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How To Use Aloe Vera For Knee Pain

Aloe Vera Reduces Gastric Inflammation And Ulcers

How to Use Aloe vera For Knee Pain | Aloevera Uses for Joint Pains By Nityanandam Shree

Inflammation and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract usually result from bacterial infection. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed to cure such gastric inflammation.

Aloe Vera is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can help in this condition.

Aloe Vera is well known for its gastroprotective activities.

According to a study conducted by Keshavarzi et al. in 2014, Aloe vera gel significantly reduced intestinal water content induced by a gastric ulcer in rat models.

Aloe Vera also reduced gastric acid levels improving gastric inflammation and ulcers, intestinal water content and inhibits secretion of gastric acids.

Another study conducted by Eamlamnam in 2006 found that aloe vera gel reduces inflammatory molecules like leucocytes and tumour necrosis factors and elevates levels of interleukins thus preventing inflammation and enhancing the rate of gastric ulcer healing in the rat models.

What does this mean? Aloe Vera is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces levels of inflammatory molecules that mediate inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract during microbial infections or due to other reasons. It can effectively heals the gastric ulcers due to this property.

How To Use Aloe Vera To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

This article was co-authored by Zora Degrandpre, ND. Dr. Degrandpre is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in Vancouver, Washington. She is also a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She received her ND from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2007.There are 22 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 88% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 149,028 times.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis , an inflammatory autoimmune disease, you know the pain it can cause to your joints. The body’s immune system mistakenly attacks itself, commonly the membranes that line the joints of your wrists and fingers. You may also notice pain around your neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and feet. But, managing the pain by treating inflammation can reduce your discomfort. Using aloe vera, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, and changing your lifestyle can bring relief from RA symptoms.

Myth: Once Youve Got Gout Lifestyle Changes Dont Really Help

Truth: Lifestyle changes can reduce both the severity and frequency of attacks. For starters, when people lose weight, they often have fewer attacks, says Reveille.

Animal proteins have a higher level of purines, so its better to eat vegetable proteins like beans and peas.

In fact, a 2010 review in the rheumatology journal Current Opinion in Rheumatology notes that protein-rich foods such as dairy products, nuts, beans, peas and whole grains are healthy choices for people with gout, reducing the risk of heart disease and possibly lowering the risk of insulin resistance.

Baraf says that he asks patients to abstain from alcohol during the first six months of treatment, until medications have stabilized uric acid levels. After that, he says, its fine to drink in moderation.

Dorothy Foltz-Gray is a freelance writer who lives in North Carolina.Remember to go to the AARP home page every day for tips on keeping healthy and sharp, and great deals.

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Suggestion No : Hot Compresses

Using hot compresses relieves the pain and stiffness associated with diseases like arthritis. You can use a hot pad, a microwaveable bag, or a hot compress. You should try these at a low to medium temperature. Put your selected type of hot compress on the affected area for 15 minutes a few times a day.

It Benefits In Oral Ulcers

11 Effective Ways To Cure Knee Pain

Oral ulcers are inflammation of the mucosal lining that results in blisters and inflammation of the mouth making eating and drinking extremely uncomfortable.

It may result due to the side effect of chemotherapy due to irradiations.

A study conducted by Cuba et al. demonstrated that Aloe Vera, when administered along with Vitamin E, reduced inflammation and enhanced the healing effect on tongue lesions.

The results were compared with a control group and it was observed that Aloe vera along with Vitamin E reduced inflammation caused by oral ulcers tremendously within a period of seven days.

Another study published in Chinese Journal for integrative medicine in 2012 reported that the Aloe Vera mouthwash contains anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera among others that heal oral mucositis which is a common side effect observed in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The study concluded that it can be used in the therapy of patients suffering from oral ulcers as a side effect in chemotherapy.

What does this mean? The anti-inflammatory property of Aloe Vera makes it an effective agent in curing inflammation and healing blisters in oral ulcers. It uses as an active ingredient is gaining immense popularity in products like mouthwashes and topical creams or as natural drug agents for providing relief from mouth ulcers.

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Aloe Vera For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is the inflammation of joints and connective tissue. It affects the joints of the fingers and toes along with hips, knees and spine.

  • Wash the affected area with clean water.
  • Mix freshly extracted aloe vera gel with your moisturizer or body lotion.
  • Apply and massage gently for few minutes and leave on for few hours to overnight.
  • Repeat regularly.
  • Or you can use creams or lotions that contain aloe vera as their main ingredient.

Natural Products That Can Wipe Out Your Joint Pain

Pain in the joint area especially on your knee will have a negative effect on your day-to-day activities. It could be caused by arthritis, injuries or stress.

Painkillers, doctor prescribed, can help. But these come with a host of side effects that may just be swapping one pain for another. But if we go for natural remedy, you will get the painkiller with no side effects.

Here are five natural products that can help wipe out your pain without any side effects.

Tart cherry juice: Tart cherry juice is the best choice because they contain the right amount of fibre together with its sweetness. Tart cherry juice can reduce inflammations and swollen, relieving osteoarthritis and all of its symptoms.

Aloe vera:Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used herbs in alternative medicine. It is known for its healing properties, its popular for treating small skin abrasions. This aloe vera may be applied topically to soothe aching joints.

Cats claw: Cats claw is another anti-inflammatory herb that may reduce swelling in arthritis. This herb is from a tropical vine, and its usage dates back to Incan civilizations. Traditionally, cats claw is used to boost the immune system and it also may apply to the joints to get relief.

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Why Is Aloe Vera Good For Back Pain

The aloe vera plant is jam-packed with beneficial plant compounds that makes it an important ingredient in many health and wellness products. Aloe vera is a distinctive, short-stemmed plant with thick leaves that store water. The leaves, which can grow anywhere from 12 to 19 inches long, contains a gel with more than 75 bioactive compounds. These compounds provide most of the plants benefits, and they include:

  • Vitamins: Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E which are all antioxidants, as well as folic acid, choline and vitamin B12.
  • Enzymes: There are eight different enzymes found in aloe vera including ones that reduce excessive inflammation and others that help break down sugars and fats.
  • Minerals: Aloe vera has a variety of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, chromium, copper, selenium, manganese and sodium. Some of these assist in the proper functioning of different metabolic pathways and others provide antioxidant effects.
  • Fatty Acids: The fatty acids contained within aloe vera all help with inflammation, while lupeol specifically has analgesic and antiseptic properties.

A polysaccharide called acemannan is only found in the aloe vera species of aloe plants and is believed to be responsible for much of the plants therapeutic benefits, such as the ability to promote a healthy inflammation response and the reduction of pain.

Arnica As A Natural Treatment For Arthritis

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel for Arthritis and Knee Pain

When working to manage your arthritis, you may consider natural remedies either as an alternative to traditional treatments or as a complement to them. Arnica is one that has gotten a lot of arthritis patients’ attention because of its purported anti-inflammatory properties. While natural, arnica carries serious side effects if dosed orally and is reserved for topical use.

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Spleen Cells Chemokinesis Assay

Chemokinesis assay was performed in vitro according to the Sandberg method in own modification . Briefly, splenocytes were resuspended in Parker culture medium with 5% inactivated FCS, at the final concentration of 30 × 106 cells/ml. Afterwards, siliconized capillary tubes were filled with cell suspension, sealed with plasticine, centrifuged and fixed on the glass plates. Cell levels were marked. After 24 h incubation the distances of migration were measured in millimeters at a magnification of 6.5 × and presented as migration units .

Study of antibody production was performed as previously described with some modification . Briefly, Balb/c mice were fed for 14 days with aloe gel 50 µl or 150 µl daily dose in drinking water, or water , then immunized with 10% SRBC and 7 days later bled in anaesthesia from retro-orbital plexus.

The antibody level was evaluated with hemagglutination assay in inactivated sera. A number of serum dilutions was performed , applying PBS or 0.1 M of 2-mercaptoethanol in PBS. After 60 min incubation at room temperature, 0.5% SRBC were added and the mixtures were incubated for another 60 min at room temperature, then centrifuged and shaken. The hemagglutination titer was evaluated in a light microscope as the last dilution, in which at least 3 cell conglomerates were present in at least 3 consecutive fields at objective magnification 20×.

Diy Essential Oil Recipe For Pain Relief

November 24, 2016 By Aspen

Looking for an essential oil recipe for pain relief? Why not learn how to come up with your own that exactly meets your personal requirements? There are many types of pain with different causes and symptoms so learning how to make a customized essential oil recipe is a must if you are constantly in pain.

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How To Take It


Pure aloe gel may be applied to the surface of the skin for minor skin irritations. Children should never take oral aloe preparations.


Slit the leaf of an aloe plant lengthwise and remove the gel from the inside, or use a commercial preparation. Carefully clean affected area, and then apply aloe gel liberally to the skin. DO NOT apply to open wounds.

Cure For Stomach Pain:

19 Best Ayurvedic Remedies for Knee Joint Pain + Causes ...
  • Grind 10-20 gm of Indian Aloe root and then boil it.
  • Strain the solution and sprinkle a little amount of roasted asafoetida on it and give this to the patient.
  • It cures stomach pain.
  • In case of stomach disorders due to pitta Aloe pulp can be given along with warm water.

So, in this way we can se how this simple herb is really a nectar plant. It is beneficial in many cases even cures many ailments. Try to opt these natural things in your lives and subtract the artificial ones it is the only secret for a healthy and blissful life.

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Aloe Vera With Peppermint Oil

Peppermint has menthol that quickly penetrates into the skin and gives a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Blend 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 8 to 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • Apply on the sore muscles and massage gently for a few minutes.
  • Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application.
  • Repeat the same regularly.

How Can I Treat My Joint Pain Without Medication

Our joints bear a heavy burdenthey connect the whole skeleton together and allow our bodies to move in all sorts of ways, so its common to feel pain and discomfort in any number of them, especially as we age.

While medication can temporarily ease the pain caused by achy joints, it wont heal it. Pain medications mask the pain for a little while, but they dont do anything to help increase the function or health of that joint, says Sagar Parikh, M.D., an interventional pain medicine specialist at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute.

Here is what you should know about joint pain and how you can treat it beyond pain medication.

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Why Do Your Knees Hurt

The knee is a very complex joint that connects the muscle to the leg. Its the crossroads of contact between the tibia, femur, and kneecap. The bones are connected by ligaments and tendons. Cartilage makes smooth movement possible. There are also two bearings in the knee area that reduce friction and protect the knees structure.

Given that your lower extremities support the weight of your whole body, injuries or inflammations in your knees are serious issues. These can manifest in persistent pain around the affected area. Many knee problems only respond to surgical interventions. Others, however, can be greatly improved through home care and even natural treatments. Lets talk about the different causes of knee pain are and what kind of treatment each of them need.

Muscular Pain And Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera gel is excellent for counteracting muscle pain. It is used to massage contracted muscles, preferably in the evening after a shower or a relaxing bath. If done well, the massage with aloe allows you to find both physical and mental balance, just as the Chinese and Japanese say. It is perfect to use after a session of intense physical activity or after a major effort. The anti-inflammatory and calming properties give relief and relax the muscles.

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What Is Aloe Good For

The juice of the aloe vera plant has been used throughout the ages, in particular as a skin soother. The viscous gel that oozes out of the leaves of this succulent plant can moisturize your skin and cool minor burns or irritation. And, by the way, natural aloe gel is colorless. Those bottles of bright green aloe vera gel you sometimes see owe their technicolor hue to artificial colorants!

Studies confirm that aloe vera juice has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties when applied topically. Applying to a burn or sunburn can alleviate pain and help the skin heal more quickly. Some people keep an aloe plant handy in the kitchen, a sort of living first aid kit.

But many people also advocate drinking the juice of the aloe vera plant, saying that it can relieve heartburn, alleviate IBS, lower your blood sugar, and a broad range of other claims.

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It Can Boost The Immunity System

Natural detoxifying properties present in Aloe Vera cleanse the circulatory system and digestive system of the toxic wastes. This pacifies the Vata Dosha which as per the Ayurveda is the reason for occurrence of Joint Pain and thus providing relief to the pain. Aloe Vera also has nutritional values in abundance which increases the bodys ability to fight infections and other diseases and thus, strengthening the immunity system of the body.

Apart from treating joint pain, Aloe Vera also implies widespread use in treating various diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, treating burns and healing wounds. You can try Jiva Ayurveda Aloe Vera Juice.

Jiva Ayurveda

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Research On Use For Arthritis

A randomized study involving 204 people with hand osteoarthritis was published in Rheumatology International in 2007. It was found that daily arnica gel was as effective as daily ibuprofen gel, although neither treatment was compared to placebo. There also were minimal side effects with arnica.

In 2002, an open-label, non-placebo controlled study was published in Advances in Therapy, which involved 79 people with knee osteoarthritis. Study participants applied arnica gel twice daily for three to six weeks. One person had an allergic reaction, but the gel was well-tolerated by most patients. Arnica gel was found to reduce pain and stiffness and improve function.

Lemon Juice Dosage For Gout

Aloe Vera Gel Helps In Knee Pain

More research is needed on how much lemon juice or lemon extract you need to help lower blood uric acid levels. The studies mentioned above used different dosages. In the first one, study participants had about 30 milliliters of freshly squeezed pure lemon juice daily. This is the juice of about one lemon per day.

In the second study, each person drank the fresh juice of two lemons diluted in two liters of water every day.

Its not known if bottled or frozen lemon juice would have the same effect as fresh juice. The dosage for lemon extract for people is also not yet determined.

Additionally, the studies didnt record the effect of lemon juice on gout symptoms, which is a crucial factor for anyone experiencing gout-related pain.

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It Prevents Arthritis And Relieves Pain

A study on the animal model was conducted for determining the anti-arthritic property of Aloe Vera extracts.

The results indicated that aloe vera extracts contain certain anti-inflammatory compounds that can be used in anti-arthritic medication.

Another experimental study conducted to determine the effect of aloe vera in curing arthritis indicated that aloe vera extracts have a significant effect on anti-oxidant and biochemical parameters.

The study reported significant inhibition in inflammation and arthritis on using aloe vera extracts.

Research shows that aloe vera can reduce joint inflammation.

Another experimental study reported that Aloe Vera on oral administration can be used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

This is due to its anti-inflammatory property. Certain non-steroidal inflammatory drugs on intake cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Aloe Vera has been found to have a preventive effect on such types of gastrointestinal irritation.

What does this mean? The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe Vera prevent arthritis. It relieves pain in the affected joints and can be used as an alternative to conventional drugs. Aloe Vera can also be used in addition to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to attenuate the side effects caused by the drugs. Aloe Vera is a natural pain killer.


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