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Where To Buy Knee Walker

Weight And Weight Limit

Knee Walker Rental or Knee Walker Buy

A knee scooters weight is an important factor to consider because you may need to lift it at various times, such as when youre loading and unloadingyour car. If the scooter is too heavy, youll have a difficult time picking it up and taking it with you on the go. Opt for a knee scooter that weighs approximately 20 pounds or less because anythingheavier isusually too cumbersome to lift easily.

In addition to the weight of the knee scooter itself, pay attention to the weight limit for users as well. Many scooters have a maximum weight of at least 300 pounds, but check the product specifications to make sure that you can safely use any model youre considering

Benefits Of Using Knee Walkers

  • Helps in maintaining good posture: Some of the walkers are ergonomically designed that allow an injured person to keep the injured leg on a contoured platform and keep his body position in the natural upright manner. These walkers are easy to operate even by those people who have limited or no upper body strength. This further reduces the chances of physical exertion or back strain that normally occurs when a person uses crutches.
  • Speedy Recovery : Many studies prove it that a person recovers fast if he remains happy and lead an independent lifestyle despite suffering from injuries. The knee walkers allow a person to move around comfortably and perform his daily chores with ease without putting pressure on an injured leg or foot. When a person experiences freedom of movement, this eventually results in staying mentally positive and speedy recovery.
  • Speed & Ease: Some of the advanced models of knee walkers come with a rear drum braking system and adjustable rim hand brake that allows a person to use these mobility assistive devices on slopes safely and comfortably.
  • Easy to store : You might feel that crutches are easier to store in small spaces than knee scooters. You are partially right as some knee walkers support folding mechanism that allows convenient transportation and storage.

Why Rent A Knee Scooter Online

You might question, Why should I rent a knee walker instead of buying one? Well, if you are undergoing a planned surgery, you can either choose a product beforehand at a store or order online.

But in case of an accidental ankle injury or a sprained ankle, you may need a more quick decision and rental product. In such a case, going online is the only option owing to limited mobility.

Moreover, some people find the online option to be easier and more convenient. Borrowing an online knee scooter has multiple advantages.

  • You have a larger variety of items to choose from than you may with a local rental store.
  • You can save money and get a premium quality product at an affordable price.
  • Moreover, there are a lot of types of knee scooters, and you can choose according to your requirement.
  • The rental models are already assembled and delivered to your doorstep.

If you are going to use the best knee walker for a short time period or temporarily, we suggest you rent a good one instead of investing money in buying it. This will save you time and money.

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Top 5 Questions Toask About A Used Knee Walker

When youre faced with a lower leg or foot injury, and yourdoctor tells you need to be non-weight bearing on that leg, youll want to getan economical knee walker or knee scooter to help you stay independent. And, ifyoure like me, youre watching every dollar so you might think about a usedknee walker.

Before you buy one, here is my quick list of the top 5 questionsto ask before you buy a used kneewalker:

  • Is the used knee walker steerable or non-steerable? Theres a big difference!
  • What is the size, shape and condition of the cushioned knee platform?
  • What type of braking system is on the used kneescooter?
  • Used knee walker wheels: what is the diameter ofthe wheels and are they indoor only or indoor/outdoor knee walker wheels
  • Does the used knee scooter fold up?

These are my top 5 questions you should ask before you spendmoney on a used knee walker.

And if you’re a lady looking for style while using your knee scooter, you’ll want to check out the new

Follow my best steerable knee scooterbuying tips to choose the right knee scooter for you and your recovery. Wellreview the most important features of a steerable knee walker so you can choosewisely.

And you can see my best steerable knee scooter recommendation: the

Because it only weighs 22lbs, and folds up, it’s extremely portable and you can take it anywhere you need. And I love that it has a tool-free assembly and set-up! And you can

Does Rent A Knee Scooter Vs Buying A Knee Scooter A Good Choice Cost

Topmedi Portable Knee Scooter/walker

When you consider the purchase price of a knee scooter, it is almost above $350. Mostly, you will need it for 4-6 weeks. So, if you need it for a shorter time period, we suggest you rent a scooter that costs around $25-$35.However, if you are using a knee scooter for daily help, to avoid falls or further foot injury, then it may be useful for deciding to invest in a long-term purchase.

Renting a knee scooter is a wiser option and there are many online stores that provide you with the facility to avail of rental knee walkers.


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Do you know other places where to rent a knee scooter? Please share with us below!

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Should You Rent Or Buy A Knee Scooter

Knee scooters, also known as knee walkers, serve as a great alternative to crutches as a mobility aid after an orthopedic injury, surgery, or recovery period. The ergonomic design of knee scooters provide users with a comfortable and stable means of mobility while also minimizing movement of an injury. Ask any foot doctor and orthopaedic surgeon and theyll tell you they vastly prefer their patients to use knee scooters instead of crutches to minimize the risk of reinjury. Knee Scooters serve as a safe and convenient mobility aid as opposed to the risks and discomfort involved with using crutches.

So yes, knee scooters would be the most beneficial and comfortable alternative to crutches- which brings us to the overarching question of:

Should I rent or buy a Knee Scooter?After an injury, extensive costs are probably one of the last things youd like to be thinking about during your recovery process. On top of medical bills and time off from work, buying a knee scooter can range from $150 to $400. Renting one from a local medical supply store will normally cost you $100 a month plus a $100 deposit fee which means youll need to fork over $200 upfront to get a knee scooter.

In determining whether you should buy a knee scooter or rent one, you should probably consider these other questions:

Questions you should ask:

Get Where You Need To Be Hassle

Increase your independence while allowing injuries to heal with a knee walker rental from Wellness Medical Equipment & Supplies. Little-to-no upper body strength is required to operate one which reduces the chances of back strain, under-arm pain, and fatigue. This makes it a comfortable and safe alternative to crutches or a wheel chair. Knee walkers allow for greater ease of use during daily commutes. They are also light weight and can fold down, which makes taking it on longer travels a breeze.

Wellness Medical Equipment & Supplies is here to help you get the products you need for an easier, faster recovery. We allow customers the flexibility to rent their walkers instead of buying. Depending on your individual needs, renting can be the more convenient, favorable and affordable option especially if you dont need to permanently commit to your knee walker or you want to try before you buy.

Shop our vast inventory of walkers and accessories online and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the renting process.

DV8 Steerable Knee Walker Features:

Knee Walker: $35.00 / 1 Week or $95.00 / Month*pricing subject to change

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How Does A Knee Walker Or Knee Scooter Work

Using a knee walker could not be easier, it’s super intutive. Simply rest your injured leg on the padded platform and propel yourself with your other foot. Our easy-to-use brake systems will help you feel safe by allowing you to confidentially and completely control each and every mobile movement. It works just like a bicycle brake.

You may hear about these items being referred to as “crutch alternatives”. Traditionally, recovering from foot and/or ankle surgery required the patient to use crutches. Crutches are cumbersome and uncomfortable, they often create soreness and discomfort in your armpit. Not so with a knee walker!

Our knee scooter rentals are available in a number of convenient models, specifically designed accommodate your injury, weight, and body type. The following models are available for rent:

  • The Basic Knee Walker – Supports up to 300 pounds. Features a narrow wheel width to help you get in and out of tight spaces. This is our economic non-steering model that is easy on your budget.
  • The Free Spirit Knee Walker – Supports up to 400 pounds. Features dual loop hand brakes and durable 8 inch wheels.
  • The Northrup Knee Walker – Supports up to 400 pounds. Features tool free height adjustments and easy folding for travel.

Reclaim your lifestyle during the healing process by renting one of our convenient mobility scooters today!

Customer Service

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Knee Scooter Sizing and Use: Knee Walker Demonstration
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Enhanced Mobility Knee Walker

The Enhanced Mobility Model is recommended for users who need to operate in small spaces. It has superior steering along with a soft and comfortable knee cushion. The product is light-weight and easy to travel with, and also offers a two-break system to suit both left and right-handed users. We suggest hanging a reusable grocery bag on the handle bars to assist with carrying items.

Featuresto Look For In The Best Steerable Knee Scooter

Make sure any steerable knee walker youreconsidering has a secure handbrake that can be locked, with rear disc brakes.The brakes on a steerable knee scooter look similar to the hand brakes on astandard bike. And a locking feature on the handbrakes is important so you cansafely park your scooter and get on and off.

Youll also want to check the maximumweight limit! All knee scooters have a maximum weight limit that you should notexceed. Non-bariatric models can usually support 275 300 lbs, but this varieswith every model. Make sure your own weight does not exceed, or come veryclose, to the maximum weight limit of any knee walker youre considering. If it does, you need to chose a heavy duty knee scooter.

You can see my #1heavy duty knee scooter recommendation that’s also in a snazzy blue color: the

And dont forget to make sure that thebest steerable knee walker that you choose can be adjusted to be compatible forboth right and left legs.

I always recommend buying a kneescooter that has non-marking rubber wheels,which are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The last thing you want todo is leave nasty tire marks on the floors in your house.

If you have knee scooter size questions, you can always take a look at the KneeRover product size guide.

Being able to fold up your knee walkeris a must! Its so important to be able to fold it up and tuck it away in a caror trunk. Or put it away, in a small area, if youre not using it.

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Where Can I Rent A Knee Walker In Salt Lake City Utah

Many people find it challenging to find a store where they can rent a knee walker here in Salt Lake City, Utah. You may be surprised to discover that the only stores that rent knee walkers are medical supply stores, and their selection is insufficient. Youll find a couple of small, cheap, indoor knee scooters. But youre not going to see all-terrain, kids, or compact folding walkers.

The Knee Scooter Store in West Jordan, Utah offers the Salt Lake City area the best supplier of knee walkers. We believe that rental is much better than buying a scooter. You shouldnt have to buy a scooter from Walmart or on Amazon when you want a higher-performance model.

Most of our clients use their walker for 4 to 6 weeks. It just doesnt make sense to buy a scooter for that short of a time.

Where Can I Buy A Knee Walker

OasisSpace Steerable Knee Walker, Economy Knee Scooter for ...

Lets face it: youre not exactly thrilled by the prospect of spending the next eight to twelve weeks wobbling around on crutches. Youve already suffered through the pain of an ankle injury or foot surgery why do you have to be punished with those medieval torture devices?

Never fear, knee walkers are here. If youve never heard of knee walkers before , get ready to meet your new best friend during your recovery period. Roll about scooters are unique mobility devices that allow you to isolate your broken foot or ankle, while providing you with a more stable way to get around. Knee walkers look a bit like those scooters that kids are always rolling around on however, a cushioned seat allows you to kneel onto the pad, using your good foot to push yourself forward.

Knee scooters are an undeniable source of comfort and convenience, especially if youre afraid of falling or slipping on crutches. But when it comes to buying a knee walker, you might feel like youre searching for the mythical unicorn. Dont worry: with Knee Walker Central, youll be able to buy your own roll about scooter faster than you can queue up a must-watch list on Netflix.

This frees up your time so you can focus on what really matters planning out what youll do with your freedom once your foot heals!

  • Check out, and select which shipping option you prefer. can ship to your home, office, and even the hospital.

  • Heal!

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    Knee Walkers: A Better Alternative To Crutches

    Our knee walkers for rent are designed to be safe, efficient, comfortable and easy-to-maneuver alternatives to conventional aids like crutches or traditional walkers. When a person uses crutches, he struggles to keep injured leg in an elevated position and he continuously needs to maintain balance to stay active. Moreover, Underarm crutches can be stressful and uncomfortable for many people as they put maximum pressure and stress on the armpit area and can often be tiring after prolonged usage. Our knee walkers come with 3 or 4 wheels and makes it extremely easy and convenient for you to move across flat surfaces. The leg rest area is also comfortable as it allows the leg to rest on a padded space to reduce fatigue.

    For those who have a hard cast around their foot, a knee walker from Affordable Medical Equipment can be a much more comfortable option than any conventional crutch or traditional walker. Before you make any choice, always bear in mind that knee scooters are heavier than crutches, but they do provide the most comfortable support. The only downside with knee scooters is they are not recommended to use on stairs.

    To make the device safe, some brands include brakes to their knee walkers so you can stay in control and keep the balance on slopes and elsewhere. We recommend you look for walkers with a storage basket on the front to hold groceries and other items while you’re out on move.

    Getting Your Knee Walker Covered By Insurance

    In addition to being available for direct purchase all of the knee walkers we offer at CSA Medical Supply are covered by insurance. If you are interested in having your knee walker covered by your insurance you will need to have a prescription from your doctor.*Medicare does not cover knee walkers *

    It is always a good idea to contact your insurance provider directly and ask if they cover knee walkers under your policy. Also please keep in mind that insurances take anywhere from 10-30 days to pay for the purchase of your knee walker, and it is highly recommended that you start this process a couple weeks in advance of your surgery. For more information about getting your knee walker covered please read this guide. Its best to pay out of pocket and submit your claim . It is recommend that products are purchased through a licence DME company that has a NPI number and tax ID. CSA medical is a licence company. Please call for more information.

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