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How To Take Care Of Your Knees

How To Prevent Knee Injuries

How to Care for Your Knee for The Long Term – Knee Exercise

Throughout our lives, our knees are subject to wear and tear. While this increases our chances of knee injuries, we can reduce the risk of injury through positive lifestyle habits. If damage does occur, early physiotherapy can aid a speedy recovery.

Healthy lifestyle choices – including keeping your weight within recommended limits and exercising regularly to keep muscles strong and joints mobile – will greatly reduce the chance of joint, cartilage or ligament damage.

If you do experience knee injury, physiotherapy and the right exercises will aid recovery and will often reduce the risk of the problem recurring or worsening. It can also reduce the risk of requiring surgery – which while often successful, is a major commitment.

Hila Glick is vice president of physiotherapy and patient experience at Onestep, a virtual physiotherapy service that provides highly personalised recovery plans. She advises: “The best way to take care of your knees is to keep active, to strengthen the muscles around the knees and the entire body, as well as to work on muscle flexibility and length.”

Tips To Keep Your Knees Healthy

Knee problems are common, especially in older adults. It can become harder to walk, climb the stairs, or get into and out of a chair. The joints may swell and cause pain.

Your knees are the largest joint of the body. As such, they sustain a lot of wear and tear over the years. Aging, excess weight, injury, osteoarthritis, and lack of muscle strength contribute to knee issues.

One of the best treatments is prevention. Preventing injuries and taking care of your knee joints can help keep you mobile and pain free.

Read on for a list of the best ways to keep your knees healthy as you age.

Should: Use Medication For The Pain

Lets throw it out there taking medication does not mean that you are now an old person. You are precisely your age, if not younger.

Self-care plays a significant role in your arthritis. It is important that you keep taking your medications and on time. You cant expect the pain to go away if you do not do anything to help it along.

Get a proper prescription from your doctor. And put a reminder on your phone so that you dont miss a dose. It is you who will suffer if you neglect to take your medication.

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Maintaining Knee Joint Health

The knees work hard over a persons lifetime. As you age, knees experience normal wear-and-tear, which means the knee cartilage wears away, bones begin to rub together and the joint lining is unable to produce enough synovial fluid . It is best to take care of your knees all your life, but it is never too late to adopt new habits.

Some practical tips for maintaining joint health include:

  • Lose weight

If overweight or obese, your joints are placed under extra pressure. Walking puts pressure that is the equivalent of up to five times the body weight. Extra weight adds to that pressure and can trigger or accelerate joint deterioration.

  • Maintain good posture

Poor posture is a major cause of joint pain. The skeleton is a well-balanced aligned structure. Unfortunately, many people fail to maintain good posture, which means keeping the spine aligned.

Slouching while standing, hunching over a desk and walking with shoulders and head pushed forward leads to a misaligned spine and weakens back muscles. This stresses all the joints, including the hips and knee joints, because bodyweight is not normally distributed. Maintain good posture at all times head held up, shoulders back and spine straight.

  • Exercise
  • Properly lift heavy items

Often, people improperly lift boxes, young children and other weights, or they try lifting a weight that is beyond their lifting capacity. They end up eroding the cartilage in their knees or strain supporting muscles in the back, hips or legs.

The Rise Of Online Physiotherapy

How to Take Care of Your Knee Pain

Depending on your knee injury, physiotherapy may help you to recover, avoid knee surgery, prepare your body for a procedure, or recover post-operation. However, knee injuries are often debilitating and could make visiting a physiotherapist physically awkward and uncomfortable.

You may prefer to use an online physiotherapy platform – like the Onestep app – from the comfort of your home: “Digital physiotherapy platforms offer tremendous flexibility, availability, and convenience without compromising on the quality of treatment,” says Glick.

“Once you have the list of exercises and you feel comfortable performing them, you can then practise several times a day according to your schedule and routine. You don’t need to wait for your next visit to ask a question or to request a modified exercise. Instead, you can easily follow up with your therapist online.

“This is a wonderful solution for anyone working on an ongoing condition that needs close attention, frequent modifications, and constant support from a clinician who can assist remotely.”

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Wear Knee Braces Or Pads

Knee braces and pads are also an excellent way to reduce knee injuries. However, you should choose carefully, as not all knee braces are suitable for all activities. For instance, if you plan on weightlifting, a full-length knee brace is best, as it will support your entire knee joint. However, if you exercise in the water, you should opt for a smaller knee brace that will not get in the way of your movements.

Should: Maintain Weight That Is Easy On Your Joints

The weight of your body applies direct stress upon your knees, and by extension, your knee joint. An arthritic knee exhausts quicker under the same pressure that a normal knee might have carried.

Thats why maintaining a weight that applies the least pressure on your joints is extremely important. If need be, try and lose a few pounds from your current weight.

Being overweight is hard on your knee, both in terms of pain and the progress of cartilage deterioration. Losing weight in such a case reduces the rate of degeneration and relieves the pain of the joints.

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Strengthen The Muscles Around Your Knees

While it is often tempting to avoid exercise and movement when your knees hurt, sometimes that isnt the best solution. Certain strengthening exercises can actually alleviate your current pain and prevent future problems by giving the knee extra support.

The Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons notes that strong, flexible muscles help keep the knees strong and healthy.

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen, especially if you are in pain. Once you are cleared, consider doing leg lifts, hamstring curls, step exercises, chair dips, or wall squats to strengthen the muscles throughout your legs.

See Dr Ahmad For Your Knee Pain

Take care of your knee sleeves!! (How-To)

Dr. Ahmad is a board-certified pain physician who offers treatment for knee pain in Charlotte, NC. At Advanced Sports & Spine, we utilize a holistic, integrative approach to sports medicine and pain management. In addition to using the latest, most advanced technologies, we offer non-surgical, non-opioid treatment options. Treatment plans may also include dietary or exercise changes.

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Take Time For A Warmup

Regardless of what exercise you prefer, its important to start with warmups and easy stretches to prep your muscles and joints for more intense movements. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds, remembering to breathe. Exercising with stiff muscles can cause joint pain or worsen existing conditions.

Love Your Knees: 5 Ways To Keep Your Knees Healthy

Despite being the largest joints in your body, your knees are among the most vulnerable areas. It can be common, especially in women, for active individuals to sustain knee injuries because they are overworking the area. We often take our knees for granted because they are such a natural part of our everyday lives, but it is important to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your knees to prevent any injuries in the future.

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How Long Does It Take To Recover

A minor skinned knee may take one to two weeks to fully heal. The wound is considered fully healed and no longer susceptible to infection once its closed and any scabbing has fallen off naturally. The area may continue to look pink or pale for several weeks longer.

Its important to continue to keep the area clean and to change the bandage daily to eliminate the risk of infection. Infection will require additional treatment and delay healing.

If a scab forms, its important to avoid picking at the scab. Scabs are a form of natural bandage that your body produces in response to an injury. Scabs typically fall off within two weeks when theyre no longer needed to protect the skin underneath.

Its important to decrease the risk of infection in a skinned knee. If you think your knee has become infected, call your doctor.

Signs of infection include:

  • foul odor coming from the wound
  • pus or discharge
  • the area feels warm to the touch
  • healing is not taking place
  • the wound looks as if it has gotten worse
  • increasing amounts of pain

Another, less common complication, is a bacterial infection, called tetanus. If youre concerned that the skinned knee came in contact with something rusted or dirty, including dirt, you may need a tetanus shot, especially if youve not had one in the past five years. Tetanus is a potentially serious condition.

Seek medical help for a skinned knee if any of the following occur:

Should Not: Engage In High

How to Take Care of Your Knees

While exercising is important for your joint health, it is also important not to go overboard. High-impact workouts apply high stress on your joints, especially knees, which can lead to severe damage and even an injury.

It is best to stick to low-impact workouts or any exercise that doesnt demand a lot from your joint. That would also help you to find a cure for arthritis in the knees.

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Should: Include Warm Up And Cool Down In Your Workout

Even if you dont have an arthritic knee, warm-up and cool down is necessary to avoid injuries and tense muscle. But the importance doubles when there is a pained knee involved.

Make sure that you never jump straight into a workout, even if it is low-impact. Warm-up your muscles so that you can move quickly.

And never end a workout without a cool down, especially on a leg day. Because tight quadriceps, hamstrings, or even just calves can apply pressure on the knee, causing the pain to aggravate.

How To Keep Your Knees Healthy And Prevent Knee Surgery

We give them little thought when they’re healthy, but painful and damaged knees can be hugely debilitating. Our knees are subject to wear and tear throughout our lives, resulting in a large number of us aged over 50 having to undergo knee surgery or knee replacement surgery. The good news is, that we can dramatically reduce the chances of knee injuries in later life by following active lifestyles that promote good knee health.

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How To Heal A Skinned Knee

This article was medically reviewed by Ronn Callada, RN, MS. Ronn Callada, ANP, RN is a Nurse Practitioner at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Ronn is also part of the adjunct faculty at New York University in nursing. He received his MS in Nursing from Stony Brook University School of Nursing in 2013.There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 13 testimonials and 84% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 520,849 times.

Although a skinned knee is a relatively minor abrasion, you still want to take steps so that it heals as quickly and safely as possible. With a few easily-available supplies, you can clean and care for the wound. Take the right steps, and you’ll be back to normal as soon as possible.

This Is How To Take Care Of Your Knees

5 Tips How to Take Care of Your KNEES and Prevent INJURY in Volleyball

Knee pain is a problem that plagues about 25% of American adults at any given moment. It limits their ability to get around and prevents them from taking part in some of the activities that theyd like to participate in.

Do you want to make sure that you arent forced to deal with pesky knee problems? Then you should make your knee health a bigger priority to ensure that you have healthy knees at all times.

Learning how to take care of your knees will get you off to a great start. By practicing the proper knee care at all times, you can steer clear of future knee issues and continue to get around like you are now.

Here is how to keep your knees healthy for the foreseeable future.

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How To Take Care Of Your Knees For The Long Haul

Knee pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain that people experience, and its no wonder whyour knees support the weight of our body throughout our entire lives! And while the U.S. population is getting older and more overweight, rates of knee pain are increasing independent of these two important factors. Theres no denying that we need to take better care of our knees.

In this post Ill describe the most effective ways to prevent knee pain and degeneration of the knee joints. Much of this is based on personal experience Ive used Clinical Somatics exercises and good self-care habits to prevent knee problems despite years of beating up my knees with ballet, running, and working on my feet all day.

The most important thing you need to do is: Listen to your knees. Notice what makes them hurt. Notice where in the knee joints you feel discomfort or pain. Notice if they feel tired, swollen, stiff, or achy. Be aware of crunching or popping. Your knees will tell you very important information if you listen to them. Theyll tell you if your muscles are too tight, if your posture and movement is imbalanced, and if youre simply overusing them.

Even if youve had a knee replacement or you know that you need one, its never too late to start taking care of your knees. Your chronically tight muscles can always be released, and your body use and daily habits can always be improved.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obesity is a major risk factor for problems in the knee. The knee bears a lot of pressure from the body during activities like walking and running. A heavy weight increases the pressure placed on the knee jointparticularly as your level of activity increases. Even small weight losses can help. Maintaining a healthy body mass index is a good goal to set to protect your joints.

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Should: Wear Comfortable Shoes

Since your entire leg is built around the knee, using uncomfortable shoes can inflame your knee. Sadly, saying goodbye to your heels is to take care of your

knee arthritis.

Wearing comfortable shoes that are knee-friendly can reduce the knees workload and help it function under much less tension.

It has been found that using better shoes increases the mobility of your knee and makes it more efficient in carrying out daily tasks.

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Things That Can Assist You In Caring For Your Knee

How to Take Care of Your Knee Pain

While it is essential to change your lifestyle to accommodate your arthritis, it is also necessary to keep an open mind about other ways to relieve pain and increase your knees life before surgery.

Knee brace: Most doctors quickly prescribe knee braces for knee support and help cure arthritis in the knees.Acupuncture: This is a very ancient technique famous to relieve joint pain effectivelyElectrical Stimulation: Using this technique strengthens the quads and reduces stress on the knee

Now that you have found the cure for arthritis in your knees and also know how to take care of your knee arthritis, make sure you take good care of your knee and avoid surgery as long as possible.

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What Does It Mean If You Do Need Knee Surgery

If your knee becomes too worn, damaged or injured to the point that physiotherapy alone is unable to rehabilitate it, then knee surgery can significantly improve your quality of life. It’s one of the most common elective orthopaedic procedures, contributing to around 160,000 total knee and hip replacements taking place in England and Wales every year.

Glick advises: “It’s important to note that while there are ways to help prevent knee surgery, in some cases surgery is the right thing to do. I believe that this should be a mutual decision, made by both the patient and the surgeon.”

While knee surgery can cure your knee pain and give you a better range of motion, like all operations it carries risks and considerations. These risks can include infection and complications such as deep vein thrombosis.

These days, knee replacements usually provide benefits for decades. Dr Sarah Jarvis, Clinical Director of, says: “When I first became a GP 31 years ago, we had to counsel patients that they might need further surgery after a decade or so.

“That was a major consideration because the revision of knee replacement surgery carries a higher risk of complications than the original procedure. Today, by contrast, I can reassure my patients that more than 4 in 5 total knee replacements and 7 in 10 unicondylar knee replacements last for 25 years.”


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