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Knee Scooter For Broken Leg

Broken Ankle Knee Scooters Are More Convenient:

Knee Scooter [How To Guide for Broken Foot, Leg or Ankle 2020!]

Forget hobbling around on crutches a broken ankle knee scooter will make walking feel more like glidingbecause you actually are. You see, the knee scooter is a mobility device that completely takes all weight off of your broken ankle. By balancing your knee on the seat cushion and using your good leg to propel yourself forward, you can keep any ounce of weight away from your tender ankle

Take a look at the picture to get a comprehensive idea of how the broken ankle knee scooter works:

Good Offers On Knee Scooters For Broken Leg As Well As Out Of This World Prices

There are lots of shops that provide great cost promos, but their products are not of high quality, while with us, you will find a liable organization, which ensures that all electric battery vehicle were developed under high requirements.

If you are looking for a way to walk around the city, however do not desire to spend too much cash, after that modern eco-kick scooter are the best option for you. They have numerous benefits over typical scooters. The ideal product is one that comes with high quality warranties and also at the same time competitive costs, so purchasing city kick scooter on our website resembles fantasizing.

There are lots of modern eco vehicle rate deals on the marketplace that might seem fascinating, but if you contrast them with our prices, you will discover that our store is the most effective option.

Budget Knee Walker Innovative Pain Free & Comfortable Alternative To Crutches

Budget Knee Walker, sometimes known as a Knee Scooter or a leg trolley, offers an innovative pain free alternative to crutches, walkers and walking sticks. They are designed to provide the users with increased freedom and safety when suffering from an injury or disability to the foot or ankle area. You simply mount your injured leg on the large padded knee pad and use your uninjured leg to stride and push yourself around.

Our range of walking aids vary from knee scooters to walker wheelchairs and provide the user with the very best in control when theyre walking. Perfect for those who have recently had knee and leg operations. You can view the whole range here. Our hire options include long and short term providing you with ultimate flexibility over your hire period.

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Budget Knee Walker: Rental Walking Aids To Make Everyday Life Easier

These rental walking aids are a great option and can be really useful for those needing something to help with rehabilitation and recovery from:

  • Before and after ankle or foot surgery
  • Recovering from ankle injury such as a sprain or ligament damage
  • Recovering from a foot wound or ulcer
  • Recovering from an inflamed or torn Achilles tendon
  • Suffering from a permanent foot, ankle or leg disability
  • Having difficulty walking due to one sided foot or ankle stiffness, pain or discomfort

Please note that a knee walker will not be suitable if you have a knee or shin problem, as you need to be able to put weight on to these areas to operate it. If you are experiencing problems with these areas then our Modelito Home Mobility Aid or one of our Manual Wheelchairs with Elevating Legrests might be better suited.

Products may vary in model and colour

Are you considering a purchase? Not 100% sure how it will work for you? Then why not use our try before you buy scheme.

Hire this product from us for as long as you require giving you the peace of mind that you are choosing the right product and be sure it will fulfil your needs. If once you have tried it and are confident you would like to buy one then we will allow you up to 2 weeks rental refunded back to you once your purchase is completed.

If you would like to purchase the item that you have on hire you may also be able to benefit from an additional fleet discount of up to 20%.

Knee Scooter Vs Crutches

Steerable Knee Scooter

Using a mobility aid that suits you and your needs is critical, as itll offer you more independence, reduce your pain when walking, and increase your confidence and safety. Below is a detailed comparison between knee scooters vs crutches, to help you decide which one is a better option for you and your needs. If you arent familiar with one or both mobility aids, here is a quick description of both.



  • Price: Crutches are one of the most affordable options of mobility aids on the market.

  • Small and lightweight: Crutches are compact, making it easier to navigate narrow hallways, stairs, and small spaces, plus theyre much easier to transport, especially if you dont have a vehicle with a lot of space.

  • Easy to use: Theyre easy to use and you can move fast when you are familiar with the steps.

  • Provide good support: Itll take some time to get the handle of crutches, but once you get used to them, theyll offer you good support and balance and make it easy to navigate any type of surface and space.


Knee Scooters



  • Cant go up or down stairs: Unfortunately, you cant use the stairs when youre on a knee scooter.

  • Price: Theyre quite a bit more expensive and not as affordable as crutches.

  • Not suitable for smaller spaces: The wide front wheel base makes it hard to through some narrow hallways, doors, and smaller spaces. Youll also not be able to transport it around with you if you have a smaller vehicle as most of knee scooters are not foldable.


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Compact & Folds For Storage Or Transportation

This budget knee walker for hire is designed for use mainly indoors or on smooth, even surfaces. It can be folded to allow for easy transportation or storage when not in use. Comfort isnt a problem with this knee scooter thanks to the height adjustable steering handles, height adjustable padded knee pad and dual handbrakes for added safety.

Knee Scooter / Walker

After suffering an injury to and/or recovering from lower leg, ankle, or foot surgery, typically youd be sentenced to several weeks or longer of non-weight bearing misery on crutches. With the introduction of knee walkers and knee scooters, you now have the ability to Change Your Outcome experiencing life on your terms rather than being limited by crutches.

Being sentenced to crutches makes normal everyday activities painful, dangerous, and in many cases impossible. KneeRover® products enable you to safely get back in action at home, at work and recreationally. There are many things Knee Walkers make it easy to do that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish with crutches:

  • Carry your breakfast or coffee to the table
  • Work standing up with 2 hands-free
  • Prepare dinner & clean the house
  • Keep up with your children
  • Go on a dream vacation with lots of walking
  • Walk down the aisle
  • Innovative automotive style tie rod steering, for maximum stability and improved safety
  • Features a removable front axle for ease of storage and portability
  • Rear disc brakes for smooth, more consistent braking

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Is A Knee Scooter Better Than Crutches

A large majority of patients, when given the choice, will choose a knee scooter over crutches. Crutches are less expensive than knee scooters, but bring with them challenges for people who have balance issues, do a lot of walking, and like to spend time outdoors. Plus, crutches can be painful, or at the very least, much less comfortable than a knee scooter.

Are There Different Types Of Knee Scooters

How To Use A Medical Knee Scooter 2021 [Broken Foot & Leg Scooters]

Knee scooters are available in regular, heavy duty and tall versions. Some specialty manufacturers make small or petite models. The majority of knee scooters adjust, fitting users in the 50-62 height range. The average weight capacity for a standard knee scooter is around 300 pounds. For users in height or weight ranges above 62 or 300 lbs., heavy duty or tall models are available .

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Looking For Specific Info

4.1 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we donât use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Buying Guide For Best Knee Scooters

When youre suffering from a leg or foot injury, dealing with the pain is difficult enough. Making matters worse, you have to use crutches to get around without putting weight on the injury. But if youretired of using crutches or unable to do so, you donthave to spend your recovery stuck on the couch. With a knee scooter, you can get around easily and safely, ensuring thatyour daily routine isnt disrupted.

A knee scooter, which is sometimes referred to as a knee walker, resemblesa traditional scooter, but instead of a footrest, it features an elevated knee rest where you place your injured leg. You place your good leg on the ground to propel yourself forward. A knee scooters handlebars make it easy to direct the scooter where you want to go. A knee scooter can work effectively for a variety of injuries, including a broken foot, broken ankle, sprained ankle, Achilles tear, Achilles rupture, and healing after foot or ankle surgery.

For the smoothest recovery, you have to select the right knee scooter for your specific needs. That means deciding whether you want a steerable or non-steerable model, what type of brakes to choose, and what other features will make it as easy as possible to get around.

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+ Best Knee Scooter For Broken Foot 2022

Salman | Last Updated July 14, 2022

If you have a foot or leg injury, using crutches to get around may be difficult or impossible. If you are tired of using crutches or are unable to accomplish this, you do not need to give up your freedom completely.

A knee scooter offers you the possibility to move easily and safely. A knee scooter, also known as a knee walker, also looks like a normal scooter but has a raised knee pad that you put your leg into. You use your injured leg to propel yourself forward.

A knee scooter works for many foot, knee, and ankle injuries, but you need to choose the perfect scooter for your particular needs.

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Should I Buy Or Rent A Knee Scooter

Abody Folding Knee Scooter With Dual Braking System and Basket ,Great ...

After an injury, extensive costs are probably one of the last things youd like to be thinking about during your recovery process. On top of medical bills and time off from work, buying a knee scooter can range from $150 to $400. Renting one from a local medical supply store will normally cost you $100 a month plus a $100 deposit fee which means youll need to fork over $200 upfront to get a knee scooter.

In determining whether you should buy a knee scooter or rent one, you should probably consider these other questions:

Questions you should ask:

  • How long did your doctor say you will need to keep weight off of your foot or ankle?
  • Do you have local medical supply companies in your area that carry knee scooters?
  • Do they them in stock right now or will they be in stock by your surgery date?
  • Do local medical supply companies only sell knee scooters, rent knee scooters, or both?
  • What are their prices to buy vs rent?
  • How much of a deposit will you need to put down?
  • Are you willing to shop around for better deals which will require multiple phone calls?
  • If you cannot buy locally you can always buy online but are you willing to wait 4-7 days for the knee scooter to arrive?
  • If you buy a knee scooter do you plan to store it or resell it when youre finished using it
  • If you plan to resell it are you aware that resell values are typically 50% of new prices and it may take you months to resell it for a loss

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Elenker Medical Knee Scooter Revieworthopedic Knee Scooters

The Elenker Best Value Knee Walker is another more comfortable and reliable knee scooter by most famous brand Elenker which is thoughtfully designed for leg, foot or knee injury patients looking for the weight of the walker is 22 pounds which are not that heavy but the strong frame is heavy duty and capable to withstand in tough situations. The maximum capacity of the knee platform or the whole walker is 300 lbs. but you can go a bit higher from the mentioned if you have more weight than the specified limit. or an effective mobility solution.

The prime advantage of this knee walker is that it makes the recovery process fast if you have broken leg, foot or ankle.

The weight of the walker is 22 pounds which is not that heavy but the strong frame is heavy duty and capable to withstand in tough situations. The maximum capacity of the knee platform or the whole walker is 300 lbs. but you can go a bit higher from the mentioned if you have more weight than the specified limit.

Lets discuss the features of Elenker Medical Knee Scooter in detail.

This knee walker comes with a folding mechanism that allows you to store and transport the walker if you are constantly on the go. Those going out for shopping or office will find this knee walker a life saves. You can fold the bike when done the shopping and fold the bike and put the walker beside you.

Let us discuss some more about it.

  • No cons for this walker

Knee Scooter Rollator Walker With Padded Knee Platform

Number 3 on our list of top knee scooters is the Knee Scooter Rollator Walker with Padded Knee Platform by Roscoe Medical. The handles fold down without tools and its lightweight and easy to carry. The parking brake provides extra safety and control. This knee walker comes with a generously sized wire basket, and its four large wheels make it safe for indoor and outdoor use.

It meets a variety of user needs, from being especially easy to adjust to being highly maneuverable. It is suitable for people up to 300 pounds.

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Kneelectric Kick Scooter For Broken Leg Final Thoughts On The Subject Of This Review And Its Price

There are many impressive urban scooter on the market place, however just the variations provided in our outlet are assured to be first-rate.

It is actually geared up along with an electrical battery that allows you to ride with you modern eco-vehicle for up to 40 kilometers without reenergizing it. This indicates that you can easily make long excursions without needing to fret about discovering an energy source. The e-vehicles electric battery may have the capacity you prefer.

Airship V Not Adjustable

I Broke My Ankle | Getting Around On a Knee Scooter and Crutches

Steerable knee scooters allow you to turn the scooter around with the handlebars. Having the ability to steer the scooter allows you to easily maneuver wherever you want to go. You might even create tight turns that you wouldnt otherwise have the ability to do. But a steerable knee scooter is not as safe as non-steerable scooters and can spin without having them planned. A non-steerable kneeling scooter needs this to lift the front part of the scooter and then flip it in the direction you need to go. This makes tight turns and tight spaces difficult. But, it is stable and will stay upright with no potential to morph to either side

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Best Knee Scooters 2022 Buyers Guide

Best Knee scooters provide comfortable mobility compared to uncomfortable crutches.Agree?

Knee scooter with two, three, four, or even five wheels is very helpful for those having leg, foot or knee surgery and make the healing process much faster.

As a matter of fact, choosing the right knee scooter or lightweight knee walker is a challenging task as there are a plethora of knee cruisers available in the market.

In this guide, we have shortlisted top and best knee scooters for you to make the process easier.

You can simply choose the best knee scooter in a matter of minutes.

That said, lets get started

Knee Scooters: A Leg Up But Still Cumbersome

Knee scooters, leg scooters, or knee walkers are another alternative when you have a non-weight bearing condition. While knee scooters seem better than painful crutches, they still present their own, unique set of challenges. Knee scooters generally have four wheels, handlebars with handbrakes, and a padded platform to rest your injured leg on. The two best things about knee scooters is that they are pain-free and offer a platform that keeps your injury elevated. Unfortunately, this is where the benefits end and the challenges begin.

The primary limitation of the knee scooter is that it must be used on level ground at all times. Even the smallest bumps can create tremendous obstacles while stairs are simply impossible.

Many of the other problems experienced with the knee scooter are due to its awkward size and weight. It is extremely difficult to transport and the top-heavy nature of the knee scooter makes it inherently unsteady. The large turning radius also makes it difficult to turn around in tight spaces. This makes the temptation to cheat when using a knee scooter that much greater.

In addition to these setbacks, the fact that you must use both hands to operate the knee scooter creates similar problems to crutches. For example, holding a cup of coffee while operating a knee scooter is virtually impossible to do without spilling it.

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