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Knee Brace For Dog Acl

Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella:

Ortho Dog – Cruciate Care Knee Brace Demo

Patella means knee-cap and luxating means out of place. Custom dog knee braces become necessary when the patella moves out from the femur just above the stifle. Otherwise, the pet feels discomfort and sits and walks abnormally. If the luxating patella is mild, then dog knee braces are enough for the dog to recover.

They help stabilize the joint and provide the elasticity required while protecting the kneecap. Moreover, dogs wearing knee braces can walk normally, and limping vanishes. Also, the luxating patella can recover if the dog exercises, maintains a steady weight, and takes anti-inflammatory supplements prescribed by veterinarians to boost joint health.

The dog knee brace for luxating patella comes in various sizes and shapes. A perfect snug fit brace is required for luxating patella and similar injuries. Taking into account the recommendation of the veterinarian is a must. Discuss the situation and find out the best solution. Sometimes surgery is required so it is best to consider a professional opinion.

Below is the a video about a Dog whos owners decided to against Surgery. Watch his Story and Recovery with a Knee Brace :

There Are Many Veterinary

Is a dog ACL brace one of them?

I tell my clients if you get one hundred vets in a room and ask their advice, youll get 105 opinions. Medicine is, by very definition, something to be practiced. Its an art form. Life experience, favorite skills, and different training programs contribute to each veterinarian having their own personal tricks, ideas, and strategies for treating their patients. Veterinarians practice protocols are kind of like snowflakesno two are exactly alike.

Heres a great example of this: the medical and surgical options for repairing a cranial cruciate ligament tear in dogs. There are at least four different surgical techniques, each with their own cult following, plus choices of medications and supplements. Not to mention rehabilitation, laser treatment, and complementary modalities . The number of permutations for a dogs treatment plan are through the roof.

But heres where it gets interesting to me: whether or not a dog knee brace is appropriate for the treatment of a torn cruciate ligament is not murky. Its not one of those areas where you have a huge diversity of opinion among veterinarians.

Spoiler alert: in general the consensus is a thumbs down for the concept of a dog ACL brace. That said, it may still be a valuable tool in a few cases. Plus, the supply for dog knee braces is strong , indicating high consumer demand.

To brace or not to brace, that is the question

Agon Dog Canine Rear Hock Joint Brace Compression Wrap With Straps Dog For Back Leg Protects Wounds Heals Prevents Injuries And Sprains Helps With Loss Of Stability Caused By Arthritis

Features :

  • CIRCUMFERENCE Above Hock Measurement: S: 3.75 M: 4.50 L: 5.25 XL: 6
  • How Agon Dog Wrap will help you dog: Heal the pain due to injury or surgery Provide support and stabilization during the injury Assist them to loosen the inflammation Save them from future injuries -It is observed that the dog gets its 2nd knee injured soon after the first one. This is due to the imbalance caused by the injury in one leg. The Agon Dog Braces makes sure that the balance of the body is maintained, so the dog doesnt get into any more injuries of joints.
  • WHY IS AGON REAR HOCK BRACE THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG? Agon Dog Brace is made of smooth mesh sheet which is easy to wear, doesnt hurt the skin, and is easy to wash. The nylon material used in the making are robust and flexible at the same time. The Velcro in the brace is also a great addition to the ease of brace.
  • The next time you dog needs a good support, go ahead with Agon Dog Braces as they will never let you down.
  • SIZES OF AGON REAR HOCK JOINT DOG BRACE Depending on the breed of the dog, the sizes would vary. Agon provides you with 4 size options which are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Moreover, all the sizes have two starps, which provides the ease to the user and the dog and can help fit the brace perfectly on the knee or body part. To get a perfect size is crucial as it will not loosen and stay tight all long. A perfect size speeds the process of healing for the dog.

Additional Info :

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Our Knee Bracing Solutions: Dog Acl Brace / Dog Ccl Brace

If your dog has a problem with its knees, then it is most likely related to your pets ACL/CCL. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament which is called the Cranial Cruciate Ligament for dogs is a common source of knee injuries for both humans and animals.

Although CCL is the proper canine name for this ligament, you will typically hear vets refer to it as the ACL for convenience, as this is a term that is frequently used when discussing knee injuries for athletes and most people will recognize it.

The ACL/CCL is one of the ligaments that connect a persons femur with their tibia and helps keep the two bones in proper alignment during motion, i.e. walking, running, etc. However, repeated strain over time can cause damage to the ACL/CCL, causing it to rupture and leading to pain, inflammation, and further damage to the knee area.

A dog ACL brace or dog CCL brace can help control the motion of the tibia against the femur and reduce the symptoms mentioned above. A brace can be used in a situation where knee surgery is not possible , or it can be used to support recovery and rehabilitation post-surgery and allow healing to take its natural course with a reduced risk of re-injury.

Can A Dog Knee Brace Be Worn On Both Legs

Custom Knee Braces For Dogs

When a dog knee brace is worn on both hind legs, this is called bilateral bracing. A double knee brace may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Due to the high probability of a dog with an ACL or CCL tear injuring their remaining knee within a year. Further injury can be avoiding by bracing and stabilizing the uninjured knee.

For dogs with double knee injuries, supporting both stifles can reduce joint inflammation and help the pet to stay active as they heal. Knee injuries that may require bracing on both back legs include:

  • Cruciate injuries or tears

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Understand The Crutiate Injury And Treatment Options:


The rupture of the cruciate ligament means that the knee joint of your pet is unstable. The instability is triggered each time the dog bears weight on the leg. In the short term, the injury is painful and can be swollen, then a lack of activity leads to muscle wastage . Within the time frame of a few months to a few years, the long term consequences of this instability are the onset of osteoarthritis.


Your veterinarian can perform surgery and place internal support to stabilize the knee joint. The knee braces can also bring external support to settle the joint instability. This is the reason why the BT-JUMP dog knee brace features two splints inserted into the comfortable, padded fabric to provide real support.


After any stifle surgery on your dog , the knee is painful and swollen from the implant stabilizing the knee joint. The first 2-3 weeks are delicate and even though the joint is stable, over-activity of your pet could damage the corrective work of the surgery. Some dogs will be easy to manage and some may become restless when confined and / or limited to restricted activity. For those canine patients that become too energetic, the use of a knee brace will help support and protect the surgery site.The brace is then not used all the time but only when you are unable to restrain the activity level of your dog.

Baoguai Knee Brace For Dogs Acl With Side Stabilizersknee Cap Dislocation Arthritis Keeps The Joint Warm And Stable Extra Support Reduces Pain And Inflammation 7sizes

Features :

  • FITS DOG SIZES Seven sizes to choose from. Please refer to the pictures to measure your dogs size before choosing to buy. Common to left and right leg. Note: Forearm and Thigh are not the same size
  • KNEE SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY- metal spring stabilizers fit tightly with your dogs knee joint, which can better protect and stabilize the dogs joints, and the support frame is strong and tough, and will not affect the normal activities of the dog
  • STABILIZATION & RECOVERY Light compression ensures stability and improves balance between muscle groups for full support and prevents injury from becoming a more serious condition. Also improves oxygen delivery, enhancing performance for faster recovery.
  • PAIN RELIEF Spring side stabilizers and elastic compression fabric helps reduce inflammation by increasing joint temperature, reducing pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis and kneecap problems. Prevent your dog from licking and chewing
  • VET APPROVED Our stents meet and exceed the high expectations of certified veterinarians. If you or your dog is dissatisfied with this bracket for any reason, please let us know and we will correct it.

Additional Info :

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Fitting The Balto Knee Brace

Look at your brace and identify the abdominal belt, the collar link, the anchor kit, and the brace with its straps.Find the patella or knee cap of your dog. The hole of the brace should be centered on the knee cap of your dog.

Note: It is easier to fit the brace if your dog is standing.

  • Open the abdominal belt and close it around your dogs belly. Tighten it just enough to help position the knee brace at the right level on the leg.
  • Open all the straps of the brace and place the knee brace with the hole centered on the patella.
  • Starting at the top, close one strap at a time. Please note that for small breeds the brace has only one knee strap. Adjust the abdominal brace a bit tighter if needed.
  • The dog should have its leg straight when sitting and lying down. If the brace slides down and the dog flexes its leg when sitting or lying down then it means it is too loose.
  • Note:

    • If your dog tends to lift or drag its leg instead of bearing weight on it while walking, check the lowest strap near the hock. It may be too tight and be putting too much pressure on the tendon, therefore loosen slightly.
    • For breeds with long hair, please bear in mind a clipping might be necessary in order for the brace to fit better.


    As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injured themselves, we recommend supervision of your dog at all time when wearing the brace.



    Compare The Best Dog Knee Braces: Updated For 2022

    Our Dog Tore His ACL, So We Tried The OrthoDog Cruciate Knee Brace
  • Compare the Best Dog Knee Braces: Updated for 2022
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    Best for
    AGON Dog Rear Hock Joint Brace

    Dog knee braces can be an invaluable tool for sprains, arthritis, ACL tears, a luxating patella, and other injuries. Some dogs can also benefit from wearing a brace to keep their knee stabilized to prevent a future injury. There are a variety of knee braces on the market for large and small dogs. Braces come in a range of sizes and colors and often include different features, such as being waterproof or customizable for a snug fit.

    If youre here with the question, what are the best dog knee braces, were here to help. Continue reading to learn more about our top picks.

    • Choose a right- or left-sided brace depending on which knee needs support
    • Size guide to ensure a proper fit for your pup.
    • Features a lateral aluminum splint
    • Works to stabilize the knee and reduce movement
    • Offers an ergonomic design
    • Constructed from neoprene to help keep dogs comfortable
    • Available in nine different sizes for both left and right legs
    • Designed for use with medium and large-breed dogs
    • Hooks to a dogs chest harness to keep the strap from slipping
    • Ensures the knee stays stabilized

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    How Effective Are Dog Knee Braces

    An acute knee injury in dogs worsens with time. But don’t worry… One of the best solutions to knee tears is a dog knee brace. Let us see how: The limping in your canine is likely due to a damaged ligament within the joint. The ligament is a fibrous tissue that keeps everything together and holds the joint. The knee injury would lead to lameness, limping, pain, and arthritis without adequate treatment.In older times, dogs used to recover without surgical treatment. However, a non-surgical remedy, also known as a complementary therapy, including braces, now serves the same purpose. Moreover, dog knee braces are highly effective and have an excellent quality-to-price ratio compared to other means of curing a dog’s knee injury.

    Kruuse Rehab Dog Knee Brace

    We know your dog is getting lame because of the continuous joint pain. This dog knee brace is exactly for your dog if it is suffering from any knee injury. This brace is elastic, and its stabilizing effect makes your dog comfortable and confident to enjoy a walk again.

    An additional icing to the coffee is that no harness is necessary with the Kruuse rehab knee protector. It also heals wounds from accidents, surgery, and other arthrosis changes in the articular cartilage.

    The best part is that your pup does not have to wear this hock brace for the rest of its life. It sets the musculature, and your dog is good to go without any brace.

    This dog leg brace is 14 inches long, and it must pull up the dogs leg while covering the knee to function properly. The Velcro straps provide greater grip when fastened with the softer hip straps below the abdomen. It has different straps for the right and left legs.

    Kruuse Rehab knee protector is ideal for the Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds. It has varying sizes that suit the dog well. In addition, the lightweight, snugly material never lets your dog feel burdened.


    • Kruuse rehab dog knee is deemed excellent for knee support and treating wounds.
    • The adjustable velcro straps and different right and left leg sizes were a great comfort.


    • Many dog owners reported that the strips of this dogs knee brace fell when the dog sat and was loose enough to be adjusted frequently.

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    Can You Make Your Own Brace

    While you can technically create a knee brace at home for your dog, this is not recommended. A homemade brace will likely not have the support needed to help your dogs injuries heal or be a snug enough fit to help reduce inflammation. It is better to invest in a premade knee brace that is specifically designed for assisting dogs with knee injuries.

    Is A Stifle Orthosis The Right Solution For You And Your Dog

    Dog Knee Brace

    Injury to the cranial cruciate ligament is the most common orthopedic injury in the dog. This injury is due to a partial or complete tear of a ligament inside the stifle . The resulting instability leads to pain and arthritis.

    Stabilization is recommended for best short and long-term function, quality of life, and comfort. Stabilization is traditionally done surgically either with a joint realignment surgery or with a pseudo-ligament surgically placed outside the joint . These procedures are considered the standard of care, in general. In the past 7 years, the use of custom orthosis has become available as an alternative to surgery when surgery is not appropriate for any reason. These reasons may include other health issues, unacceptable surgical or anesthesia risk, advanced age, and financial constraints, among others.

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    I Am Not Sure If I Am Measuring Correctly For A Performance Dog Knee Brace Can You Help Me

    Please contact us at 651-440-9321 or so we can walk you through the process.

    Why does it tell me my dog’s measurements are ‘out of range’ and tells me to order a Custom Brace?

    The Performance Dog knee brace has limited sizing options. Unfortunately, it sounds like your dog does not fall into any of our current sizing options for this brace. We encourage you to consider our Custom Dog Knee brace, since custom braces are made specifically to your dog’s measurements.

    Walkabout Harnesses Pink Knee Brace For Dogs

    If you are into pink braces and youre looking for a knee brace that can assist in the management of ACL, Arthritis, CCL injury, injured joint pain, stress, and fatigue, then you should try out this knee brace.

    This unit comes with two stirrup straps that serve to hold up over your dogs knee and then fastens with velcro over the pets back, permitting for greater adjustability.

    A suspender has been included and serves to loops through the soft straps on the back. The suspender is equipped with a clip that snaps onto any standard chest halters, such as the popular Walkabout Chest Halter.

    This knee brace will keep the joint area compressed and stabilized hence allowing any inflammation to ease down. This way, the joint will have a chance to calm down and heal. In a case of mild instability, you can hold the joint securely.

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