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How To Sit After Knee Replacement

Taking Care Of Your New Knee Joint

Sitting on the Floor After Knee Replacement Surgery: Is it Safe?

After you have knee replacement surgery, you will need to be careful about how you move your knee, especially for the first few months after surgery.

In time, you should be able to return to your previous level of activity. But even then, you will need to move carefully so that you do not injure your new knee replacement. Be sure to get your home ready for when you return, so you can move more easily and prevent falls.

Can You Sit In A Recliner After Knee Replacement Surgery

Yes, you can sit in a recliner one day after surgery. I was sitting in my recliner with my knee propped up on a wedge pillow 10 minutes after I returned home from the hospital.

I spent the majority of my time in the recliner the first 3 weeks after surgery. I tried the couch but it was not comfortable for long periods of time.

When I used conventional chairs my leg was down below my waist and it was impossible for me to sit that way for more than 5 minutes without pain .

Even when I was able to go to the table for meals, I kept my surgical knee propped up and elevated on another chair. For me, my recliner was the perfect place to rest, nap, and occasionally sleep.

I would recommend that anybody recovering from TKR invest in a recliner if you dont already have one.

What The Procedure Is Like

Also called arthroplasty, knee replacement is a procedure to resurface the damaged parts of your knee that have been causing you pain.

The knee is the meeting place for three basic bones: the tibia and femur meet at the joint and are each capped with cartilage to absorb the shock of everyday movement. Resting between them is a freestanding bone called the patella . Often using a spinal anesthetic like an epidural used in childbirth a knee replacement procedure involves an incision over the knee that allows your surgeon to resurface the tibia, femur, and patella with metal and plastic components to restore the cushioning you need to move your knee comfortably.

There are two general kinds of knee replacement surgery: partial and total.

In a partial knee replacement , only a portion of the knee joint is replaced. This procedure may be recommended for patients who have damage limited to just one area of the knee. Because a partial knee replacement is done through a smaller incision, the recovery time in the hospital is often shorter and people can resume their usual activities sooner. However, more surgery may be needed in the future if other parts of the knee become damaged.

Your surgeon will discuss which type of surgery is right for you based on your medical history and risk factors.

While patients will need help in the first weeks after surgery, most people will get their feet under them and regain independence at about six weeks after the procedure.

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Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery

Finding the best chair or recliner to sit in after knee replacement surgery should be at the top of your list. Why? Because youll spend a lot of time in your recliner as you rest and recover.

Sitting in a chair after knee replacement surgery doesnt mean youll be relaxing. Although I did enjoy some naps in my chair, I spent a lot of time in my recliner doing exercises to strengthen my leg.

I spent considerable time elevating my leg too but most of my time sitting in my recliner was spent icing my knee after physical therapy sessions.

Needless-to-say finding a comfortable recliner after knee replacement surgery is an important part of recovery. A recliner offers a way to keep your leg straight and/or elevated but it also allows you to stay in a comfortable position while you rest or relax.

In this article well discuss why you should use a recliner after knee replacement, how to sit in a chair after knee replacement, how to ice your knee in a recliner, and well share the best recliners to sit in after knee replacement.

I hope this article, based on my experience with knee replacement, helps you prepare for and recover from knee replacement surgery. The first 2 months after knee replacement were tough, but Im glad I went through with the surgery and Im glad I had a comfortable recliner waiting for me when I returned home.

How I Massaged My Knee During Physical Therapy

Best Chair or Recliner To Sit In After Knee Replacement ...

After warming up on the stationary bike, my offsite therapist massaged my knee with Free-Up massage cream for 10 minutes before I did any of the more demanding exercises.

The massage not only felt good but it seemed to loosen up the muscles as well. My therapist encouraged me to massage my knee at home too, especially before I did my exercise routine .

He recommended the product Free-Up I liked it because it worked well, was not greasy and could be wiped off easily.

Massage at Home:

My first massages were all by hand, either by myself or by my caregiver. Preparation for the massage was relatively simple.

I used a towel and a jar of Free-Up. I sat up on my bed, and put a towel under my knee. I had the Free-Up nearby.

Small amounts of Free-up are all that is needed. A little goes a long way and helps your hands glide along the massage area .

As I mentioned above I started out with minimal pressure but as time went by I increased the pressure. My therapist encouraged me to push away from the wound .

At first, I really worked the area behind my knee and my upper thigh the longest. The towel keeps any Free-Up off your bedding and then it is right there to wipe off any excess cream after you complete your massage .

I would massage my knee for about 10 minutes prior to a workout. Before going to sleep, my caregiver or I would massage my leg for about 20 minutes .

Massaging in bed also allowed me to turn over on my stomach if the caregiver was giving the massage .

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Total Knee Replacement: Swelling

7 weeks post tkr right knee. 0/120. Intermittent pain at top and bottom front knee when walking. Seems like the swelling never goes away. Icing 4x daily and resting in elevation. Out patient PT 2x week, gym for cycling and few stretching exercises 5x week. Shouldnt the swelling go down?

5 years later and knee is still swollen, therefore ice at night is only choice.

, Im only about 5 months out from my right knee replacement and I have daily swelling in my ankle from not elevating/icing enough but I have lymphedema which makes it a little worse. At my last checkup I was at 0 to 130+ and the surgeon told me to ice/elevate and rest. He emphasized the rest. I was doing similar you but not at the gym. I have a recumbent bike that I was riding for 30 minutes daily plus doing my stretches and leg exercises. My ankle is still a little swollen since I cut back on the exercise to 3 days a week.

Since your range of motion is pretty good have you tried resting a week to see if that helps?

Im tagging and to see if they are able to share some of their experience/expertise.

Have you checked with your surgeon to see if he thinks that much swelling is within whats to be expected at this point? I think that would be a good next step. You could try checking with your PT also but I find that they are reluctant to say anything that might conflict with what the surgeon says.JK

Out With The Old And In With The New For Swelling Management

With any surgery there comes a certain amount of pain and swelling associated with it. A total knee replacement is no exception. You are going to experience some swelling and discomfort afterward. Some people may experience more than others.

Until recently the standard approach to reducing swelling was a method called R.I.C.E. If you are not familiar with that term it stands for:

  • Rest
  • Compression
  • Elevation

The R.I.C.E method has been used for years but as time has passed, newer and more improved methods have been created to reduce swelling and improve the recovery process.

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What Should I Be Doing In The Early Stages Of My Recovery

  • Continue your exercise program and increase activity gradually your goal is to regain strength and function.
  • Follow all therapy instructions.
  • Resume activity as you gain strength and confidence.
  • For total knee replacement, swelling of the knee or leg is common with an abrupt increase in activity. If this occurs, elevate the leg above the level of your heart , and apply ice directly to the knee. You may continue with elevation and icing as needed to help decrease swelling and discomfort.
  • Continued exercise at this early stage is important to achieve the best outcome with your new joint replacement. Based on your needs, your therapy may be continued at home or in an outpatient setting of your choice. You will be given an exercise program to continue exercising at home.

Dont sit for longer than 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Use chairs with arms. You may nap if you are tired, but do not stay in bed all day. Frequent, short walks either indoors or outdoors are the key to a successful recovery.

You may experience discomfort in your operated hip or knee, and you may have difficulty sleeping at night. This is part of the recovery process. Getting up and moving around relieves some of the discomfort.

You should climb stairs with support. Climb one step at a time good leg up bad leg down. Hold on to a railing, if available.

When youre a passenger in a car, sit on a firm cushion or folded blanket to avoid sitting too low.

Dorel Living Slim Recliner Best Living Room Chair

Chair Height after Hip or Knee Replacement

Dorel Living is one of the most popular brands that work with the mission to manufacture comfortable and at the same time stylish furniture.

Looking at their catalog, you will come across various furniture items including a kitchen dining set, living room sofa & tables, sideboards, beds for rooms, dressers & storage cupboards, toddler beds, vanities for bathrooms, etc.

Their specialty is to make convertible furniture.

One item relevant to todays article is Dorel Living Slim Recliner.

Starting our review with the color and shape. The item comes in beige color only thus, you have restricted choice to pick from. The slim recliner is made of solid wood and covered with microfibers for seating.

The dimensions of the chair are 35.75L by 31W by 38H in inches offering enough space for one person to sit comfortably. The slim chair weighs only 47.3 lbs. enabling you to displace it easily with a little push.

Let us move to the features which make this chair relevant to our todays article regarding the best chair to sit after knee replacement.

The chair has wide arms and the seat is padded with high-class microfibers that provide you to sit very comfortably.

Moreover, the chair has a very efficient reclining mechanism that works with a little push and offering three reclining positions that enable you to select as per your comfort level.

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Looking After Your New Knee

  • continue to take any prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatories to help manage any pain and swelling
  • use your walking aids but aim to gradually decrease the amount you rely on them as your leg feels stronger
  • keep up your exercises to help prevent stiffness, but do not force your knee
  • do not sit with your legs crossed for the first 6 weeks after your operation
  • do not put a pillow underneath your knee when sleeping as this can result in a permanently bent knee
  • avoid twisting at your knee
  • wear supportive shoes outdoors
  • do not kneel on your operated knee until your surgeon says you can
  • raise your leg when sitting and apply an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel for 20 minutes every 3 or 4 hours to reduce any swelling

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Is It Safe To Sleep On My Stomach After Knee Replacement

Yes, sleeping on your stomach, also known as prone, is both safe and an effective way to improve knee extension.


The only real difference between sleeping on your stomach versus sleeping on your back with your leg propped is the prone position will not reduce swelling.

If you have always slept on your stomach or partially turned toward your stomach you should be fine to return to that sleeping position.

Some patients are concerned about the incision. If you experience significant sensitivity over the incision there are strategies to reduce this sensitivity, but there should not be any danger in allowing the knee to rest incision down on the mattress.

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Avoiding Problems After Surgery

KEEP KNEE STRAIGHT WHEN RESTING – NEVER PLACE A PILLOW UNDER THE BACK OF KNEE – place your foot on an ottoman, chair, or on a rolled up pillow so air is under the knee, push the knee down in extension this is THE MOST IMPORTANT STRETCH OR EXERCISE after knee replacement.

WORK ON THE BEND – slide the foot under the chair, stretch the bend.

Blood Clot Prevention: Follow your orthopaedic surgeon’s instructions carefully to minimize the potential of blood clots which can occur during the first several weeks of your recovery.We are very aggressive in minimizing the risks of clots and have been successful in significantly decreasing the risks of clots.

Warning signs of possible blood clots in your leg include:

  • Increasing pain in your calf.
  • Tenderness or redness above or below your knee.
  • Increasing swelling in your calf, ankle and foot.

Warning signs that a blood clot has traveled to your lung include:

  • Sudden increased shortness of breath.
  • Sudden onset of chest pain.
  • Localized chest pain with coughing.

Notify Dr. Hickman immediately if you develop any of these signs.

Preventing Infection : The most common causes of infection following total knee replacement surgery are from bacteria that enter the bloodstream during dental procedures, urinary tract infections, or skin infections. These bacteria can lodge around your knee replacement and cause an infection.

Warning signs of a possible knee replacement infection are:

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Learn What To Expect And How To Prepare From The Doctors Who Perform This Operation Every Day And The Patients Who Have Been Through Knee Surgery Successfully

If your knee arthritis has gotten so bad that your medication and physical therapy are no longer enough to keep the pain at bay or prevent mobility issues, it is a good time to consider knee replacement surgery. The procedure has come a long way from the extended hospital stays, bed rest, and narcotics-based pain relief of the past.

Fifteen to 20 years ago we told patients to wait until they could no longer take the pain of osteoarthritis to consider surgery, but thats not the case anymore, says P. Maxwell Courtney, MD, assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. With todays advances, minimally invasive techniques, and accelerated rehab and recovery protocols, we now tell patients if the pain is limiting your daily activities and youve exhausted conservative options like injections and physical therapy its time to consider surgery.

That was certainly the case for Sharon Barnes, a teacher from Maine whose pain got so bad she couldnt sleep. My doctor said I had osteoarthritis in both knees it was literally bone on bone, she remembers. We did hyaluronic acid injections, and that got me about a year then didnt work as well. Thats when we started discussing surgery.

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