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How To Cure Knee Pain Naturally

Suggestion No : Cold Compresses

How To Treat Knee Pain Naturally

This treatment can help with injuries due to twisting or minor wear and tear of the ligaments. In order to reduce inflammation, use a cold compress for 20 minutes, two or three times a day. You can also use a bag of ice wrapped in a cloth to prevent direct contact with your skin. For best effects, do this within 48 hours of suffering a knee injury.

Ginger Tea And Spicy Turmeric

Turmeric has antioxidant properties that can reduce pain. It also has curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that can slow rheumatoid arthritis progression. It is noted by many people that it is a big cause of knee pain. Ginger is also used to lessen the pain and also has anti-inflammatory compounds.

  • Boil 1 cup of water
  • Include ¼ tsp. ground ginger and ¼ tsp. ground turmeric
  • Let it simmer
  • Leave it for up to 15 minutes
  • Strain and and honey for flavour

Try Natural Dietary Supplement :

For the question on how to treat knee pain and how effective are natural dietary supplements, there are some evidences and researches, which show the benefits of some certain supplements.

Willow Bark is proven to not only treat fever and inflammation but also cure the knee pain, according to a research conducted in 2001.

Ginger Extract is presented in many forms, including ginger root or tea. You can easily find this supplement in grocery stores or vitamin stores. The health benefits of ginger extract are treating stomach upset and curing nausea as well as relieving knee pain.

I hope that these 8 tips on how to treat knee pain naturally will be informative and helpful for you. If you have any question to ask me, please raise your voice by leaving your feedback bellow. I will answer all your questions.

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Effective Measures For Knee Pain

Knee pain can be a recent maladydue to an injury or maybe occurring for several years due to a joint condition such as osteoarthritis. Whatever be the reason, some home remedies will often work for both types of knee pain.

Depending upon the severity and type of pain, you can try the following home remedies for your knee pain.

In case of severe pain of a known condition such as osteoarthritis, you can pop an over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol . If you suffer from medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease, do not take any analgesics before consulting your doctor.

If you have severely injured your knee, do not delay seeking medical help. If the above self-care measures fail to provide adequate relief in knee pain, consider seeing an orthopedic surgeon, who is a doctor specializing in treating conditions of the joints and muscles in the body.

How Do I Know If My Knee Pain Is Serious

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Knee Pain &  Arthritis Naturally


One of the most obvious signs that a knee injury has occurred is excessive swelling that you can see or feel. Serious swelling is subjective.

A minimal amount of swelling may not be a cause for concern. If you only notice a subtle difference between the sizes of your knees, you may not need to seek emergency assistance yet.

It is only extreme swelling you need to worry about. Extreme swelling means when one knee is significantly larger than the other.

Obvious deformity

While some deformities occur over time, when the deformity is a result of an injury, it could be the result of a fracture or chronic wear on the knee joint.

If you are already experiencing any kind of misalignment in your lower extremities, then you could be more prone to this type of injury.

If you notice a bone deformity after an injury seeking the assistance of an orthopedic doctor immediately.

Feel or hear a pop

Sometimes, a pop sound after a movement can indicate something is out of place.

Commonly this type of sound is indicative of a ligament injury. Not all ligamentous injuries are full tears, though, and not all require surgery.

However, if you also experience excessive swelling and instability, get it checked out by a medical professional.

Greater than normal movement

If you feel that the range of motion in your joint is greater than usual then something may be out of place or even injured. It is known as joint instability.

Unable to put weight on it

Cannot straighten knee or leg

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How To Relieve Pain In The Knee

The pain in the knee can be alleviated through homemade measures such as putting ice, massaging or performing exercises that help strengthen the knee musculature. However, in cases in pain it does not pass up to 5 days, it is important that the orthopaedist be consulted so that examinations are done that help to identify the cause and thus be indicated the use of medications to treat pain in the knee.

The pain in the knee may happen due to various situations, and may happen as a consequence of entorse, injury to the meniscus, break-up of ligaments, arthrosis, presence of cysts, alteration in the patella or tendinitis, for example, it being important that the cause is identified so that the best treatment is recommended, and may be necessary use of medications, performing physiotherapy and, in some cases, surgery. Check out the

Types Of Meniscal Tears

Meniscal tears come in a variety of different types, which can affect potential treatments, symptoms or relevance.

  • One type of tear is a radial tear, which is just a left to right tear across the meniscus . These are the most common types. Most commonly they are in what we call the white zone of the meniscus where it does not get much blood supply. Thus they are hard to heal naturally, so if you see a surgeon they will likely try to cut this part out despite the evidence saying that a meniscectomy does not work.
  • The next type of tear is a horizontal tear, which is basically an up and down or front to back tear in the meniscus . Many times these tears are in a portion of the meniscus that does get blood supply so they could potentially heal on its own. If they do not heal naturally then surgical repair can sometimes be tried to help.
  • The next type of tear is a complex tear where you have a combination of different tears where it can be torn in multiple areas of the knee . Oftentimes when the surgeon sees these, they would attempt a meniscectomy again because most of the time these are difficult for them to try to repair.
  • Next type of tear is an intrasubstance tear. Usually these are just degenerative tears in the midportion of the meniscus. Typically, surgeons will not even try to operate on these. After age 30, these are very common findings of a meniscal tear on MRI, which is of little consequence.
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    Strengthen The Muscles In And Around Your Knee

    If you ask me, this is where physical therapyreally shines, as well as in improving your mobility and balance .

    That being said, resistance training has shown capable of strengthening ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and other connective tissues benefits you want to have to fully recover from your torn meniscus.

    However, please remember to progress gradually.

    While your knee injury is still recovering, start with isometric exercises.

    These are exercises where you contract your muscles without moving the joint. This helps preserve the strength of your muscles while youre unable to participate in full-on exercise. It also helps stabilize the knee.

    Focus on your quads and hamstrings during this stage.

    • For your quads, you could place a rolled towel under your knees and attempt to push it down. The towel helps keep your knees in a slightly bent position while preventing movement.
    • For your hamstrings, the same position knees slightly bent with a rolled pillow under your knees but this time, push your heel down.

    Additional notes:

    When youve graduated from using crutches, gradually progress your exercises.

    First of all, you can also progress your rehab even while youre on crutches but the primary goal is to get your range of motion back to full.

    But, just for the sake of strength training, I like to use getting off of crutches as a sign that I can push patients a little harder because the meniscus tear has now healed enough to allow it.

    To start, try the following exercises:

    Heat And Cold Compression

    The 7 moves to treat knee joint pain – naturally, no equipment!

    Both heat and cold compression work as an anti-inflammatory. But the treatment you choose depends on the type of pain you have. Heat relaxes muscles and improves lubrication, leading to a reduction in stiffness. For better results, you can use a hot water bottle or a warm pad. Ice can also be a good option at the end of a long day if your knee becomes inflamed. You can wrap an ice cube in a cloth and apply it to the affected part.

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    Can You Heal A Knee Injury Naturally

    I tried everything. Ice. Heat. Ice and heat rotating. I ground of Fenugreek seeds into a paste and wore them under a wrap all day. I wore a brace. I tried castor oil packs.

    Despite everything, I still couldnt bend my knee, which meant that most rehab exercises were out. I wasn’t healing.

    The swelling was so bad that only my loosest pants around the knees or shorts would work.

    I was told that surgery for my partial ACL, MCL, and ligament tear was the only solution.

    Since I was nursing, I didnt feel that was a viable option, so I suffered on. This went on for months.

    I was miserable. Fortunately, Skye wasnt mobile, but taking care of her was still harder than it should have been. Id always been blessed with extreme flexibility and the ability to sit on the floor comfortably as an adult. Both of those things were gone, which meant playing with her was a struggle once she started sitting up.

    I can’t tell you how this impacted me emotionally. All three of my children needed a healthy mommy! This knee injury was throwing me into a very deep depression.

    I continued to research how to heal a torn meniscus naturally, and I found a little bit of encouragement.

    About that time, I started hearing a lot about essential oils for knee pain and healing. I also read that cleaning my diet and taking supplements might be able to help.

    Could essential oils help me heal my knee injury naturally? Could supplements help?

    Top 12 Knee Pain Exercises And Stretches

    The type of knee exercises that will help you find relief from knee pain depends on the underlying cause of your condition. Dr. Torrance has found that for his patients to get the most results from knee pain exercises and stretches, they first have to identify if theyre generally more strong or more flexible.

    If youre legs are very flexible but not so strong, you want to work on strengthening and activating the correct muscles in your legs to support your knees . On the other hand, if youre strong but also tight, you want to improve your flexibility/mobility. If you have a condition that causes pain, gently working on improving both strength and range of motion is important.

    Below are some of Dr. Torrances favorite knee strengthening exercises and stretches:

    1. Clam Shells This is a great exercise for younger athletes and females who have weak gluteus medius muscles. Its also helpful for those who have flat feet, which creates stress in your ankle that travels up to your knees. Start by laying on your right side with your knees bent and feet and hips stacked. You want your feet to be in line with your butt and your shoulders stacked. Engage your core and keep your feet together as you raise your left knee out to the side while keeping your right knee down on the floor. Hold your lifted knee for one second, then lower and repeat. Try to complete 20 reps on each side.

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    How Can You Tear Your Meniscus

    A meniscus can be torn with particular injuries typically with sports, twisting, deep knee bending, rotating, or high-intensity type activities, which can sometimes cause some pain and dysfunction. Also, it can just gradually tear or wear out through degeneration throughout the years as we age, which may or may not cause any symptoms whatsoever. Most people believe that if they see a torn meniscus on MRI this automatically means that they may need to have surgery to fix the issue, but this is usually not the case. In fact, if you just get MRIs of people over age 35, most people would likely have a meniscal tear, and most of those folks will not have any symptoms of knee pain whatsoever .

    Conventional Treatments For Knee Pain

    Top 5 Home Remedies For Knee Pain

    Ron Torrance II, D.O, a Sports Medicine Trained Physician at the New ReGeneration Orthopedics of Florida, says he commonly sees knee pain-related conditions among his younger patients who are generally fit especially runners, female athletes and anyone who uses their legs in other repetitive ways

    Dr. Torrance feels that an often overlooked aspect of treating knee pain is the need for different interventions depending on someones current fitness level. For example, a young woman who experiences knee pain after running for several months will benefit from a much different treatment approach than an older man with osteoarthritis of the knees.

    When treating knee pain injuries, Dr. Torrance first looks at his patients symptoms and then discusses their lifestyle and exercise habits. Knee pain treatment should always depend on which specific part of the knee is injured and the underlying cause of the pain. Even if medications and corrective devices like knee braces are needed to treat knee pain, exercises, stretching and other functional medicine practices should also be incorporated to help with recovery and injury prevention.

    Aside from resting the knee after an acute injury, conventional treatments for chronic knee pain that lasts more than several weeks include:

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    Ways To Treat Joint Pain At Home Include:

    • Ice: Apply ice to your joints to relieve pain and swelling. Ice the joint for 15 minutes several times a day.
    • Heat: After a day or so, try a heating pad to address any muscle spasms around the joint.
    • Rest: Rest the joint during the first day and avoid any activities that cause you pain. Keep in mind that after the initial inflammation goes away, you will need to strengthen that joint through exercise.
    • Supplements: You can also look into taking supplements, such as glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine sulfate has been shown to reduce pain in patients suffering from arthritic joint pain. However there is not enough evidence to show that it decreases inflammation, says Dr. Parikh. While the uses of supplements may be effective, we need more longitudinal studies to see the real effects. That being said, some patients report improvement after taking these supplements, and if taken properly, they pose little harm to your health.
    • Losing weight: Joint pain is common in people who are overweight, so losing weight could relieve some of the pressure on your joints. Your doctor can help customize an exercise plan thats right for you, but swimming and cycling are two ways to work out without putting too much stress on your joints.

    Can A Meniscus Tear Heal On Its Own

    Yes, but heres the thing: A meniscus tear will heal only if the tear is located at the part of the meniscus with blood supply .

    Luckily, only 19% of the meniscus tears happen in the part with no circulation , so most tears can heal naturally to some degree.

    Degenerative meniscus tears also cant heal on their own.

    For the types of tears that wont naturally heal, ask your doctor to provide medical advice.

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    The Quality Of The Essential Oils You Use Matters

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    Make Yourself This Natural Pain

    How to treat knee pain naturally

    One of the best things you can do to relieve most pains is to drink freshly-extracted juice to act as a natural pain-killer. Make yourself a glass of beetroot juice that has a special ability to help relieve the pain in your joints. The recipe is pretty simple:

    • 1-inch fresh ginger root
    • A handful of mint or parsley leaves

    Its a wonderful, fresh tasting juice that will help you get through your workouts, your day, and just help ease your daily discomfort.

    Having done that, other simple changes could give you that extra mileage

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    Conditions That Need Surgical Treatment

    • Sport injuries: These refer to the wear and tear of tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. They are usually caused by quickly changing direction while you run, violent turns, or forced extensions. Normally, a surgeon performs an arthroscopic surgery which allows patients to recover in a pair of weeks.
    • Fractures and dislocations: The physician must usually treat these by osteosynthesis. Since fractures are simple issues, its possible for the patient to enjoy a complete recovery with no permanent damage.
    • Arthrosis or Osteoarthritis: Either of these can occur as a consequence of injuries, deformations, or wear and tear due to age. The most common varieties are genu varum and genu vaxum . Doctors can diagnose these through x-rays and treat them with arthroscopic procedures.
    • Joint Mice: are cartilage injuries on the edge of the cartilage bone. These are notoriously difficult to diagnose.
    • Bone tumors: arent very common, but they do come up once in a while.


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