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Best Knee Surgeon At Rothman

Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

Top Five Mistakes People Make After Total Knee Replacement

Hip and knee replacement are among the most common and successful orthopaedic surgeries. The indications for these surgeries are well established and their overall success documented by extensive research. Substantial pain relief and improvement in function is expected for most patients for 15 years or more after surgery.Minimally invasive and small incision hip and knee replacement surgery is merely a variation of traditional joint replacement surgery encompassing an array of modifications to the original technique.

How Can I Book An Appointment Online With A Doctor For Orthopedic Consultation

Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find doctors for Orthopedic Consultation and book appointments instantly. You can search for doctors for Orthopedic Consultation or any other visit reason. Then, enter your desired appointment location and choose your insurance plan. Based on that information, youll see a list of providers who meet your search criteria, along with their available appointment slots.

Getting A Second Opinion

Be sure you consider a second opinion, even if you feel completely comfortable with the first orthopedic surgeon you consult. A second opinion, preferably at a different clinic, can give you valuable insight and perspective. You may want to visit three or four doctors, or more. If you receive conflicting information, dont be shy about going back to each doctor and asking additional questions.

You will have many questions and concerns about your knee replacement surgery. In the making your final decision, be sure to do the following:

  • Take your time choosing your doctor.
  • Do research.

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Trust The Experts In Specialization

Rothman Orthopaedics remains consistently focused on treating both routine and complex musculoskeletal issues that result in a higher quality of life for their patients. The physicians have a laser-like focus on their specialty area. For example, hip and knee surgeons focus on hips and knees and shoulder surgeons on shoulders. This sub-specialization allows Rothman physicians to truly become experts in their fields and continually enhance their skills.

What To Discuss With Your Surgeon

Find the Hip Orthopedic Surgeon You Need at Rothman Orthopaedic ...

You should have a clear understanding of the goals of your joint replacement surgery before you proceed. A discussion of joint replacement surgery should include a review of the technique that your surgeon suggests. If your surgeon offers minimally invasive or small incision surgery, ask about potential short-and long-term risks and benefits of this type of surgery. Review his or her specific results for contemporary and minimally invasive surgery in relation to fracture, infection, blood clot, nerve injury and dislocation rates. Complications appear to be more common when the surgeon has less experience with this type of surgery. Inquire about his or her qualifications, competence and proficiency with the technique. Understanding the usual post-operative course, including hospitalization, blood loss, rehabilitation and return to work is important.

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Office Staff And Environment

The nurses and office staff are your gateway to the surgeon, and they will help you schedule and prepare your surgery and recovery. Among other things, the nurses and staff will:

  • handle your appointments

Its important you feel comfortable around the staff and are sure that they:

  • have genuine concern for your well-being
  • will address your needs
  • will provide you with good service

If the service isnt up to par, it could negatively impact your experience.

Leading The Charge In Education

Education is central to Rothmans longstanding mission. With one of the most sought-after fellowship programs and widely recognized as a top destination, they provide a comprehensive learning environment and diverse clinical experiences. In addition to gaining deep exposure to complex and common surgical cases, Rothmans fellows participate in evidence-based research and clinical trials. They also publish more research than any other program in the nation. And, at the worlds largest gathering of orthopedic surgeons, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons , Rothman presents more clinical findings to their colleagues than any other group in the world.

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World Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Sets New Record

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  • World Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Sets New Record

CHICAGO Dr. Richard A. Berger, 55, is the only surgeon in the world to perform over 10,000 minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgeries.

From a young age, Berger was interested in helping others enjoy a life of mobility, free of limitations. Growing up, his father constructed the Macys holiday window displays in New York City. Berger observed his creations of complicated gears and motors that brought the display objects to life. Subsequently, he developed a fascination with human motion, sparking his enthusiasm to replicate joint movement.

I studied the mechanics involved and was determined to help people who couldnt move right, move normally again, said Berger.

Fast-forward to the winter of 2018. Berger performed his 10,000th minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgery. His muscle preserving anterior hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries are performed with the tools he personally created. These instruments allow him to replace the joint without cutting the muscles, tendons and ligaments, all the while working through a three to five inch incision. By sparing the damage of these structures, patients have minimal pain and function almost immediately.

The Innovator

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University graduate performed his first minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgery in 2001.

Patient 10,000

Whats to Come

Why Choose The Rothman Team

Knee Replacement Surgery

Rothman Institutes Shoulder and Elbow program is considered one of the top programs in the nation for shoulder and elbow surgery. Physicians at the Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital provide highly specialized treatment, and patients of the program benefit from the expertise of specialists who perform more than 3,000 procedures each year and pioneer advances in shoulder repair and replacement. Patients who choose Rothman can be confident that they are receiving the very best in patient-focused health care.

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Things To Know About Rothman Orthopaedic Institute

Founded in 1970, by Richard Rothman, MD, PhD, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute has grown from a single office in Philadelphia to almost 40 office locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York and is renowned for its treatment of musculoskeletal issues.

Here are nine things to know about Rothman Orthopaedic Institute:

1. Each physician at Rothman Orthopaedics is fellowship-trained, specializing in one area of orthopedics. The group has more than 200 physicians, 58 surgical centers and 38 office locations, according to its website.

2. In 2014, Alexander Vaccaro, MD, PhD, became president of Rothman Orthopaedics. Dr. Vaccaro has been with Rothman for more than 24 years. He has more than 730 peer-reviewed publications and serves as co-director of spine surgery and the spine fellowship program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

3. Rothman Orthopaedics actively engages in research and innovation in orthopedics. The practice’s research institute features 60 full-time research staff members and develops annual literature on management strategies and practice patterns for musculoskeletal pathologies.

5. The group’s sports medicine team evaluates almost 80,000 sports injuries and performs more than 11,000 surgeries per year. More than 17,000 hip and knee replacements are performed by Rothman Orthopaedics’ physicians annually.

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Adds 5 New Jersey Physicians

Philadelphias renowned Rothman Orthopaedic Institute continues to build its footprint in New Jersey and New York. In addition to establishing new clinics, the famed Rothman Orthopaedic Institute has recruited five of the top New Jersey and New York based spine, orthopedic, sports medicine and extremity surgeons. The new members of the ever-expanding Rothman Institute are:

  • Rocco Bassora, M.D., Shoulder & Elbow/Sports Medicine surgeon
  • Andrew Beharrie M.D., Sports Medicine surgeon
  • Christopher Inzerillo, M.D., Sports Medicine surgeon
  • Samir Sodha, M.D., Hand & Wrist surgeon
  • Howard Yeon, M.D., Spine surgeon

These doctors will begin seeing patients at Rothman Orthopaedic Institutes new Montvale, New Jersey, office beginning September 24, 2018. The office, located at 305 West Grand Avenue, will feature nine exam rooms and onsite X-ray.

These five physicians fit perfectly into Rothman Institutes expansion plans into Northern New Jersey and New York State, said Alexander R. Vaccaro, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., president of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Richard H. Rothman Professor and chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics, and professor of Neurosurgery at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals. They deliver high-quality orthopaedic care and will be in network with all major insurance carriers. It is a natural fit and we are happy they joined us.

Each of the physicians spoke with OTW:

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Causes And Risk Factors

The most frequent reason for osteoarthritis is genetic, since the durability of each individuals cartilage is based on genetics. If your parents have arthritis, you may also get it. Trauma can also lead to osteoarthritis. A bad fall or blow to the knee at any point in your life can injure the joint. If the injury does not heal properly, extra force may be placed on the joint, which may cause the cartilage to wear away over time. Patients who have previously torn the meniscus cartilage or a ligament in their knee may be at increased risk for developing arthritis.

National Leaders Orthopedic Partners

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Provides The Best Toe Nail Fungus ...

Together, AdventHealth and Rothman Orthopaedics are creating a groundbreaking network to be the new gold standard in quality, innovation, research and whole-person care. This visionary partnership raises the bar for orthopedic services, including:

  • Arthritis and osteoporosis care
  • Spine surgery
  • Sports medicine surgery

While Rothman is headquartered in Philadelphia, the local team in Florida has the full resources and support of over 200 of their colleagues in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. With the combined expertise of Rothman specialists and AdventHealth experts, our team provides the best possible orthopedic care for every patient, all close to home in Central Florida.

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Two Forces At The Forefront Of Innovation

Rothman Orthopaedics is a powerhouse of innovation an international leader in developing new treatments and setting surgical standards. With innovation a cornerstone of both organizations, this exciting new partnership gives you access to best-in-practice procedures, care and technologies from both AdventHealth Orthopedic Institute and Rothman Orthopaedics, right here in Central Florida.

Joint Conditions We Treat

Our doctors treat a wide range of joint conditions, including osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, femoroacetabular impingement, synovitis, labral tears, cartilage injuries, meniscal tears, and injuries of the ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL. We specialize in advanced hip and knee replacement procedures for patients in whom nonsurgical treatments may be ineffective.

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Why The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Joint Replacement Team

Rothman Orthopaedic Institutes Joint Replacement Program is one of the nations top joint replacement centers performing more than 12,000 surgeries annually. The surgeons of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute joint replacement team are experienced and skilled in total joint replacement. In addition to their extensive residency training, each physician has undergone advanced subspecialty training and acquisition of skills in programs known as Fellowships. Fellowships provide each surgeon with superior knowledge and expertise in their chosen area of subspecialization.

How You Find A Best Orthopedic Doctor Near Me

Management of Knee Arthritis Webinar

When you searching for an orthopedic doctor, the first issue you would like to grasp is wherever to look. In todays day, its seems best to searching on Google. Googling best orthopedic doctor near me ought to pull up a listing of the foremost conveniently located orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons near your area. Youll be able to additionally find rated of orthopedic surgeon with several patients comments with a rating about a top-rated orthopedic surgeon. Then you will find an option for the best orthopedic surgeon near you, which will best for you.

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How Do I Know If Spine Surgery Is Right For Me

Modern spinal care is complex. Whether its arthritis or some other abnormality causing back or neck pain, numbness, or weakness, you should seek out a specialist to determine if surgery is needed. Turn to the fellowship-trained experts at the Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital! Our orthopaedic doctors are internationally recognized for their expertise in helping restore freedom of movement for patients of all ages.

Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat

We treat a range of foot and ankle conditions. Patients rate our specialists highly for the treatment of sprains and fractures, Achilles tendon ruptures and tendonitis, athletes foot, bunions, hammertoes, nerve damage, heel pain, flat foot, calluses, tarsal tunnel syndrome and other issues. See a complete list of foot and ankle conditions we treat.

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How Can I Find A Top

You can use Zocdoc to find Orthopedic Consultation doctors who are highly rated by other patients. These ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients. Every time a patient completes an appointment booked on Zocdoc, theyre invited to review their experience. Each review must comply with Zocdocs guidelines.

Review The Surgeons Education And Credentials

Finding A Robbinsville Knee Surgeon You Can Trust

Spend some time reviewing the surgeons background, including:

  • education
  • credentials
  • training

Find out if the surgeon is board-certified and by what association. The three most common associations are those listed above. You can learn more about certification requirements by visiting each associations site.

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World Leader In Orthopaedics

About Us

Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital is a multiple-specialty surgical hospital located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Our facility is the first surgical specialty hospital in partnership with the highly respected Rothman Institute.

Our Providers

Rothman has always stood for excellence. Our physicians are leaders in their respective specialities blending innovation, expertise and exacting standards in order to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

For Our Patients

World-class care is the trademark of the Rothman name. Our physicians provide expert care coupled with compassion and respect creating an exceptional experience for each and every patient.

Language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1 244-7400 .

Tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1 244-7400 .

How Do I Know If Joint Replacement Is Right For Me

When joint pain is severe and interferes with daily activities, work and sleep, joint replacement may be an option. The decision to replace your knee is made by you and your orthopedic surgeon mainly based on the degree to which the pain is affecting your life.

Knee pain and the stiffness of joint degeneration may be worse during certain times of the day, or after certain activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Kneeling or squatting
  • Getting in and out of a chair
  • Getting in and out of a car
  • Dressing Joint degeneration can eventually make it extremely difficult for individuals to work and enjoy themselves. It can also make it difficult for individuals to care for themselves.

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Other States Top Orthopedic Surgeon List

  • Sunil Dedhia, MD, Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana
  • Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD, Premier Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Sanjitipal Gill, MD, Medical Group of the Carolinas
  • Christopher Harner, MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • Richard J. Hawkins, MD, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
  • Laurence D. Higgins, MD, Brigham and Womens Hospital
  • David Jacofksy, MD, The CORE Institute
  • Bryan Kelly, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Robert F. LaPrade, MD, The Steadman Clinic
  • Christopher Larson, MD, Minnesota Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute
  • L. Scott Levin, MD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Orr Limpisvasti, MD, Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic
  • Matthew Matava, MD, Washington University
  • David Mayman, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Brian McKeon, MD, Boston Out-Patient Surgical Suites and New England Baptist Hospital
  • Michael Millis, MD, Boston Childrens Hospital
  • Ryan Plank, MD, Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute
  • Matthew Provencher, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Ralph Rashbaum, MD, Texas Back Institute
  • Anthony S. Rhorer, MD, Sonoran Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons
  • Joshua Siegel, MD, Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics
  • Stefano Sinicropi, MD, FAAOS, Midwest Brain & Spine Institute
  • J. Richard Steadman, MD, Steadman Clinic
  • John C. Steinmann, DO, Arrowhead Orthopaedics
  • Edwin Su, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, Ph.D., Rothman Institute
  • Jon J.P. Warner, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Russell Warren, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Best Orthopedics In Philadelphia Pa

    Orthopaedic Knee Replacement Surgery

    Expert recommended Top 3 Orthopedics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of our Orthopedic Surgeons actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!


    925 Chestnut Street, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107DIRECTIONS

    Since 1992

    Heres The Deal:Dr. Alexander R. Vaccaro is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Philadelphia. He earned his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine with distinction. Dr. Alexander finished his spine fellowship at the University of San Diego, CA. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various spinal problems and disorders. Dr. Alexander has more than 820 peer-reviewed and 200 non-peer-reviewed publications. He is the editor-in-chief of Clinical Spine Surgery. Dr. Alexander has published over 372 book chapters and is the editor of over 63 textbooks. He is also the co-editor of OKU-Spine I, and the editor of OKU-8. He is the past President of Cervical Spine Research Society, the American Spinal Injury Association, and the Association for Collaborative Spine Research.

    Leon Wiltse award for excellence in leadership and clinical research for spine care by the North American Spine Society

    License #MD042291E


    925 Chestnut Street, 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107DIRECTIONS

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    Are Video Visits With An Orthopedic Consultation Doctor Online Covered By My Insurance

    Most insurers provide coverage for video visits at the same cost as in-person visits. You can search on Zocdoc specifically for Orthopedic Consultation doctors who accept your insurance for video visits by selecting your carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm your coverage and out of pocket costs for video visits.


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