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How Much Is The Average Knee Replacement

What Is The Cost Of Knee Replacement Surgery In Bangalore

What is the success rate for partial knee replacements? | Norton Orthopedic Care

Docplusindia is a platform which will help the patients across the world to connect with the Most Lowest Cost Hospitals for Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Bangalore is starting from Rs.1,50,000/- for a single knee replacement surgery and it will go upto Rs.3,00,000/-, Now you might wonder why the prices are not varying, We and our team took a step to make the Knee replacement in Bangalore more affordable and most of our associated doctors and hospitals in Bangalore will charge the same cost for Knee replacement surgery.

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore is as following:

  • Minimum Knee Replacement Cost starts from Rs.1,50,000.
  • Average Knee Replacement Cost is approximately Rs.2,20,000.
  • Maximum Knee Replacement Cost in Bangalore is up to Rs.3,00,000.

The Cost for Knee Replacement may vary according to the following factors:

  • Doctors Fee
  • Type of Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Lab Tests recommended

Knee Replacement Range Of Motion: Post Surgery

Not only do people have different ROM potentials, to begin with, people also heal at different rates. With that in mind, here is the Knee Replacement Range of Motion, based on studies of some total knee replacement patients.

Stage 1 65-90° flexion. This amount of flexion allows for walking without any assistance, standing, and some stair climbing . Before you leave the hospital, your doctor will be looking for flexion as close to 90°.

Stage 2 115° flexion. At this point, you should have made noticeable improvements from your early recovery days. This means moving around normally, bending to the ground, sitting down, and even tying shoelaces!

Stage 3 A goal to hit 115°- 120 Degree Knee Flexionor greater should be the aim. The timeframe for this varies but should be consistently working towards. A flexion of 125° is great and 135° is excellent .

Throughout each stage of the Knee Range of Motion Chart, its important that you keep working on your surgical knee and artificial knee prosthesis. The first 3 months of your recovery are critical for working out your new knee to gain back flexibility and movement.

If you stay idle, inconsistent, or not fully committed to gaining back range of motion, your knee may become stiff. If your knee becomes stiff, you risk the need for revision surgery and a joint that will cause lifelong issues.

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Characteristics Of Severe Arthritis Of The Knee


Pain is the most noticeable symptom of knee arthritis. In most patients the knee pain gradually gets worse over time but sometimes has more sudden flares where the symptoms get acutely severe. The pain is almost always worsened by weight-bearing and activity. In some patients the knee pain becomes severe enough to limit even routine daily activities.


Morning stiffness is present in certain types of arthritis. Patients with morning stiffness of the knee may notice some improvement in knee flexibility over the course of the day. Rheumatoid arthritis patients may experience more frequent morning stiffness than patients with osteoarthritis.

Swelling and warmth

Patients with arthritis sometimes will notice swelling and warmth of the knee. If the swelling and warmth are excessive and are associated with severe pain, inability to bend the knee, and difficulty with weight-bearing, those signs might represent an infection. Such severe symptoms require immediate medical attention. Joint infection of the knee is discussed below.


The knee joint has three compartments that can be involved with arthritis . Most patients have both symptoms and findings on X-rays that suggest involvement of two or more of these compartments for example, pain on the lateral side and beneath the kneecap . Patients who have arthritis in two or all three compartments, and who decide to get surgery, most often will undergo total knee replacement .

Additional Expenses For Knee Surgery


The first thing to consider is the total number of days spent in the hospital. The length of stay will depend on the kind of knee surgery needed by the patient.

Another important factor to consider when counting the cost of the knee operation is the type of implant or the surgical approach of the assigned orthopedic surgeon. Inclusive in this portion are the implants, the specialized computer technology used during operation and any customized surgical instruments.

Pre-existing conditions are usually included in the bill for patients who suffer from other systemic complications other than simple knee trauma or osteoarthritis. For instance, patients diagnosed with bone cancer, hypertension or diabetes during a comprehensive lab analysis would require extra specialized care.

Another potential cost to cover will include post-operative complications. A patient may experience problems that could entail additional equipment or other necessary measures categorized under unanticipated care.

Lastly, the length of time spent in the operating room is a separate expense from the length of stay in the hospital during the recovery and therapy period.

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Knee Replacement Cost In Poland 4800 Eur

Poland is becoming a reliable medical tourism destination, especially for German, Scandinavian, eastern Europe and UK patients. A knee replacement in Poland will set you back just 4,800 EUR, slightly less than half of what you would pay for the same procedure in the UK, for example.

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What Is The Cost Of Knee Replacement In Other Countries

For American patients without health insurance, it might be worth considering medical tourism, i.e., leaving the country for knee replacement surgery. Many countries in the world offer this procedure for costs dramatically lower than those in the United States. We have listed knee replacement cost estimates from various medical tourism destinations in the chart below. The cost of total knee replacement surgery will also vary from patient to patient, depending on factors such as age and medical history.

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Focus On Your Surgeon Not On The Device Or Technique

Newer technologies like computer navigation can help surgeons be more precise in how they position the implant components during knee replacement surgery. But theres a lot of information to sift through.

Between advertising, the internet and conversations with other people whove had knee replacements, you may have questions about your prosthesis and your surgeons technique.

Why Knee Replacement Cost Is Affordable In India

3 Month Post-Op Total Knee Replacement -Expectations and Answers to what is normal following surgery

Knee Replacement surgery is very affordable in India because Indian currency is lower than USD, pounds, and euro, Cost of Implants is less in India as government set a bandwidth on the cost of medical equipment, Standard of living is less in India compared to western countries which make the food & accommodation, traveling & other expenses are lesser than other countries which makes it affordable.

Also, the Government of India has capped the cost of Knee Implants from last year, which have significantly decreased the cost of Titanium Implants.

There are several factors that dictate the knee replacement cost in India. Some of the major factors include the following:

  • The Type of Implant Used
  • The Approach Used
  • The Type of Procedure Conducted
  • The Choice of City and Hospital
  • The Experience and Fees of the Treating Surgeon

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What Do You Need To Know About The Cost Of Knee Replacement

The knee replacement procedure is one of the fastest-growing medical treatments in the U.S. Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationBlue Cross Blue Shield Association Study Reveals Extreme Cost Variations for Knee and Hip Replacement SurgeriesThe cost of knee and hip replacement surgeriesamong the fastest growing medical treatments in the U.S.varies widely in markets across the country,View in Article

The United States is known for its wide variation in healthcare costs. A study of cost variations for knee replacement surgeries reveals: Blue Cross Blue Shield AssociationBlue Cross Blue Shield Association Study Reveals Extreme Cost Variations for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeriesthe average typical cost for a total knee replacement procedure was $31,124 in 64 marketswhich had the greatest variance within a market, with costs as low as $17,910 .View in Article

  • The average cost for a TKR procedure was $31,124 in 64 markets.
  • The price varies as much as 313 %, depending on the hospital. As always, it is best to do your research on costs before paying for the treatment.

Hospital Stay And Surgery

Youll receive separate bills for a TKR. As discussed above, the hospital will bill you for your stay, time spent in the operating room, and other applicable hospital services, supplies, and equipment used.

Providers will bill you for procedure charges that cover services provided by the surgeon, as well as:

  • anesthesia
  • any tools and treatments the physical therapist uses
  • outpatient follow-up

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Disability Wage Settlement Schedules

Your work-related knee injury may have left you with a degree of permanent damage to your knee. In workers comp terms, you are left with a permanent partial disability.

Federal and most states workers compensation programs use a loss-of-use schedule of injuries to calculate permanent disability settlements. The schedule allocates a specific number of wage benefit weeks for each body part or function.

A scheduled settlement award can be requested after youve reached maximum medical improvement . In other words, your doctor says your knee wont get any better with treatment. Your doctor will then give you an impairment rating between 10% and 100%.

For example, using the New York States Loss of Use Schedule, the maximum award for a knee/leg injury is 288 weeks.

The settlement is calculated by using the workers weekly wage benefit and the medically determined impairment rating. If you have a 25% impairment rating, you would get 72 weeks of wage benefits. Lets say your workers comp weekly wage benefit is $800. The wage portion of your workers compensation settlement would be 72 x $800 = $57,600.

Washington State Personal Injury Attorneys

Knee Replacement Surgery: Overview

If you have suffered a knee injury or any other ailment in a Washington state car accident, you are entitled to compensation for your damages. Many people are surprised to learn just how much of a toll injuries have on their lives and their finances. Make sure you have someone on your side fighting for you.

To speak with an attorney at Seattle-based Davis Law Group about your knee injury, call 727-4000, use the chat feature below or fill out the form on this page. The consultation is free, and our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you dont owe us anything unless you win your case.

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Can I Get Knee Replacement Surgery On An Outpatient Basis

Outpatient knee replacement surgery is becoming more and more common, especially in the age of COVID-19. Healthline reports that hospitals are increasingly discharging patients on the same day as their surgery.

The best candidates for outpatient knee or hip replacement surgery, are healthy, under 70 years old, and have a home environment that is conducive to rehabilitation. It’s key for patients to be able to follow the instructions and rehabilitation plan provided by their doctors, as without the watchful eyes of medical professionals, recovery can be more difficult.

Breaking Down The Cost Of A Knee Replacement

So where does this leave us? A knee replacement isnt a cheap solution, but many times it is a necessary one. The average hospital cost for a total knee replacement surgery in the United States is about $50,000. If youre in need of a partial knee replacement, the cost is anywhere from 10-20% less than that of a total knee replacement due to a shorter hospital stay.

But what about all those other bills? Additional inpatient bills may include your hospital stay, treatments rendered by your Heekin Clinic orthopedic surgeon while in St. Vincents Medical Center Riverside, and services provided by anesthesiologists, physical therapists, surgical assistants, nurses, etc. The average price tag for these post-operation inpatient charges runs around $7,500.

While the hospital charges and inpatient bills should be the bulk of your knee replacement surgery costs, outpatient services during recovery including lab work, physical therapy, durable medical equipment and follow-up visits with your orthopedic surgeon should also be expected.

Pre-surgical expenses are the other costs to factor into your surgery budget. The national average for these services which include blood work, cultures, panel tests, EKG, chest XR, and a consult with your orthopedic surgeon in the 90 days prior to your knee replacement typically falls around $1,900 for Medicare patients and $2,000 for private insurance holders.

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Walking Around After A Knee Replacement

To help make your recovery go as smoothly as possible, we need to start getting you active and mobile as soon as youre able. We understand you may be nervous about getting up for the first time, but well be there to help you whenever youre ready. Getting mobile is all about confidence, which is why we help you to progress through a range of walking aids until youre independent.

  • Day of surgery: A physiotherapist will give you some exercises to do while youre in bed to help your new knee joint move and strengthen the muscles around it. Then theyll help you to get out of bed and start taking your first steps with a frame this is to prevent stiffness and maintain a healthy circulation.
  • Day after surgery: Youll have an X-ray to check the position of your new knee, as well as some routine blood tests. If you havent started walking around yet, the physiotherapist will help you with this otherwise youll continue practicing to walk using a frame with your nurse until you can do so on your own.
  • Second and third day after surgery: An occupational therapist will give you some tips for washing, dressing and getting on and off the bed, chair and toilet. The physiotherapist will help you transfer to crutches or a walking stick, before giving you some more exercises to increase your movement.

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Most Common Things You Will See With a Knee Replacement – Normal Expectations after TKA

Recovery begins right after the surgery is complete. The patient will wake up slowly in the recovery room before he or she is transferred to a regular room. Most people spend seven to ten days in the hospital after knee replacement surgery. During this time physical therapists will work with the patient to regain mobility. Support socks and hoses may be required to prevent blood clots or swelling. In most cases a patient will resume normal activities within 3-6 weeks. However this can vary from person to person, depending on how quickly the healing process occurs.

  • 847

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Understanding Workers Compensation Settlements

Workers compensation benefits do not cover the full amount of an injured employees wages. Wage replacement disability benefits typically cover about two-thirds of the injured workers average weekly wage. Workers comp will not compensate you for pain and suffering.

Workers compensation programs provide immediate medical care for eligible employees and partial wage replacement. The trade-off is that an injured employee cannot sue their employer except in extreme circumstances.

You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer if your workplace knee injury was caused by intentional or egregious negligence. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can seek compensation for all your damages, including your full wages and emotional distress.

A Guide To Knee Injury Compensation Claims

As the knee is such a complex combination of bone, muscle, and soft tissues, knee injuries, and the pain which comes with them can have many different causes and present in lots of different ways. Common ways to suffer a knee injury can include manual handling and other workplace accidents, slipping, tripping, or falling over in a variety of locations, sports accidents, and road traffic accidents.

It does not matter how your injury happened, if you have suffered a knee injury as a result of circumstances which were someone elses fault, it is very likely that you can make a compensation claim.

At Accident Claims UK we strive to help our claimants get the highest possible amount of compensation that is possible. Compensation for a knee injury is generally made up of two parts. These are compensation within knee injury claims for any physical pain or suffering and compensation for any financial costs.

Compensation for pain and suffering: Injuries can take lots of different forms, such as a fracture to one of the bones or tears and damage to the soft tissues of the knee. The value of knee injury claim payouts depends on the severity of the injury.

Compensation for financial costs and expenses: Injuries can lead to a variety of different costs and expenses. You may find your earnings are reduced in some way, or that you need to pay some medical costs . You can claim for these costs, as well as the cost of travel to medical or legal appointments and more.

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Medical Trip To Ohio Usa

All major US and Canada airports offer flights to Ohio for seamless travel, with a typical duration of about 2.30 hours from the US and 5 hours from Canada, including transfers. Check out the flight times from American cities to Columbus airport here.

John Glenn Columbus International Airport is the nearest airport. It takes a 14min drive to reach New Albany and 1h 13min to Athens hospital.

You can book an Uber from the airport , or we can ask the hotel to book for you. From Columbus, Ohio Airport to New Albany center, Uber is $15-25 and $95-130 to Athens.

Here is a list of hotel accommodations near our New Albany surgical center and the driving time from airport-hotel and hotel-New Albany.

Tel: 237-2100

If you are coming from outside the Columbus, Ohio area and interested in knowing more about the city, check the top attractions and destinations in the Ohio Tourism Portal.


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