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What Kind Of Knee Brace For Acl Injury

Vive Hinged Knee Brace

DonJoy Playmaker II knee brace – Ideal for mild to moderate ACL, MCL and LCL instabilities

Looking for the best brace for knee injuries like the torn ACL and Meniscus that will give the best support, comfort, and protection. This hinged knee brace made by Vive will give you the very best support you need for your knee injury.

The hinge is made with aluminum and it is located on both sides of the knee. This serves as an added support to the weak knee joint especially with the case of torn ACL and meniscus. It is also designed to put you in control. The hinge is removable so you can choose not to use it in any case you deem fit. Not only that, the strap is adjustable to your requirement as well. You can decide how much compression you receive from the knee brace as you torn ACL and meniscus heals up.

Enjoy the best form of comfort wearing the knee brace which gives you access to wear it all day. The comfort is very important and that is why it is made from neoprene breathable material, light in weight to allow free movement and also designed with the open patella.

As usual for us, we do not depend on our judgment alone though we are sure of the qualities in this knee brace, we checked what other users are saying too, mostly from verified buys on Amazon and we got a lot of positive feedback like:

  • Gives stability and comfort

Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace

This heavy-duty brace from Venom is designed to help you recover from ACL tears and other injuries like runners knee, meniscus tears, and even arthritis pain.

Its made with a knitted pattern and gel padded support that acts like heat therapy to reduce inflammation.

The gel inlay also provides an additional cushion for reduced pain and can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing an injury in the same spot again.

Thanks to its lightweight material and elastic design, this knee brace wont bunch or slip off which is one of the most annoying side-effects of wearing a brace every day.

The Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace comes in 4 different sizes so you can have a comfortable and secure fit for your knee. Youll also get a free guide in the PDF format with recovery exercises that you can try while wearing this knee brace.

  • Pros

Best Knee Brace For Torn Acl And Meniscus Reviews And Guide

No matter you are a professional basketball player or hobbyist, knee injuries might be a nightmare for you. Even injuries like torn ACL may take a toll of a few months from your life. So why compromise with safety measures?

But dont raise an eyebrow yet, we have a solution. Pick one of the best knee brace for torn Acl and meniscus and youre 99% risk-free.

So, today in this article, we have talked about the knee braces for torn ACL and meniscus. Along with that I have also given a guide to help you find the best.

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Knee Support For An Acl Sprain Or Tear

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the most important parts of the knee joint because of its stabilizing job. When it gets sprained or torn, usually from athletic activity, it can result in serious pain and knee instability.A person with an ACL injury or following an ACL reconstruction will typically be given a rigid, hinged brace by their doctor, Minnis says. These braces may or may not be locked to limit knee mobility.

Donjoy Legend Knee Support Brace

MEDI M4S KNEE BRACE  Medical Prosthetics Orthotics and ...

If you have a moderate to severe ACL tear, this is the brace for you. After trying the DonJoy Legend Knee Support Brace, I couldnt believe the difference it made to take away my pain, swelling and overall discomfort. Best of all, it can also be used after the healing period for all contact sports and activities to prevent further injuries.

The brace features a low-profile and is constructed of resilient, aircraft-grade aluminum that has been coated with Kraton, a material that doesnt rust, chip, or corrode. I also loved the patented four-point dynamic leverage system that gave my knee the support it needed as I continued to work and play.

What Users Are Saying:

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Best Knee Brace: Functional Acl Brace

A hinged functional knee brace specifically designed for ACL rehabilitation can be useful before or after surgery. Functional ACL knee braces are designed to protect the anterior cruciate ligament and provide stability for the knee during recovery. They also prevent twisting and hyperextension, which helps ensure that you dont accidentally re-injure the ligament.

Unlike other ACL knee braces, those that use a dynamic tensioning system like Ossurs Rebound ACL Knee Brace can reduce strain on both the ACL and meniscus . Since the meniscus is at risk of injury in ACL-deficient knees, a DTS brace may be able to help prevent a meniscus tear from occurring if youre waiting for surgery or have a chronic ACL deficiency . A DTS brace is also a good choice post-surgery because it can provide a larger unloading force than other ACL braces, meaning it may provide better protection for the ACL graft . More information on ACL braces and DTS braces can be found here.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Braces

In order to better understand how anterior cruciate ligament braces work it is important to understand basic knee anatomy and the function of the anterior cruciate ligament . Please review the sections on;knee anatomy;and on;ACL injuries;before reading this section.

The ACL is one of the main stabilizing ligaments of the knee. The ACL helps stabilize the knee by preventing excessive forward movement or rotation of the shin bone on the thigh bone . If the ACL is significantly damaged the knee can feel unstable or it may give out. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, other structures in the knee may be damaged in addition to the ACL. There may be injuries to the shock absorbing cartilage , the collateral ligaments , the posterior cruciate ligament or to the bones of the knee. The degree of injury to the ACL may vary. In some cases the ACL may only be partially torn or in more serious cases the ACL may be completely torn. Unfortunately, the ACL does not have the ability to completely heal once it is injured.

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Do Knee Supports Help Knee Pain

Wearing a knee support such as a knee brace, knee sleeve, and knee strap may help with knee pain by providing support and compression to the knee. One of the best ways to determine if a knee support can help is to simply wear it and see if the pain dissipates, according to Brandon Schmitt, DPT, ATC, chair of the Knee Special Interest Group of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy.

You can also consult your physical therapist or doctor for advice on whether you need to use a knee support and when to wear it.

Is Walking Good For Torn Acl And Meniscus

Do I Need a Brace for My Knee? – ACL Series

When the ACL or meniscus tear, accompanied with this injury is great pain. Along with it is also swelling of the area. When this happens, it is not really good to start walking with it. You might want to get the best crutches at this stage, the earlier stage of the injury. Also, getting best knee brace for torn meniscus as discussed here will also be of great help in your recovery process. You can then start walking with it after you are healed to a certain extent but must be very careful not to put much pressure on it.

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For General Knee Pain

The type of brace will depend on the cause of knee pain. But, we usually recommend wearing sleeves for pain relief.

They wrap around your knee, providing support and compression.

Most people that wear a knee brace for pain relief tend to feel less knee pain. Yet, this depends entirely on the cause of the symptoms.

Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace

I am particularly excited about this knee brace and thus make our list of best knee brace for torn ACL and meniscus. When your ACL or meniscus is torn, this is a lovely brace you can rely on to work your way to perfect recovery. This is a hinged knee brace specially built to comfort, support and protect your injured knee from further worsening of the injury. It helps prevent and heal medial and lateral instability, meniscus injury, ACL/PCL, arthritis, ligament sprains, and more knee injuries.

For proper comfort and irritation prevention, the knee brace is produced with antimicrobial and also well ventilated to reduce odor, bacteria, and moisture. This allows you to stay comfortable and easy to wear it on all day long. It doesnt hinder free movement also due to its four-way stretch spandex mesh and pre-curved anatomically designed. The heavy-duty bilateral dual hinges provide unbeatable support, and also fits both right and left knee.

Produced from a premium material, which is latex-free with premium stitching and integrated flexible side stabilizers which stay perfectly in place and features easy-grip tabs for accurate fitting.

You can be sure of the quality of a product by checking what buyers are saying. We did this, we looked into what other buyers are saying concerning the product and we found it to be extremely positive. Most rated it with a complete 5-star rating and gave a very lovely comment. We gathered some of these comments below:

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Mcdavid 429x Knee Brace

The McDavid 429X is categorized as a level three maximum support knee brace. It comes with elastic crossing straps. These straps enhance rotational and collateral ligament support. It also allows a much better, customized fit compared to knee braces that only have horizontal straps across the top and bottom like the McDavid 429.

The bilateral hinges keep your knee in place and prevent excessive lateral movement to improve stability. The added stability reduces chances of knee casualty and assists in recovery from mild injuries.

The knee brace delivers warmth and compression to your knee area through the latex-free neoprene material. It has perforations in the back panel for moisture management so you should still feel dry in spite of the warming effect. All the edges of the knee brace are stitched and bound to prevent friction and irritation.

To measure, bend your knee to slightly less than a 45 degree angle then take the measurement of the circumference of your knee cap in this position. This knee brace is available in five sizes. It should feel snug and secure but not restrictive.


  • Crossing straps provide added support and better fit
  • Sturdy construction with metal hinges to keep the knee in proper position
  • Warming effect can help with pain relief
  • Does not restrict normal movement


Acl Injury Treatment & Braces

The 5 Best Knee Braces For Torn ACL & Meniscus

If a person just has a partial tear, a doctor may just recommend repairing the ACL tear without surgery and use physical therapy and an ACL brace to strengthen the muscles. This then leaves one at risk for additional injuries.

If you were required to have surgery, we would recommend wearing a post-op knee brace and crutches until properly healed. The rehab process for an ACL tear is fairly lengthy and could take anywhere from six months up to a year. After you are recovered you may be advised to still wear an ACL Knee Brace while playing sports. We make many ACL support braces that can be worn during sporting activities including running that can be worn after ACL surgery.

For more information on ACL recovery, read more on our blog post ACL Tear Recovery.

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Here Are Some Of The Best Acl Knee Braces On The Market:

1.Donjoy Fullforce Ligament Brace

This brace is the next step down from the eXtreme Armor knee brace. It is designed to be used with mild to moderate ligament injuries and is suitable for contact and non-contact sports. This brace will provide an excellent amount of support but is not a heavy brace like many other hinged braces. It is very light weight and comfortable, contained âanti-migration ads to hold the brace in place.

2.Orthomen Functional ACL Knee Brace

Designed to provide stability and support following injury or reconstruction of the ACL/PCL/LCL, The Functional ACL Knee Brace features a lightweight sturdy frame lined with durable soft goods for the combination of optimum support and comfort. This is the perfect brace for those active patients needing additional support during recovery.

3.Braceit K2 ComfortLine Knee Brace

The Braceit K2 ComfortLine repersents the most comfortable, easy to use, and light weight knee brace, which is ideally suited for support in daily living without any hindrance. Braceit K2 comfortLine knee brace is a perfect companion for assistance with ligament injuries, sports injuries and mild osteoarthritis. The brace has been designed to give the best support during the dally activities as well light sports endeavors.

Note â This information has been taken from different internet sources.

Shock Doctor Ice Pack Recovery Compression Knee Wrap Brace

Choosing this knee brace among our best knee brace for torn ACL and meniscus is a very good decision. The truth is, torn ACL can come with swelling and intense pain. When there is swelling, we must think about cold and hot therapy and that is what this special knee brace gives.

For 360 degree cold and heat therapy, the knee brace comes with multiple gel ice packs for icing. The Lycra gel packs pocket for convenient and comfortable use of the therapy. To put you in charge of the compression, the strap is made to be adjustable so you can customize its fitness and compression.

Having your best fit in mind, the manufacturer produces this brace in sizes to fit your knee properly. It is very important to check the size very well and the right measurement before ordering. This is not only best for torn ACL and meniscus but can be used for other forms of knee injuries as well with the assurance of perfect support.

Your comfort wearing this knee brace is paramount and that is why it is made from a high-quality material which enhances long hour of wearing without irritation or scratching.

Reviews of previous verified buyers on this knee brace prove it to be the best knee brace for torn ACL and meniscus. These reviews include:

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How To Measure For Hinged Knee Brace

Not all hinged knee braces for ACL injury are measured in the same way. Please make sure to check the size chart before purchasing. Similar to the measurement for most of the knee brace. A hinged knee brace is generally measured by upper circumference around your leg at 6″ above the middle of the kneecap or lower circumference around 6″ below the kneecap.

Its recommended to choose a relatively tight size to make sure the hinged knee brace can limit the range of motion properly but not too tight because it may cut off circulation and potentially result in swelling and numbness.


Knee Braces For Acl Injury

Does a young athlete need a brace after ACL surgery?
Page 1 of 1:;;; 68 Items
  • Adjustable active thigh cuff for ultimate suspension and protection
  • Posterior calf cuff reduces tibia pressure
  • Medial relief reduces clearance issues and improves thigh comfort
  • Aerospace grade aluminium frame is strong yet allows customisation
  • Motocross knee brace pack with robust knee brace and accessories
  • The ultimate knee brace kit for motocross and extreme sports
  • Suitable;for moderate to severe ACL instabilities, reconstruction and deficiencies
  • Impact Guard absorbs shock while the Lycra Undergarment prevents chafing
  • The ultimate ACL knee brace providing support to the knee joint
  • Ideal knee brace for skiing, high impact and contact sports
  • For severe ACL instabilities, reconstruction and deficiencies
  • Fourcepoint hinge provides added ACL support to improve your gait
  • Durable design ideal for use with extreme sports
  • Suitable for ACL, LCL and MCL sprains and tears
  • Stabilises and protects ligaments and cartilage
  • Carbon fibre construction for rigid support
  • Designed for extreme sports for durability
  • Suitable for ACL, LCL, MCL and PCL sprains and tears
  • Stabilises and protects ligaments and cartilage
  • Carbon fibre construction for rigid support
  • One of the strongest functional knee braces on the market
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL and combined instabilities
  • Made of lightweight but strong aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Designed for skiing and contact sports
  • 3 x award-winning Ottobock knee brace
  • Covers ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL njuries
  • Lightweight, flexible, and adaptable

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Best Knee Brace For Torn Acl And Meniscus

Updated on By Norman

I will be talking about torn ACL and meniscus today and I am really concerned about it. This is an injury of the knee that is common to most people today either you are a sportsman or not. The truth is, torn ACL is very painful and you will definitely feel discomfort when this happens to you. I have suffered this injury before and I know how painful it is and how choosing the best knee brace for torn ACL and meniscus can be of help.

ACL is one of the knee ligaments that hold and stabilize your knee joint. There is torn in ACL or meniscus when you are involved in activities that require sudden stop and change of direction. This makes the sportsmen be more susceptible to torn ACL.

I had a torn ACL during my high school days as I was part of the school team. I could remember the sound I heard when this injury happened and the symptoms I felt. I then later discover that my ACL was torn. A torn ACL and meniscus can be really painful and nagging; I have gone through it and know how painful it can be. I remembered my doctor recommended I get myself a knee brace to allow me to move as I recover. So you can rest assured that I have the experience to guide you towards choosing the best knee brace for your torn ACL and Meniscus.

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