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How To Treat Osteoarthritis In Knee

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HOW TO TREAT OSTEOARTHRITIS / OA Signs and Symptoms and Management.

Its easy to put yourself last and take care of everything else first. Over the years, I have learned to schedule my self-care time in advance. I look at the month ahead and am deliberate about planning me time to rest, recharge and pamper myself. -Liz Bevelacqua , Senior Vice President Personal Lines Sales

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What Questions Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider About Arthritis Of The Knee

It might be helpful to arrive at your healthcare providers office with a list of questions you want or need to be answered. Consider:

  • Do I have arthritis in one knee or both?
  • What type of arthritis do I have?
  • Whats a possible cause of my arthritis?
  • What treatments do you recommend?
  • What medications should I take?
  • Do I need physical therapy?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Knee arthritis can affect people of all ages. Its painful, impairs movement and causes swelling of the joint. Some people are so disabled by it that they cant work anymore. Others can only work after surgery. Meanwhile, for others, the pain isnt necessarily as bad, but it still prevents them from regular activities like cleaning, gardening and running after their kids.

Arthritis of the knee can decrease your quality of life. The good news is that treatments can lessen the severity of your symptoms. The pain and swelling might not be as bad. See your healthcare provider for evaluation and treatment if you have symptoms.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 10/18/2021.


Articles On Knee Osteoarthritis

While age is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis of the knee, young people can get it, too. For some individuals, it may be hereditary. For others, osteoarthritis of the knee can result from injury or infection or even from being overweight. Here are answers to your questions about knee osteoarthritis, including how itâs treated and what you can do at home to ease the pain.

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Four Strategies To Keep You At The Top Of Your Game

Are your knees causing you pain? Are they stopping you from participating in the activities you love? To manage discomfort, youve tried icing them and taking pain medication, but the pain still persists. Now what?

When you have pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee, you want a solution that provides relief. Live the life you want dont let knee pain stop you. Here are four strategies that can help you play that tennis match, walk your dog, or keep up with your kids.

How Does Arthritis Affect The Knees

Knee Osteoarthritis

The knee is commonly affected by arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis . You may notice pain and stiffness in your knee, particularly when you first get out of bed in the morning, after sitting for a long period, climbing stairs, walking, kneeling or even when youre just sitting still. Your knee might look swollen, or feel like it might give way or buckle.

There are many things that can help you manage arthritis of the knee. The first steps are regular exercise, weight loss and using medicines wisely.

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How To Prevent Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

  • Weight Control. The concept here is simple. If the patients weight is healthy, he or she should try to keep that weight to prevent any risk of osteoarthritis of the knee. But, if he or she is overweight, as what was previously mentioned, the patient needs to cut down some amount.
  • Strengthening the Quadriceps. The quadriceps are those muscles located in front of the thighs. A research reveals that strengthening these muscles can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. Try adding quads exercises into your regular workout routine to strengthen those muscles.
  • Prevention of Getting Knee Injuries. Getting a knee injury when a person is still young puts him or her at risk for osteoarthritis in the same joint when he or she is old. When a knee injury occurs, immediate treatment must be done to avoid complications. Its even riskier if the patient gets a knee injury when he or she is already old because his or her joints are weaker than when he or she is still young.
  • Eating Healthily. Omega-3 and vitamin D are good for the joints. Omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation, while vitamin D aids in relieving aches on the knee. Some sources of Omega-3 are fish oil, soybean, walnuts, and canola. Ideal sources for vitamin D are salmon, tuna, eggs, and cereals.

What Are The Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis In The Knee

Pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis in the knee. Your knee might hurt when you move it, or even when you are just sitting still. Other symptoms are:

  • Your knee feels stiff, particularly when you first get up or when youve been sitting for a long time.
  • Your knee looks swollen or feels puffy.
  • You hear a cracking or grinding noise when you move your knee.
  • Your knee feels wobbly, as if it could buckle or give out.”
  • Your knee might lock up, or feel as if it is stuck.

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Knee Osteoarthritis From The Tcm Perspective

From the TCM perspective, knee OA happens as we age and our bodies become weaker. Based on the TCM theory, the liver yin and blood nourish our soft tissues, muscles and ligaments, while the kidney essence keeps the bones strong and healthy. However, as we reach 50 years of age or older, our liver yin and kidney essence start to deplete and become insufficient. This results in weaker bone and muscles, that corresponds to poorer joint health. In addition, when our bodies become weaker, we are more susceptible to external pathogens, such as wind, cold and dampness. These pathogens attack the weaker joints and result in pain.

When To See Your Doctor

How to treat Osteoarthritis knee pain (Instant knee pain relief technique)

OA is a chronic condition with no cure. Managing your condition and symptoms can go a long way in stopping further damage to your joints. Lifestyle changes and home and natural remedies can complement your treatment plan. They may even provide extra relief.

While such changes can make a big difference, its important to know when you need to see your doctor. You might need to make an appointment in the case of a flare-up, if your symptoms get worse, or if your current treatment plan isnt helping. Your doctor should check your joint pain and stiffness for potential damage.

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How Do We Treat Knee Osteoarthritis

TCM treatment: Acupuncture therapy has a beneficial effect on knee OA. According to studies, acupuncture can help to reduce inflammation and pain, lessen swelling and improve blood circulation. TCM herbal medication can also be prescribed to treat individual knee pain condition. Both acupuncture and TCM herbs can work in tandem to achieve desirable effect.

Physiotherapy: The physiotherapist can help us to correct our posture and gait by teaching us targeted strengthening and stretching exercises. This can help to reduce the risk of OA and manage the condition.

Western medicine: The doctor might prescribe medicine, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, to reduce and manage the pain.

Surgery: A knee surgery could be considered in severe cases of OA where other options do not work.

Knee OA is a degenerative condition that both TCM and modern medicine are unable to prevent entirely from happening. It is also difficult to reverse the degenerative process. However, we can do our part to slow down the degeneration by taking the steps as mentioned above. It is also advisable to actively seek treatments in the earlier stages of OA to eliminate or reduce the pain symptoms. Earlier interventions to treat knee pain increase our ability to function normally, so that we can have a better quality of life.

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Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Knee OA is a very common source of pain that can limit your mobility.

Causes of Knee OA

The cause of OA is unknown. These risk factors make it more likely you will develop knee OA:

  • Age: OA can occur at any time of life, but it is most common in older adults.
  • Sex: Women are more likely to have knee OA than men.
  • Obesity: Being overweight adds stress to your knees. Fat cells also make proteins that can cause inflammation in and around your joints.
  • Injuries: Any knee injury, even old ones, can lead to knee OA.
  • Repeated stress: Frequent stress on your knee from your job or playing sports can increase risk for OA.
  • Genetics: You can inherit a tendency to develop OA.
  • Bone deformities: If you have crooked bones or joints, you are at higher risk.
  • Some metabolic diseases: Diabetes and hemochromatosis, a condition in which your blood has too much iron, have been linked to OA

Symptoms of knee OA develop slowly and worsen over time.

  • Pain: Movement causes pain. Sometimes your knee will ache while sitting still.
  • Stiffness: Your knees may be stiff first thing in the morning or after sitting for a long time.
  • Loss of motion: Over time, you may lose the ability to bend and straighten your knee all the way.
  • Creaking and grating : You may hear crackling noises or feel a grating sensation.
  • Instability: Your knee may give out or buckle, or feel like it could.
  • Locking: The knee may lock or stick.
  • Swelling: Your knee may get puffy all around or on one side.

Your doctor will check for:

What Are The Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

How to Treat Knee Arthritis Without Surgery
  • Knee Ache. This is the most obvious symptom of osteoarthritis. The patient can feel joint aches during or after any movement. But, it will get better with a bit of leg rest.
  • Stiffness. Stiffness usually occurs after a period of inactivity. This is because the patient is only doing one position for a prolonged time. When he or she wakes up in the morning or have been sitting for quite a while, joint stiffness may be felt.
  • Tenderness and Warmth. The joints may be tender when theres a little pressure placed on them. Extra fluids surrounding the knees are the reason for this. The joints may feel a bit warm, too, because of the swelling.
  • Grating Sensation. The patient can feel a grating sensation when his or her joints are active. Commonly, he or she can hear a cracking or popping sound when he or she stands up. The reason behind this is a portion of the patients cartilage starts to wear away. As a result, rough surfaces of the bones appear, rubbing against each other and creating that sound.
  • Reduced Flexibility. The flexibility of the joints may not be the same as before the patients osteoarthritis diagnosis. He or she may have difficulties in moving his or her joints in its full range. Simple movements before the diagnosis may be hard or impossible, too.
  • Bone Spurs. Bone spurs are the formation of tiny bones around the joints. These bones feel like hard lumps surrounding the affected area. They can also cause joint aches and discomfort.

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Talk To Your Doctor About A Knee Brace

Often a knee brace can help. Theres evidence to show that even a simple compression sleeve can decrease pain, says Dr. Day. These are a good way to start because you can get one at the drugstore.

You can also talk to your doctor about a more customized unloader brace. These take pressure off a portion of the joint. The brace thats right for you will depend on the severity and location of arthritis, whether primarily in the inner or outer side of the joint or in the kneecap.

What Is The Long

Some knee pain, especially pain caused by osteoarthritis, will likely be permanent. Thats because the structure of the knee is damaged. Without surgery or another type of extensive treatment, youll continue to feel pain, inflammation, and swelling in your knee.

The long-term outlook for chronic knee pain involves managing pain, preventing flare-ups, and working to reduce irritation to the knee.

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How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain & Arthritis Naturally

A common health issue these days every one of you is facing is having pain in your knees. This condition is quite painful, and one you get pain in your knees, it is not easy to get rid of this issue fast. Because of knee pain, you are unable to move. Also, it becomes difficult for you to carry out daily routines of your life. Sometimes, the pain is extreme, and even, it is not easy to bear it. There are many causes of arthritis or knee pain. People look for the medications, and also, they follow many homemade methods. But, it is not easy to get a relief quickly. In this video, I am going to share with useful home remedies to get rid of knee pain and Cure arthritis pain naturally.

What Causes Arthritis Of The Knee

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery

Experts have identified some genes that might cause arthritis, including arthritis of the knee. They predict that there are more genes not yet discovered. You could have a gene linked to arthritis without knowing it and a virus or injury could trigger arthritis of the knee.

Though the cause is unknown, some risk factors increase the possibility of arthritis of the knee. Risk factors of osteoarthritis, specifically, include:

  • Age. Osteoarthritis happens to older adults more often than younger adults and children.
  • Bone anomalies. Youre at a higher risk for osteoarthritis if your bones or joints are naturally crooked.
  • Gout. Gout, also a type of inflammatory arthritis, might lead to osteoarthritis.
  • Injuries. Knee injuries can cause arthritis of the knee.
  • Stress. A lot of stress on your knees from jogging, playing sports or working an active job can lead to osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Weight. Extra weight puts more pressure on your knees.

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What Are The Key Foods In A Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet follows the traditional eating habits of people from the countries closest to the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are regional variations but expect your plate to be filled with plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, cereals and grains.

Youll also see moderate amounts of fish and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. And what youll eat less of are dairy products and meat.

The Mediterranean diet is widely linked with many aspects of wellness, including a healthier heart, as well as benefits to some types of arthritis.

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What Is The Knee Joint

Three bones come together to form your knee joint. They include the:

  • Thighbone .
  • Shinbone .
  • Kneecap .

A smooth substance called cartilage covers the ends of each bone. Its a cushion between the bones that keeps them from rubbing together. The synovial membrane, a type of tissue that surrounds the joint, lubricates the cartilage.

Arthritis of the knee causes pain and swelling in the joint

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation 1

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is the use of electric currents produced by a medical device to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes.Electrodes are placed on the skin in the affected region then slow electrical pulses cause muscles to contract and relax, essentially mimicking passive exercise.While TENS ranks quite low on the recommendations list, some people with advanced knee arthritis have had success when combining TENS into their treatment plan for temporary pain relief.

Watch Out For Weekend Spoilers

Knee Osteoarthritis

Many people are able to stay on track and be in a consistent calorie deficit during the week but then treat themselves too much on the weekend, undoing their week of work. For example, you can be in a deficit by 2,500 calories during the week, then easily eat an extra 2,500 calories on the weekend.

Using these strategies will give you a great foundation to begin the weight-loss process. As with any changes to your everyday health routine, it is important to consult your doctor to make sure that you are following the appropriate guidelines for your individual needs.

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Why Osteoarthritis Causes Knee Pain

Some people still face difficulty in understanding the relationship between osteoarthritis and knee pain. I understand that it affects the joint and results in wear and tear of the cartilage covering the bones of the knees. The knees have articular cartilage and it is soft and slippery.

It is responsible for protecting and cushioning the ends of the knee bones. But due to damage, the ability to move normally gets weakened and flexibility has a major impact as well.

It starts as an inflammatory process and, with time, episodes of chronic pain trigger the same. In earlier stages, if a person has not adopted the treatment, they have to bear it till the end of their lifetime. To get rid of it permanently, there is a requirement to go for knee replacement surgery as well.


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