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Does Kt Tape Work For Knee Pain

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work

Knee pain fix (KT Tape)

The kinesiology taping method is based on the science of maintaining support to the body while allowing blood and other bodily fluids to move freely through and around the injured muscle. Kinesiology tape stabilizes the injured area by lightly adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues the tape is wrapped around.

This tape allows the connective tissue surrounding the affected muscle or tendon to move along with the body. It gently allows the free flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to cleanse and heal the inflammation without the use of medications or surgery.

This special tape helps to improve circulation, support muscles, allow the internal injury to heal, and help prevent further muscle injury while still allowing motion.

How To Apply Kt Tape For Ankle Pain

Youll need: 3 full strips

1. Rest heel on a flat surface and flex ankle in an upward direction.

2. Full Strip 1 : Tear and remove backing paper 2 inches from one end to create a starting anchor. Apply the anchor with no stretch on the outside of the ankle, in front of the ankle bone. Hold the anchor in place with one hand. With the other hand, pull the strip under the heel and up to the inside of the ankle with a moderate stretch. Apply the last 2 inches with no stretch above the inner ankle bone. Rub the strip to activate adhesion.

3. Full Strip 2 : Tear and remove the backing paper 2 inches from one end to create a starting anchor. Apply the anchor with no stretch on the inside ankle bone. Hold the anchor in place with one hand. With the other hand, pull the strip under the heel and up to the outside of the ankle with a moderate stretch. Apply the last 2 inches with no stretch above the outer ankle bone. Rub the strip to activate adhesion.

Does Kinesio Tape Really Work

Adhesive tape stuck on the skin seems an improbable remedy for cycling-related aches and pains but its growing in popularity. Does kinesiology tape really work? Tom Goom and David Bradford weigh the claims against the evidence


Why are many cyclists, even some pros, festooning their limbs with gaudily-coloured sticky tape?

No, theyre not patching up improbably shaped crash wounds theyre attempting to alleviate muscular injuries and improve performance. The material in question is called kinesiology tape and is not, in fact, a recent innovation it was developed 30 years ago by Japanese chiropractor Dr Kenzo Kase.

Its only recently, though, that the kinesiology brand has become very popular and lucrative with its distributors marketing various types of tape and training courses on how to apply it. Money well spent if it works but does it?

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Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work

In a survey of about 450 First Aider readers, just over half said they used kinesiology tape, primarily for pain relief, while 12% used it for performance enhancement. Kinesiology tape has been popularized by high profile athletes wearing tape on TV and in photos throughout the internet. Unfortunately, some athletes simply wear the tape just to advertise a specific brand, which ultimately adds to questions of its efficacy.

Does kinesiology tape work? YES. It has been shown effective at reducing chronic musculoskeletal pain lasting longer than 4 weeks when compared to minimal interventions . As with any treatment, it doesnt work on everyone, and is only part of the overall treatment plan. Kinesiology tape should be an adjunct to other evidence-based treatments such as therapeutic exercise.

Does kinesiology tape work the way some say it does? Probably NOT. Kinesiology tape is thought to lift the skin by creating convolutions, which is thought to relieve pain and improve circulation. While tape relieves pain, its probably related to the Gate Control Theory of pain due to afferent input into the skin. Kinesiology tape convolutions do not lift the skin or increase circulation . In addition, convolutions do not improve outcomes. Parreira and colleagues compared lower back pain patients with and without convolutions in the tape, finding no difference.

Does that surprise you, based on what youve been told? Wait, theres more!

Tips for Applying Kinesiology Tape


Dos And Donts Before Applying Kt Tape For Pain

KT Tape For Knee Pain: Features, Benefits, And Technique ...
  • Proper analysis of the suffererâs condition is mandatory to get the best results
  • Avoid using KT Tape on an area which has scrapes, cuts, burns, rash, or sunburns
  • Never use excessive tension while applying KT Tape
  • If adhesion of the tape is hampering due to body hair, then remove body hair
  • Ensure you donât perspire while applying the adhesive tape
  • Avoid getting involved in the exercise, swimming, or bathing for at least one hour after application of the tape
  • After using the tape, rub it up and down to activate the heat sensitive glue

Knee pain can obstruct your success and happiness. But every problem comes with a solution, and knee pain also has an excellent remedial solution. After reading this article, you are well aware of the fantastic remedy of knee pain, and that is the Kinesiology Tape for knee pain relief.

The elastic tape is a miracle which works efficiently on your skin. It not only works well on your pain but is also budget-friendly and quite easy to use. So if you are missing out on the fun from your life owing to the clingy interior knee pain, your best friend, KT Tape for knee is at your rescue. You donât have to rely on those expensive and harmful painkillers for dealing with your pain as the fantastic KT tape will give you relief from the throbbing pain in the best possible way

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For Anterior Knee Pain

If you have pain in the front and center of your knee, its called anterior knee pain. Its commonly caused by patellofemoral pain syndrome or knee arthritis.

Often, the first technique mentioned in this article is used for this issue. But you can try a similar method with pre-cut Y-shaped tape.

Youll need clean skin and two Y strips .

To apply:

  • Cut the long Y strip to 1 to 2 feet. Sit on the edge of a bench, knee bent.
  • Peel the first inch of tape. Secure in the middle of the thigh. Split the Y and remove the backing.
  • Stretch the tails to 25 to 50 percent. Apply on each side of the kneecap. Rub to activate the adhesive.
  • Peel the first inch of the small Y strip. Secure on the outer side of the kneecap, split the Y, and remove the backing.
  • Stretch the tails to 50 percent. Apply the tails above and below the kneecap. Rub to activate.
  • Knee tape can adhere quite well. When its time to take it off, consider these suggestions:

    Kt Tape For Knee Stability

    An unstable knee joint is one thats all too prone to accident and injury. Instability can lead to some painful situations, especially if you twist your knee in a direction its not really designed to go, which can result in bruised or even torn tendons and ligaments. Such injuries can be painful and very slow to heal, especially considering how much we use our knees every day just in mundane situations like walking around the home or office.

    Providing your knee joint with the extra stability it needs to keep in its proper alignment helps reduce the chance of suffering from bruised and torn tendons and ligaments, even as you go about your day. The compression KT Tape provides pushes back against those twisting forces, keeping your joint in alignment meanwhile, the flexible nature of KT Tape means that your joint will still be able to move in ways that it needs to in order to function properly. As an overall result, taping your knee joint properly can help prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

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    What Does The Research Say On Kinesiology Tape

    And what has the limited research shown on the effectiveness of these uses?

    There is some proof that it helps with pain, but more in the gate control theory of pain. This simply means the elastic tape can help distract you from the pain. It gives the nerves something else to focus on instead of the injury. The same way rubbing a knee after bumping into the corner can help dull the pain. It distracts pain signals from the brain and injury site.

    After an injury, blood and other fluids build up causing swelling. If theres too much swelling, the bodys natural means of removing fluid, damaged tissues, and infection can be compressed. KT tape is believed to gently lift the skin from the damaged tissues, which can help to improve blood and lymphatic flow. This allows blood and healing nutrients and waste products to better flow in and out of the site.

    Elastic sports taping can help make the individual more aware of a body part or positioning. It can be a tool to improve posture, positioning, or more appropriate movement patterns. If the individual, for example, were to slouch into a poor posture position, the gentle pull of the tape would be a cue to sit up straight.

    As far as supporting muscles or bones, KT tape is not effective. Elastic sports tape attaches to the skin, not to bone or muscles. It will not hold a bone in place or support muscles under the skin. Athletic tape, splints, braces, etc. are more effective for this role.

    The Last Word On Kt Tape

    How To Use Kinesiology Tape To Treat Anterior Knee Pain

    Just like a knee brace or any other type of joint therapy, KT Tape isnt a magic bullet. You should always consult a doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist to learn if using KT Tape is appropriate for treating any problems you have with your knee joint, and if you have the option of a physical therapist applying your KT Tape so that you can watch and learn how to do it yourself, you should always do so.

    At the same time, KT Tape has been growing in popularity for a reason since the 1970s. If you and your doctor or physical therapist feel its an appropriate treatment for your knee joint issues, then welcome to the wide world of using KT Tape to provide better stability and support to your knee! Follow the guidelines weve set out for you here, take it slow, and enjoy some well-earned relief from your knee pain.

    • How much does knee tape it cost?

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    Best Kt Tape For Knee Pains 2021

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    How To Use Kt Tape On Knee

    KT Tape for Wrist: Solution to Your Wrist PainYou are a fitness freak, and you love running and jogging to keep yourself in the best shape. You can’t dream of losing that one hour of exercise in the morning. But as they say, a little ax can cut down a big tree and so your knee pain can impact not only your one-hour workout program but the remaining day’s activities too. If you wish a piece of good advice, get KT tape for knee and take command of your daily routine. You can get back on your feet with this elastic Kinesiology Tape.

  • How Does It Work
  • How to Apply KT Tape
  • Do,s and Don’ts
    • The overall prevalence of knee pain in men is in the range of 15% to 20%, and in women, it is 20%. Its occurrence is more in women than men with both men and women showing a steady increase in the pain from the age of 60.
    • The knee pain often occurs due to too much weight on the knee joint and the other most common cause is improper or incorrect technique during any activity that makes it the second most common reason of chronic pain around the world.

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    What Is Kt Tape Used For

    The kt tape is used to help improve your muscles ability. Anyone from a gardener to an Olympic athlete can use this form of taping, if needed. The recommended time frame for using the kt tp is between 1-3 days. It is best to let the area breathe during the night, therefore no taping should be completed during sleeping hours. Some of the reasons in which one would use kt tape include:

    • Carpal tunnel
    • Hands, including fingers and thumb

    How Does Kinesiology Tape For Knee Pain Work

    The 25+ best Kt tape knee ideas on Pinterest

    Knee pain is amongst the worst pains as it hinders the movement of the sufferer completely. People fail to enjoy the little surprises of life present in the day to day chores of our lives.

    Just like a little gadget can ease your work burden manifold, in the same way, Kinesiology Tape can work wonders in getting away with the throbbing knee pain. If you are someone who is under the plight of knee pain for quite some time now, then you must be well aware of the various pain relieving tapes available in the market these days.

    Kinesiology Tape boasts of a unique design which not only offers support to the patient but also helps to solve the problem therapeutically.

    The wonderful strapping tape focuses on different receptors within the same somatosensory system which comprises of sensory neurons.

    This lifting of the skin helps to reduce inflammation in the affected area and thus reduces knee pain.

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    Five Of The Top Benefits Of Using This Method Are:

  • : By gently applying pressure, kinesiology tape helps to disrupt and dissipate pain.
  • Increased Circulation and Decreased Inflammation: The tape can help remove congestion while allowing efficient circulation of oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids. Circulation flushes out irritants, thereby reducing inflammation and chemical buildup and fostering a speedy recovery.
  • Improved Posture and Muscle Support: Taping areas that veer away from correct posture can help gently support proper posture. Proper taping also enables weak muscles to function efficiently, reduces pain and fatigue, and protects against cramping, over-extension, and over-contraction.
  • Improved Athletic Performance: By supporting unstable joints and delivering slight pressure to sleeping muscles, taping can prompt higher performance. Unlike other assistive devices that can lead to dependence on them for stability and support, kinesiology tape trains the body to become independent and efficient.
  • Supported endogenous analgesic system: The tape enables the bodys own healing mechanisms to work in the recovery process.
  • Tips For Removing Kinesiology Tape

    To comfortably remove kinesiology tape:

    • Apply oil. Baby oil or olive oil can loosen the adhesive. Rub oil on the tape, wait 15 to 30 minutes, then remove it in the shower.
    • Remove it slowly. Avoid removing the tape too fast, which may irritate or damage your skin.
    • Roll away the tape. Roll the tape back on itself. Compared to pulling, rolling is less painful.
    • Move in the direction of hair growth. This minimizes irritation to your skin and hair follicles.
    • Tug the skin. While peeling the tape, use your other hand to tug the skin in the opposite direction. This is said to decrease discomfort.

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    How Long Can You Wear Kinesio Tape

    Once a physical therapist or sports medicine provider positions the tape, it can remain on the skin as long as the adhesive works, usually two or three days.

    The adhesive is strong enough to withstand approved activities, showers, and daily life movements. Of course, if the adhesive causes itching, rash, or other types of discomfort, the tape should be removed.

    What Do The Different Colors Of Kinesio Tape Mean

    Kinesiology Taping – How to Do it for Maximum Results | RunToTheFinish

    What is the difference between the colors? There is no physical or chemical difference between the colors. The colors were developed to be compatible with color therapy. The beige was created for minimal visibility and the black was created after many requests. Color choice is a matter of individual preference.

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    How Kinesiology Tape Works

    Kinesiology tape workswhen applied correctlyby lifting the skin from the tissues below it. Everyone has nerve receptors in their skin, as well as in the deep layers of the fascia, muscles, and other connective tissues, Wickham says. When tape is applied, it causes compression or decompression of these areas, supposedly allowing it to alter pain signals to the brain, he says.

    Its the tapes elasticity that matters most. We can use more tension to turn on or excite a muscle, says Kellen Scantlebury, D.PT. and owner of Fit Club Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. For example: If someone gets surgery to repair their ACL, their quad will likely be weak. Taping the quad with maximum tension, he explains, brings those muscle fibers together, essentially causing a contraction . On the flip side, if someone has plantar fasciitis and is experiencing a lot of tightness in their calves, taping with limited tension can turn off the muscle so the person isnt receiving pain signals, he explains.

    That said, it sounds like a miracle cure for running injuries, but you dont want to use kinesiology tape as a crutch. Its important to talk with your doctor about any injuries and before starting DIY-recovery methods.


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