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How To Use Knee Brace Support

When Should I Wear A Knee Brace

How To Put On A (Hinged) Knee Brace

If youre sitting down for long periods or only walking short distances at home, you should take off the knee brace as it is probably not necessary to have it on, Minnis says.

Those with a degenerative condition, like osteoarthritis of the knee, may find it helpful to wear a knee brace when you are more active, playing a sport, or on your feet for long periods, he says.

Wear your knee brace when youre going to be on your feet for long periods or performing simple tasks that may irritate or destabilize your knee, like when bending or twisting. Use your knee brace for any activity where you need support with your stability.

Should I Wear A Knee Brace For Running

Are you a keen runner? Do you ever suffer from knee pain or feel a niggle in your knee when running? If you answered yes to the above, youre not alone.

In fact, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study that reported nearly half of all running injuries involved the knee.

Supportive braces of various types have become an increasingly popular way of mitigating these niggling pains.

But are braces a proper solution, or merely a palliative? Read on to find out everything you need to know about knee braces for runners

Do Your Knee Joints Suffer With Pain From Arthritis

Arthritis of the knee causes joint pain, stiffness, restriction of movement and a creaking noise known as ‘Crepitus’. Knee Arthritis flare ups can leave you with a painful swollen knee and impaired function. The symptoms of Knee Arthritis can severely affect everyday activities such as stair climbing and gardening. Eventually Knee Arthritis can progress to the point where knee replacement surgery is the only option.

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When Should You Use A Knee Brace

Knee braces are used to provide structural support or pain relief to an injured knee. For example, if youve suffered an ACL or meniscus tear, a knee brace can provide structural support while you heal from the injury. There are three types of knee braces that provide structural support, including:

  • Prophylactic. These knee braces help prevent injury to your knees during contact sports.
  • Rehabilitative. Braces are designed to limit the up-and-down and side-to-side movement of the knee during the rehabilitation process.
  • Functional. A simple brace that adds some stability and protection to an injured knee.

Braces can also be worn to provide pain relief due to chronic pain from an old injury or osteoarthritis. The primary type of brace for this use is called an unloader brace, as its designed to unload the stress on the inner knee and relieve pain caused by this stress. This brace is typically custom-made of foam, molded plastic, and steel struts that limit the side-to-side movement of your knee. In addition, the brace creates three pressure points on the thigh bone, forcing your knee to bend away from the pain.

Dangers Of An Improperly Fitted Brace

Knee pads usage in sports

When wearing a knee brace, it is important that it is fitted properly. A brace that is too loose will slide down your leg. This brace will not provide adequate support for your knee, and it could potentially create a tripping hazard if it slides down too low.

A brace that is too tight may also create problems for you. When your brace is too tight, it may cut off circulation to your leg or it may pinch nerves in your leg. This could lead to discoloration, swelling, or numbness and tingling in your leg.

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Most Comfortable: Exous Bodygear 4

Exous has designed this full-function brace with four straps to deliver unmatched comfort, a full range of motion, and 360-degree knee support that doesnt move or slide. For injury recovery, chronic pain, or injury prevention, this brace is also lined with jacquard Lycra that keeps itchy neoprene away from your skin. Finally, a half-inch comfort gap behind the knee prevents bunching so your knee can bend freely and without restriction. This brace fits up to 21-inch, and the company offers a 30-day no-hassle guarantee.

Rigid Hinged Knee Brace

Made of 1/8″ neoprene with soft cushioned liner for warmth, compression and durability. Features open patella with sewn-in universal buttress and open popliteal area to eliminate bunching. The hinges are molded into the brace to maintain a low profile.

Increase your ability to perform your best during training and sports with a knee sleeve! A compression sleeve is designed to offer the least amount of support and can be used for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. Best for pain relief when remaining fully active, these knee sleeves are flexible and can easily fit under clothing for daily comfort.

RolyanFit Knee Sleeve Designed to provide therapeutic warmth, compression and support to the knee joint area. The open cutout over the patella improves patella tracking, which in turn reduces knee pain. Made of neoprene, the sleeve helps retain body heat and provides even compression without restricting knee mobility.

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Do You Need A Knee Brace

So like we established, there are different kinds of support. Ranging from light sleeves that essentially warm up your knees, to complex devices that stabilize and support the knee.

So how do you know if you actually need a more complex one? As I said, I think these should be considered medical devices and you should never use one without the recommendation by an orthopedist or a physiotherapist.

The reason is that a brace turns into a crutch very easily. Any time you take weight and strain of a biological structure, it starts to atrophy. It becomes weaker.

If you have ever broken a bone, you will know how weak your limb is after the cast is removed. Using structural support for the knees for long periods of time is just like this.

Sure, it might alleviate the pain, but it wont address the underlying condition. Which can be medical like arthritis or it could be just a case of weak muscles and ligaments around the knee.

But using a brace without knowing the underlying condition can lead to weakening the knee on the long run, making things worse. So always consult a medical professional and never make the decision to use a complex knee brace on your own.

That said, light knee sleeves dont really possess this issue if you use them only when doing activities that require you to use your knees a lot like strength training, home improvement, yard work, etc.

Full Sleeve Knee Support

How to put on a knee patella strap brace for sport my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist

Why Choose this Type? A full sleeve provides support all around the joint and retains heat well.

They are very simple to use just pull them on and youre ready to go and they are perfect for people who get niggles when doing activities. These are generally the cheapest types of knee support on the market.

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How To Choose Your Knee Support

When youre choosing a knee support, you should consider the following factors:

  • How active is your lifestyle? How much mobility do you need to retain?
  • What type of injury do you have?
  • What is the severity of the injury?
  • Has your doctor, physical therapist, or other health professional made a recommendation about the type of support you should use?
  • Will your health insurance cover the knee support of your choice? And if not, can you afford it?

When you purchase and knee brace, its important that the support of your choice is positioned and fitted properly. Improper fitting can result in reduced support at best, and injury at worst. For a support product to work effectively, it should be used during any strenuous physical activities.

Best Overall: Ipow Patella Stabilizer Strap

If you have cartilage damage or kneecap pain, a patellar strap can help relieve that pain and allow you to stay active. These shock-absorbing knee straps adjust to the curve of your patella and keep everything in place while you run. Available in packs of two, they deliver comfort and stability with an adjustable strap, soft-touch materials, and ease of use. These straps have a snap-on closure and come in four colors. One size fits most knees.

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Techware Pro Knee Brace Support

The Techware Pro knee brace offers many advantages. This includes comfort and better support for the knee, due to its slim nature.

This makes it possible to flex the knee, making it one of the most preferred braces by sportsmen. In addition, the material is of superior quality and comes with quality stitching.

The brace has three straps. This includes the center strap, upper strap, and lower strap. The straps make it possible to tighten the brace as you want.

The straps are all in one direction, which helps tighten the brace without interfering with the patella, while still ensuring that your knee gets the support that it needs.

A key feature that makes most sportsmen prefer this brace is the uniformity of the compression and tension created around the patella.

This happens with the help of two straps that can be pulled in one direction and one strap going in the opposite direction. This doesnt in anyway affect the patella. The brace is also ideal for individuals who need a plus-sized brace

Sportsmen get the steady support that they need while using this brace without movement around the knee being interfered with. In addition, the brace has a breathable neoprene that stretches.

However, sleeping with it isnt a good idea, as youll be quite uncomfortable when you do so. But considering all the advantages that the brace provides, this isnt a big disadvantage.

  • Pros

Best Knee Brace For Patellar Tendonitis

Hinged Knee Brace Support with X
  • Pro: Can help reduce swelling.
  • Con: May restrict movement and cause skin irritation.

This strap can help reduce overload on the patellar tendon. Its designed especially for people who participate in running and jumping sports.

The lightweight fabric is meant to provide ease of movement. Pads incorporated into the strap can stimulate the patellar tendon and provide targeted compression.

It has received 4 stars on Amazon. Most customers report excellent support, but some express frustration that the strap was difficult to put on.

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Where Can I Use The Best Knee Braces

The best knee braces are versatile accessories that will quickly become an essential part of your fitness gear. Going for a run in the street? Protect your knee from the hard concrete and strap on your knee brace. Going hard in the gym? A knee brace fits like a glove and gives you extra confidence when doing squats or deadlifts. Going for a stroll? Place the knee brace under your clothes and enjoy the warmth and support you get when walking around town.

Different Types Of Knee Braces

Knee braces are not all the same. The best type of knee brace will be the one that helps you with your specific problem. The more significant the problem, the more of a knee brace you will need.

Here are five basic knee braces, from the simplest for the simple problems to the more intricate for the more complicated problems.

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Why Knee Braces Dont Offer A Quick Solution

When using braces, its important that you dont use them in isolation. You have to follow a comprehensive treatment plan.

Part of this includes undergoing physiotherapy on a regular basis. This will help to keep the muscles under your braces strong. Cardiovascular exercises are also essential.

Using knee braces wont completely eliminate the disease, but itll greatly help to slow it down to the extent that your condition might be able to improve and you wont have to use the braces sometime down the line.

In addition, the braces will make it possible for you to engage in exercise and itll help you stay active by increasing the functionality of the affected joint.

According to Gillanders, your body tissues will be more tolerant if theyre calm as compared to when theyre irritated.

However, using the braces solely without exercising on a regular basis can lead to negative effects.

According to Dr. Rajat Bhatt, a rheumatologist at Allergy and Rheumatology Specialists of Houston, knee braces are best used for acute conditions.

This is because when theyre used over a long period of time, it leads to the muscles around the knees becoming weak, as a result of the additional support provided to the knee.

Dr. Bhatt states that braces are best used in addition to physiotherapy. An ideal situation would be for you to try out physiotherapy first and if that fails, then use braces in addition to physical therapy.

How Do Knee Braces Work

How to Use Hinged Range of Motion (ROM) Knee Brace

Your knee joint is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. With a considerable range of motion, the knee joint can carry a lot of weight. The structures in your knee however can become damaged or dislocated. Your knee can be injured due to an intense blow during athletic activities or may be susceptible to an injury due to an underlying condition.

Different types of knee braces differ based on their function and level of support. While some knee braces are designed to protect the knee to prevent damage, others support the knee to control pain. Knee braces can also help stabilize the knee if it’s prone to injury and immobilize the knee to optimize healing after an injury.

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Best Medical Grade: Neenca Professional Knee Brace

This knee sleeve sports a contoured patella gel pad and metal spring stabilizers that conform to your knee joint. They are excellent for meniscus and ACL injury recovery, as they disperse pressure and add warmth to the knee. The 3-D elastic weave fabric wicks away moisture for comfort and breathability, and the anti-slip strips on the top prevent it from riding around on your leg. This brace is available in six colors and six sizes from S to 3X.

Is It Ok To Wear A Knee Support All Day

The amount of time you wear a knee support really depends on the type of support and the activity. If someone is wearing a patella strap for tendinopathy, they may only wear it during higher level activities, such as tennis, says Dr. Schmitt. An individual with patella femoral pain may feel the need to wear a compressive sleeve most of the day when theyre walking or moving around.

Talk to your doctor or physical therapist for guidance on if and how long you should wear a knee support.

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Will A Knee Brace Make My Knee Weak

Minnis says, Unless you are using a brace that limits your motion drastically or provides rigid support, the muscles around your knee are not going to weaken. In fact, if wearing a knee brace allows you to be more active/return to exercise or walking, then your strength is probably going to improve.

Keep in mind that everyone is different. In some cases, wearing a knee brace may cause you to not use the muscles that support your knee as much as you should. This in turn may make you rely on your knee brace for stability instead of muscles like your quadriceps.

Your best bet is to talk with your physical therapist about strengthening your legs and use of a knee brace.

Knee Brace Use And Care

Pain Behind The Knee : Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

Wear in Schedule

It is necessary to follow a gradual increase in wear to build up your skin and soft tissue tolerance to the brace. Unless otherwise instructed, begin by wearing the brace two to three hours your first day. Add one hour per day as tolerated until you are comfortable wearing the brace full time and do not experience any red marks or pressure sores on the skin.

The knee brace ordered by your provider is designed to help support your knee. It is to be worn during waking hours or for specific activities, which you may want to discuss with the ordering provider.


Most knee braces are intended to be worn directly next to the skin. A well-fitted, wrinkle-free cotton sleeve can also be worn to help minimize skin irritation, absorb perspiration, and contain soft tissues. This can improve suspension of the brace to the leg.

Skin Care

Check your skin after every wear period for any new signs of redness or irritation. This is especially important if you are diabetic or have a lack of protective sensation in your legs. Your brace should fit snugly but not cause any pain, bruises, or blisters. Some amount of pinkness is expected in areas of maximum correction or support. Any redness should disappear within 15 minutes of removing the brace. If you feel pain, or if redness on your skin lasts more than 15 minutes, call the office to schedule a followup appointment to have the brace adjusted.

Care of your Brace

When to Call for an appointment

968 -5700

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Are Homemade Knee Braces Any Good

Of course! Theyre able to provide you with the compression needed for pain relief without poking a hole in your wallet.

However, theyre only recommended in minor knee injuries, as they dont provide the same level of intuitiveness and stabilization as a commercial knee brace. I would never use a diy knee brace if I feel severe pain, or I see that my knee is swollen.

How A Knee Brace Works

Depending on the type of brace, it may be designed to allow compression to reach the knee. This compression supports the ligaments and muscles in the knee. When a person puts weight on their knees as they use their legs, the knee muscles are strained. While this isnt a problem for people with healthy knees, people with an injured knee can find this repeated stress to be detrimental. Knee braces bridge the gap between total immobility and too much strain. They allow a person to remain mobile, without needing to put their full weight on their knee.

When a person puts their weight on their knee, the knee is pressed against the brace. The brace is stiff enough to restrict the knees range of motion while also taking some of the weight off of the joint, preventing a recurring strain.

Sometimes, both braces and sleeves serve another purpose: sealing heat into the knee. When the knees warmth is prioritized, circulation improves and healing time is decreased. This is especially important when people live in cold climates. Cold injuries dont heal as quickly as warm ones, and its better for your own comfort to have your knee warmed.

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