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Knee High Stockings For Women

Preppy Meets Chic With Women’s Knee High Socks

Love Sock Company Women’s Knee High Socks

There’s something about the leg-lengthening silhouette of women’s knee high socks that allows us to proudly flash our pins without showing much skin at all. Teaming a pair of black ladies’ knee high socks with a sleek mini dress and leather ankle boots is an effortlessly chic outfit that oozes individual style and can easily be changed up with accessories like bags, belts and jewellery.

Our Knee High Sock For Women Buying Guide

Knee-high socks are often associated with school uniforms. But knee-high socks serve a useful purpose. Perfect for wearing with dress pants, knee-high socks have become the undergarment of choice for busy professionals.

But there are plenty of factors to consider if youre shopping for these socks. They vary in thickness, which may be very important if you spend any time outdoors in cold weather. Thicker knee-high socks, particularly those lined with wool, can keep the lower part of your leg warm in chilly conditions, as well as your feet.

Thinner knee-high socks have their benefits, as well, though. You may find opaque, neutral-colored socks that look great with the shoes youre wearing with your dressier pants. This can create a very polished business look that keeps you both comfortable and looking sharp.

Another type of knee-high sock is a compression sock. These socks are designed to promote circulation in your lower legs. You could be surprised at the whimsical, youthful patterns that are now available in compression socks. They dont have to be clinical-looking. In fact, others may not even be aware that the socks youre wearing are compression socks.

Revamp Your Skirts With Women’s Knee High Socks

Go full-on preppy with women’s knee high socks in clean white or blue and pair with a tartan or simple denim skirt. Finish the look with a slouchy slogan tee and chunky biker boots for an edgy twist, or wear with a basic shirt and kitten heels to tone it down for a sophisticated finish. Channel this season’s sports luxe trend by teaming knee high socks for women with a pair of statement sneakers or high-tops and wear with a bomber jacket for an urban-inspired edge.

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Womens Knee High Stockings

The Knee High Sock For Women Tips And Advice

Womens Plus Size Extra
  • Thicker socks have their benefits, but you should always consider breathability. If youre wearing socks for long periods of time, particularly for working out, your feet could sweat. This may lead to issues over time, in addition to just being uncomfortable. Some socks are built to keep your feet warm while also encouraging air circulation.
  • Shoe size applies to your socks, too. Youll find many knee-high socks that are sized in a range. If you have a larger or smaller foot, though, you may have to narrow your search to socks that fit your own shoe size.
  • Knee socks can have an issue with drooping throughout the day. Unless you want your knee socks to end up around your ankles, look for a pair of socks that has an elastic band at the top that keeps it in place. But youll also need to make sure the band isnt so constraining that it squeezes your leg and makes you uncomfortable.
  • If you walk long distances or work on your feet, look at the cushioning in the heel and around the toes. This can help you reduce blistering while also keeping your feet comfortable.

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Knee High Socks & Over The Knee Socks Tall Socks For Women

Browse Free Peoples selection of knee high socks to keep your feet warm without sacrificing style. Made from soft cotton and wool blends, our knee high socks are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. You can wear knee high socks in a neutral hue in a nubby knit, or a striking red colour in a far out fair-isle print. Whichever kind of knee high sock you decide to wear, they are sure to look perfect with all kinds of boots. We love knee high socks peeking out from under a pair of rugged tall lace-ups, or slouched down and grungy with short ankle boots. Over the knee socks look most adorable styled over tights and leggings in either slouchy or straight styles with a mini skirt or cutoff shorts. Choose from sheer, patterned, ruffle, and mesh styles to find your favourite pair of over the knee socks. This season, complement your favourite boots with a pair of knee high socks from Free People because they are sure to add a little something special to your look.

The Best Knee High Socks For Women

Comfort and functionality combine to form these knee high socks for women. The cotton leaves the socks feeling soft against the skin, while the spandex hold the socks firmly in place. Ladies will find the socks are great for everyday wear and pair well with skirts or dresses and tall boots.

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Update Your Wardrobe With Knee High Socks For Women

Socks are a great way to refresh your look without buying new clothes. Knee high socks for women are also wonderful when paired with boots and booties. They provide comfort and protection for your skin while making your footwear feel more comfortable. These socks come in a variety of colors and styles so theres sure to be one that fits your personality.


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