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How To Run With Bad Knees

How To Lower Your Risk For Common Knee Injuries

Good running form | How i run with bad knees!

None of this is to suggest that runners are immune to knee injuries. In one study of more than 2,000 runners treated at a sports medicine clinic, knee injuries were three of the five most common types.

But its important to remember that most running knee injuries, like most running injuries in general, are overuse injuries. Theyre caused by more cumulative stress to a given body part than your body is currently equipped to handle. Knee injuries arent a given, and they arent likely to cause permanent damage unless you ignore them and dont try to fix the underlying issues that led to the injury.

Theres a growing body of research suggesting that knee injuries are often caused by weakness or instability elsewhere in the body, especially the hips. Thats why strengthening programs for avoiding or overcoming knee injuries often focus on exercises for your quads and glutes. The video below offers six exercises that will help keep your kneesand the rest of your bodyin proper working order. Just do the exercises twice a week .

If you have a history of knee injuries, you might also benefit from slightly altering your running form.

Will My Legs Ever Stop Hurting When I Run

Many of these symptoms will present themselves below the waist as pain in your legs, feet, thighs, shins, knees or ankles after running. Aches and pains may be apparent before, during or after exercise. Some discomfort may immediately dissipate when activity ceases, while other irritations may linger for days or weeks.

Can/should I Continue Or Take Up Running

You decide.

  • Recreational runners had less chance of developing knee arthritis compared to sedentary individuals and competitive runners.
  • Running at a recreational level for many years can be safely recommended as a general health exercise, and benefits knee joint health.
  • The rate of OA increases if you are sedentary or if you are a high-volume high intensity runner , compared with regular recreational running.
  • The beneficial effects of running on general health are well established and include improved cardiovascular health, diabetic control, mental health, bone mineral density, reduced weight, potential increases in pain threshold, and balance.

In summary, the benefits of running are numerous, and the evidence suggests that you can be confident that recreational running will not harm, and may even improve, your knee joint health.

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    How Do I Know If I Run With Knock Knees

    Is Running Bad for Your Knees?

    This is a tricky one to assess on yourself but a clue that you are running with knock knees is signs of wear on your running pants on the inside of the knee or bruising on the inside of your knees.

    Another way to look at it is to film yourself running from behind. You can do this outside or on a treadmill and just use your phone. It is often easier if you use the Hudl technique app as you can then more through the video frame by frame.

    You want to pause the video at the point of maximal loading. That is when your head is at its lowest point in the gait cycle and the time when the knees pass each other. If you are going into significant dynamic valgus, this will be the time when it is most pronounced.

    Now you are looking for the knee window. The knee window is the amount of space between the two knees as one passes the other at the point of maximal loading.

    We want to see an open knee window, meaning that there is some air/daylight visible between the knees as they pass each other. An open knee window indicates good hip/pelvis control.

    A closed knee window however, is when the knees are contacting each other as they pass. There is no air/daylight visible between the knees, hence a closed knee window. A closed knee window indicates a suboptimal pattern of hip/pelvis control.

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    Tips To Run With Bad Knees:

    You can ask a question from your physiotherapist about running with bad knees what shoe is the best. After that, get the recommended shoe and run even with bad knees to get early relief from pain by strengthening your knee muscles.

    • When you are suffering from bad knees, then do not try different running patterns like too fast running, backward, and forward running at the same time. It may cause problems and make you pain, and you will be afraid of running again.
    • Try the gentle way to run, always move forward while running, and not put much pressure on your legs, ankles, and knees. It is only possible when you wear the proper and recommended shoes.
    • If you feel pain in your knees, do not try to run at hilly paths or rough and uneven paths.
    • Always choose the flat paths to run it will protect you from falls and maintain the correct flow of running on the same surface without hurting your knees.
    • When you are suffering from bad knees, run for ten to fifteen minutes then take rest for some while and then again walk.

    Thus, you can maintain your knee health without hurting your knee.

    How Can A Physiotherapist Help Me

    If you want to run but are concerned about the risk of OA, a physiotherapist can assess for factors that might put you more at risk and discuss the pros and cons of running for you as an individual. They can help develop a specific plan and strategies to help you prevent injury, such as strength and conditioning programmes, or loosening stiff joints and muscles, and they can help to appropriately rehabilitate injuries when they do occur.

    If you have any specific questions or would like to speak to or see a physiotherapist about running and OA knees, please call us on 020 7482 3875 or email

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    Is Cycling Good For Knee Pain

    Tips for Running with Arthritis in your Knees

    The research is clear on one thing: low-intensity cycling reduces pain and boosts your fitness level just as much, if not more so than high intensity.The data out there also shows that people with knee osteoarthritis find it easier to perform daily activities like walking after doing both types of workouts for 90 days or less!

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    When Will My Knee Feel Better

    People heal at different rates. Your recovery time depends on your body and your injury.

    While you get better, you need to take it easy on your knee. That doesnât mean you have to give up exercise. Just try something new that won’t hurt your joint. If you’re a jogger, swim laps in a pool instead.

    Whatever you do, don’t rush things. If you try to get back to your workouts before youâre healed, you could damage the joint for good. Don’t return to your old level of physical activity until:

    • You can fully bend and straighten your knee without pain.
    • You feel no pain in your knee when you walk, jog, sprint, or jump.
    • Your knee is as strong as your uninjured knee.

    How To Start Running With Bad Knees

    No doubt it is excruciating to run with bad knees, but running is helpful for you when you are suffering from severe knee pain.

    You could not start running too fast, but you can run with proper steps and practice. When you want to run with bad knees, the following tips will help you run with bad knees.

    Watch this video to get more info about Is running on concrete bad for your knees?

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    What Is Oa And What Causes It

    In simple terms, osteoarthritis is when the cartilage on either side of the joint breaks down. It is often called wear and tear or degeneration of the joint surfaces. This is depicted in the image below.

    The exact cause is unknown but there are many factors that are thought to contribute to the development of osteoarthritis. Some of these factors you can do nothing about. Fortunately, there are others that you can control.

    What you will clearly see from the list below is that there are a large number of risk factors for OA that have absolutely nothing to do with running.yet running often takes the blame!

    Non-modifiable risk factors

    • Age: no surprises here, the risk of developing OA increases with age.
    • Sex: females have an increased risk of developing lower limb OA, particularly in the knees.
    • Genetics: genetic factors are estimated to account for up to 40% of knee OA .
    • Previous injury: this is one of the most significant risk factors for subsequent development of OA in runners, particularly ACL and meniscal injuries.

    Modifiable risk factors

    The Rumor: Running Is Bad For Your Knees


    Whether you’re a neophyte runner trying to get in shape for your first 5K or a seasoned veteran who regularly cranks out 10-milers before breakfast, chances are you’ve heard that running is — to put it mildly — a tad rough on the knees. The notion is so widely accepted that the knee ailment patellofemoral pain syndrome is commonly called “runner’s knee.” And that would seem to make sense.

    Running is a high-impact sport that puts loads of trauma on the joints, so the risk of injury and even arthritis would have to be high, right?

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    How To Avoid Knee Pain From Running

    • Beginners
    • How to Prevent Knee Pain from Running

    Theres a reason why knee pain is often referred to as Runners Knee. Current statistics report that 30 50% of all runners get knee pain from running every year. Thats a pretty high number, and its one of the biggest reasons why running gets labeled as a high-injury sport.

    I have my own take on running and its a little different. Its that running is blamed for knee pain when its not actuality running that causes problems. Its the way people run that leads to pain and injury. The truth is, if you can learn to run with proper running form, where there is minimal impact or undue stress to your knees, youll never have knee problems. Its a surprisingly simple fix, and entirely possible, contrary to what many people believe.

    Here are some ways to improve your running technique, avoid knee pain, and insure that you can run for many more years without ever having to give it all up someday because your knees are toast.

    Avoid heel striking

    Dont over-stride and let your feet get ahead of you. Always make it a point to NEVER step past your knees, and learn to let your legs swing rearward, not forward. When your feet land in front of your knees, you putting on the brakes with every foot strike, sending a major impact to your knees, which were never designed to be shock absorbers.

    Dont lift your knees when you run
    Lean your entire body forward
    Keep your knees soft and bent
    Keep your feet aimed in the direction you are running

    Why Running Wont Ruin Your Knees

    Running pummels knees more than walking does, but in the process it may fortify and bulk up cartilage, helping stave off knee arthritis.

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    Could running actually be good for your knees?

    That idea is at the heart of a fascinating new study of the differing effects of running and walking on the knee joint. Using motion capture and sophisticated computer modeling, the study confirms that running pummels knees more than walking does. But in the process, the authors conclude, running likely also fortifies and bulks up the cartilage, the rubbery tissue that cushions the ends of bones. The findings raise the beguiling possibility that, instead of harming knees, running might fortify them and help to stave off knee arthritis.

    Of course, the notion that running wrecks knees is widespread and entrenched. Almost anyone who runs is familiar with warnings from well-meaning, nonrunning family members, friends and strangers that their knees are doomed.

    But in real life, it does not. Some runners develop knee arthritis, but not all. As a group, in fact, runners may be statistically less likely to become arthritic than nonrunners.

    Perhaps, Dr. Miller speculated, cartilage in human runners knees likewise might alter and adapt.

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    Does Participating In Sports Increase The Risk Of Knee Arthritis

    For most sports, there is no increase in developing knee arthritis. There is some evidence that playing soccer, elite-level long-distance runners, competitive weight lifting, and wrestling did show an increase in rates of knee arthritis.

    However, this usually involved a knee injury first and then participation in the higher-risk sports.

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    What Shoe Is The Best For Bad Knees

    As we have discussed, some of the recommended shoes can also help you run even with bad knees. But the question arises in the mind when running with bad knees what shoe is the best? You should try to find the best shoe for running when you feel pain in your knees.

    Many athletes experience knee pain for several reasons, such as running in unbalanced form or running on rugged and rough paths. If you run too much, it can also lead to knee pain, and the most common that happens with age is the weakness of muscles.

    Rest Days Are Key To Protecting Your Knees

    Rest days to let the body recover are a part of any distance-running training program, and for good reason, says Oliveira. If youre training for a marathon or a half-marathon, youve got to build up the mileage slowly and not do a long run every day, back to back, he says. You might do a three-mile jog one day, then the next day do some cross training to build up leg strength and hip strength maybe the next day do your longer run, and then take a day off, he says. depend on your level of experience and your goal, using pain and soreness as your guide, he says. If youre very sore the day after a run, it would not be wise to go for a run that day, he says.

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    Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees Mens

    Before we start talking about the best running shoes for bad knees it is critical to understand that bad knees can mean a lot of things. Of all the shoes is the brooks line, the beast is the most stable and supportive shoe for them all.

    Ranking The Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees Of 2021 Best Running Shoes Running Sneakers Running Shoes

    Exercises With Bad Knees To Lose Weight:

    Running Solutions: Can You Keep Running With Bad Knees?

    · You can run by wearing specific shoes to lose weight. But if you cannot run due to a severe injury, you can walk after wearing supportive shoes. There are many other exercises to lose weight but without impacting your knees.

    · Try water aerobic exercises when you feel pain in your knees. When you do swimming, it will give strength to your muscles and help you burn your calories without harming your knees.

    · Riding on stationary bikes is also helpful to lose weight to burn calories without hurting your knees.

    · Tai chi is also a good exercise that gives your knees relief and helps you lose weight.

    · Yoga is one of the most recommended exercises for different joints pain issues it improves your knee pain condition and relaxes your body, mind, and helps you reduce your body weight without hurting your knees.

    · Some gym exercises that you can do by sitting on the chair in a gym for the upper parts of your body are also helpful to reduce weight but without hurting your knees.

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