medical experts explanation of the function of the knee joint and the effect the injury will have on the patient is a critical component in how much a jury will award if the case goes to trial.

The expertan unbiased treating doctor, in a perfect worldneeds to take the jury through the x-rays, CAT scans, MRI studies, and the arthroscopic examination of the surfaces of the involved bones.

This is significantly easier in knee fracture or dislocation cases. Instead, many serious knee injuries are soft tissue injuries involving one or more of the non-bone structures of the knee. In car and truck accidents, these injuries often occur when trauma to the thigh or shin bone is accompanied by an opposite force directed against the foot. The result is torque is violently transmitted to the knee.

You need a qualified expert to explain why a soft tissue knee injury can be serious a heart attack is also a soft tissue injury and how it is an injury that can haunt a patient for the rest of their lives.

Getting Back On Your Feet

Ankle Injury Settlements for Slip, Trip and Falls (and Other Accidents)

Even a relatively minor workplace injury, like a knee strain or sprain, can seriously disrupt both your personal life and your career for a number of weeks.

If you suffer a work injury to your knee, its important to make a workers comp claim as soon as possible. If you dont, you risk losing the right to get any compensation under your states laws.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious knee injury while at work, you need to know how to maximize your workers comp benefits. Most injury attorneys offer a free consultation. Dont wait to seek legal advice from a qualified workers comp lawyer for your knee injury case.

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Do You Need Surgery To Get A Settlement Of Over $64000 For A Slip Or Trip And Fall

The odds are high that youll need surgery to get a settlement of $64,000 in a slip or trip and fall case.

Just look at this image below:

It shows you that in every slip or trip and fall case that I settled for over $64,000, my client had surgery.

Yes, its possible to get over $64,000 in a fall down case without surgery. But the odds are stacked against you.

Youll likely need a brain bleed or a broken bone that heals badly.

Major Types Of Knee Injuries That Could Entitle Victims To Damages

Along with aging, the Mayo Clinic lists the following as the top four types of knee injuries:

  • Fractures: You could have broken, fractured, or crushed your knee bones, including the kneecap in a car accident or a fall.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament injury: You could have torn your ACL with a violent twisting motion.
  • Torn meniscus: You could have torn the cartilage in your knee if it was suddenly twisted while bearing weight on it.
  • Knee bursitis. Your knee injuries could be caused by inflammation and repeated kneeling or overuse.

Treatment for knee injuries ranges from icing to surgery.

Get Answers From An Experienced Attorney.

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$7 Million Target Lawsuit With Injuries Caused By Door

An elderly woman obtained a $7 million settlement against a Target store in Illinois when a swinging door struck her in the head and knocked her to the ground. She was hospitalized for the incident which occurred in 2007 and had difficulty processing thoughts and words as a result. She was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and had to go through the excavation of the hematoma and a craniotomy as a result. The door manufacturer was also named as a defendant in this lawsuit.

Tips For Treating Knee Injury Immediately After A Slip & Fall Incident

How to Survive an Elevator Accident

The immediate treatment will aid to avoid the condition becoming more severe before reaching a medical expert. Here are the 4 major steps to follow:

  • Avoid moving the injured knee to allow your knee to heal.
  • Put ice treatment to provide relief from pain.
  • To minimize further pain or swelling if observed, then wrap it off.
  • Raise your knee to the level of your heart while you are sitting.
  • These are the four major steps to follow up.

There could be possible outcomes of the slip and fall accidents in case of the knee injury such as physical therapy, invasive therapy, knee replacement, etc., thatâ why we need to monitor poorly at each stage.

Some of the probable outcomes are:

  • Permanent inability to use knees.
  • Chronic pain on knees
  • Injuries at blood vessels
  • Arthritis in major cases.

It is also possible that the time required for the knee injuries to recover could range from weeks to months to neer in some cases.

The medical expertise provides the other instructions for preventing some movements to minimize the outcomes due to the knee injury. Wearing braces or being required to go for physical therapy is very important in severe cases.

When it comes to slip and fall knee injury settlement, you first need to locate the liable party. The associated factors to the knee injuries greatly contribute to the injuries.

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Convenience Store In Williamsburg Virginia $122 Million

While at a gas station convenience store, a woman slipped and suffered injuries. An awning was leaking and created a puddle near the front entrance in the walkway. She fell forward, and her head snapped back while landing on her chest and chin, leading to a brain injury and ongoing seizures.

As a result of the head injury and its symptoms, the woman could not fulfill her duties at work. The victim brought a slip and fall claim against the convenience store and its insurance companies and recovered $12.2 million for her damages, including lost wages and lost earning capacity.

According to a Daily Press article3, the victims attorneys presented the case almost as a wrongful death claim saying the woman known to her family and friends had essentially died due to the accident.

Will My Lifestyle Affect The Knee Surgery Compensation Amount I Receive

Yes, your lifestyle will affect the compensation amount you receive for your knee surgery settlement. If you had a more active lifestyle before the surgery, then there is a higher chance that you will get a higher compensation amount. For example, a construction worker may have a better argument to recover more from a knee surgery settlement than a receptionist.

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Owner Of Property Has A Duty To Keep The Area Safe

A property owner must keep their premises safe and be aware of new dangers that can result in a fall accident. However, not all property owners always maintain their premises safely.

Store owners and landlords sometimes put off maintenance. Profit is often the biggest motivator, and a property owner may opt to cut corners and save costs. If they allow their premises to become unsafe, they have breached the duty of care. The breach in the duty of care means they were negligent in their duties as property owners, which contributed to the fall accident.

It is negligence that creates liability for a fall accident resulting from the breach of duty of care. If an owner can be proved negligent, and that negligence caused an accident which in turn caused you to be injured, you can bring a suit for a slip and fall under premises liability law.

An experienced premises liability lawyer has likely dealt with countless fall accidents. This is what makes a fall case so inherently difficult. It is often necessary to retain an expert to demonstrate how the property owner deviated from the standard of care in a fall claim.

$78000 Settlement For Misstep And Fall At Condo

Slip and Fall Settlement Amount – How to Maximize Slip and Fall Injury Settlement. 312-500-4500

A Colombian lady was visiting her condominium that she owned in Sunny Isles. Sunny Isles is in Miami-Dade, County, Florida.

While heading to the parking garage, she exited a door. This was her first time exiting through this door.

Below is a photo of the door that she exited through.

The door had a big step down with no warning sign.

She misstepped. As a result, she fell down the stairs. She went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a nose fracture. She also had bruising throughout her body.

After reading excellent things about my law firm online, she hired me as her injury lawyer.

I made a claim with the condominium association, who notified its insurance company.

Why was the condominium association liable?

The injured woman ended up having nose surgery in her home country. I paid an US translator to translate her Spanish surgery records to English.

After a tough negotiation, Scottsdale paid us $73,000 to settle her personal injury claim.

Scottsdale also paid its $5,000 Medical payments coverage limits. Since I did not file a lawsuit, I did not charge a fee on this $5,000 in medpay coverage.

Some Florida attorneys charge a fee Medpay, even when they do not sue. However, it is not ethical for a lawyer to charge a fee on Medpay benefits in a Florida case if a lawsuit was not required.

I do not charge a fee on Medpay benefits if I dont have to sue to get it. In this case, this put an additional $5,000 in my clients pocket.

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$5250000 Knee Injury Settlement By Lawyer In Slip And Fall Accident In Garland Tx At A Retail Store After Claim Was Initially Denied

Our client was shopping at a major retail store in Garland, TX. Her right foot stepped into a puddle of water she didnt notice, and as a result she slipped and fell backwards onto her back. The puddle of water apparently resulted from a leak in the stores roof.

The client retained Mullen & Mullen Law Firm and our attorneys quickly sent a notice of representation and demand to preserve evidence.

Comments from Attorney Shane Mullen: Premises liability claims can be very challenging, but that has never stopped our lawyers from representing injured victims when we believe our firm can establish the store knew of the dangerous condition or should have discovered it.

In this particular injury claim, we believed the size of the puddle and slow nature of the leak in the roof meant it was more likely than not that they could have discovered it before our client fell.

The store denied liability shortly after receiving notice of our involvement. Nonetheless, our legal team was able to help the client who did not have health insurance to obtain the medical care she required.

An MRI of her lumbar spine revealed a herniated disc. An MRI of her left knee was concerning for possible partial tear of the patellar tendon, although it was not conclusive, and the differential diagnosis was inflammation. The hospital she went to after the accident only diagnosed a knee sprain. Our client eventually underwent multiple injections into her knee and was able to obtain some pain relief.


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