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Why Do Tall People’s Knees Hurt

Do Growing Pains Make You Taller

Why Do Skateboarders KNEES HURT All The Time!?

Waking up at 3 a.m. because your legs feel like they are quickly lengthening is one of the worst feelings ever. There is not much you can do to make the pain go away. Maybe taking an ibuprofen or massaging your legs may help temporarily, but the weirdest thing is the pains are gone by the time you wake up. And they dont occur very often. These pains are often known as growing pains. They tend to occur in the calves, knees, and thighs, and occur in both legs at the same time. Mostly children get these pains, but they can also occur in teenagers and young adults. Dr. Larry Vogler from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta explains that the stretching of the bones covering causes the pain.

Scientists and doctors do not know the real reason why growing pains exist, but they do know that they affect most children. Growing pains are a thing, however unfortunately one does not grow after experiencing them.

Inclination To Bad Posture

I was almost going to put this under health issues, but its more an appearance issue. Although bad posture can hurt your spine and cause headaches, etc.

Most of all, bad posture will hurt how you appear to others, and it will make you look and feel uncomfortable, awkward and lazy.

Straighten your back, son, was not an uncommon comment to get as a teenager.

But for tall people, its something that just happens, little by little, over time. Slouching is the natural solution for standing out in crowds, not being able to hear people and for not hitting your head.

More on those disadvantages in a second.

The World Is Too Small

For people above average height, the average-sized world is simply too small. Sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, door handles, etc are just made for a certain demographic.

It makes good sense to design all things for the majority. But it means that most use of such things feels like a disadvantage from being tall.

I once had to sit on my knees in a bathroom at my hotel to reach the sink. Its funny at first sight, but living through this always gets annoying over time.

Bathtubs and showers are usually too small and low. If you dont know how to fix your bathtub with a shower extender, you are going to be sprayed in the face every day.

Another classic #tallpeopleproblem is the headless mirror picture. As a tall person, you rarely get to see your own face in the mirror, because it hangs too low.

You probably dont notice it of you arent very tall, and tall people forget about these struggles too.

But they are there, everywhere, and all the time. Unless you find specific brands for tall people, e.g.

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How Do You Stop Knee Pain At A Young Age

Very often, knee pain in younger patients can be treated with conservative options, like:

  • Resting the knee
  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises to rebalance the knee

Depending on your symptoms and your activity level, you might also benefit from:

  • Making sure you wear footwear thats designed for your specific sport or activity
  • Making sure you warm up thoroughly before any activity
  • Sticking to a regular leg exercise routine to keep your knee muscles strong and flexible
  • Avoiding activities that cause pain in your knees
  • Paying attention to early signs of pain to avoid overdoing it

Although knee pain in adolescents and young adults typically can be treated conservatively, you still need a medical evaluation. Delaying medical treatment can increase your risk of developing arthritis and other serious problems in the future. Dr. Van Thiel is skilled in diagnosing and treating knee problems in patients of all ages, including kids, teens, and patients in their 20s. If youre having knee pain, get the care you need to feel better and to prevent permanent joint damage. Contact the office and schedule a knee evaluation today.

Dr. Van Thiel treats patients from all over Wisconsin and Illinois including Rockford, Elgin, Huntley, Dekalb, Crystal Lake, Barrington, McHenry, Beloit and Algonquin.

Stroke Risk And Height

Inner Knee Pain After Running: Causes and Treatments

Being taller seems to protect you from stroke risks. A stroke occurs when your brain’s blood supply is suddenly cut off. This starts to kill off brain cells. Depending on what brain cells are damaged, strokes can have various effects. A person may have difficulty raising one arm or smiling with both sides of the mouth, or may have a hard time speaking coherently. Strokes can be minor or major, and major ones can lead to paralysis or death.

One study following more than 7,000 British men divided the men into four groups based on height. The men in the tallest group had a more than 50% reduced stroke risk compared to the shortest group. A similar study of 10,000 Israeli men found that for every 2 inches of height, a man’s stroke risk is cut by 13%. Other studies of both men and women in Japan and other countries found similar results.

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Legs Dont Fit Under Tables

A problem of its own is fitting our long legs under tables. At the dinner table. At the office. Most everywhere is it a problem to tuck in those knees.

And if you manage to get them in there, youll probably feet-flirt with your colleague on the other side.

Or youll shake the whole table and spill coffee all over your laptop.

Office desks that go up and down are preferable here. But guess what? They pose another disadvantage in themselves.

Youve guessed it they rarely go high enough.

Yet again, we need specialized items in our houses and offices to make it all work.

Long legs are beautiful, but they wont fit under normal furniture. Thats a disadvantage thats hard to debate.

Is There An Association Between Knee Height And The Prevalence Of Knee Pain

June 29, 2005 By Arthritis Center

Mechanical forces exerted on the knee contribute to the development of knee osteoarthritis . Among these, the additional torque about the knee associated with increasing leg length may predispose people of taller stature to knee OA. However, this association has received little prior investigation. In contrast to body height, which may decrease with age, knee height is relatively constant, making knee height a more appropriate surrogate for stature in the elderly. Here, Hunter et al :1418) investigate the association of knee height to the prevalence of knee pain and/or radiographic knee OA in an elderly population.


A random sample of male and female residents of Beijing, China of age > 60 years underwent the following assessments:

  • Assessment for radiographic knee OA bilateral weight-bearing fully extended knee radiographs for tibiofemoral OA and skyline radiographs for patellofemoral OA. Tibiofemoral knee OA was defined as K/L grade > 2. Patellofemoral OA was defined as either > 1 osteophyte or joint space narrowing on skyline views.
  • Assessment of knee pain in the prior 12 months via questionnaire
  • Measurements knee height , body height, body weight, knee extension strength, and physical activity
  • Results:

    1006 men and 1500 women were enrolled with a mean age of 68 years and 67 years . Mean body mass index was 25.3 for men and 26.0 for women.

    25.9% 35.7%

    Arthritis Center

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    Find Clothes That Fit

    One of the most obvious disadvantages of being tall is the lack of shoes and clothing that fits.

    We cant walk into a store, grab something from the racks and leave happily with it. No, nothing in there will fit, most likely.

    An XL? Or maybe a XXL? Yes, you get a little extra torso length if you large, but what happens to the fit? Tent-sized shirts and clothes that hangs loose on your frame.

    Tall people need dedicated clothing for tall people. This can be frustrating, becomes its almost always online and its often a niche production .

    Short sleeves, short inseams on jeans and pants and misshaped Big & Tall clothing is something all tall people have experience with.

    Skinny and tall guys like myself have worn normal clothes up to a point in time when the t-shirts just couldnt cut it anymore.

    Im in a fortunate position to run this blog, and that makes the tall brands send me free clothes to try and review on the blog

    But still, even though I get it for free, I end up donating most of it away. Because it STILL doesnt fit.

    Or I dont like the design. Thats a whole other issue for tall peoplethe limited range of design, because fit always comes first.

    If it fits, well probably get and keep it. It happens too rarely to just let go.

    Whats The Right Hair Length For Tall Thin Girls

    Why Squats Suck for Tall People AND What to Do Instead

    When youre tall and slender, chin-length or longer hair is often your best bet. It can look more feminine than short hairstyles and balances out the length of your body. Face-framing layers and bangs can also soften a longer face and neck. A great look for this body type is soft, shoulder-length waves.

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    /6more Prone To Injuries

    MORE PRONE TO INJURIES: Not only tall people are prone to injuries but also their injuries are more severe as compared to their shorter counterparts. Studies say that people who are thin and tall may take more time to recover as their nerve impulses have longer areas to cover. Towering athletes and players know this very well. Tall players have higher chances of getting injured and taking more time to recover than that taken by their shorter teammates.

    Of The Most Surprising Knee Pain Statistics

    You know knee pain is a very common complaint that many people have to live with.

    Whether youre on your feet all day or chained to a desk, youre probably all too familiar with swelling tiredness and pain in your knees. It is one of those problems that dont discriminate- you can be young or old, an athlete or a couch potato knee pain doesnt care who you are.

    This part of the body is the second largest source of reoccurring pain. To understand more about the implications of this, we bring you some of the top knee pain statistics compiled from various sources and relevant studies.

    Knee pain affects approximately 25% of adults. The prevalence of knee pain has increased almost 65% over the past 20 years, accounting for nearly 4 million primary care visits annually.

    You know knee pain is the second most common cause of chronic pain and chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability. Approximately one-third of all Americans reported that they experiencing knee pain at some time or another.

    Knee pain is a very common musculoskeletal condition and is a leading cause of disability in people aged over 50 years. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK general population have knee pain in this age group.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among adults in the United States with doctor-diagnosed arthritis, 4.8 million report having difficulty to climbing stairs.

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    Fashion Can Help You Fake Looking Taller

    In addition to perfecting your posture, consider your closet if youre hoping to add the appearance of inches to your frame and its not just about high heels.

    Dressing to look taller is about appearing proportional, says Sharon Haver, a New York City-based stylist and founder of First, dress in monochromatic, tonal palettes. Avoid wearing sharp contrasts in color like white and black, which breaks up your body and makes you appear shorter.

    Keep heels and accessories like belts and purses in proportion, too . If you want to don monster heels, wear pants that cover your shoes to visually add length. Finally, choose tailored clothing to avoid looking boxy, which will make you look wider and shorter.

    What Not To Do:

    Cant imagine taller people sitting on the bus seats..Im ...
    • Do not lock the knees during this exercise. The knees should remain slightly bent.
    • Do not allow any part of the stepping foot to hang off the stool or platform.
    • People who have issues with balance should not perform this exercise.

    Muscles involved: Quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles.

  • Use two high-backed, stable chairs, placing one on either side of the body with the chair backs next to the arms. Place a hand on the back of each chair for balance.
  • Lift right leg about 12 inches from the ground. All weight should be on the left leg.
  • Slowly bend down a few inches, pushing weight onto the heel of supporting leg.
  • Hold for 35 seconds.
  • Slowly straighten up.
  • There are many different ways to stretch the hamstrings in the back of the legs. One is through traditional toe touching.

    • With the feet close together, slowly bend over at the hips and extend the arms downward. Keep the legs straight but do not lock the knees.
    • Reach the fingers to the top of the toes and hold for 30 seconds.
    • Initially, it may not be possible to reach the toes. In this case, try to get the fingers as close as possible to the toes without causing pain.

    What not to do:

    • Do not use a bouncing motion. Hold the body still.

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    Your Height Changes All Day Long

    Just like your weight fluctuates throughout the day, your height can too. Youre tallest when you wake up and you may be as much as one centimeter shorter by the days end.

    The discs in your spine get compressed from being upright all day, says Todd Sinett, DC, a New York City-based chiropractor and author of The Truth About Back Pain. As you sleep, your spine decompresses, and you regain the lost length.

    Knee Braces For Tall People

    Did you know that being tall can cause knee problems?

    Activities such as walking down hills and stairs, running, and sports can cause additional stress on the knees of tall people. People with longer legs tend to apply more torque on their knees when they are bent at an angle, and the added pressure may cause the ligaments and joints in the knee to wear away faster than the average individual. Taller people also tend to carry more weight, which also adds stress to the knees.

    It is very common for tall people to have general knee pain and pain behind the knee cap. Wearing knee braces for tall people can help alleviate this pain and may even reduce stress on the knees. Here are some braces and supports for tall people:

    DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace designed to help with knee alignment issues and comes in a wide variety of sizes

    DonJoy Cross Strap great for daily wear for patellar tendonitis caused by the added pressure on the knee

    DonJoy Armor FourcePoint Knee Brace ideal for maximum support for tall athletes who participate in sports, and also comes in many sizes so you can find the perfect fit

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    Does Being Tall Give You Knee Pain

    During a growth spurt, your childs bones may grow faster than the surrounding tendons. This can cause traction, tightness and, eventually, inflammation. Combine that with sports that require sprinting, jumping or squatting, and that puts stress on the front part of the knee at the base of the kneecap.

    The Long And Short Of It

    Why does my knee hurt when going down steps | Total Performance Physical Therapy | 215.997.9898

    The average height for men in the U.S. is about 5 feet 9 inches. For women, itâs about 5 feet 4 inches. If youâre taller or shorter than average, you might notice a few pros and cons to your size. That holds true as your height relates to your health, too. While height — or lack of it â doesnât cause any health conditions, studies show it may make you more or less likely to have certain problems.

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    What To Do If Your Knees Hurt When It Rains

    Live by the mantra, motion is lotion, says Grahlman. That means you should move the joint as much as possible. If you stop moving because of pain, its going to hurt even more when you do move. The body doesnt just respond to stimulus, it responds to a lack of stimulus as well.

    Beyond just doing low-impact exercises like yoga, swimming, or easy cycling, find someone to help you develop an appropriate strength training program as well. That can help you maintain strength and a good range of motion that will keep pain down over the long run, Grahlman explains.

    A true strength training program one that includes ample fundamental movement skills and drills, and takes athletes bodies to end ranges of motion under appropriate loads, says Bryant. Consistency in such a program helps the athlete maintain a body with more than enough joint mobility and stability to handle Mother Natures ups and downs.

    To cut down on the episodic pain, Dr. Fredericson says, Consider an anti-inflammatory diet to decrease systemic inflammation, which is associated with increased inflammatory markers in the joints. A taste-friendly anti-inflammatory diet: the Mediterranean diet.

    When the weathers bad and your joints are hurting, also try to stay warm with additional layers of clothing, take frequent warm showers, baths, or saunas, and consider pain medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, curcumin, or CBD, Dr. Fredericson says.

    Maintain A Healthy Weight

    Toting around excess weight places tremendous pressure on your knees. For every pound of weight you put on, the knees will have four more pounds of force on them and even more than that when you go up or down stairs, says John-Paul Rue, an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. The flip side is true, as well. For every pound of excess weight you lose, you’ll spare your knees from having to cope with four additional pounds of extra force.

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