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Compression Knee Highs 20-30

Firm Compression Stylish Merino: Sockwell Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

Review of Plus size compression socks wide calf men women knee high 20-30 mmhg

Why we like them: Sockwell Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks, which come in both mens and womens designs, are comfortably snug and made of a luxe, merino-wool blend. They fit and feel better on than most socks in their price range, and theyre among the least expensive merino-blend compression socks available.

The Sockwells we like best are firm-compression socks made of merino, as well as rayon from bamboo . This is an overall lightweight sock, and the foot has a slight additional thickness to it . The brand also sells less-compressive socks.

The sock shaft doesnt bunch up uncomfortably under the knee, and there isnt a lot of excess fabric around the toes , so they fit comfortably. In both mens and womens versions, these socks come in two sizes, S/M and M/L, and though we generally like to see more size options, we had no issues getting these to conform to the feet of multiple testers.

The instructions specify air-drying these socks, but we washed and dried them in the machines anyway. They fared better than any other merino sock, with just a slight stretching at the top of the cuff. We think if you take the time to air-dry these, they will likely last a long time.

Though the Sockwells have fewer style options compared with socks from other brands on this list, they do come in six patterns in womens sizes and four in mens, in an array of neutral tones, so theyre easy to wear with a casual, everyday wardrobe.

Venactive Women’s Ribbed Trouser 15


The VenActive Women’s Ribbed Trouser moderate 15-20 mmHg knee high graduated compression socks combine a classic ribbed pattern with modern-day microfiber technology allowing for easy application, a soft feel and advanced moisture wicking. The unique y-gore heel and toe provide a comfortable, anatomical fit reducing shifting and friction for all…

VenActive Women’s Opaque 20-30 mmHg Pantyhose

Who Should Get Compression Socks

There are basically two reasons to wear compression socks: because your doctor suggested that you do or because you find them comfortable.

Compression socks are made of elasticized fabric that squeezes your legs, with the goal of facilitating circulation. Across the board, the evidence on whether compression socks help is mixed. But as long as youve checked in with your doctor if you have skin or circulation issues, theres no downside in wearing them, dermatologist Bruce Katz, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, told us.

Your doctor may advise wearing compression socks for one of several reasons. They can help control post-surgery swelling. They have been found to reduce instances of deep vein thrombosis on flights and reduce risk of complications following treatment for DVT. Compression may help people heal from specific skin conditions, like rashes involving leg ulcerations. And its possible that theyre helpful in treatment of varicose veins.

However, this guide is focused on compression socks to be worn for non-medical purposes. Non-medical uses include wearing compression socks for comfort on a long flight, during or after tough workouts, or during a shift spent on your feet. Even if compression socks arent magic, they do make for a nice ritual.

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What Medical Grade Compression Stockings Are

Medical-grade compression socks are specially designed for compression therapy.

Medical Socks are designed to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, wound management and swelling in the feet or legs, orthopedics for injuries and reduce the chances of circulatory issues, such as deep vein thrombosis, or dvt from occurring.

Adding these level of pressures can be good medicine.

People who wear compression socks tend to be more comfortable, can perform better in sports, and are at a lower risk of developing chronic medical diagnosis.

How Do These Work

Medical support socks are snug-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze the feet and legs. A particular version of them offers most compression around the ankles with gradually lesser compression as it goes upwards towards the calves, knees, or thigh.

For blood to flow back to the heart, it has to work against gravity. If anything impedes the flow, it could pool in the veins of the feet or legs and cause aches, leg fatigue, and/or swelling, increasing the risk of a venous clot developing and having dvt or deep vein thrombosis.

This is why Graduated Compression stocking is quite literally the medical diagnosis after surgery. Theyre called TED Stockings and they prevent blood clots by providing compression to superficial outer veins in the legs.


There are two main types of medical-grade compression socks:1. Graduated Compression Socks 2. Embolism Socks or compression stockings

Medium Compression Fun Prints: Lily Trotters Signature Compression Socks

Truform Compression Stocking Knee High 20

Why we like them: The best thing about Vim & Vigr is the incredible variety of options it offers, including more fabric choices, more compression levels, and more size options than those offered by any brand except Comrad.

We tested the medium-strength compression socks in a cotton blend. With thin fabric and no cushioning, these socks check all the boxes for a good fit, including no bunching under the knee and nothing excess around the foot and toes. They also fared well in our wash test, warping slightly , but not in an unexpected way.

Now onto those abundant choices. In addition to cotton, you can choose a sock in nylon or a merino blend. There are three compression levels, including medium , firm , and extremely firm , a level typically prescribed by a doctor, rather than worn casually. There are six sizes, including S, M, L, plus wide-calf versions of each, up to 21 inches . And among the medium-compression options, we counted 41 different colors and patternsmore than offered by any other brand we recommend.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Its possible the exact combination of fit and style youre looking for may not be available. For example, the extremely high-compression socks dont come in a merino blend. But were confident the wide range of options provided here can help many people tailor their preferences.

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What Level Of Graduated Compression Is Right For Me

This is an important question to answer when you are buying compression hosiery products. It is important to seek the advice of a healthcare professional for proper fitting and compression level that is best for you. The following information from LEGEND® Compression Wear can help serve as a guide in choosing the proper level of graduated compression right for you:

15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression Level

This compression level is referred to as moderate or therapeutic compression. The most common use is for frequent travelers tired achy legs those prone to mild swelling in legs, ankles and feet during and after pregnancy spider varicose veins and prolonged siting or standing. At LEGEND® Compression Wear, we encourage vascular wellness through our compression hosiery products. A moderate level of support is ideal for any individual who is looking to improve the health of their legs. 15-20 mmHg compression stockings are a great product that fits into the LEGEND Lifestyle, as we encourage people to not wait for a prescription, but rather choose compression proactively to extend the life of their legs!

20-30 mmHg Graduated Compression Level

Graduated compression pushes de-oxygenated blood from the veins back to the heart and allows the flow of oxygen-rich blood back to your legs resulting in greater strength and vitality.

Firm Compression Inexpensive : Go2socks Compression Socks

Why we like them: Dr. Segals Energy Compression Socks are like a pleasant, light hug for your calves. We instantly noticed how easy these were to put onmore so than any other socks we testedand, subsequently, how comfortable they were to wear for several hours.

The Energy socks are a medium-strength compression sock made of cotton, nylon, and Lycra. These socks, which are thin with no cushioning, are nice for lounging around the house and working from home. In addition, if you happen to have a winter boot with a lot of padding thats hard to get your foot into, these are smooth enough that they may help your foot slide right in.

The sock shaft doesnt bunch up uncomfortably under the knee, and these socks fit closely around the toes, eliminating some of the extra fabric where the seam meets . They come in four unisex sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Though there are two separate tabs to shop from on the website, one for men and one for women, they direct to the same pages.

Did we air-dry these, as requested per the care instructions? Of course not. But one pass through the washer and dryer did them very little harm, resulting in some barely perceivable warping, typical of any cotton sock. The company also sells more-compressive socks.

There are 20 different patterns and solids to choose from, mostly horizontal stripes of varying widths, plus some polka dots, a houndstooth, and a trippy space dye.

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Women Compression Knee Highs 20

Jomi Compression offers a large selection of womens compression Knee highs 20-30 mmHg for moderate swelling , varicose veins, DVT, post-sclerotherapy and for the prevention of venous stasis ulcers.

Here at Jomi compression we offer a wide variety of best selling Compression Socks and Stockings for Women & Men from the most popular brands including Jomi, Jobst, Juzo, Therafirm etc.

Why You Should Trust Us

How to put on a knee high compression sock!

To learn why people wear compression socks and figure out what makes a good pair, we sifted through hundreds of customer reviews and chatted with a dozen Wirecutter readers who wear them regularly.

We spoke with Ajit Chaudhari, associate professor of physical therapy, orthopedics, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering at the Ohio State University, who studies the effects of compression on exercise. We also talked to Bruce Katz, a professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, about when and why he advises some patients to wear compression socks.

Former senior staff writer Shannon Palus is a distance runner and a frequent flyer, and, living in New York City, she spends a lot of time on her feet.

Eve ONeill is a senior staff writer on the travel and outdoors team at Wirecutter, and she has studied and deconstructed the finer points of great socks while examining at least 200 different pairs in her time writing reviews.

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Venactive Women’s Ribbed Trouser 20


The VenActive Women’s Ribbed Trouser firm 20-30 mmHg knee high graduated compression socks combine a classic ribbed pattern with modern-day microfiber technology allowing for easy application, a soft feel and advanced moisture wicking. The unique y-gore heel and toe provide a comfortable, anatomical fit reducing shifting and friction for all day…

VenActive Women’s Premium Sheer 15-20 mmHg Knee Highs

Venactive Active Comfort 20


The Venactive Active Comfort Unisex 20-30 mmHg cushioned compression socks combine a classic look with a cushioned sole for enhanced unisex comfort and durability. These socks are great for work or everyday wear. They feature 20-30 mmHg firm graduated compression, a breathable ventilation panel, plantar fascia band for added arch support and an …

VenActive Hydrotec® Comfort Crew Diabetic Sock

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Venactive Women’s Premium Sheer 20


The VenActive Premium Sheer 20-30 mmHg graduated compression stockings provide a formal look with an ultra sheer design. Constructed to be ultralight, these durable and comfortable sheer stockings offer superior mositure management and breathability with a superior soft feel. Latex free. Sold as single item.FEATURES:Sheer construction with pr…

VenActive Active Comfort 15-20 mmHg Compression Sock

Stockings Knee Highs And More

JUZO Basic 4411 Compression Knee High 20

Our selection of 20-30 mmhg compression stockings includes a variety of lengths and styles to meet your unique needs. These stockings are designed to offer firm compression, which is ideal for individuals with varicose veins, moderate lymphedema, post-thrombotic syndrome, or pregnancy.

Do you stand on your feet all day for your job? A pair of 20-30 mmhg knee highs can help mitigate discomfort and keep you comfortable until you clock out.

Are you suffering from edema in your thigh? We offer thigh-high compression socks to provide full support with both open and closed toe options for greater comfort.

Pregnant women can benefit from our maternity 20-30 mmhg compression socks, which offer support both for the mothers legs and her growing belly.

Even athletes can benefit from compression socks! Our calf sleeves and knee highs can help limit pain and swelling for a greater performance during a workout or competition, and help to reduce recovery times post workout.

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Venactive Women’s Sheer 15


The VenActive Women’s Sheer moderate 15-20 mmHg closed toe knee high graduated compression stockings combine a classically elegant sheer appearance with advanced microfiber technology for superior moisture-wicking and unsurpassed durability. These graduated compression stockings feature a y-gore toe pocket for a more relaxed fit along with a y-g…

Relieve Foot & Leg Pain Bioped Richmond Hill

Foot pain and lower leg pain relief by our footcare Clinicians have been the focus of BioPed Richmond Hill and the 80+ BioPed clinics across Canada for more than 40 years. We hand-craft your custom orthotics in our signature on-site lab for a quick, initial turnaround, and on-the-spot adjustments, all to ensure your maximum comfort.

BioPed provides complete lower limb and footcare solutions using compression stockings , custom & non-custom knee and ankle bracing, comfort footwear, over-the-counter shoe inserts and custom made orthotics, footcare for those with Diabetes, and additionally, we offer a line of foot creams to treat cracked/dry feet and nail fungus along with other footcare products.

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How We Picked And Tested

We started with a heaping selection of full-length socks. Although compression socks come in a few lengths, the knee-high cut is the most common and should work well for most people. Compared with thigh-high compression socks, knee-highs are typically much easier to put on.

The most commonly available strengths of compression socks are 10 to 20 mm Hg and 20 to 30 mm Hg . A millimeter of mercury, or mm Hg, is in this case a measure of blood pressure. For compression thats stronger than 30 mm Hg, youll need to turn to a specialty store to ensure the right fit.

Socks with the same strength rating often feel different. They can feel looser or more snug for a number of reasonsfrom fabric to knit to the size of your calf. Because of this, some companies, like Nike, dont assign a compression rating at all.

Compression socks are typically graduated that is, they are tighter at the bottom than at the top so as to not cut off circulation. All of the socks we tested are graduated socks.

Among compression socks that cost less than $25, they mostly follow shoe size . Though some of the socks we considered included calf measurements on their sizing charts, there is often only one calf size range to correspond to each shoe size, making the calf measurements not all that useful. We tried to select socks that came in at least three sizes. But ultimately the elasticity of the fabric had a lot to do with how well a sock fit, so fewer sizes wasnt a dealbreaker.

Venactive Active Comfort 15

Medical Grade Compression Socks 20-30mmHg


The Venactive Active Comfort Unisex 15-20 mmHg cushioned compression socks combine a classic look with a cushioned sole for enhanced unisex comfort and durability. These socks are great for work or everyday wear. They feature 15-20 mmHg moderate graduated compression, a breathable ventilation panel, plantar fascia band for added arch support and…

VenActive Women’s Ribbed Trouser 20-30 mmHg Compression Sock

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Venactive Women’s Premium Sheer 15


The VenActive Premium Sheer 15-20 mmHg graduated compression stockings provide a formal look with an ultra sheer design. Constructed to be ultralight, these durable and comfortable sheer stockings offer superior mositure management and breathability with a superior soft feel. Latex free. Sold per pair.FEATURES:Sheer construction with premium …

VenActive Women’s Sheer 15-20 mmHg Knee Highs

Venactive Women’s Cushion Trouser 20


The VenActive Women’s Cushion Trouser 20-30 mmHg compression socks provide everyday comfort for everyday life. The classic ribbed design incorporates firm 20-30 mmHg graduated compression with microfiber technology for a soft feel and advanced moisture-wicking. These seamless socks have a padded foot to protect and absorb impact from walking or …

VenActive Active Comfort 20-30 mmHg Compression Sock

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Pressure Levels For Medical Grade Compression Stockings

Class 2

The is the first medical-grade level.

These anti-embolismcompression stockings are the most widely used medical-grade because it provides competent pressure to your legs without being too strong.

This level is suitable for individuals suffering from varicose veins, preventing dvt or deep vein thrombosis, patients recovering from venous surgery, and pregnant women.
This is the most common level and the one most people choose.
  • Prevents and relieves moderate to severe cases of varicose veins.
  • For post-surgical and post sclerotherapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose veins and spider veins.
  • Helps in the treatment of moderate to severe edema or lymp edema.
  • Helps with the management of active ulcer and manifestations of Post-Thrombotic Syndromes.
  • Prevents dvt or deep vein thrombosis.

Class 3

These anti-embolism compression stockings are a stronger medical grade class II that is recommended for moderate to severe leg symptoms. These can help in maintaining healthy lifestyle especially for patients with lymphedema, severe varicose veins, venous reflux, and dvt or deep vein thrombosis.

Class 4

These anti-embolismcompression stockings are the strongest level and is not for ordinary use. Wearing these garments, including pantyhose, must be under the prescription and supervision of a doctor. This level is generally indicated for severe venous stasis, wound management, and lymphedema.

Benefits of Wearing These

When and Where to Wear These


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