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How To Buy Knee Sleeves

Who Shouldnt Buy Rehband Knee Sleeves

What knee sleeves to buy | Knee sleeve Review
  • The beginner lifter who doesnt have a specific need for knee sleeves yet in their career.
  • Budget-conscious lifters who want to save money with a cost-efficient pair of knee sleeves.

For the avid weightlifter, its really tough to beat the IWF-approved Rehband Knee Sleeves. Theyve been worn for years by top weightlifting athletes and thats not by chance.

What Type Of Workout Do You Need Them For

If youre not competing, but still want a sleeve for their warmth, support, and stability, then you should also consider what type of activities youll them most for. Some sleeves are designed differently to support different activities. For example, you wouldnt want to use an extremely stiff sleeve for a cardio-based functional fitness workout.

Check out the chart below for a quick visual of the most common types of sleeves used for a variety of activities. Then scroll down for descriptive reasoning behind each portion of our chart. There will always be some sleeve exceptions for activities due to personal preference, so this chart is meant to act as a suggestion with rationale, not a definitive.

Heavy Compound Movements

Someone who wants to use a sleeve for support in heavy compound movements will typically benefit best with a thicker 7mm neoprene. An athlete performing heavy compounds will typically be most concerned about knee protection and the feeling coming out of the hole in the squat, which is why a thicker 7mm is often their go-to choice.

This type of sleeve can come in your standard cylinder-esque design, or feature the four panel design. Regardless, whats most important for this activity ask is usually the thickness and tightness the sleeve provides for the joint.

Functional Fitness Workouts

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Weightlifting & Power Movements

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Joint Warmth

How To Measure For Knee Sleeves

A common question for people looking to purchase knee sleeves is how to measure and find the right fit. How tight should knee sleeves for squats be? Both questions are valid because it can be somewhat tricky to find the right size. However, there is an easy way to find the right compression knee sleeve size.;

Compression knee sleeves should not be loose or baggy, in fact, a snug fit is exactly what youre looking for so that you can get the right support.

The knee sleeve should not be so tight that it cuts off flow or feel like its pinching your knee/skin. To find the right knee sleeve size, youll need a ruler and string, or if you have a measuring tape handy then thatll work best.;

With that in mind, heres how to measure yourself for knee sleeves:;
  • Start by having your knee extended out or simply standing
  • If youre using tape, measure around the center of your knee cap
  • If youre using string, youll do the same thing but compare the length of the string by measuring it with a ruler
  • Once you find the correct measurement, compare it to this chart.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Element 26 6mm Knee Sleeves

  • Those who would prefer a thicker knee sleeve primarily for heavy compression under super-heavy loads.
  • Athletes who would prefer a straight sleeve rather than a contoured sleeve.

The Element 26 6mm knee sleeves are both versatile and durable. If youre on the hunt for a knee sleeve that can adapt to different training modalities , these knee sleeves should fit the bill for you.;

Q: What Do Compression Knee Sleeves Do

The 7 Best Knee Sleeves to Buy in 2018

A: A knee compression sleeve is designed to increase blood flow and circulation, which helps to reduce pain and swelling both during and after your workout. This is achieved by trapping your body heat between the skin and sleeve and minimizing patella movement while also increasing strength in the movement of the knee.

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Sable Compression Knee Sleeves

Sable knee compression sleeve are listed as a number one seller on Amazon and we rightly agree with this status. The pair provides you with an all-round protection against mild to medium injuries that can occur during running or lifting.

Each knee sleeve wraps rightly around your knee and provides excellent elastic compression. This compression prevents any pressure from developing in your knees and also keeps your muscles warm for enhancing your performance.

There are spiral anti-slip grooves at the end of the sleeves which prevent the brace from slipping out while you are focusing on the task at hand.

The knee sleeve is FDA registered for use with arthritis, ACL and other knee conditions. It is a great choice to use post a knee injury.

Comfort and Stability

This is one of the best compression knee sleeve in terms of comfort. It is made from breathable and lightweight fabric that spans a larger area on your leg for greater protection. Sable guarantees an all-day dry and odor-free usage.

Durability and Quality

One of the reasons behind this products success is its excellent durability, while having a low price tag. Sable has ensured that the knee sleeves do not lose their compression or come apart by utilizing a special blend of fabric. This fabric makes the knee sleeve usable for many months.

  • Pros

How Are Knee Sleeves Different Than Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are significantly more supportive than knee sleeves. As a result, knee sleeves can add much more weight to an athletes one rep max in the squat vs. knee sleeves.

The types of knee wraps worn for powerlifting are much stiffer than those worn for weightlifting, as weightlifting requires much more knee mobility. Still, some olympic weightlifters will wear light knee wraps in competition.

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Thx4 Copper Sports Compression Knee Brace

THX4 makes one of the top knee braces for athletic activities. Its knee brace has been designed under supervision from professional trainers and physiologists.

This allows the brace to serve you with utmost comfort and reliability. The knee support compresses your knee to ensure that it stays in position, while the embedded copper lining keeps your skin healthy and free from bacteria.

This fastens your recovery and prevents any further conditions from developing. The knee brace comes with anti-slip design that allows you to keep it on for long hours. You can use it for various sports related knee injuries such as ACL, PCL, LCL, etc.

Comfort and Stability

Made from a compound fabric , this knee brace is very comfortable. It is moisture wicking and anti-odor as well.

Durability and Quality

The knee brace is made for professional athletes. This is why it is no surprise that its fabric is of top grade and has been double stitched to prevent it from coming apart. You can wear it daily with full confidence.

  • Pros

Best Reviewed Knee Sleeves For Powerlifting

WHY KNEE SLEEVES? What to Know Before You Buy!

Lets take a look at each of these knee sleeves in more detail, so you understand the pros and cons of each design.

In deciding which knee sleeve you should buy, you need to ask yourself:

Why do you want sleeves to begin with?

How much thickness do you need and are you a competitive powerlifter?

Which knee sleeve fits your budget?

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Proven By Over 1m+ Clinical Studies

Compression gears have become a staple in most athletic training programs due to the overwhelming evidence on the health benefits of compression therapy.

Now you too can enjoy medical-grade compression.

The Koprez knee sleeve ensures full range of motion, so you can perform any activity unrestricted. Whether youre on your feet all day, an athlete, or battling chronic pains, our sleeves will help you feel your best.

Learn more about the science behind compression here.

Top Rated Knee Sleeves

FIT4YOU has a great pair of knee sleeves. In fact, they have a perfect five-star rating! Why? Because they are a durable yet affordable pair of the best knee sleeves perfect for every occasion. Thought they are especially marketed towards people who participate in sports and athletic activities, they can help anyone who experiences knee pain. The only down side? They only come in medium and large sizes, so they may not be a good fit for people with especially small or especially big knees.

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How To Pick The Right Knee Thickness Sleeve

Knee sleeves are designed to protect the knee when you get injured. They are also supposed to protect the knee from injury and re-injury. They provide warmth and compression to the knee joint. The effect of compression increases blood flow. It also increases the knees response in terms of input.;;

These two effects allow the athlete to have a more stable and controlled knee motion. The warming impact makes the blood flow faster and helps the knee joint keep warm throughout a sporting activity and during extended breaks as the athlete awaits the next session.;

Before we look into what knee sleeve thickness you should go for, lets first consider what to look for in a knee sleeve.;

Rigid Hinged Knee Brace

What are knee sleeves and where they are used?

Made of 1/8″ neoprene with soft cushioned liner for warmth, compression and durability. Features open patella with sewn-in universal buttress and open popliteal area to eliminate bunching. The hinges are molded into the brace to maintain a low profile.

Increase your ability to perform your best during training and sports with a knee sleeve! A compression sleeve is designed to offer the least amount of support and can be used for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. Best for pain relief when remaining fully active, these knee sleeves are flexible and can easily fit under clothing for daily comfort.

RolyanFit Knee Sleeve Designed to provide therapeutic warmth, compression and support to the knee joint area. The open cutout over the patella improves patella tracking, which in turn reduces knee pain. Made of neoprene, the sleeve helps retain body heat and provides even compression without restricting knee mobility.

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Should I Choose 5mm Or 7mm

Knee sleeves are available in two thickness options 5mm and 7mm.; ;;

Each is designed for a different purpose:

  • 5mm provides support while maintaining agility for WODs and metcons
  • 7mm heavier protection for shorter, heavier lifting

If your primary goal is protecting your joints while pushing for heavy Olympic lift PRs, the 7mm might be your best choice. ;;5mm knee sleeves are a thinner material best designed for metcons and dynamic movements.; If you want to add some knee stability while focusing on your daily WOD, 5mm is the way to go.

How Important Is Durability To You

Another important factor strength athletes ask about when purchasing sleeves are their durability. Every sleeves durability will vary depending on the construction a company uses, but there are a few ways you can recognize whats going to last, and whats going to degrade quickly.

Neoprene and Material

The type of neoprene or material a company uses should be one of your first durability concerns. Typically, a stiffer 7mm sleeve will have a better response to maintaining its original form when stretched. Thats not to say a 5mm sleeve will stretch quicker, but its something to consider when shopping around.

A post shared by Dr. Stefanie Cohen, DPT on Oct 9, 2017 at 7:29pm PDT

Its also wise to look at how a company talks about their neoprene and material. If they have multiple levels of material within their products, then look at how they may differ, as the better quality neoprene will often have a higher level, or rating.


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Why Athletes Use Knee Sleeves

Here are three primary reasons why athletes across a variety of strength sports take advantage of the benefits knee sleeves offer.

  • Powerlifters will typically use a sleeve to support their knees stability in squats, quad, and hamstring training. Often times a stiffer, more rigid sleeve will be this athletes go-to since theyre training with heavier loads frequently. Sleeves can help an athlete build confidence in their heavy movements, and provide the knee with added compression. In addition, there are a few sleeves that are approved for competition, so theyll offer stability and joint warmth over extended rest periods.
  • Weightlifters will utilize a sleeve for light joint support and warmth. These athletes will need a sleeve thats mobile and follows the joint without inhibiting mobility. Since this athlete is often catching the weight in the bottom of a squat, a sleeve cant limit their ability to achieve depth, so thicker, more rigid options are usually not ideal. Also, this athlete will be taking longer rest periods, so a lighter sleeve can be useful for remaining comfortable and maintaining joint warmth in-between sets.
  • How Do Knee Braces Work

    A Cheaper Way To Buy Knee Sleeves? Nordic Knee Sleeve Review

    Your knee joint is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. With a considerable range of motion, the knee joint can carry a lot of weight. The structures in your knee however can become damaged or dislocated. Your knee can be injured due to an intense blow during athletic activities or may be susceptible to an injury due to an underlying condition.

    Different types of knee braces differ based on their function and level of support. While some knee braces are designed to protect the knee to prevent damage, others support the knee to control pain. Knee braces can also help stabilize the knee if it’s prone to injury and immobilize the knee to optimize healing after an injury.

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    Difference Between A Knee Sleeve And A Knee Brace

    There is a key difference to understand between knee braces and knee sleeves. The protective cushioning of the knee brace is meant to protect the anterior knee and patella, which provides a lot of ligament support. Knee sleeves do this as well but only minimally.

    If you have an unstable knee and are using a knee sleeve to fix or stabilize the knee, it probably wont work. If you have serious knee pain or mobility issues you need to visit your doctor or orthopedic surgeon and look into the matter further. Knee sleeves are like preventative medicine. Knee braces are post-injury. See the difference?

    Are Knee Sleeves Good For Running

    Are you a regular runner? If yes, then you must be aware of the impact running has on your knees. You may have noticed niggling in your knee, or you may have even suffered through episodes of knee pain.

    Such problems are not isolated to you or your body type; in fact, fifty percent of the runners go through knee-related injuries. 1

    To aid in the prevention of knee injuries and hasten the recovery from them, medical and fitness companies have introduced knee support sleeves and braces. However, are knee sleeves good for running and keeping you injury-free?

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    Your Knee Sleeves Must Be Snug

    Now that you know how to measure your leg area for your knee sleeve size, its important to know two things:

  • It is recommended to;go down a size lower than the size that corresponds to their measurement. This is because you want a snug fit for support;and your sleeves;will eventually become;looser over time. Always go for the smallest size that fits tightly enough but doesnt interrupt your blood flow and without compromising comfort.
  • As I mentioned earlier, each brand tends to have its own sizing chart. You need to make sure you look at these before buying to ensure you pick the right size.
  • Best Knee Sleeves For Powerlifting Weightlifting & Squats

    Cheap Magnetic Knee Sleeve, find Magnetic Knee Sleeve ...

    May 10, 2016 by Ryan Gains

    Knee sleeves are becoming popular among strength training athletes this includes powerlifters, olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, and those who;like to squat heavy. It would be a rare occurrence to walk into a gym and NOT see someone in a pair of knee sleeves.;Sleeves are great for athletes who want more support during their workouts or while competing in their sport. Theyre even useful for the regular everyday person who wants support throughout their workday. The compression of knee sleeves is also shown to promote circulation and reduce recovery times.

    There are a TON of options out there when it comes to knee sleeves ;I researched over 50 models and tested 10 of them extensively to present to you my top 4 best knee sleeve options for squatting, running, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, and every kind of activity you can imagine that would require knee sleeves. A lot of reviews out there are using manufacturers info and pictures and havent even used the products before themselves. I own and have squatted in all of these sleeves, and ran in a few of them to test them and provide you with REAL information. Here are my quick picks before we get into the details:

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    Best 5 Knee Sleeves For Powerlifting In 2021

    Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Knee sleeves are an important piece of equipment in a powerlifters gym bag.

    The highest-quality knee sleeve is the Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeve, which is the most widely used in the sport of powerlifting, and my top choice. Click HERE for sizing and pricing.

    Knee sleeves are used for joint protection, warmth, and stability. With the right knee sleeve for powerlifting, you can feel more secure under the barbell and lift more weight.

    While other pieces of powerlifting equipment on the market are seen as optional, the knee sleeve is an absolute must, which is why youll never see a competitive powerlifter without them.


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