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Where To Massage For Knee Pain

Benefits Of Knee Massage

Knee pain self-massage | Knee arthritis pain relief

Because many of the commonly prescribed treatments for knee pain have side effects and some are of limited benefit, many people are left searching for alternative options. One such treatment is knee massage. Several different studies have found that massaging a sore or arthritic joint can have a number of benefits including:

  • Bringing blood flow to the joint
  • Improving circulation in the area
  • Reducing the swelling
  • Bringing in new joint fluid
  • Reducing overall pain and stiffness

Massage may also help improve the tone and increase the overall flexibility of the muscles that lend support and stability to the affected knee.

While these physiological benefits are important, what is truly impactful is the effect they may have on your daily life. Research seems to suggest that massage therapy can positively affect pain levels, stiffness, and overall day to day function in individuals dealing with osteoarthritis in their knees. This seems to be especially true in the short term when dealing with a flare-up of pain.

One other benefit is that there are minimal side-effects associated with massage. While this intervention is not meant to replace more traditional treatments like physical therapy, weight loss, and pain medication, it can be a nice supplement that rarely has negative consequences.

The Knee Joint Capsule And Meniscus

The knee joint capsuleconsists of two layers. The outer layer contains fibrous connective tissues to help hold the joint in place, and the deeper layer contains the synovial membrane that helps keep the joint lubricated.

This area can become painful when the hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles are not functioning optimally, causing excessive and prolonged tension around the area. Massage therapy techniques such as circular friction around the knee joint and cross-fiber friction across the patella tendon and the tendons of surrounding muscles. These techniques can help significantly reduce chronic inflammation, reduce fascial adhesions, and help restore range of motion.

The medial and lateral meniscus can often be involved in knee pain following an injury. When performing their job optimally they provide slide between the condyles of the femur and the tibia . The meniscus is most vulnerable to a tear when this slide is not present, Pain along this area, or clicking and popping can signal disharmony in this area.

A massage therapist with additional training in medical massage modalities such as Active Release Techniques® can assess and utilize advanced manual therapy techniques to effectively treat these issues.

Iliotibial Band / Tensor Fascia Latae:

Iliotibial Band Facts and Fallacies

There is much confusion when it comes to the iliotibial band/tract. This Latin derived term refers to the areas of attachment ilio- and -tibial .

IT Band Syndrome is often referred to as Runners Knee, which is a condition that can cause pain and discomfort where the IT band meets the lateral epicondyle . This condition is also found in long-distance cyclists and tennis players.

When the leg is outstretched in extension, the lower portion of the IT band is positioned in front of the condyle of the knee. However, when the knee is bent in flexion, this band travels to the back of the knee.

ITB syndrome can develop for a multitude of reasons: Repetitive flexion/extension of the knee poor quadriceps flexibility weak or atrophied quadriceps the excessive anterior tilt of the pelvis leg length discrepancies and bow-legs .

Many fitness trainers and massage therapists continue to practice foam rolling and forearm massaging the H.E. double toothpicks out of the IT band and hope for great results. While a great idea, in theory, this band is extremely resilient. Trying to loosen this tough band is analogous to trying to loosen up a truck tire with a massage or a foam roller.

While there is no arguing that the ITB is a major factor contributing to lateral knee pain because of its attachment to the tibia efforts to obtain results by placing compressive forces on the band directly are futile.

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Creatrill Massaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap

The Creatrill Massaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap features heat and vibration control buttons for easy use. You can turn it on by simply pressing the heat or massage mode for three seconds. Both modes can work together for complete relief to your joint and muscle pains. It is a fast-heating massager for the knee, calf, and other muscles.

CreatrillMassaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap comes with three heat and vibrating settings.For the heat mode, the highest temperature setting is the red that gives offheat ranging from 65/149 to 75/167). The Blue setting ranges from 55/131to 65/149. You can also set it up at Green setting which brings in 40/104to 60/140) temperature range.

CreatrillMassaging Heated Knee Brace Wrap features adjustable straps that come withreinforced stabilizer ring to ensure that the straps remain in correct positions.This massager is comfortable to use and features a neoprene brace along withover-heated protection design. It has thermostat sensor imbedded inside forperfect control of the heat.


KneeMassager, AngVin Leg Knee Joint Arthritis Pain Relief Therapy Machine featuresan airbag compression massager that comes with three-grade airbags wrap. It isdesigned for bringing relief and relaxation to your knees and soft tissues. Itsqueezes the knee around this airbag and automatically deflates or fills thoseairbags. It also offers three constant temperature options that could promoteblood circulation and tissue relaxation.



Go Deep When Your Shin Bone Angles Back

Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries: Knee Pain

Eventually, your shin bone will start to angle backward when it almost gets to the knee. You have now found Mr. Pops house! It will likely be tender so knock on his door softly.

He will likely be angry when he answers the door. So its time to give him a much needed massage. Maybe a cup of herbal tea could help too.

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Muscular Problems In The Thighs

Pain in thethigh can come from trigger points in multiple places: the thigh, gluteus,abdominal, hip, or even lower back muscles. Trigger points close to the hip inthe upper thigh muscles can even referpain to deep inside the pelvis.

If triggerpoints in the hip or thighs become too painful it can become impossible tosleep on the effected muscle. 1

Painful and stiff thigh muscles also often preventyou from exercising as much as you would like to.

Regularremedial massage helps keep your muscles and surrounding soft tissues supple in ways that normal stretching cant do. It breaksup the small knots while stretching only aims to lengthen the whole muscle andleaves the knotted contractions untouched.

Can Massage Therapy Help With Knee Pain

Every part of your body pays a vital role in the overall function and wellness of your being. This is especially true of your knees, which is why pain in and around this crucial joint can be debilitating if left untreated. Thats why most doctors will recommend massage therapy in Las Vegas, NV to patients experiencing pain or discomfort.

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Treat Your Whole Body

When there is something wrong with your knees, your legs, back, shoulders and neck will eventually experience discomfort or pain because of this issue. So many contributing factors may cause your knee pain, which has ramifications throughout your body. In this way, massage therapy for knee pain in Las Vegas, NV treats your whole body.

Knee Pain Exercise: Stretches The Muscles On The Front Of Your Thighs

Massage Away Knee Pain with Olga Danilevich, Chair Yoga Teacher specializing in Senior Yoga

Lie on your side on the floor. Bend your lower leg at the hip and knee joint so that you are stable. Now grasp that leg at the ankle with the arm that is on top and pull the heel toward your buttocks.

You will now feel a stretch on the front of your thigh. Repeat the stretch with the other leg.

Tip: push your hips forward a little to increase the stretch.

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Knee Lift Massage Technique For Knee Pain

The knee lift technique for knee pain is designed to help locate trigger points above and below the knee. During the massage you will need feedback from the recipient about any referred pain as you massage above and below the knee.

It is advised to use essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus for the massage. Using essential oils makes the technique more effective.

  • Have the recipient lie on their back on a hard, semi-hard surface, a mattress will do just fine
  • Have the recipient bend their knee and rest their feet firmly on the surface or alternately have them rest their calf on your thigh as you sit beside them
  • Apply a bit of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on your hands and gently start gliding your hands above and below the knee of the recipient
  • Place your fingers and thumbs above and below the knee and begin to gently squeeze the area above and below the kneecap
  • As you squeeze slowly slide off those areas away from the knee cap
  • Continue this technique of squeezing and alter the pressure as directed by the recipient
  • You can massage one knee for 5-10 minutes and then switch to the other

The knee lift technique combined with the knee friction technique often delivers quick results because you are able to affect the trigger points all around the knee.

Does Massage Therapy Help With Osteoarthritis

If you have not had a knee replacement, you are likely here reading this article because you are trying to avoid one. So will massage therapy help you?

An October 2020 paper in the medical journal Medicine , announced a new study into the effectiveness of massage therapy in people with knee osteoarthritis. The researchers of this study have noted previous studies that have also confirmed that massage therapy is useful in improving pain, stiffness, and functional status for patients with knee osteoarthritis, however, they also note that at present, the evidence of massage for knee osteoarthritis lacks a comprehensive system evaluation. In other words, researchers are not sure if it works and if it does help people is it really addressing the problem in the knee. As mentioned above.

So the goal of this study is to offer comprehensive evidence for evaluating whether massage therapy is useful in treating patients with knee osteoarthritis. For many people, a massage feels good. Whether it helps people or not in research does not usually matter to someone whose knee hurts and their initial response is to rub it.

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Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Knee OA is often diagnosed by the presence of osteophytes and loss of joint space seen on x-rays.1 Although scientists are unsure of the specific cause of knee OA, some influential factors include genetics, obesity, previous knee injuries and overuse.

Additionally, researchers have investigated the possible causative role of the quadriceps muscle group. The quadriceps femoris, located on the anterior thigh, is made up of four distinct muscles that have different points of origin and a common insertion around the knee. These muscles work together to extend the leg, such as in the movement you make when kicking a ball, and also help stabilize the leg while climbing up and down stairs. Joint protection and shock absorption are also common functions of these muscles.

Quadriceps weakness is commonly seen in adults with knee arthritis, and researchers often debate whether it is quadriceps muscle dysfunction or knee joint changes that precipitate OA of the knee. Dysfunction or weakness of this muscle may affect balance, as well as daily activities such as standing and walking. Additionally, studies have found a correlation between quadriceps muscle weakness and increased knee pain and altered walking patterns in those with knee osteoarthritis2.

Recent studies showing the efficacy are helping drive demand, and can also facilitate better discussions between you and your clients about the benefits of massage3.

Massage Therapy For Sports Injuries: Knee Pain


June 1, 2017 | By Physio Logic

Licensed Massage Therapist, Amy Montia reveals the different massage therapy methods used to release tension around the knee and explain how acute or insidious injuries are treated.

Knee pain is frustrating, especially when it starts to compromise form and hinder you from performing at your best. If you have a sports related knee injury, I suggest you treat it now. Dont wait. Your body needs knees to function properly.

As the age-old song implies, your knees are indeed connected to the rest of your body. And the longer you try to push through the knee pain, the more likely youll be to find yourself seeking treatment later on for compensatory pain in your neck, shoulder, back, hip, arch, foot or toe.

Massage therapy is a great way to treat and better understand the root of your knee pain.

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Hailicare Electric Heating Knee Brace Wrap 3 In 1 Rechargeable Wireless Heated And Vibration Massager

The HailiCare Electric Heating Knee Brace Wrap, 3 in 1 Rechargeable Wireless Heated and Vibration Massager is a cordless knee massager that makes use of heat and vibration to relieve pain in the shoulder, knee, elbow joints, arms, and legs. Its comfortable massage vibration can readily ease muscle stiffness, joint pains, and joint swelling. It features an ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use.

TheHailiCare Electric Heating Knee Brace Wrap Wireless Heated and VibrationMassager comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for greatportability. You can use it even when you are on the move. Its selectable heat controlreadily brings relief to the knee joint, elbow joint, shoulder. This heattherapy, along with its vibration and magnetic therapy work together to bringabout a holistic rehabilitation of your body.

Youcan set it on the auto-program of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.Moreover, it features an elastic neoprene material along with adjustable strapsfor perfect fitting around the legs and arms. It fits girth ranging from 18inches or less in diameter. You should not use this product while you arecharging it.


  • It gives relief tojoint pains.
  • It offers dual therapyof massage and heat.
  • It is easy to use.



  • It comes with poorheating quality.
  • Its vibrations cant bevaried.

Does Massage Therapy Help With Osteoarthritis Related Knee Pain

Ross Hauser, MD., Danielle R. Steilen-Matias, MMS, PA-C

Many people will benefit from massage therapy, many will not. The idea behind massage therapy is that the kneading and stroking of massage therapy will bring blood into the knee and blood initiates the healing immune response to repair soft tissue. It also feels good.

Like many non-surgical applications, massage therapy is considered somewhat controversial. Controversial meaning researchers are not sure if it works and if it does help people, is it really addressing the problem in the knee or the muscles in the thigh?

While we see many patients who are trying to avoid a knee replacement, we do see patients who are having pain challenges after their knee replacement. These people are generally represented by someone who will tell us a story that goes like this:

I had a knee replacement a few months ago. I still cannot fully extend my knee and it is still pretty swollen. My therapists are telling me that I am very tight. That is an understatement, my tightness extends from my hip to my knee. During my massage therapy, the therapist tells me something I already know, I have huge knots throughout my muscles that are not working out. I am trying to work these knots out on my own as well. I bought everything online that I thought could help.

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The Quadriceps And Lateral Knee Pain

The quadriceps group of muscles main action is to extend the knee to perform actions like kicking a football. This muscle group is a major player in knee stabilization. If certain portions of this muscle group become weakened or atrophied due to long periods of bed rest, knee functionality can become compromised.

The quadriceps consists of four muscles that work together to extend the knee . These four muscles come together and attach at the knee cap to form the quadriceps tendon.

Vastus Lateralis:

The vastus lateralis muscle takes up the majority of the lateral region of the quadriceps group, is the strongest of the quadriceps muscles, and has a tremendous amount of real estate on the outside region of the leg. This muscle is important to address with lateral knee pain, especially around the area where the IT lies on top.

The IT band lies directly on top of the vastus lateralis muscle. During sports such as running, the VL and IT band will move in opposite directions of one another. If any adhesions are located between these two structures, it can limit effective movement and can cause a feeling of tightness and/or pain in the lateral thigh, and often down to the knee.

Knee Pain Massage Techniques

How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Knee Pain Relief

To understand the knee pain massage techniques it is essential to understand trigger points. A trigger point is a sensitive knot found within bands of muscle and occurs for a number of reasons including injury, surgery or basic stress and strain.

Trigger points cause soreness and pain. One important characteristic of trigger points is that they can refer pain to other parts of the body away from the location of the trigger point. For example most headaches start in the neck and shoulders but refer pain to the head.

In the various knee pain massage techniques we will be massaging the trigger points and not directly the area of the pain. The 3 main techniques for knee pain massage are:

  • Lift Technique
  • Quad Compression Technique
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    It Is About Quality Of Life And It May Be About The Placebo Effect

    Here is research from a June 2017 study in the journal Pain Medicine. The study makes some curious points on whether or not the massage is helping physically or mentally.

    Lets look at the learning points:

    • In this qualitative study the people in the study reported:
    • Relaxation effects, improved quality of life, and symptomatic relief, possibly beyond increased functional status and pain scores as found in our clinical trial. In other words, the people felt better than they should have.
    • The researchers noted when they interviewed patients about the benefits massage was offering them, the patients noted:
    • Empowerment, with an improved ability to perform activities of daily living.
    • One patient reported significant pain relief even though her knee physically got worse. The researchers suggested that her massage therapy may have provided relief through relaxation.
    • Another participant noted positive changes and a general improvement in daily life with massage despite showing a substantial decline in knee function scores after eight weeks that is, this participant was demonstrably worse but noted a subjective improvement in her quality of life. This paradoxical finding may be the placebo effect


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