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Knee High Boots With Socks

What Shoes Look Fabulous With Knee High Socks

Tashon Pointelle Knit Knee High Boot Socks Set of Three with Amy Stran

If you thought that knee-highs were reserved for school girls and sports fields then you were so very mistaken! These sexy socks have recently made a major comeback and have consistently been highlighted as a fashion trend on runways and fashion blogs worldwide. The best thing about knee-high socks is that they are not only comfortable and cozy, but are also an easy way to add some personality to a lackluster outfit. They are also a smart choice for anybody who wants to create an attractive silhouette and make their legs look even more fabulous.

From heeled boots to flats, the right pair of shoes can compliment your legs and your knee socks at the same time, bringing your whole look together perfectly. We have listed some of the shoe styles that you can pair up with your knee-high or long thigh high socks and would love to hear your own styling suggestions. Contact us and send us your messages to or photos so that we can see how you have created a fashionable footwear combination. Click here to check out 185+ Outfit ideas with socks.

What Socks To Wear With Thigh

Figuring out what type of socks to wear with your boots can be tricky sometimes. Do you want to wear a pair of thigh-high boots but don’t know if your socks are long enough? We have done plenty of research to find you the answers.

You should wear knee-length socks with a pair of thigh-high boots. Another type of sock to try with thigh-highs is a pair with a built-in grip, so they don’t slide down while you are wearing them.

As we begin, we will cover all things thigh-high boots and discuss what socks you should wear with them. Whether you just got your first pair of thigh-highs or need new socks, we’ve got you covered. With that said, let’s dive right in!

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Should You Always Wear Socks With Boots

In general, we would say you should always wear socks with thigh-high boots. Regardless of the weather, wearing socks with your boots will keep your feet comfortable and prevent blistering and smelly feet.

If it is hot out, try opting for a thinner material pair of socks to keep your legs and feet cool.

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How High Do Thigh

Typically, thigh-high boots have a shaft height of 18 or more inches and reach your mid to upper thigh. Of course, every pair of thigh-highs is different, but you can expect your boots to pass your knees by about four to eight inches.

Thigh-high boots will generally cover two-thirds of your legs and are perfect for dresses, skirts, and even jeans.

These boots are suede material, have a rubber sole, are 3.5 inches tall, and come in many color options.

What Are The Best Socks To Wear With Thigh

TeeHee Socks

When it comes to choosing socks for thigh-high boots, make sure they are thick and neutral-colored. Generally, your socks shouldn’t show if you wear thigh-highs, but it’s better to be prepared if they are super long.

Material-wise, we recommend thick cotton or blended socks so your boots don’t rub against your legs or cause blisters.

These knee-high socks are breathable, come in plain and striped, have a stocking toe design, and have great reviews from customers.

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Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Thigh

We would certainly recommend you wear socks with thigh-high boots. Depending on how thick your boots are, wearing socks will keep your feet comfortable and help your shoes fit better.

Another reason to wear socks under your thigh-high boots would be to prevent blisters from forming around your ankles.

These thigh-high socks are nylon, cotton, and spandex material, breathable, and promise to stay in place all day.

Pairs Of Socks That Look Good With Boots

I miss living in a cold place, solely based on the fact that I don’t get to wear any cold weather fashion. I used to love rocking layers during the winter and that included cozy socks over tights so I could wear my favorite boots in comfort. There are so many pairs of socks that look good with boots, giving your outfit a bit of edge.

I am personally a huge fan of over-the-knee knit socks paired with boots that hit just below the knee. I went through a phase where I wouldn’t wear pants, and so layering socks over thick tights was just my go-to. You can also rock some thigh-high wool socks, or patterned socks, or socks that have buttons on the sides.

If you can’t part with your Hunter boots during the winter, you can make them warmer by adding in a boot sock. You can even wear a cool pair of colored socks with ankle boots and dress, skirt, or cropped pants on your next night out.

There are so many different options for pairs of socks that look good with boots this winter, and I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you. Check out the 12 final picks below.

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Knee High Socks & Over The Knee Socks Tall Socks For Women

Browse Free People’s selection of knee high socks to keep your feet warm without sacrificing style. Made from soft cotton and wool blends, our knee high socks are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. You can wear knee high socks in a neutral hue in a nubby knit, or a striking red color in a far out fair-isle print. Whichever kind of knee high sock you decide to wear, they are sure to look perfect with all kinds of boots. We love knee high socks peeking out from under a pair of rugged tall lace-ups, or slouched down and grungy with short ankle boots. Over the knee socks look most adorable styled over tights and leggings in either slouchy or straight styles with a mini skirt or cutoff shorts. Choose from sheer, patterned, ruffle, and mesh styles to find your favorite pair of over the knee socks. This season, complement your favorite boots with a pair of knee high socks from Free People because they are sure to add a little something special to your look.

Do Thigh High Boots Make You Look Shorter

How to Style Knee/Thigh High Socks | Fashion Lookbook Fall 2014

When it comes to thigh-high boots making you look short, this is true. If you are on the shorter side, wearing overly long boots can give off the illusion your legs are much shorter than they actually are.

With that said, as long as your boots are just above your knee, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you are having trouble finding thigh-highs that flatter you, try opting for an over-the-knee style boot instead.

This pair of over-the-knee boots are faux suede material, have a chunky heel, comfortable and secure fit, and come in plenty of color options.

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Do Thigh High Boots Look Good On Everyone

For those debating a pair of thigh-high boots, we think they look good on anyone who wants to wear them. Regardless of how tall or short you are, thigh-high boots are a sexy pair of shoes to try for a night out on the town.

For anyone curvy, make sure to get a pair of thigh-highs that lace up towards the top or have stretchy material. If you are thinner, a pair of thigh-high boots with a zipper should fit you just fine.

Should You Wear Long Socks With Boots

Depending on how high your boots reach, your socks should be near the same length. When it comes to thigh-highs, we recommend longer socks because of how high that style runs.

If you have ankle or knee-length boots, that is when your socks can be shorter. It never hurts to try a few different sock styles with your boots to see which one looks and feels the best.

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Knee High Socks Boots

How To Style Thigh High Boots

Colorado Knitted Over The Knee Thigh High Long Sock Boot In Black Faux ...

Generally, styling thigh-high boots is much easier than it seems. First, we recommend pairing your shoes with a looser top, dress, or skirt to give your outfit an appropriate feel.

Thigh-highs, in particular, have a level of sexiness to them already, so your clothes don’t need to be super tight to get the look. Recently, many people choose to wear oversized sweaters with their boots or even jeans under them with a button-down blouse.

Pink Queen Women’s Pullover Sweater Dress

This oversized sweater is 100% acrylic material, has an ultra-soft and cozy design, is hand-wash, and comes in various colors/patterns.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Skinny Jeans

This pair of skinny jeans is 78% cotton, machine washer friendly, mid-rise design, and comes in a few color options.

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How Do Keep Thigh

The problem with super long socks is that they tend to stretch out near the thigh area, leading to slipping as you move around in them.

From what we found, a few ways to keep your socks up include thigh belts, body adhesive, and layering your socks. Whether your socks are too big or stretched out over time, using a thigh belt is a fool-proof way to keep your socks in place.

On the other hand, if your socks are prone to slipping, applying a body adhesive around your thigh area will keep them up for hours on end. And if those options don’t work, layering with an extra pair of socks will help with slipping.

This body adhesive is gentle on the skin, has a roll-on applicator, wipes off with a damp cloth, and promises not to stain your clothing.

Take Care Of Your Tall Socks

One size fits most, wash on cool and hang to dry.

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Are Tall Boots Still In Style

Trend-wise, we would say wearing tall boots this year is still a good idea. Although thigh-high boots are not for everyone, there is no denying their importance and relevance in the fashion industry.

Like we mentioned, styling your boots with looser, less revealing clothing is what’s currently in, so we recommend sticking to that. Of course, everyone’s style is unique, so if you see something you like and feel confident wearing it, we say more power to you.

Are Thigh High Boots Comfortable

Outfit of the Day: Gray Sweater and Red Knee-High Socks

When it comes to if thigh-high boots are comfortable to wear, we would say they are. Although this style is much longer than a regular pair of boots, thigh-highs provide ample support for your ankles and feet.

With that said, choosing a sturdy and comfortable pair of thigh-highs is essential, so we recommend either suede or faux/real leather boots. Height-wise, thigh highs usually aren’t over four inches, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble walking in them.

This pair of thigh-high boots are synthetic leather, four inches, have a chunky block heel, and come in a few different colors.

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