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Does Walmart Sell Knee Scooters

Mobility Scooters At Walgreens

How to PIMP your Knee Scooter out at WALMART!!

When you struggle with mobility issues that either limit the amount you can walk or restrict you from walking at all, an assistive device can be an invaluable tool to help you maintain your independence. A mobility scooter may allow you to traverse all sorts of terrain and offers you the freedom to get where you need to go. Take charge of your mobility today by checking out the wide selection of scooters available from Walgreens.

Mobility Scooters Wanted For Cash Near Me

Want to sell your scooter for cash? You need to know where to offer it! Local pawn shops, powersports stores , and medical supply stores may be interested.

If you do go that route, though, dont expect to get as much money as you would selling it to another senior. Its a bit like selling your car to the dealer vs selling it privately – private sales take more effort but net you more cash!

Selling your scooter privately often means youre going to end up with the most cash for your efforts. Research prices for your scooter, cut the price by about 30-50% depending on your scooters condition, and let the offers roll in!

What Are The Medicare Scooter Requirements How To Get A Scooter From Medicare

Your doctor must indicate that you need a mobility scooter for in-home use. Medicare Part B does not cover any costs related to mobility scooters for use strictly outside the home.

Medicare considers covering a mobility scooter only if the beneficiary meets several additional conditions, which include:

  • Your doctor and the supplier of the mobility scooter must both be enrolled in Medicare
  • You must be unable to perform activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing yourself, moving in or out of a chair or bed or using the bathroom, even with the use of a cane, a crutch, or walker
  • You are able to use the scooter within your home, which means that it is not too large to fit between doorways or anything in its path
  • You are able to safely operate and get on and off the scooter or have someone who will always be available to help you safely use it
  • You must also be able to sit up on the scooter, and to operate the steering system.

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed

  • Always Test Used Scooters: If youre buying used, dont show the seller a single $20 bill until youve tested the scooter. If the battery, motor, or wheels are weak, you need to know before you spend a dime!
  • Extended Warranties and Service Packages: These arent an outright scam, but theyre hardly ever worth the added expense. The included manufacturer warranty is often more than enough to cover any issues with your scooter, and the extended warranty the dealer tries to sell you usually does nothing but pad their pocket. Think carefully before buying an extended warranty – theyre sometimes a good idea, but usually arent!

Find A Knee Scooter To Recover From An Injury Or Surgery

KneeRover® Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Walker Medical Scooter Crutch ...

Rather than spending money on a cheap knee scooter, youll get more value renting a higher-quality model from Salt Lake Citys premier scooter store.

Get a scooter with a tie rod, to produce more mobility. Find a scooter with blow-up tires to get you over different types of terrain, one that provides a more comfortable riding experience.

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There Is A Better Option For Finding A Knee Scooter To Recover From Your Injury Or Surgery

Rather than spending money on buying a crummy knee scooter, your money is better spent renting a higher-quality model from Denvers premier scooter medical leg scooter.

Get a scooter with a tie rod, to produce more mobility. Find a scooter with blow-up tires, to get you over different types of terrain, and produce a more comfortable riding experience.

What Features Should I Consider While Choosing A Knee Walker Online

While you decide to rent a knee walker, we suggest you consider some features that will help you choose the right one for you.

  • How long will you be using it?
  • Whats the severity of the leg injury?
  • Size and durability of the scooter
  • Is it designed according to your height and weight capacity?
  • Is the height adjustable?
  • Comfortable knee scooter pad
  • Adjustable locking handbrakes and rear brakes, which can instantly control the rear brakes to stop easily.
  • Wheels since walkers with large rubber wheels are suitable for roads or walk tracks, while some are designed specifically for flat surfaces.
  • Compact and foldable for easy storage and transport.
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    Why Rent A Knee Scooter Online

    You might question, Why should I rent a knee walker instead of buying one? Well, if you are undergoing a planned surgery, you can either choose a product beforehand at a store or order online.

    But in case of an accidental ankle injury or a sprained ankle, you may need a more quick decision and rental product. In such a case, going online is the only option owing to limited mobility.

    Moreover, some people find the online option to be easier and more convenient. Borrowing an online knee scooter has multiple advantages.

    • You have a larger variety of items to choose from than you may with a local rental store.
    • You can save money and get a premium quality product at an affordable price.
    • Moreover, there are a lot of types of knee scooters, and you can choose according to your requirement.
    • The rental models are already assembled and delivered to your doorstep.

    If you are going to use the best knee walker for a short time period or temporarily, we suggest you rent a good one instead of investing money in buying it. This will save you time and money.

    Va Requirements For A Mobility Scooter

    Knee Scooters: 5 Fast Facts

    A veteran must undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine their eligibility for receiving a scooter that is covered by the VA. The physician or other person performing the evaluation must take into account the medical diagnoses of the patient, their functional abilities, their limitations, prognosis, goals, and ambitions.

    The evaluation for a free scooter will include an assessment of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, pulmonary, and cardiovascular capacities and response, effort, quality, and the veterans overall function. The Veterans Administration explains that power mobility is indicated if the veteran demonstrates a clear functional need for the scooter, which cannot be met by traditional medical or rehabilitation efforts or interventions.

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    Considerations When Choosing A Mobility Scooter

    Once you and your doctor have decided a scooter is the right choice for you, there are still a number of factors to consider when shopping for your ideal model. The weight limit of a particular scooter, for instance, may impact your decision. Remember that the weight of the rider isn’t the only thing to think about. You should also take into account any assistive medical devices like oxygen tanks, as well as the sorts of items you may need to transport, such as grocery bags or laundry.

    Mobility scooters typically come in three or four wheeled models. Three wheeled scooters tend to have a tighter turning radius and are easier to maneuver, while the four wheeled varieties are more stable when driving over uneven surfaces. You can also choose between models with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive as well as safety features like anti-tip mechanisms, depending on whether you plan to drive your scooter mostly on flat indoor surfaces or will be taking it over rougher terrain.

    How you plan to transport your scooter should also be a major consideration when purchasing because you need to make sure you can fit it in your car. Many mobility scooters are built for travel and can be disassembled easily, but others are more solid and may even require a vehicle lift if you want to bring them with you.

    Rent A Better Knee Scooter Instead Of Buying A Cheap One

    The other consideration you should think about is that when you rent youll be able to afford a higher-quality scooter. You want your time on a scooter to be comfortable, with the best mobility possible. Its worth spending a few extra dollars to rent a knee scooter that does the job, rather than spending a fair amount of money buying a cheap scooter from Walmart.

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    What To Look For

    • Compare With Online Prices: Sometimes, youll get the same price for a mobility scooter in person as you would online. Often, though, there will be a markup at the dealership. If youre okay with spending a little bit more to get your scooter today, though, its not too big a deal. Just make sure to compare prices before you buy to ensure you get a good deal!
    • Dimensions and Weight Capacity: If you are too heavy for your scooter, it will drive slow and the motor will burn out quickly. If you are too tall for your scooter, your knees will be constantly knocking into the steering column. Always make sure that the scooter you buy fits your body!
    • Speed and Range: Depending on how you plan to use your scooter, these stats are either massively important or completely irrelevant. If you want to use your scooter to get around the neighborhood and replace your car , youll want the fastest, highest-range scooter possible. If youre just using it to get down the street or around a store, however, you can save a lot of money by getting a slower, less powerful mobility scooter.

    What Is The Cost Of Renting Crutches

    Kneerover Go Knee Walker The Most Compact Portable Scooter Crutches ...

    Usually, the crutches are rented out on a per week or per month basis. If you are renting crutches from hospitals you can expect to be charged around 15 dollars to 25 dollars per month.

    The charge for renting crutches at McCanns medical is also more or less the same. These places rent crutches at charges of 3 dollars per day or 10 dollars per week or 20 dollars per month.

    Usually, they ask for an advance so you might have to be ready to pay that too!

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    What Scooters Does Medicare Cover

    It is important to know what mobility scooters are covered by Medicare before you make a purchase. If you purchase a scooter in advance and Medicare does not cover that particular scooter, you will not receive reimbursement for it.

    Medicare will cover an electric scooter, referred to as a power-operated scooter. Medicare will not cover a knee scooter.

    Weight And Weight Limit

    A knee scooters weight is an important factor to consider because you may need to lift it at various times, such as when youre loading and unloadingyour car. If the scooter is too heavy, youll have a difficult time picking it up and taking it with you on the go. Opt for a knee scooter that weighs approximately 20 pounds or less because anythingheavier isusually too cumbersome to lift easily.

    In addition to the weight of the knee scooter itself, pay attention to the weight limit for users as well. Many scooters have a maximum weight of at least 300 pounds, but check the product specifications to make sure that you can safely use any model youre considering

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    Does Rent A Knee Scooter Vs Buying A Knee Scooter A Good Choice Cost

    When you consider the purchase price of a knee scooter, it is almost above $350. Mostly, you will need it for 4-6 weeks. So, if you need it for a shorter time period, we suggest you rent a scooter that costs around $25-$35.However, if you are using a knee scooter for daily help, to avoid falls or further foot injury, then it may be useful for deciding to invest in a long-term purchase.

    Renting a knee scooter is a wiser option and there are many online stores that provide you with the facility to avail of rental knee walkers.


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    Do you know other places where to rent a knee scooter? Please share with us below!

    About Haley Burress

    Mobility Scooters For Disabled Veterans

    Walmart scooter as a fire truck prank

    Handicapped Man in town center rides on a city street using a mobility scooter.

    There is no quick answer to whether VA benefits will cover a mobility scooter. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis, the same as with Medicare and Medicaid coverage for scooters. Each veteran is entitled to an evaluation to see if they qualify for coverage of a scooter or other power mobility device.

    A notice sent to physicians and clinicians established protocol related to the criteria for potentially qualifying for a scooter or other DME. It also stated that a motorized wheeled mobility device is not to be prescribed solely for recreational use.

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    What Places Provide Crutches For Rent

    If you are worried about not getting crutches at rent on Walgreens, you can always look for other places.

    Places like your nearby local hospitals or McCanns Medical offer the services of renting crutches. However, do keep in mind that not all hospitals have these services so make sure you enquire about them before renting.

    Mobility Scooter Parts Near Me

    If you want to find parts for your mobility scooter locally, you may want to pare down your expectations a bit. There are relatively few places to find parts for your mobility scooter in your area – potentially none.

    The best place to find parts for your scooter is at the same store you bought it from: Costco, a local medical supply store, or a mobility store. Odds are, though, that theyll only have a few parts in stock and will have to order the part youre looking for. There simply arent enough scooter users in most places for a store to keep a large inventory of parts on hand, but theyre always happy to order them for you!

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    Mobility Scooter Stores Near Me

    Costco is the only national chain store that sells mobility scooters in person. Because these products are so big, bulky, and seldom purchased, it doesnt make sense for most big-box stores to carry them. If you have a Costco Membership, though, youre in luck!

    If you dont have a membership or there is no Costco near you, you arent out of options yet. There are still many local stores that sell mobility scooters, even though youll have to do a little digging to find them.

    Our best advice is to call your doctors office or healthcare provider and have them point you in the right direction. Medical providers keep large directories of suppliers and medical stores, and theyll know where the best local store is. Plus, they can even help you find a supplier that accepts Medicare and Medicaid!

    Private Health Insurance And Mobility Scooters

    Clevr Foldable Medical Steerable Knee Walker Scooter Crutch Alternative ...

    Do you have private insurance? You may qualify for coverage of your mobility scooter through your insurance plan. It is imperative that an individual does not purchase a mobility scooter first and then expect their insurance company to reimburse them for the scooter.

    Individual insurance companies and the various plans are often different from one insurance provider to the next provider. Read your insurance plan for specific information on coverage of a mobility scooter. Insurance plans are sometimes written in complicated terms, so if you are not sure if you have coverage for a mobility scooter, or if you meet eligibility for one, contact your provider.

    If you purchase a mobility scooter upfront, you may not receive reimbursement. Follow the instructions in your specific plan, and you may discover that you are able to get a scooter at little to no cost to you.

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    Does Medicaid Cover Mobility Scooters

    Medicaid does cover mobility scooters on a case-by-case basis. Some aspects of the coverage are different under Medicaid, compared to Medicare. One fact is that Medicaid is administered by the individual states. Therefore, there may be some variation in the process of receiving coverage.

    A 2017 letter to state Medicaid directors explained that medical supplies, equipment and appliances are a mandatory benefit and that the act does not specify a list of medical equipment and appliances that are allowable in the Medicaid program. The individual states, under Medicaid rules, states are prohibited from having absolute exclusions of coverage on medical equipment, supplies, or appliances.

    There is still a comprehensive application process to determine whether a patient qualifies for Medicaid coverage for a mobility scooter. The physician, supplier and provider follow the procedures required for coverage in the specific state.

    Does Walgreens Rent Crutches Wheelchairs And Knee Scooters

    Even though Walgreens sells a variety of drugs for the customers who need them, they, unfortunately, do not rent crutches, wheelchairs, or knee scooters.

    Walgreens not renting these pieces of equipment might be a bit disappointing, however, as a customer, there are many other places where you can check out these pieces and their renting process.

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    Medicare Scooter Evaluation Form

    Patients do not provide evaluation forms. Your doctor will provide the proper forms and documentation to your supplier.

    The supplier and provider complete their required forms and follow Medicare procedures that are required for your scooter coverage. You can check with your doctor or with Medicare to find out the status of your evaluation and mobility scooter approval.


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