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Travel Skirts Below The Knee

Test The Hiking And Travel Skirt By Macabi

Leather thigh high boots & mini skirt – Berlin travel vlog with luxury room tour

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of skirts, and Ive been thinking for a while now how I could conciliate this essential fashion garment with my current lifestyle made of crazy hiking trips and unorganized round-the-world travels. Its true that, prima facie, the skirt doesnt seem to be the most practical choice when it comes to travel, and modern adventuress will inevitably prefer to put on its famous rivals : the boring trousers! But sometimes it happens that some women are a bit nostalgic of the charm of the explorers of old, like Alexandra David-Neel, May French Sheldon or Harriet Chalmers Adams who traveled the roughest part of the unknown world in their petticoats and lace parasols

And, as a traveler, you also sometimes want to fit more in the local cultures that youve got the occasion to come across. You would like to avoid this uncomfortable feeling you get when strolling around in your tighty-thight hiking shorts or pants when all the other women around are wearing colorful dresses and skirts. Or you might just want to go past the humiliation to be wrapped like a Japanese maki in an old shabby curtain at the entrance of temples or mosques or churches.

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Lightweight Skirts For Travel

Skirts are great for traveling because theyre lightweight, versatile, and take up a small space in your luggage. And, if you pick the right travel skirt, you can dress it up and wear it to the theater or dress it down and wear it hiking. These comfortable, easy-to-wear items are the perfect carefree look for any getaway.

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Haeof Boho Maxi Skirt

If youre looking for comfy travel skirts that are super soft, breathable, and yet thick enough not to be too transparent, the HAEOF skirt would be a good choice.

This is so much more than just a casual skirt for travel since it can be easily dressed up or down and worn on many different occasions, even when youre not traveling.

Made from 70% rayon and 30% tencel, the skirt lets the air flow nicely in the summer months and can keep you warm when it gets chilly.

This maxi skirt with pockets has the perfect amount of stretch and is easy to clean.

The drawstring and higher waist make it look elegant no matter what. The A-line shape makes for great photos on the road. It may as well be the best travel skirt for Europe. But whether youll take your HAEOF skirt to Venice or New York, youre sure to turn heads.

When picking the right size for yourself, pay attention to the size chart. You may need a bigger size of this maxi travel skirt than usual.

Travel Skirt By Macabi

Below Knee Hemp Passport Pocket Skirt Organic Clothing Made

So its on this sad conclusion that I somewhat abandoned the utopian idea of finding THE skirt and tried to be content with my badly cut hiking pants and my happy seventy-years-old-German-tourist look. Until I found this website: Miracle! It sells only one kind of items: travel skirt!

The story of this brand started with american Carol Louder, who loved fishing in Yucatan. She was dreaming of a skirt which would be « ideal for the climate, and more respectful of the local culture. But it would have to handle the heat and the sun. It couldnt get tangled in her line. It would have to dry quickly after wading. After all that, it would have to stand uxp to cocktails and dinners. »Like me, she didnt find anywhere what she was looking for. So she made one! And started to market it. Very excited by this discovery, I wrote an e-mail to Macabi to see if they could send me a skirt all the way from USA to New-Zealand, where I was travelling at this time.

A week later, I received a beautiful red and white parcel from the American Post. Yeepee! Inside, I found my lovely new long length charcoal Macabi skirt. Awesome! The material is very light and soft, and the quality of the stitching is very good. Thus far, I was very satisfied. Next step : testing the skirt « into the wild »!

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Best Travel Skirt With Pockets: Royal Robbins Discovery Strider Skirt

Known for traveling clothing, the Royal Robbins Discovery Strider Skirt was made for travelers. This skirt has pockets. In addition, it withstands moisture and water. It perfectly balances style with practicality.

Royal Robbins skirts are amazing and made with lightweight, non-swishing material that wicks moisture away. They are 96% nylon and 4% Spandex.

Royal Robbins has two popular skirts, the Discovery Skirt and the Discovery Strider Skirt. If you are in a smaller size, either of these will be great.

The Discovery Skirt has a little ruffle at the bottom which is not flattering on me because I have thicker legs but it would be if I were taller or thinner. However, the Discovery Strider Skirt is flattering and more forgiving. The Discovery Strider Skirt has sun protection of UPF 50+. Its comfortable to wear, packs well, dries quickly, and can be dressed up or down.

A cute feature is its a tad shorter in the front than it is in the back. To me, this makes it look a little dressier. It looks good with dressier or casual sandals and equally well with tennis shoes. This is important when traveling, when you walk and sightsee a lot.

The only downside for me about this skirt is there is a zipper in the back. Its cute and stylish however, I prefer elastic waistbands. So this skirt isnt as forgiving as the others if your weight tends to fluctuate.

The Best Travel Skirts And Dresses For Travel Bloggers

When it comes to travel blogging and photographythe right outfit can make or break a photo. There are so many factors to consider when choosing an outfit for your travel photos: lighting, backdrop, season, perspective and more. As both a travel micro-influencer and blogger, my favorite way to add color and interest to my travel photos is through the outfits I choose. Usually, that means something colorful and flattering, with a swishy skirt to throw around! Keep reading for the best travel skirts and dresses for travel bloggers.

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you buy something through those links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Find what you’re looking for:

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Best Organic Cotton Skirt: Chaka Skirt From Toad& co

DIY Gathered Midi-Skirt (With Pockets!) | How To Make A Gathered Skirt

Wow! I love this organic cotton skirt. Choices for organic cotton clothing for women have come a long way, and there are more choices than ever. We can be choosier or dare I say, pickier more now than ever before. You could buy the Chaka skirt in all the patterns and solids, and it wouldnt feel like you were wearing the same style.

This skirt is appropriate for your travels, hiking, errands, or for an awards assembly at your childs school. It seems like it will flatter most body types. Its flattered me and continues to fit even as my weight fluctuates 10 15 lbs.

I live in the hot southwest, so I abhor jeans and pants in general. Sometimes when I wear shorts, I feel so squashed in, confined, and hot. I wear skirts every day I can. Toad& Cos Chaka skirt, with its elastic waistband and flattering cut, has fast become one of my beloved items of eco clothing.

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How To Choose The Best Travel Skirt For Your Trip

You can find travel skirts in almost any style but there are a few characteristics you should look for.

A great travel skirt should have as many of the following characteristics as possible.

Travel skirts are becoming increasingly popular items in womens travel clothing. Even if youre not accustomed to wearing skirts I rarely wear them travel is another story and they make perfect sense when youre on the road. Here are some of the best skirts for travel to add to your travel packing list.

Before you head out on your trip, be sure to take out travel insurance so that all of your valuable belongings are in safe hands.

Much as I love to wear skirts for travel, sometimes you just cant. When youre hiking in the rainforest, for example, and the ground is rife with creepy crawlies. And when its so hot your thighs chafe .

Most times though? I wouldnt leave home without one.

Patagonia Kamala Maxi Skirt

The Patagonia Womens Kamala Maxi Skirt is a simple and flattering long travel skirt plus it easily converts to a bandeau-style dress the doubled waistband becomes the bodice and the ties secure behind the neck. The Kamala is perfect for jaunts to the market or museum yet dresses up well for an evening out. The ankle skimming length is perfect for locales where a more modest attire is preferred. The Kamala skirt is made from an incredibly lightweight organic cotton/TENCEL blend with a hint of spandex and resists wrinkles just give it a little shake after pulling it out from the bottom of your pack and you are good to go!

Where to buy:

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Return / Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly accept the merchandise for return or exchange provided:

  • It is in new condition
  • It has not been washed, worn or altered
  • Hangtags are still attached
  • An RMA number is included with the merchandise
  • It is returned according to the schedule below
Timing for a Return / Exchange

Within 30 Days:

  • Gifts You’ve Received

We extend the return/exchange window during the holidays. For the 2022 holiday season, RMA#s must be requested by January 10, 2023.

Exceptions to Return / Exchange Policy

Cannot Return

  • Items Marked “All Sales Final – No Returns Or Exchanges”
  • Underwear Removed From Packaging

For returns, you are responsible for paying the shipping to return the item to our warehouse. For exchanges, you are responsible for paying the shipping to get the original garment sent to our warehouse and we will pay the ground shipping cost to send the exchange to you for domestic orders. For international orders, you will be responsible for the return shipping on your exchange as well as the shipment cost for the exchanged item.

A Travel Skirt: Why Would You Even Think Of Wearing One

Ladies Classic Below Knee Skirt

Lots of reasons!

  • Skirts are cool and allow the air to circulate around your legs better than travel pants .
  • Many womens travel skirts are made of sunblocking materials of SPF 50 or more and will protect you from a burn. Its important to note that only the best womens travel skirts have this feature, so look out for SPF in the product description.
  • They are often culturally appropriate for women traveling in conservative countries, especially a long travel skirt . So its important to wear travel skirts below the knee in some regions or countries.
  • Skirts are flexible. If you choose the right skirt, you can wear it to travel during the day and to go out at night. Just shake it out, hang it up for a bit and throw it on.
  • They take up less space in your luggage than trousers do. You can usually roll them up or bunch them into a small ball when theyre wrinkle-resistant, especially those with more lightweight fabrics.
  • Skirts are usually easier to care for than pants. Quick-dry skirts are made with modern fabrics that dont stay wet long, dont wrinkle, and wear forever without losing their shape.
  • Some skirts are reversible and can be adapted to become shorts or pants with a few snaps or clips.
  • Travel dresses and skirts can be the perfect travel clothes for conservative countries where womens pants arent common. But if youre looking for the best travel skirt for Europe, then a midi travel skirt will do just fine.

Have I convinced you yet?

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Why The Outfit Matters

Before getting into the best travel skirts and dresses for bloggers, I want to show you an example of how much an outfit choice can effect travel photography. Im going to show you one of my old travel photos from study abroad, and then Ill show you a photo I took on my recent trip to Copan Ruinas. Note the difference.

I took this photo in 2017 on my first trip to Paris. Aside from the abysmal editing and iPhone 7 shot quality, the outfit I chose does absolutely nothing to make the photo more appealing. It was a dreary, overcast day in Paris and all my outfit choice does is accentuate the unfortunate weather.

This photo, on the other hand, I took in October of 2021 in the main square of Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Removing the higher quality camera and beautiful, sunny day from the equation, do you see how my outfit choice accentuates the beauty of the destination and creates more visual interest? This photo would never have had the same effect had I been wearing leggings and a sweatshirt.

For more tips on how I take travel photos all around the world , enter your email below to download my free photography guide!

Womens Travel Skirts With Pockets Reviewed

This top-rated travel skirt from Trendy United is lightweight and breezy enough to feel comfortable but quality enough that you dont have to worry about embarrassing see through situations.

As I mentioned already, I consider it to be the best skirt for travel.

The Trendy United skirt is made from a 95% rayon, 5% spandex mix material and is completely opaque. Its stretchy, comfortable and soft against your skin.

This particular travel skirt features large side pockets that are deep enough for phones and passports and comes in a choice of either ankle length or maxi length.

One of the best things about this comfy travel skirt is the huge color range, with a whopping 36 colors to choose from. So if youre looking e.g. for a black travel skirt, you can easily select black color.

The Trendy United maxi skirt for travel is made in the USA!

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Can I Travel With A Skirt

Yes, you can travel with a skirt. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure your skirt is comfortable and doesnt restrict your movement. Second, check the length of your skirt. It should be long enough to cover your knees when youre sitting down.

Third, be aware of the climate and cultural norms in the destination youre visiting. In some countries, skirts may be seen as too revealing or sexually suggestive. So if youre not comfortable with the idea of wearing a skirt in public, you may want to consider packing a pair of pants instead.

Ultimately, its up to you whether or not to pack a skirt for your trip. Just remember to use your best judgement and be mindful of the local customs.

Best Travel Skirts For Women

Clothing as a Below Knee Amputee

Last Updated on August 19, 2022 by Greg Head

The best travel skirts for women are versatile, comfortable, flattering, and easy to match with different types of shirts and shoes. They are great for traveling when you need to pack light and mix and match different outfits. Our favorite skirts are ones we wear when traveling and also wear often at home.

A skirt is a wardrobe essential, particularly for women. There are literally hundreds of different styles and cuts to choose from, so it can be hard to narrow down your options and find one that fits you perfectly. But you can! You just have to know what you want from the skirt.

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