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How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees

Don’t Let Dark Knees And Elbows Keep You From Wearing Your Favourite Dress Ever Again

How to Get Rid of Dark Knees Fast

Dark knees and elbows can be hassle, we know. Be it due to constant friction on the joints or just plain old genetics, if your elbows are stubbornly dark and dull, we have some all natural fixes for you. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to treat them, just to your kitchen. Here are 6 trusted home remedies to help you deal with those dark knees and elbows.

The aloe mask

Take a thick leaf of aloe vera, remove the pulp from within it and throw away the skin. Mix the pulp of half a tomato with it. Combine them together and apply all over the elbows and knees. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. While aloe soothes the damaged area, tomato’s natural bleaching agents handle the dark patches.

The bleaching mask

In a bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of besan with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of cold water to form a thick paste. Apply the mixture liberally over your knees and elbows and leave it to dry for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. With lemon’s citric acid and gram flour’s brightening powers, the paste is bound to leave your joints brighter. Repeat twice a week for a month to see results.

The sugar scrub

The coconut pack

To 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix and massage this over your knees and elbows. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes and wash away with warm water. Not only will this lighten the dark area, it will also nourish the dry skin to no end. Try this every alternate day for visible results.

Use A Lemon Juice And Baking Soda Paste

Both lemon juice and baking soda are believed to have bleaching properties, making the combination a great choice for skin lightening.1 These ingredients are also said to get rid of dead skin cells, giving your knees and elbows an even skin tone.

  • Make a paste using baking soda and lemon juice in equal quantities.
  • Scrub the paste on your knees and elbows to remove the hardened, dead skin.
  • Then, rinse thoroughly with some water. Remember to moisturize well after rinsing.

The Bleaching Properties Of Lemon

Yes, lemon juice is a safe bleaching agent. It contains antioxidant and vitamin C. It helps with skin regeneration. Lemon is also a good exfoliator. If you want to squeeze it, take the lemonade and cut it in half, then squeeze some juice and start rubbing your elbows and knees.

Then leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Remember, when you squeeze lemon juice, keep it from going hot. You can do this as many times as you want. Dont forget to only brush your favorite moisturizer everyday.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees With Baking Soda And Milk

You can use the sodium bicarbonate and milk to get rid of dark knees. To get rid of dark knees with baking soda you need 1 spoon sodium bicarbonate and 1 spoon milk.

  • First mix baking soda and milk together.
  • Now after mixing this mixture well, apply it on the knees and elbows.
  • After applying, massage the knees and elbows with this paste for two-three minutes.
  • Then wash the skin with water.
  • Use this paste every two or three days until the blackness goes away.

    Lemon Juice Mixed With Sugar And Honey

    14 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbow in ...

    This is actually one of the best combinations when it comes to getting rid of dark elbows and knees. Lemon juice has powerful skin lightening properties. This is due to its high vitamin C content. Honey is also known to help make the skin look brighter. Sugar, on the other hand, works as an exfoliator.

    How to Apply?

    • Take a fresh lemon and squeeze out all the juice
    • Mix the lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of sugar
    • Mix them well and apply it on the affected area
    • Massage gently and leave it for about 20 minutes and the wash with lukewarm water

    To get the best results, apply this remedy alternate days a week.

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    Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees Fast

    If you are having dark elbows and knees and want to get rid of them then the help is underway.

    In this article, I have gathered for you some of the best and working home remedies to get rid of dark elbows and knees fast.


    before I go into the detail of how to get rid of dark elbows and knees I want to let you know some of the common causes of it:

    The below mentioned are some of the causes of dark elbows and knees:

    • Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells
    • Extensive Exposure to Sun
    • Injuries
    • Hormonal Imbalance

    Our elbows and knees dont contain any oils glands so proper care and moisturization is necessary in order to protect them.

    The below mentioned home remedies will help you protect and nourish these parts of the body and remove the dark patches.

    Lets get started

    Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees

    Dark elbows are really annoying. They are more visible when you take a good picture or when you wear semi sleeves. Although, there is a solution to every problem.

    Weve thoroughly scrutinized and found a few best solutions that work amazingly to get rid of dark elbows or knees. Keep reading the post if youre worried about the dark patches.

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    Natural Ways To Lighten Dark Knees And Elbows At Home

    An uneven skin tone can be harrowing when you want to flaunt a beautiful dress or wear cut-sleeves. The dark skin on your knees and elbows may often make you want to rethink such wardrobe choices. These parts of the body often become very dry and the protein keratin, which protects the outer layer of the skin, may build up in excess to cause dark patches. Discoloration in these areas due to excessive exposure to the sun is also a common occurrence. A daily regimen using ingredients available at home alongside adequately moisturizing and exfoliating the skin in these dark areas can help a great deal.

    Here are 7 ways you can lighten the dark skin on your knees and elbows at home.

    Prevention From Darkening Of Knees And Elbows

    How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees Quickly

    Although darkening of knees and elbows is unavoidable sometimes, you can consider a few simple things to prevent it:

    1. Apply a high SPF sunscreen on your skin before stepping out into the sun. Exposure to sunlight is one of the biggest triggers of hyperpigmentation, and sunscreens can help.

    2. Avoid putting pressure on your knees and elbows for an extended period of time.

    3. Treat wounds and injuries with care while they are healing.

    4. Check for harsh ingredients in your skin care products and stop using them if they are causing irritation or rashes.

    5. Your laundry detergents or body soap can also cause inflammation and skin darkening. Opt for gentler cleansers to prevent darkening of knees and elbows.

    6. Lack of vitamin A and vitamin E in your diet can also adversely affect your skin and cause dark patches. You can include vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, etc. in your diet to get sufficient vitamin A. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and greens like spinach are a rich source of vitamin E.

    Wrapping Up

    Darkening of elbows and knees is a common phenomenon, especially among people with darker skin tones. It is usually not a major reason for alarm, except in rare cases where darkening of these joints may be due to some disease or hormonal disorders. If you are concerned about your appearance due to dark knees and elbows, opt for one of the OTC or home remedies to brighten them up.

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    Ways To Get Rid Of Hard And Black Knees

    Within the human body, there are certain parts, which are more prone to stress and friction than others. All joints are susceptible to this, but even within the joints, the knees are even more of a stress point.The skin on the knees, as well as the bones, the joint and the cartilage, are highly susceptible to wear and tear. Due to frequent rubbing and friction, the skin can be put under much stress and thus, may cause skin conditions as well.One of the most common skin conditions that many face is the hardening and darkening of the knees.This may happen due to, Continuous friction from clothing- Playing sports out in the sun where the knees may be exposed- Excessive keratin on the skin on the knees- Resting on the knees for long periods of time- Other physiological conditions that may result in skin pigmentationThere are some quick remedies that can be used to rectify or at least lessen the dark patches on the knees.

    However, home remedies or treatments may not be the solution in all cases as there may be underlying physical causes, which need to be treated at a deeper level. In such cases, it is prudent to seek dermatological treatment.

    In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert& get answers to your questions!

    How To Lighten Dark Knees And Elbows Naturally


    • Lack of exfoliation, which causes the accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin over a period of time.
    • Prolonged sun exposure leading to hyper-pigmentation and a darker skin tone in that area.
    • Hormonal changes or reactions of the body.
    • Pigmentation because of skin aging.
    • UV radiation causing Melasma.
    • Friction because of skins contact with certain fabrics, or any external objects.
    • Skin issues like Psoriasis, or Eczema.
    • Post-injury skin damage on knees and elbows.
  • Lemon to the rescue!
  • Curd and gram flour mask.
  • Aloe Vera to shoo away dryness
  • Aloe Goodness

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    Do You Have Dark Knees And Elbows Read On To Know Of A Few Natural Remedies That Will Help You Get Rid Of This Embarrassing Condition

    Written by Sanyukta Baijal | Updated : May 9, 2020 9:18 AM IST

    Do you shy away from wearing shorts or cut sleeved clothes during summer just because you have dark knees and elbows? Well, then you aren’t the only one suffering from this issue. Dark knees and elbows are a form of hyperpigmentation, which can happen when the skin makes excess amount of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives colour to your skin. While this kind of condition is harmless yet shameful, some people want to lighten them to match their original skin colour. Some of the other causes for dark knees and elbows are accumulation of dead skin cells, condition like eczema, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and sun exposure. In a lot of cases, dryness can also lead to dark knees and elbows. We understand your frustration since you can’t step out for your basic shopping leave behind buying your skincare essentials from the stores during lockdown. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Try these 5 kitchen ingredients, which can work wonders.

    A Dermatologist Recommends 8 Home Hacks To Brighten Your Dark Knees

    How To Lighten Dark Ankles Elbows, Knees Or Neck  Get Rid ...
    Listen to this article

    Summer is here and its time to bring out your shorts and skirts from the closet. Oops! We totally forgot about how darkened knees can totally wreck your look. Well, fret not ladies because we have some really cool home hacks that can help you lighten your dark knees in a jiffy.

    If youre wondering why despite sitting at home for a year and not going out in the sun your knees are still dark, then let us enlighten you.

    According to Dr Chytra Anand, celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and beauty guru at Kosmoderma Clinics, Indian skin has melanin or pigment in it. For every 10 normal cells, Indian skin has one pigment-producing cell. And whenever there is any kind of friction, irritation, or inflammation the pigmentation increases due to increased melanin production. Not to mention, dry and sensitive skin are more prone to pigmentation.

    The knee joint is an area of constant movement which causes friction in the skin. People tend to kneel on their knees which causes friction leading to inflammation. People with dry skin on their knees dont usually think of moisturizing this area, leading to hyperpigmentation or dark end knees. Another cause is genetics, environmental changes, vitamin B12 and D deficiencies, and hypothyroidism, she explains.

    The good news is that you can totally transform your knee skin with some ingredients that are available right in your kitchen.

    So, here are eight ingredients from your kitchen that you can use to lighten your knees

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    Some Important Tips For Dark Knees And Elbows

    • Apply coconut oil before going to bed to reduce dark spots .
    • Never forget to hydrate your elbows and knees .
    • You can use skin whitening creams .
    • Proper nutrition is also very important.
    • Eat as many vitamin A and E foods as you can, such as potatoes, almonds, spinach, carrots, dried apricots, and lettuce.
    • Drink about 5-7 glasses of water daily, to avoid dehydration, which dries the skin and causes dark knees and elbows.

    How To Lighten Dark Knees

    It is important to understand first why you end up having rough, darkened knees or elbows. The skin of your elbows and knees is naturally thicker and loses moisture quickly. This often leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells that produce a darkened appearance.Many people want to know exactly how to lighten dark knees.

    It is important that you dont neglect your dark knees or elbows during your moisturizing routine. While you dont need to rush off to a high-end salon, you really need to take some steps and spend some time looking after your knees to understand how to lighten dark knees. Keep reading to know some natural home remedies that actually work.

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    How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees

    Do not allow your dark elbows and knees to rob all the confidence you need to wear short dresses and sleeveless tops, it would not be an embarrassing affair anymore!

    Regular bathing is vital to keep the skin and the body clean and healthy. Bathing and scrubbing helps eliminate dirt, oil, dead skin cells and germs from the skin. Our skin constantly gets renewed as dead skin cells are shed from the body and new ones form itself about once a month. These dead skin cells can easily be removed by exfoliation and basic hygiene, such as bathing with a mild soap, water and loofah. If you would not wash any of the area of your skin regularly and properly, these dead skin cells may build up dark patches that are often scaly and rough. Symptoms may get worse the longer a person does not clean properly. Also secondary infections and other skin disorders can arise if these dark patches are left untreated.

    What Causes Dark Knees And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally


    Dark knees is extremely common but it can be very embarrassing, particularly for women. By and large, the skin will look healthy if proper skin care is followed. Depending up on the etiological factor causing the darkening, the condition can be effectively managed.

    Discoloration of the knees is a rather common skin problem.

    Dark knees and skin pigmentation on the knees though not having much medical significance should be managed given that it has cosmetic implications. Women find darkening and dark spots on the knees undesirable and unattractive. Here are decidedly effective home remedies and skin care guidelines that will help lighten the skin appreciably.

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    Natural Remedies For Dark Knees

    If you prefer the DIY way, several home remedies might help improve the tone and texture of your dark knees over time. The most common are:

    Aloe vera. This plant has soothing and calming properties that help ease discomfort from irritation and sunburn. One study found that aloe vera may also help reduce the natural skin darkening that comes with sun exposure.

    Turmeric. This versatile spice gets its yellow pigment from a chemical compound called curcumin. Many people have traditionally used this herbal ingredient to even out their skin tone and reduce excessive pigmentation.

    Green tea. The leaves in green tea have a chemical compound called epigallocatechin gallate. It might be another skin-lightening agent, as it blocks the enzymes that help make melanin.

    Keep in mind that there’s little to no scientific proof that homemade skin-lightening remedies work. If you’re worried about harm and irritation to your skin, talk to a doctor before trying natural ingredients.

    A Ayurvedic And Home Remedies

    Ayurveda recommends the use of herbs and ingredients that naturally inhibit excess melanocyte activity, enhance cell regeneration and remove harmful Ama toxins from your body which is often the major cause for hyperpigmentation.

    1. Milk, Turmeric And Sandalwood

    The ancient Ayurvedic texts cite the amazing powers of raw turmeric and sandalwood in improving skin tone. With the presence of curcumin in turmeric and santalol in sandalwood, these powerful herbs prevent excess melanin production in your skin. Milk containing lactic acid helps exfoliate dead skin and make your dark knees and elbows appear brighter.

    How To Use

    To get rid of dark knees and elbows, mix raw turmeric paste, sandalwood powder with milk and apply to the affected skin. Leave it on for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water.

    2. Yashtimadhu, Kesar And Honey

    Glabridin , a natural hyperpigmentation reducing compound present in Yashtimadhu makes it a popular dark knees and elbows treatment. Combined with the skin lightening properties of Kesar and the moisturizing effects of honey, this Ayurvedic pack is capable of helping you get rid of dark knees and elbows in 10 days.

    How To Use

    Soak kesar in honey and add yashtimadhu powder to it. Apply on your dark knees and elbows to reduce hyperpigmentation. Wash off after 30 minutes.

    3. Jatiphala And Coconut Oil

    How To Use

    Grind jatiphala into a coarse powder. Add mild-warm coconut oil and exfoliate your dark knees and elbows.

    4. Lemon Juice And Sugar

    How To Use

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