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How To Brighten Elbows And Knees

Apple Cider Vinegar For Dark Knees

Lighten Your Elbows and Knees Naturally Fast

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  • 1 tablespoon sugar
What You Have To Do
  • Open a few vitamin E capsules and pour out the oil present inside. You should have about one and a half to two tablespoons of oil.
  • To this, add the sugar and mix it in.
  • Use this as a scrub to exfoliate dark knees and elbows.
  • Scrub for a few minutes before rinsing it off.
  • How Often You Should Do This

    Do this every alternate day.

    Why This Works

    The sugar removes the dead cells, and vitamin E does wonders in repairing and hydrating the skin . It also helps in depigmentation, thus giving you lighter and healthier skin on the knees and elbows .

    Best Creams To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees Fast

    Have you noticed some parts of your skin going way too darker than the rest? Mostly it is on the elbow, knees, thigh and private parts, right? Is not it damn frustrating?

    Maybe somebody feels awkward because of those dark patches. Someone has tried many things or nothing and has expected the dullness as fate. But, in every case scenario, it is wrong. No way deserve this and it is definitely not your fate.

    Darkening of the skin is natural and everyone is a subject to it. It can occur from a young age and also will be a risk in late years. But, also then, they are not accepted and we can, we will eradicate them.

    After all, there are so many things. So, so many!! Nature has given us a lot. We just have to pick it up. And to make things easier there are these fantastic products. Right in front of our waiting to be used. Why not give them a chance? So, shall we begin?

    Use A Thick Body Butter Overnight For Deep Hydration

    Compared to lotions, body butters are thicker formulas designed to deeply moisturize your skin. Since body butters tend to be richer than lotion, apply body butter at night so it has time to soak into your skin. You can also use this type of moisturizer as a spot treatment on dry areas like your knees and elbows.

    • 1 teaspoon vinegar
    What You Have To Do
  • Mix the yogurt and vinegar, and apply this as a paste on the knees and elbows.
  • Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.
  • How Often You Should Do This

    Use this daily for lighter knees and elbows.

    Why This Works

    Yogurt is full of nutrients that not only nourish the skin but also cleanse it. It removes dead cells and dirt from the pores . Vinegar enhances the effects of the yogurt by further helping in the depigmentation of the dark knees and elbows .

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    Incredible Home Remedies To Lighten Knees And Elbows

    Tulip Das |

    How many of us have refrained from wearing that short dress hanging in our closet just because of our dark knees? Or in a humid country like India where people would like to wear dresses or shorts, people don’t usually opt for them because their knees and elbows don’t match the rest of the skin colour that can be appalling for some. But a little care and effort towards these discoloured areas can easily cure them.

    Dark skin around the knees and elbows is pretty common. It can occur for people across all skin tones. Probably because we tend to forget scrubbing and since the skin is generally thicker here than the rest of the body the accumulated dead skin cells give off a darkened appearance. But with a proper exfoliation and moisturisation routine, you can lighten these areas. So here are our DIY remedies.


    Lemon has bleaching properties that contain antioxidants and Vitamin C which help in skin regeneration. They are also great exfoliators. Just take a lemon, cut it into halves, squeeze a little juice from each of them and use them to scrub your elbows and knees. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. You can do this as many times as you want. Take your favourite moisturiser and apply it regularly.


    Aloe Vera

    You can also repeat the same process with honey and milk with aloe.

    Try these remedies and you will see the difference.

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    Tanning And Darkening Of Elbows Is One Of The Most Difficult And Stubborn Areas From Where Removing These Black Spots Becomes A Task

    Just 5 Minutes Whiten Your Dark Elbows &  Dark Knees /Lighten Dark Knees ...

    Elbows:1. Sunscreen: 2. Lemon Juice:elbow3. Turmeric, Honey and Milk: 4. Sugar and Olive Oil: 5. Gram Flour and Lemon: the darknessKnees:careful1. Oatmeal scrub:2. Baking soda: 3. Almonds:

    Posted by Devya Agarwal | Jun 28, 2014 | Beauty, Parenting | 2

    We generally noticed that our knee and elbow skin color is darker than the rest of our body parts. Kids usually have more difference in the color of these body parts. But this is not the natural color of our knees and elbows. In the same time, we can observe that some people and kids also dont have this much difference in their body parts colors. So we should know why some people have dark knees and elbows. Because of dark knees and elbows of kids, it becomes very difficult to put on them short length and cut sleeves cloths.

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    Oatmeal And Yogurt Paste Soothes The Skin

    Oatmeal and yogurt mixture adds moisture to the skin, and this mask can be applied on elbows and knees as well as to the face.Make a mask using equal parts oatmeal and yogurt and mix it well to form a thick consistency. Apply it to the elbows and knees gently scrub and rinse after 15 minutes.Do this every day for lighter skin.

    More Tips For Even And Bright Elbows And Knees

    Not only having a product will do. You have to apply it accordingly and diligently and have to do something extra too. After that color is extra too on your skin. Got it?

    Let us start!

    No More Shades

    Shading someone or getting shady patches over the body is not a good thing. Get rid of both. And to help with the skin here we are with the best products.

    How We Pick The Product

    We recommend products by researching Amazon best-selling items, users reviews, YouTube reviews, talk show interviews, higher rated products, most reviewed items, celebrity gossip, daily publications, and magazine interviews with celebrity, dermatologist or doctor.

    We research the products literature from the trusted sources. We frequently refer many leading publications Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest, Best Reviews, Marie Claire, Womens Health, Vouge, Buzzfeed, etc.

    We also often analysis the products information from the reliable sources like Cooks Illustrated, Americas Test Kitchen, Consumer Reports, Consumer Testing Laboratories, etc.

    Its better to note that every product does not work for everyone. And the result may be different because of different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.

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    How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows And Knees

    Do not allow your dark elbows and knees to rob all the confidence you need to wear short dresses and sleeveless tops, it would not be an embarrassing affair anymore!

    Regular bathing is vital to keep the skin and the body clean and healthy. Bathing and scrubbing helps eliminate dirt, oil, dead skin cells and germs from the skin. Our skin constantly gets renewed as dead skin cells are shed from the body and new ones form itself about once a month. These dead skin cells can easily be removed by exfoliation and basic hygiene, such as bathing with a mild soap, water and loofah. If you would not wash any of the area of your skin regularly and properly, these dead skin cells may build up dark patches that are often scaly and rough. Symptoms may get worse the longer a person does not clean properly. Also secondary infections and other skin disorders can arise if these dark patches are left untreated.

    An Experts Advice On How To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees

    How To Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally

    Not al skin sections are created equal. The skin underneath our eyes is thinner than the rest of our body. Our feet tend to be rougher and thicker. Due to sun exposure, we see tan lines where our shirts end. The skin on our elbows and knees despite our efforts with lotions, creams, and scrubs tends to be darker.

    I consulted with Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino to investigate further into this. I thought that while we are still on modified quarantine, we can take this time to get into the nitty-gritty of this trivial but important skin issue.

    Why are elbows and knees prone to darkening more than other areas of our skin?

    Melanin is responsible for giving our skin its color but sun exposure, certain skin conditions causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation such as skin asthma or eczema, friction, and dryness can all stimulate an increase in its production in certain areas of our bodies. The elbows and knees are constantly bending and rubbing against surfaces. They are prone to thickening and drying due to friction as well. Irritation can also lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

    What daily habits people do that make these areas darker?

    What are derma-approved ways to lighten these areas? Are there habits that people can integrate to lighten them naturally?

    How safe are common lightening products and soaps found in the drugstore/over the counter?


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    Brown And Black People Dont Have Skin Which Works Like That Of White People

    Brown skin tans differently and gets pigmentation differently from Caucasian skin. Many a time in our case, we have a different skin tone on the face, and a different one on the arms, and a different one on the legs. Thats just the way our skin is.

    But, colourism is so entrenched that we think our natural skin doesnt look nice. We think it looks dirty. We are here to tell you that dark underarms or darkening in the genital area are perfectly normal, natural, and happen to nearly everyone during puberty . Not only that, darker elbows or knuckles are also normal skin features in brown and black skin, and they are not abnormal.

    Makari Classic Skin Clarifying Cream

    The cream is an ultra-rich balm infused with Naturally Derived Vegeclairine. Makari Classic Skin Clarifying Cream works from head to toe including fingers, toes, knuckles, knees, elbows & more, in short, those hard to get but easily darken areas of your body. brighten light skin will be revealed with hydration for chapped shy skin. Its citrus-based botanical extracts illuminate & regenerate you and are also formulated with cruelty and hydroquinone-free formula plant-based vitamins & minerals from the earth and sea.

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    How To Lighten Dark Knees With The Best Home Remedies

    You don’t always need to use expensive skin care products to improve the appearance of your knees. Here are some effective remedies to learn how to lighten dark knees.

    1. Use Lemon for Perfect Exfoliation

    Lemon has exfoliating and bleaching properties, so its application will help lighten your skin tone. It works effectively on your dark knees and elbows as well.

    How to apply: Take a large lemon, cut it into two halves, and squeeze each of them a little. Use each half to scrub your elbow and knees for 15 minutes. Make sure to stay indoors and protect the cleansed area from sunlight. Also, use petroleum jelly to moisturize your knees.

    2. Use Milk and Baking Soda for Quick Results

    The combination of baking soda and milk will make your skin feel smooth and lighten its tone as well.

    How to apply: Mix both ingredients together to form a thick paste. Rub it directly on your knees in circular motions. Repeat it daily to lighten your dark knees.

    3. Use Oatmeal Scrub for Impressive Results

    Oatmeal also has bleaching effects on your skin and oatmeal scrub will help as well in getting rid of dead skin cells.

    How to apply: Take a couple of teaspoons of fresh cream and a couple of tablespoons of powdered oatmeal. Mix them well to make a thick paste. Apply it on your knees and leave for a few minutes. Now, use your fingertips to gently massage your knees for 10 minutes. Now, use cold water to remove the scrub.

    4. Combine Vitamin E Oil and Sugar

    7. Try Almonds to Whiten Skin

    Dark Underarms Knees And Elbows Are One Of The Most Common Problems We Often Complain About A Good Skin Care Routine Can Help In Lightening The Dark Skin Areas The Best Solution To Get Rid Of Dark Skin Area Is To Try On Some Natural Ways

    How to BRIGHTEN your ELBOWS and KNEES at home.

    How to get rid of dark underarms, knees and elbows

    Dark underarms, knees, and elbows are one of the most common problems, we often complain about. The direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun often leads to tanning, skin breakout and dullness of the skin. The collagen of the skin washes off, making the skin dull and lifeless. The darkness of skin also occurs due to the accumulation of the dead skin cells. A good skin care routine can help in lightening the dark skin areas. There are a lot of skincare products available in the market. However, the best solution to get rid of dark skin area is to try on some natural ways.

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    Why Are My Knees Dark

    There are some causes of dark kneed and elbows. These areas have thicker skin which is more elastic as compared to the rest of the body. Therefore, it tends to dry and darken more due to dead skin build-up. Frequent rubbing and too much exposure to the sun is also a reason for dark knees and elbows.

    Too much exposure of skin to the sun causes the production of melanin in the skin which is a dark substance that protects it against UV radiations from the sun. The elasticity of skin at the elbows and knees makes it susceptible to wrinkles and builds up dead skin cells.

    How To Prevent Dark Elbows And Knees

    The key to preventing this condition is to treat the skin in the elbows and knees with extra care. This includes using sunscreen regularly to prevent sun-related hyperpigmentation.

    Similar to the advice I gave the customer who DMd me more exfoliation is not always better. I always recommend avoiding the use of harsh scrubs, loofahs or body products, as this can cause further hyperpigmentation and irritation due to repeated skin trauma. You can still exfoliate to help remove the dead skin buildup but only do so 1 to 2 times a week, using a very gentle exfoliator or a mild soap with a washcloth.

    Following your shower, take extra care to moisturize the area with nourishing cream, and you can apply a light oil over top of your cream to help lock in the hydration. Avoid using balm-type products containing waxes as a more pure cream or lotion will hydrate better since it will penetrate more into the skin.

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    Yogurt For Dark Knees

    Image: Shutterstock

    • 1 teaspoon vinegar
    What You Have To Do
  • Mix the yogurt and vinegar, and apply this as a paste on the knees and elbows.
  • Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.
  • How Often You Should Do This

    Use this daily for lighter knees and elbows.

    Why This Works

    Yogurt is full of nutrients that not only nourish the skin but also cleanse it. It removes dead cells and dirt from the pores . Vinegar enhances the effects of the yogurt by further helping in the depigmentation of the dark knees and elbows .

    Applying Creams And Lotions

    Brighten Dark Patches on Elbows & Knees & Underarms | Home Remedies To Reduce Pigmentation
  • 1Use lotion on your knees everyday to reduce dryness. Apply a moisturizing lotion every morning and evening, focusing on your knees. Look for lotions that contain petrolatum as an ingredient, which forms a protective barrier on the skin to trap moisture.XResearch source
  • Dryness is one of the most common causes of dark skin throughout the body.
  • If you stop applying moisturizer regularly, the dark spots on your knees may return.
  • 2Wear sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage and hyperpigmentation. If you have a darker skin tone, you may be more susceptible to skin damage and scarring on your knees. Each morning, apply a sunscreen to your knees, especially if youre wearing shorts, a skirt, or a dress. Many experts recommend that XResearch source
  • While its not easy to reverse hyperpigmentation or scarring, you can prevent it from getting worse by wearing sunscreen.
  • In some cases, using sunscreen can even remove dark spots entirely!
  • 3Apply a chemical whitening cream or gel to treat dark knees. If you do have permanent dark spots, look for a whitening cream that contains 2% hydroquinone as an ingredient. Rub the cream on your knees everyday for 4-6 weeks for the best results.XResearch source
  • For people with sensitive skin, hydroquinone can cause inflammation. If you feel a burning or tingling sensation when you apply the cream, rinse your knees with cold water immediately.
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    Causes Of Rough Discolored Elbows And Knees


    Short story before I explain this my dad grew up in a rural Kenyan village and walked around shoeless for nearly 20 years. As a result of the constant friction, the skin on the bottom of his feet is literally rock hard. You can poke him with a needle and he wont feel a thing.

    When you expose your skin to excess friction for extended periods of time, it roughens up to be able to withstand that friction and not get easily irritated or bruised. Your skin is trying to protect itself when it gets rough. Im sure the phrase thick skin has something to do with this. All those times you fell on your knees as a kid, the long sleeve shirts you frequently wear, leaning on your elbowsall of that is friction! The build-up of dead skin cells appears significantly darker than the healthy cells around it, which causes the noticeable discoloration.


    You may have psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes red, often painful and itchy, scaly patches on the skin. Areas like your elbows, knees, and scalp are most commonly affected. Visit a dermatologist or your primary care physician if you have these symptoms.

    Sun damage:


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