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What Is The Best Knee Brace For Running

Return To Training With Support

Best Knee Brace for Runners

You can slowly return to training again once your pain has subsided, when you can bend and straighten your knee, and when your knee feels as strong as your injured knee. However, do not try to continue where you left off. Ideally, start with moderate jogging, then slowly and gradually increase the intensity. In order to prevent recurring irritation, we recommend wearing a Sports Knee Support. Ease back into your routine by doing the following:

  • Adjust your training plan.
  • Replace running with activities that are gentle on your joints such as regularly cycling or swimming.
  • Wear a Sports Knee Support to stabilize and relieve your knee.
  • Warm up before your workout.
  • Foam roll of your quadriceps muscles.
  • Strengthen/Stretch your thigh muscles.
  • Try to run on softer surfaces and avoid asphalt or concrete.

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How Tight Should A Knee Brace Fit

Your knee brace should provide you with adequate support but also still be comfortable. The best way to determine the appropriate size is to check the size chart of the brand you are looking at then measure your knee. Typically, size is based on the circumference of your knee just below the center of your kneecap.

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Best Knee Brace For Acl Sprain Or Tear

  • Pro: Can improve function and may allow for a speedier return to activity or sport.
  • Con: If a brace significantly restricts movement, muscle atrophy and stiffness may occur.

This knee brace combines bilateral hinges with a breathable compression fabric designed to minimize skin irritation and discomfort.

Theres a hole over the kneecap to support it and at the back of the knee to prevent friction burn. It comes in six sizes, ranging from small to 2X-large.

Rated 4 stars on Amazon, customers like the lightweight yet supportive feel. Some report an issue with finding the right size or comfortable fit.

Choosing The Right Knee Brace For You

10 Best Knee Braces for Running 2019

“Knee braces come in all different shapes and sizes, as do the legs of men. Be sure to follow the manufacturer recommendations when choosing the appropriate size and even then, the brace may not fit properly so be sure that where ever you order the brace from takes returns/exchanges,” says Dr. Solak. “Braces can be expensive, so it may be best to talk to a specialist prior to ordering a brace to make sure that it is the best type of brace for the injury that you have. ”

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying out a new brace.

Personal Preference

What feels good to one person may not be for another. The most important thing is to keep moving and finding exercises and activities that feel good, says Stauffer.

Monitor how you feel while you exercise and afterwards

Exercise should never be painful. Its great to have some post-exercise soreness, but you should never have joint pain following a workout. If you do, consider seeing a professional to determine what is appropriate for you, says Stauffer.

However, a knee brace is not going to be a substitute for an injury like an ACL tear.

“This will typically require surgery for long-term health and function,” says Stauffer. “It is advisable to see a professional whenever you hear an audible pop with swelling and loss of mobility or difficult putting weight on your knee.”

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Best For Weightlifting: Sling Shot Strong Knee Sleeve

For both serious weightlifters and strength-training newbies, a knee sleeve is a helpful tool for protecting the sensitive ligaments in your knees, as well as increasing blood flow to the area when performing exercises like squatting, lunging, and pressing weight overhead. These knee sleeves from Sling Shot come in a two-pack and are stiffer than typical compression sleeves, providing complete support and rebound during heavy sets. The neoprene sleeves are seamless and easy to slip on and off, so you won’t mind wearing them throughout your workout for the added protection.

“I have not found any that really helped me during weightlifting…until now,” one user said. “I tried another brand designed for lifting but was disappointed. Now I have these and I can do squats and lunges without knee pain! They keep my knees tight and warm, giving me confidence to lift.”

Available at , $83

How To Choose The Right Knee Brace Based On Brace And Injury Type

There are many types of knee braces, coming in various sizes and shapes and performing different functions.

Theyre also made from materials just as varied.

Some types are designed for preventing injuries, while others help the healing of the knee following injury or surgery.

Let me explain some of the common types.

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Exous Knee Brace Support Protector

The Best Knee Brace for Running

  • Neoprene with lycra padding
  • 4-strap design
  • Moisture-absorbing features

The EXOUS knee support brace brings an additional fourth strap to make the velcro last longer while providing an unparalleled level of support for knee injuries and prevention. The neoprene is lined with lycra, making it very comfortable to wear without making it less flexible or durable. Its easy to clean, stable, and provides very good levels of support.

The double strap system makes it lock in place and the fact that the velcro straps are locking in from opposite sides makes it much less likely that they will loosen during your jogging or running session. Apart from that, the EXOUS knee braces are also great to use across different types of physical activities, both for support and pain management.

Washing the product might be tricky. You shouldnt machine wash. Just wipe it down with a damp towel and let it air dry. The lateral support is by far the best of all the products on the list, and the design also makes them the most durable. Overall, great pick.

  • XS-3XL sizing options
  • Padded knee ring

The McDavid 429X knee brace is a premium product and comes with all of the trappings of high-performance athlete gear. With an elastic crossing strap system, youre getting more pressure for better pain management and improved stability. The elastic straps also are more durable than your classic velcro neoprene alternatives.

  • Considerably more expensive than other items

The Different Types Of Knee Braces

Top 5 Best Knee Brace for Running Review in 2022

Of course, there are different braces for different knee issues. According to the experts they can be broken down into 4 different categories.

Prophylactic Braces: “These braces are used to protect/prevent the knee joint from injury,” says Mario DiMattia, AT. Athletic Trainer and Durable Medical Equipment Coordinator at Precision Orthopaedic Specialties Inc., Chardon, Ohio. “These braces are regularly available at drug-stores or sporting goods stores. Basic hinged knee braces, knee sleeves, patellar tendon straps, and DonJoy Reaction braces are a common form of these.”

Rehabilitative Braces: “These are used to allow the knee to heal from an injury or surgery,” says DiMattia. “Generally, these braces are used immediately after injury or surgery and can limit the motion of the knee during the healing phase to allow for proper healing. They are designed to fit over bulky dressings or a swollen knee.”

Functional Braces: “These are used after an injury to provide stability after an injury or surgery of the knee,” says DiMattia. “These braces often require a prescription from the doctor and the brace you get will be dependent on the specific type of injury. Generally, these are used when an athlete is returning to activities such as running, walking, hiking, or other sports after surgery or an injury has healed.”

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Open Vs Closed Patella

You may see some knee braces with an opening at the knee cap while others are covered. The braces with an open patella help relieve knee pressure and support the knee cap with tracking assistance. A closed patella brace can help offer compression and knee support. If unsure, you can contact our customer support team for assistance, or speak with your doctor on the better option for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Style Of Knee Brace

There are different types of braces for different injuries. If you are experiencing anterior knee pain when running. Finding the best knee brace for runners can relieve your pain and keep you running longer. It will however not fix your problem completely but can aid recovery.

  • KNEE STRAP is an adjustable band the wraps around below your knee cap to relieve pressure off the patellar tendon. This band is primarily used for jumpers knee which is inflammation of your patellar tendon.
  • KNEE SLEEVE is a thin stretchy fabric that slips over the leg to provide compression to the knee. This helps increase blood flow to reduce pain and swelling during and after a run. A sleeve provides you with additional light support as you run. A sleeve is good for injury prevention or for those experiencing slight pain.
  • WRAPAROUND BRACE Is a design that allows for easy on and off for the runner. The wraparound brace will offer a runner medium support for their knee while running. Some braces have added small hinges for extra support. This is the most recommended brace for runners knee.

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What Is The Acl Knee Brace For Running

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of acl knee brace for running is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the acl knee brace for running listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support For Running

The 10 Best Knee Braces for Running in 2021

To be honest, theres not a great deal that separates this knee compression sleeve with the rest of the braces and bandages in the list. And I mean that in a good way this has also earned top-seller status all over the place having consistently delivered the goods in a variety of cases. Its specifically marketed for those planning of getting involved in higher-impact activities, like skiing, volleyball, soccer and running. There are also plenty of sizes available to suit adults of all sizes and kids alike.


Excellent support and peace of mind for those participating in more intensive sports. The quality of the materials is great, there are sizes to suit most body shapes and the price is impressively fair.


Ive come across the odd report of chafing here and there behind the knee, though obviously Im not in a position to refute or verify this for you lot!

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Do Knee Braces Really Help

Knee braces do in fact help with joint health, even if you don’t have noticeable pain. The pressure that knee braces provide improves blood circulation which can protect your knee and decrease recovery time from exercise. Knee braces also offer increased support which helps to alleviate pain caused by injuries. Whether prevention or healing is your goal, a knee brace can be effective in improving joint health.

How Do You Put On A Knee Brace

It depends on what type of brace you buy, and you should always read package directions carefully. Generally, braces can be either pulled on and adjusted around your knee cap, or strapped on using velcro straps. Some braces will need a bit of fiddling as you figure out how tightly to pull each strap.

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When Should A Runner Not Wear A Knee Brace

Of course, a knee brace wont be able to fix all knee ailments, and there are times you shouldnt opt for one.

If someone has an acute injury or trauma to the knee, like a fall or a twist of the knee, it is best to check in with a doctor and make sure nothing more serious is going on, Borowski said. If you notice persistent swelling, the inability to fully bend or straighten your knee, or if the pain worsens as you get further into the run and isnt something that tends to go away as you warm up, its time to see a doctor.

And, using a brace just for the sake of it is also not advised.

Once brace use begins, the structures it is protecting just become further impaired, and the person becomes continually more reliant on the brace as time goes on, says Kelley. Brace use just further magnifies deficits and can create deficits where none exist if a brace is used when not needed.

Instead, working to gain the strength, mobility, and control needed to run safely without a brace should be your first steps before becoming reliant on external support.

Best Knee Brace For Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Which knee brace is best for running?
  • Pro: Can significantly help with pain.
  • Con: Some people may find the Velcro to irritate the skin.

This double wrap is made to be lightweight and flexible. It may offer a good amount of support for people experiencing pain under the kneecap.

Designed for comfort, the thinner neoprene material is perforated to allow for more breathability and adjustability. The first set of Velcro wraparound wings regulates compression of the muscles, while the second is meant to isolate and stabilize the kneecap.

The brace comes in small, medium, or large. It has received 5-star reviews on the McDavid website and 4 out of 5 stars on . Customers report they like the versatility and the hug support of the straps.

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Best Budget: Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace

  • One size fits most

Not only is this brace cost-effective, its super supportive. Its perfect for those who are looking to maintain proper patella alignment during physical activities, as its self-adjusting and durable. It features straps that adhere in a criss-crossing pattern located both above and below the knee, so its sure to stay in place as youre moving around.

Its also made of antimicrobial material that works to eliminate odors, and it has an open back that won’t bunch up. It also has hinges on either side of the knee, which extend and support the knee to prevent hyperextension.

Material: Antimicrobial fiber that helps eliminate odors | Fit: Self-adjustable, open back and front patella hole | Feel: Soft fabric, metal plates on sides covered by fabric

What Injuries Could Knee Braces Help With

Common knee injuries include torn, bruised or sprained ACL, torn meniscus, fractures, knee bursitis, and patellar tendinitis among others. Many of these injuries will put you out of the sport for a couple of weeks and require physical therapy to recover. During your recovery process, your knee will need support, especially since our daily lives require the use of our knees to get around.

Knee braces will play a crucial part in stabilizing your knee during this process, and even once healed, it may be a good idea to continue using a less obtrusive brace that will provide support and prevent the injury from reoccurring.

So, a quick recap: knee braces are orthopedic products that provide your knee with support, relieve pain, and protect them from injury. They also prevent inflammation. They are essential in every part of the recovery process.

In this article, we list the best knee braces to help you get back on your feet and pounding down the miles pain-free in no time!

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What Is The Best Knee Support For Running

Sure you can stop. But once youve experienced the pleasures of running giving it up for sore or painful knees isnt exactly the best solution. Knee sleeves are the perfect answer for added support and stability while running and for recovery. But, What is the Best Knee Support for Running?

Theres a lot of options out there, partly because knee support sleeves are for different applications-partly because some are junk. But, whether youre running around the block, a marathon, CrossFit, or iron man wearing the best knee support can make a world of difference when youre running.

Which knee support is the best is hard to pin down? The best results will depend a lot on your own needs. So, what Im going to do is to show you what Ive had the most success with, and what I like about each.

What Types Of Knee Braces Are There

Winzone Knee Brace Support For Arthritis, ACL, Running, Basketball ...

There are a lot of different knee braces, all designed for assisting a wide range of conditions. Most of these are for post-surgery or injury rehabilitation, or for assisting people with chronic diseases like osteoarthritis.

Braces for running are much simpler, sometimes as basic as a neoprene sleeve or wrap.

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Mcdavid Knee Support Strap

The Best Knee Brace for Running with Arthritis

  • 3.2mm neoprene knee support strap
  • Universal size
  • Latex-free

For our last featured product, we kept the idea of a slim design that performs similarly to full-sized products. The McDavid Knee support strap brings a good level of support in an inconspicuous package, made with materials of the highest quality.

The fact that its slim makes it better for pain management. Youll still get a good amount of support without having to suffer from the pain brought by too much pressure. The no-slip design allows you to pinpoint the problematic areas of your knee and apply as much pressure as you want. Because its slimmer than your average knee brace, you can also put more pressure on a more defined area, making it a great asset to people who suffer from arthritis and runners knee.

  • Less support because of size


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