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How To Use Knee Pillow For Sciatica

Aocome Knee Pillow For Side Sleepers

How to Use a Knee Pillow for Back Pain : Knee Pillows & Travel

If you are on a budget, but you still need a more than decent knee pillow, this one should fit the bill. It is specifically designed for side sleepers and it is capable of alleviating pain from sciatic-related conditions and joint pathologies. As is the case with some of the others weve showcased here, this one comes with a removable and washable cover.

The leg strap that the pillow is equipped with certainly comes in handy. Feel free to use it to position your legs properly. Thanks to it, you can rest assured that the pillow is going to remain in one place even when you turn from one side to the other. This memory foam pillow is breathable, as well as hypo-allergenic.


  • Comes with a leg strap
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • Improves conditions such as sciatica, knee and back pain, and arthritis
  • Made of 100% hypo-allergenic memory foam


Medcline Therapeutic Body Pillow

Price: $$

Stomach sleeping can place added pressure on the spine and is not recommended for sciatica. If youre a stomach sleeper, using a body pillow may stop you from shifting into this position during sleep.

This therapeutic body pillow is made from shredded CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that adapts to your body. Its J-shaped to provide cushioning and support for your neck, lower back, hips, and knees. It also keeps you on your side, which may be the best sleeping position during sciatica flare-ups.

It has no seams on its inner curve that would press into your neck, torso, or knees.

It comes in two sizes and has a removable, machine washable cover.

People With Back Knee And Hip Pain

Aligning your knees with a pillow can reduce the inflammation on your sciatic nerve, helping you get rid of pesky back pain. A knee pillow aligns your legs, as well, so you also avoid putting extra strain on your knees. Last, but not least, it can also make a difference for people who have achy hips. It prevents the latter from rotating as you move during your sleep.

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With A Towel Or Pillow Under Your Lower Back

Putting a towel or thin pillow under your lower back can help keep your spine in a neutral position by reducing the gap between your back and mattress.

How to set up:

  • Lie face-up with a comfortable pillow behind your head.
  • Slide a thin pillow or towel under your lower back so that you can comfortably keep your pelvis in a neutral position.
  • You can also combine this technique with a pillow under your knees if you find it more comfortable.
  • You Sleep On Your Back

    KNEEPI : Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief ...

    If you sleep on your back, you may suffer from a curved spine or rotated hips. To help properly align your spine and ensure that youre sleeping in the most comfortable of positions, try placing a bolster pillow or triangular-shaped pillow under your knees. This will ensure that your back and hips are at the correct angle.

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    Best Sleeping Position For Sciatica

  • Back Sleeping: Best Sleeping Position for Sciatica

    Sleeping on the back puts the spine in a neutral position and relieves tension around the nerves location. For ultimate pain relief, lie on your back, lift your knees and place a couple of pillows beneath until you feel comfortable. A soft pillow under your lower back and neck will release pressure from your joints and nerves. If you dont feel comfortable, you can place cushions under your arms too.

  • Side Sleeping: Good for Sciatica

    Its harder for side sleepers to learn how to sleep with sciatica. Youre not lying on your back, so there isnt any pressure on the spine, discs, or nerves. But you might strain your spine out of alignment. Lie on your painless side, curl your knees at a 90-degree angle, place a pillow between your legs, under the neck, and have a spare for under the arms if they feel uncomfortable.

  • Stomach Sleeping: Worst Position for Sciatica

    Sciatica is a nightmare for stomach sleepers. Lying on your stomach puts the spine into an unnatural position and increases the stress on your joints and lower back. It can cause discomfort, more pain, and damage to the sciatic nerve. Sleeping on your stomach is not the right choice because it puts pressure on your shoulders, neck, and sciatic nerve.

  • Use Larger Pillows Or Body Pillows

    If youre a side sleeper, a larger pillow may give you enough surface area under your chest and head to maintain your alignment and minimize nerve compression. Another option is to use a full body pillow. Many users report improvements with sleep on body pillows because of the added support. Pillows like this can be larger versions of a standard pillow or shaped like a U or a candy cane.

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    Try One Of The Best Sleeping Positions For Sciatica

    Finding a comfortable sleeping position with sciatica is one of the biggest challenge patients experience. These are some of the best sleeping positions for those suffering from lower back pain due to sciatica.

    Use a pillow between your legs The pillow is there to help align the hips, pelvis, and spine better.

    Sleep in a fetal position When you sleep in this position, you open the space between the vertebrae, providing pressure relief.

    Use a pillow under your abdomen If you can only sleep on your stomach, add a pillow under your abdomen. This is particularly helpful for those with degenerative disc disease.

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    What Kind Of Sleeper Are You

    Knee Pillow from The Good Sleep Expert

    Its important to choose a knee pillow that doesnt just suit your body, but also your sleeping style. We all have our own preferred positions for sleeping, while some of us can be more restless than others. Side sleepers tend to favor contoured/hourglass pillows, while back sleepers or those who sleep in various positions may be better off with a half-moon knee pillow. If you do move around a lot in your sleep, getting a pillow with a strap is a smart thing to do.

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    Leg Elevation Pillow With Full Memory Foam Top High

    If you want a perfect sleeping aid then grab a leg elevation pillow. Alleviating legs to improve blood circulation is the major task of this high-Density foamed pillow. Its advanced memory foam layer is included to relieve back, hip, and knee pain.

    The whole measurement is 24 x 21 x 8, which is perfect to have a relaxing night of sleep as well as a short daylight snooze. All you need to do is to elevate the legs for 6 to 12 inches, and it will help you to conquer spine alignment. Ligaments and muscles will get stronger day by day if one uses them regularly.

    Whats more, it is designed to retain the expected body shape of every user. Breathable materials and covers can help one to improve edema, heal insomnia and reduce swelling.

    Although the materials are breathable, they can get full of fuzz after washing it inaccurately. So, remove and clean them carefully. Apart from this, it is an excellent and beneficial option to improve the whole bodys well-being.


    • Not applicable for short people

    Talk To Your Doctor About Pain

    Consulting your doctor about pain management is always a good idea, especially if none of our other tips are providing you with the comfort and rest you need. Your doctor may want to recommend pain-relieving creams or patches which have proven to be effective for many people. They may also want to discuss further treatment options and possible causes for your discomfort other than sciatica.

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    Half Moon Bolster Pillow Knee Pillow For Back Pain Relief

    Users can use this as a leg elevator, a knee pillow, or a wedge. Also, helps to ease the pains related to pregnancy. Surprisingly, allegorical people can also use this as it is a hypo-allergenic product. Breathable covers are included to confirm long-lasting support and comfort.

    Due to its multiple nature and features, doctors recommend it to have healing support in several areas of the body. It also can be used in numerous post-surgical recoveries such as hip replacement, arthritic knees, poor spine alignment, and knee surgery.

    It can reduce varicose veins while improving blood circulation on the body. Since it is rigid one might experience a little bit of hassle to compress at first use.


    • Too hard

    Company Store Knee And Leg Posture Pillow

    Memory Foam Knee Therapy Pillow,Orthopedic Knee Pillow for ...

    The Company Store pillow is longer than most options, offering additional support for the legs. It is relatively flat, which means it will not elevate the top knee excessively. People who want more support can fold it in half. It contains polyester material, and its size means it can double as a traditional pillow. The pillow is moderately firm.

    One of the more affordable options on the list, this pillow also supports the knees.

    It features an outer layer of memory foam, preventing leg overheating.

    The company state that tapered edges of the cushion provide adjustable support and some support to the legs.

    Contours pillow is very firm, making it suitable for those who want significant support.

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    Option : Elevate Your Legs

    If youre struggling to stay comfortable while lying down, try elevating your legs. Back sleepers can use a wedged cushion or simply bend their knees to elevate their legs for added comfort.

    Place heels and back on the mattress, elevate the knees towards the ceiling, and place cushion underneath. Youll be amazed by how comfortable this can feel.

    Elevating your legs when sleeping with sciatica is recommended for back sleepers with sciatica. The angle at which you bend your knees helps release lower back tension and therefore prevent nerve pressure.

    Option : Try Magnesium Supplements Or Spray Before Bed

    You may not know it but you probably have a magnesium deficiency almost every human has, especially women. Having a magnesium deficiency can compound your sciatic pain and make it feel even worse.

    Try taking the supplement or use a topical spray every night before sleep to relax your nerve system and mildly reduce the sciatic pain and tightness. Consult your doctor about additional supplement recommendations.

    Magnesium is a well-known supplement used by pro athletes and olympians to soothe pain and relax muscles. Taking it as a supplement or using a topical spray on the affected area promotes pain relief and helps with better sleep.

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    Side Sleepers: Place A Contoured Pillow Between Your Knees

    If you prefer sleeping on your side, there are methods you can try to get a good sleep despite the sciatica pain. You may benefit from using a contoured pillow, shaped to fit snugly and comfortably between your knees. A contoured pillow can help reduce lumbar spine pressure and keep your body aligned.

    Maintains A Spinal Alignment For Side Sleepers

    SIVNN Knee Memory Pillow BEST PILLOW for Sciatica pregnancy back leg pain REVIEW

    If youre a side sleeper, you probably know what its like to have your knees knock together all night. While generally comfortable, this sleep position can put strain on the sensitive pressure points of your hips and shoulders. For that reason, many side sleepers require the extra comfort and support of a knee pillow between their legs.As people age, disc degeneration and herniated discs often become a greater risk. If you develop either, a knee pillow can offer better spinal alignment and pain relief as you sleep and recover.

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    What To Consider When Purchasing A Knee Pillow

    There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for a knee pillow. Knowing exactly what to look for can save time and help you purchase the best knee pillow for you.

    Unfortunately, some sleep product companies use fluffy, difficult-to-decipher wording when describing their sleep products, including knee pillows. With flowery writing, they can make their knee pillows sound wonderful without sharing much concrete information about them.

    We encourage you to look past vague advertising claims and examine specific features of knee pillows instead. The best pillow for you will depend on your body and personal preferences.

    In this section, we delve into the various factors that are important when it comes to knee pillow shopping. With a deeper understanding of shape, support, firmness level, and more, you will be prepared to evaluate the many knee pillow options on the market.

    ShapeMany knee pillows are contoured so the pillow easily fits between a persons legs. The best knee pillow for side sleepers is designed to sit between the thighs or fit along the length of a persons calves. There are also knee pillows shaped like cylinders and wedges, which work well for back sleepers who put a pillow beneath their knees.

    Dont Tolerate Sciatica Pain

    Whatever is causing your sciatica, dont assume you have to live with it. If its interfering with your quality of sleep , talk with your healthcare provider about solutions, including a referral for physical therapy.

    Even just a few sessions with a physical therapist can be helpful for many people, Sieberth says. Your therapist can help you figure out which sleeping positions and activities are best for you. Sciatica is such an individual condition, so theres no one-size-fits-all solution.

    With the right medical treatment, you can get relief from sciatica pain and head off to dreamland again.

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    How Do I Get My Sciatic Nerve To Stop Hurting

    Some people may find that taming sciatica pain can be challenging. But it is important to know that it is not impossible. There are many ways to reduce and control sciatica pain. Once you know the cause of your sciatica, how severe your condition is, and what causes your sciatica to flare up, it will be easier to deal with the pain.

    Some may benefit from short periods of rest, massage, or physical therapy, and others may not. The good news is that in three out of four sciatica pain sufferers, the symptoms improve over a couple of weeks. You just have to avoid sciatica triggers and find an appropriate treatment approach.

    Minimize Side Rolling With Pillows

    Memory Foam Knee Pillow with Cooling Gel Leg Pillow Wedge ...

    Very few people stay in one position while sleeping. However, rolling onto the side of the body sometimes triggers nerve-related pain thats severe enough to interrupt a sound sleep. One possible solution is to strategically place pillows on either side of your body to minimize the risk of accidentally rolling onto your side while sleeping.

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    Types Of Pillow For Sciatica

    Leg Elevation Pillow

    A leg elevation pillow helps reduce pressure on the lumbar spine. There are great ones on the market that will help you adjust on how to sleep with sciatica. Just stack regular pillows or use a wedged style cushion. You have to determine the level of elevation thats most comfortable to you and eases your sciatic pain.

    Types Of Mattresses For Sciatica

    Latex Mattress

    Latex is a naturally firm material, so a latex mattress is ideal for back sleepers with sciatica. It doesnt sag or bend, so it helps keep your spine aligned. It releases tension and keeps your whole body relaxed. Latex mattresses dont trigger your sciatica and ensure support to your shoulders, knees, and hips.

    Hybrid Mattress

    A hybrid mattress is a combination of at least two materials. Usually, the base is made of pocket coils, while the top comfort layer is memory foam or latex. Latex hybrid mattresses are more responsive, firm, and offer better pressure-point support. Memory foam hybrid mattresses contour the body and provide a cradling feeling that can be beneficial for heavier back sleepers with sciatica.

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    Coop Adjustable Knee Pillow

    The Coop adjustable pillow is a suitable option for people who are uncertain of how much support they require.

    It features a removable foam insert that allows people to adjust the pillow as their needs change. The pillow itself is hypoallergenic and contains CertiPUR-US foam, which is free from common harmful chemicals.

    First Step: Find Out Why You Have Sciatica Pain

    DCT Knee Pillow – Psoas/Hip Flexor Release to Relieve Low Back Pain

    Getting relief from sciatica takes some detective work. First, try to find out the cause. Then you can take steps to address it. This might require a visit to your doctor and some sessions with a physical therapist.

    Causes of sciatica include:

    • Spinal stenosis .
    • Injury to the sciatic nerve from a fall or accident.
    • Tumor or growth near the sciatic nerve .

    The cause of your sciatica affects what positions or activities bother you, Sieberth says. This will also determine which sleeping positions work for you. For instance, someone with a bulging disc may find back sleeping comfortable, while someone with stenosis might prefer side sleeping.

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    Take A Warm Bath After Driving

    A warm bath, or application of warm compress, is based on a treatment approach called heat therapy. The use of heat to a sore area has numerous benefits. Heat application stimulates sensory receptors on the skin, which in turn helps you to focus less on your pain. It also causes the blood vessels to dilate, encouraging healing. As the blood vessel widens, it facilitates the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the injured site. Experts say that heat therapy also stretches the soft tissues, which aids in relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve.


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