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How To Remove Stretch Marks On Knees

When To Seek A Dermatologists Expertise

How to remove stretch marks on knees

Stretch mark treatments that you can buy at a store or online can be expensive. If you find yourself spending a lot of time and money without getting any results, seeing a board-certified dermatologist can be helpful.

The in-office procedures have proven more effective than the creams, lotions, and gels. Dermatologists can also tell you about any new product or procedure that may help.

Are all dermatologists board certified?

No. See what it takes to become board certified.

ImagesImage 1 used with permission of the American Academy of Dermatology National Library of Dermatologic Teaching Slides.

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What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

There are a number of reasons for stretch marks to form while youre carrying your baby, which include:

  • Physical stretching: Sudden expansion of the skin and weight fluctuations happen in the second trimester of pregnancy. Since these changes are abrupt, the skin around the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs do not have adequate time to adjust. This leads to a rupturing of the skins surface.
  • Elastin and collagen: These proteins play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining your skins resilience and elasticity. Pregnancy alters elastin and collagen, upping your skins sensitivity.
  • Hormones: Increases and decreases in hormone levels during pregnancy also play a key role in encouraging the formation of stretch marks.

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On Legs

Stretch marks between legs appear when your skin surface starts to grow quickly, or when you put on extra weight. Striae can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about the way you look, especially when you are out in public.

Fortunately, you do not have to be anxious about stretch marks on legs as you can use these home remedies.

What Are The Different Colors Of Stretch Marks

Pin on Na Ciao / Body Treatments

Stretch marks may differ in color depending on the depth, time, type, and place of existence.

  • Red, Purple, Black/brown stretch marksNew stretch marks can appear bright red, purple, black, or brown at first depending on the color of the skin. This is due to the stretching of the surface of your skin. They are formed when the dermal layer of the skin is stretched, letting the blood vessels show. These stretch marks may feel a bit itchy. It is easier to get rid of these marks faster as they are new.
  • White/Silver stretch marksWhite or silver stretch marks are the color that it adapts to overtime before completely fading off. These are the most stubborn and occur when the blood vessels reduce in size, thus making the fat under the skin visible.

To know the different types and colors of vaginal discharge and what they mean, click here

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Stretch Marks Are Scars

If your skin is stretched farther than itâs used to in a short period of time — during pregnancy or a childhood growth spurt, for example — the elastic fibers in your skin can tear. Those damaged areas make long, thin scars called stretch marks. They can show up as pink, red, or purple streaks.


How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On The Back Of The Knees

Stretch marks appear virtually all over the body, with most instances on the back of the knees, thighs, stomach and arms. This is caused by rapid expansion of the skin, harming the natural elasticity that keeps the skin youthful looking. Stretch marks on the back of the knees can make it difficult to wear shorts or skirts without worrying about the appearance of your legs.

Exercise your legs to target stretch marks. This helps tone the skin while building the muscles and fading stretch marks. Lie on the floor on your side. Rest your head on the arm nearest the floor and place your upper hand on the floor at your waist, palm down. With legs straight and toes pointed, raise the upper leg slowly till it is hip level. Hold for the count of five and lower back to the floor. Do 15 repetitions, then switch sides and work the other leg.

Apply a cream containing aloe vera and vitamin E, according to Massage a dime-sized amount into the stretch marks in a circular motion. The massage action stimulates blood flow while the aloe vera and vitamin E promote skin cell regeneration and collagen fiber production, improving skin elasticity.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. Water keeps the skin moisturized from the inside out while flushing out toxins that can harm the skin by causing skin cell breakdown. Water keeps the skin plump and moisturized and helps fade stretch marks while supporting the skin’s natural healing process.

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What Do Stretch Marks Mean

A stretch mark is a form of scarring on the skin with a pinkish or whitish hue that appears when your skin stretches or shrinks quickly.

Collagen is a protein underneath your skin that makes it more elastic and supports your skin. Your skin tries to heal any abrupt change or tear in your skin collagen, and in that process, stretch marks may appear on your skin.

They often appear on your belly, arms, breasts, back, shoulders, torso, hips, buttocks or thighs. These grooves or lines arent painful or harmful. However, some people may feel awkward about their appearance. Over time, they become less noticeable.

Almond And Coconut Oil

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks! 7 Natural Ways 4 Pressure Points

Both oils show excellent results when applied to the skin or even hair. The use of these oils can be done on stretch marks too. Apply and massage directly on stretch marks.

You can use this oil on your skin to make it smooth and moisturized. However, If you dont like applying oil, other oil-less remedies are on the way for you.

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How Are Stretch Marks On Knees Treated

If you are worried and stressed out about those ugly lines on your knees then dont worry. There are multiple treatment options available that can reduce these stretch marks and even make them invisible.

Below are some of the most common treatments suggested by dermatologists in order to get rid of stretch marks.

  • Chemical peels

Stretch Marks On Calves

Stretch marks on calves.

Skin color, skin tone, collagen, and elasticity, as well as hormonal imbalances, are the factors that mainly cause stretch marks between legs and calves.

You will notice that it is probable for women of fair skin to have more stretch marks on legs as compared to women with darker skin tones.

In addition, people with rough or dry skin are also prone to getting stretch marks between legs. The marks will often show up either vertically or horizontally and may not disappear completely. However, their overall appearance can change with time, and may start to become less visible on calves with time.

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Are Stretch Marks Normal For Teens

Teens face many struggles navigating through growing up: changing body, new responsibilities and freedoms, as well as social life adjustments. Change can be difficult to accept for teenagers, especially when it comes to their bodies and the way they view themselves. One unwelcomed change can be stretch marks.


When rapid growth or weight gain occurs, especially during teenage years, it is common for stretch marks to appear in boys and girls alike. Other factors that makes teens predisposed to stretch marks appearing include a genetic risk or family history of stretch marks, pregnancy, being overweight or obese, or taking a cortisol medication.

Stretch marks occur when skin gets overstretched. They can occur in the abdomen, chest, hips and thighs. Because of the connective tissue and collagen in these areas, stretching too much causes the purple-reddish scars to appear.


Many parents and teens turn to the internet to figure out what they can do about them. What theyll find is advice to try a variety of so-called miracle cures spanning from coffee grounds to lemon juice to vitamin E to a host of creams. Some sources even say to cover the marks in plastic wrap. It can be difficult to know what is true and what is just an old wives tale.

Medically, there are several ways to treat stretch marks, including:

Topics in this Post

How To Heal & Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Causes and How to Remove Stretch marks on Knees

Just like any other scar on your body, stretch marks are permanent although some may fade with time. Effective treatment may also alleviate the itch and make them less noticeable. However, it is critical to understand that no single treatment method works for everyone.

Take note that over the counter products advertised as perfect stretch mark remedies may not always work as promised. The following are some of the most effective stretch mark treatment options that dermatologists recommend.

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Can You Prevent Them

Experts think genetics play a role in stretch marks, but if your parents had them, that doesnât mean you will, too. One of the best ways to prevent them is to keep your weight steady. Drinking plenty of water may help prevent damage when your skin stretches. And foods that keep your skin healthy may cut your odds, too. Eat foods rich in zinc, like nuts and fish, and ones with vitamins A, C, and D, like citrus, milk, and sweet potatoes.


Applying Natural Topical Creams

Specially formulated creams containing jojoba oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, onion, and aloe vera could prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Use twice a day beginning with the third month of pregnancy. By being proactive, you can maximize the products effectiveness, which drastically decreases once stretch marks become visible.

Choose odorless topical creams composed of natural ingredients which are easily absorbed by your skin. Note that different products might be required to treat different areas of the body.

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How To Make Stretchmarks Less Noticeable

The following may make stretchmarks less noticeable.

  • Sunless self-tanners: Tanning lotions, sprays, or creams could help camouflage the stretchmarks. Do note that regular self-tanning will not help reduce stretchmarks or make them disappear .
  • Makeup: You may ask your teenager to try water-resistant, cover-up makeup to hide the marks if they are concerned about it.
  • Covering with clothes: You could also suggest your teens choose dresses that could cover the marks.

Many products that claim to get rid of stretchmarks may not work as they promise, and can be costly too. It is good to consult a dermatologist before allowing the teen to use any topical self-tanning product.

As a parent, explain to your child that it is okay to have stretch marks, if they are not due to any underlying health problem. But if it is affecting their self-esteem, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Some stretchmarks may fade over time as the teen grows older. If the stretch marks remain after the growing years, and your teen desires, then you may seek removal therapies by consulting a dermatologist.


What To Do About Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Removal: Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs

It’s not always possible to prevent stretch marks.

The best way to reduce your chance of getting them is by maintaining a healthy weight.

Read more about eating a balanced diet and losing weight safely.

Many creams and lotions claim to prevent, reduce or remove stretch marks. But there’s very little evidence these work.

There are some treatments that may help make stretch marks look better, but they will not get rid of them.

They include:

  • retinoid creams or hyaluronic acid these may help if used on new stretch marks, but you should not use retinoid creams if you’re pregnant
  • light or laser treatments
  • microdermabrasion, which removes a thin layer of skin

You would need to pay for these treatments as they’re not available on the NHS.

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What May Help: Retinol Products

Retinol, which comes from vitamin A, may help make stretch marks less obvious. It makes your skin cells shed, or âturn over,â faster and may make new skin grow faster, too. The catch: You have to start using it soon after stretch marks show up, and then use it regularly for it to work. And the type of retinol thatâs been shown to work is only available by prescription. Talk to your dermatologist about whether you should try it.


Be Careful Of Uv Exposure

“Lying in the sun on holiday can pigment the stretch mark, which you don’t want,” advises Dr. Hextall. “It’s very important when you have new stretch marks to wear a high sun cream like factor 50 sunblock with both UVA and UVB protection, and reapply as often as a low factor sun cream. I’d recommend wearing a UV top if you’re swimming in the sea because reflection from the water means higher sun exposure.”

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Not Likely To Help: Exfoliating

Ads for exfoliating treatments may claim that they make stretch marks less noticeable. Scrubs, buffs, and microdermabrasion can make your skin smoother. But thereâs no proof that any of these treatments actually help — and some dermatologists think microdermabrasion may make stretch marks worse.


How Can I Get My Stretch Marks To Go Away

Causes and How to Remove Stretch marks on Knees

A or plastic surgeon are doctors who can help treat stretch marks. They specialize in caring for the skin. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, they might use prescription creams, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment. But doctors don’t usually recommended these for teens because they’re still growing. So new stretch marks might appear and existing ones will probably fade a bit over time. Also, these treatments can be expensive and usually are not covered by insurance.

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Read Our Guide To Treating Those Dreaded Red Lines

Most people will have to deal with stretch marks at some point in their lives. Don’t fret – if you’ve been frantically googling ‘how to remove stretch marks’, we have some great professional advice for reducing their appearance.

Stretch marks can pop up all over the body, with the most common areas being the tummy, thighs and chest area. While some women are glad to show off their marks post-baby, others constantly search for treatments for stretch mark removal.

We spoke to Dr. Justine Hextall, Consultant Dermatologist at the Tarrant Street Clinic, for an explanation of why stretch marks appear and how to treat them. Read her tips below

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“Stretch marks are triggered by a rapidity of growth and how that affects collagen,” says Dr. Hextall.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and it’s found in bones, muscles, tendons and skin. It’s essentially the substance that holds the body together and gives the appearance of bouncy, full, smooth skin. However, collagen production declines as you get older and can be literally over-stretched by rapid growth and weight gain.

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“Teenagers can suddenly have a growth spurt which their collagen simply can’t keep up with, or a woman may put on a reasonable amount of weight in a short amount of time during pregnancy, and the skin will stretch.”

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On Knees

All of us know and have heard about stretch marks. Most of the time stretch marks are closely associated with pregnancy. But apart from that, these marks can be caused due to other factors as well. The main cause of these marks is when the skin stretches very rapidly and fails to come back to its original position. Also known as striae, these marks vary in color depending on the span of time. Stretch marks can be pink, white or red in color. When they become old, they also take a silver-ish tinge. Some of the most common areas where stretch marks appear include the abdomen, the thighs, buttocks, hips, arm area, breasts and so on. However, in many people stretch marks also appear on the knees and on back of the knees.

Stretch marks are no illness nor are they symptoms of any kinds of ailments. However, it is also true at the same time that these marks look ugly and highly embarrassing. Read on to know more about stretch marks on knees and the ways of getting rid of them successfully.

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Sugar For Exfoliating Skin

Sugar is one ingredient that is readily available in almost all homes. When getting rid of the lines between legs, you will need to use natural white sugar, and not any other type of sugar. The sugar will be used in exfoliating the skin.

How to exfoliate

  • Take one tablespoon or raw sugar and combine it with almond oil, as well as a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Ensure you mix it properly before proceeding to apply it to the stretch marks between legs
  • It will be important to make sure that you rub this mixture on the stretch marks on legs each day before you take your shower

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