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Acl Knee Brace For Dogs

How Can A Knee Brace Help My Dog

Ortho Dog – Cruciate Care Knee Brace Demo

The knee or stifle joint of a dog is where the tibia meets the femur and is supported by four ligaments, the cranial cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate, the lateral , and the medial collateral ligaments. Cranial Cruciate Ligament injuries are some of your pups most common injuries. The CCL is the most similar to the ACL in humans.

Wearing a stifle brace will stop excessive movement between the femur and the tibia . Limiting the stretching between the upper and lower leg allows the tendon to tighten up and heal. It will also stop side-to-side rotation and give the cruciate the support it needs to heal.

Cold Laser Therapy For Dog Acl Tears

After receiving the diagnosis of a partial tear, we were given the option of cold laser therapy class IV. The cold laser therapy sessions were a shot in the dark, but one I wanted to try.

Most veterinarians have cold laser therapy in-house these days, but back then, my dog received his treatments at a canine rehabilitation center in our area.

Dexter received a total of six 20-minute sessions that cost $250. I didnt notice a huge difference, but I am a big proponent of non-invasive treatments. I purchased a cold laser for my dog that I use at home for his back arthritis.

The goal of cold laser treatments for an ACL tear is to restore health to damaged tissue cells by stimulating their ability to grow, heal, and survive naturally. Our veterinarian informed us that a partial ACL tear can take months to heal. In the meantime, the dog should not engage in jumping, running, or any other activity that can progress it to a full tear.

Dexter eventually progressed from a partial tear to a full tear of his ACL, but after cold laser therapy, we tried a custom stifle brace.

Neoally Rear Leg Dog Knee Braces

If you both are night wanderers, NeoAclears is the exact brace for your dog you should be buying. The two reflective Velcro straps provide excellent visibility even in the dark.

Vets prescribe putting a pair instead of a single knee brace, and this brand offers one for the right and the other for the left. Its angelic design is easy to fit and put on and off. Each brace has metal springs for ample support, mobility, balancing the legs, and quick healing of injured joints.

The sturdy velcro straps are adjustable and prevent the knee brace from slipping. The brace is made with thick neoprene and nylon fabric to make it plush and ventilating. Five different sizes provide a greater room to choose from.



  • The users seemed glad because of the reflectivity of the brace as their dog was visible and happily playing in the dark.
  • It was a bounty to get a pair in an affordable range.


  • The buyers wished it could have been compressible.

Testers Verdict

Our team enjoyed watching the dogs strolling happily in this brace. They were satisfied with the hold of the brace, and reflectivity was a plus point.

NeoAlly Rear Leg Dog Knee Braces time.

The price of NeoAlly Rear Leg Dog Knee Braces time. varies, so check the latest price at

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Preventing Dog Knee Injuries

Simple adjustments to your dogs daily routine can reduce the risks of your dog developing a knee injury.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

As we discussed , obesity is a major contributing factor in the development of ligament tears and joint erosion. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight through exercise and proper diet is one of the best ways to prevent a knee injury.

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Regular, gentle exercise strengthens your dogs muscles and keeps them healthy. Make sure you are not allowing your dog to jump from very high distances or constantly run on very uneven ground to prevent damage to the CCL.

Understand Arthritis Signs

Being informed about the early warning signs of arthritis can help you step in and start giving your dog proper support via a or other rehabilitative activity. Arthritis can appear quickly, and without addressing the pain as soon as possible, may go past the point of tolerability by your dog, leaving them immobile and dependent on pain pills for life.

Vanvene Extra Supportive Front Leg Wrap

Ortocanis Original Knee Brace for Dogs with ACL, Knee Cap Dislocation ...

If you are looking for a long dog brace that covers the leg joints, we are pleased to inform you landed on the perfect page.

This dog ACL brace was meant to stabilize a dog with a torn ACL or any CCL injury. It lessens the inflammation after the ACL surgery and quickly recovers your furry friend. It also helps reinforce the hock and gain stability if your dog struggles with Arthritis, sprains, and injuries.

Moreover, it also forms a protective covering to safeguard the canine against sprains and future injuries. It also protects your pups wounds and keeps him active for the day.

It soothes the dogs muscles against joint problems. Adjustable straps provide further relaxation and adherence to keep your pup running. The vets recommend this product because of its excellence. It is also worn on the front legs like the in-hand brace.


  • Recommended by vets


  • The buyers were happy, claimed it is the best bendable knee brace and gave positive reviews about its stabilization outcome.
  • The vets recommended it because it provided greater hock support.


  • These braces could have been better with reflective strips.

Testers Verdict

After using these dog braces for torn ACL, our testers were pleased to see the dogs walking with balance. In addition, its coverage was excellent and provided greater support to the hock. Moreover, the team also said that the products popularity would have been manifold if only they had included reflective straps.

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Signs Of An Acl Injury

If your dog has been affected with painful joint trauma like an ACL tear, you will need to visit your veterinarian right away. The signs may include the following:

  • Grating sound when the joint moves
  • The joint may seem loose
  • Inability to move the joint
  • Cartilage injury is usually accompanied by a clicking sound when the joint bends or is extended and during movement.

Your vet will need to do x-rays that may show injury with or without joint damage. Joint fluid is also tested to help make a diagnosis. Your vet will usually provide you with both surgical and medical treatment options. These may include the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help with discomfort from inflammation and degenerative joint disease.
  • Weight reduction
  • Surgery is usually recommended for active dogs to stabilize the knee joint with physical therapy after surgery for recovery. This is critical.

The take with the outlook post-surgery is good as long as the degenerative joint disease has not progressed too far.

James Roush, DVM says that they also see active dogs tear their cruciate ligaments when they jump up in the air, come down and land on one leg with a twist and a pop. Dr. Roush adds that obesity, activity, and genetic tendencies may all contribute to a dogs level of risk of a cruciate tear.

  • Cruciate ligament injury
  • Support pre and post-surgery

Can You Make Your Own Brace

While you can technically create a knee brace at home for your dog, this is not recommended. A homemade brace will likely not have the support needed to help your dogs injuries heal or be a snug enough fit to help reduce inflammation. It is better to invest in a premade knee brace that is specifically designed for assisting dogs with knee injuries.

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Best For A Torn Acl: Ortocanis Original Knee Immobilizer For Dogs

The Ortocanis Original Knee Immobilizer is a top choice for a dog knee brace for ACL injuries, other ligament ruptures, and patellar luxation. The brace is designed to help a dog strengthen their muscles and improve their overall balance.

It features a lateral aluminum splint. This splint works to stabilize the knee and reduce movement, leading to less pain and better healing.

The brace offers an ergonomic design and is constructed from neoprene to help keep dogs comfortable. It is available in nine different sizes for both left and right legs.

A number of reviewers indicated that they had difficulty determining which size their dog needed based on the manufacturers sizing chart. As a result, the brace that they received didnt fit their dog well. Also, we noticed that there doesnt seem to be a way to choose between the two colors that are depicted on their Amazon ad: blue and black.

What Are The Most Popular Acl Dog Brace Models On The Market Today

Dog ACL Brace TPLO Surgery Alternative | HUSKY SQUAD

There are a variety of acl dog brace products available on the market today for men & women who are looking for quality and reliability. All acl dog brace models base themselves on the same basic principle. However, they suit different user preferences.

Its no secret that different products are popular among different demographics. But what if you could see which items were the most popular among all consumers? Well, you can, and weve got the list for you. Check out our list to select products that everyone seems to love, regardless of their age, gender, or location.

Some tips to Select the Most Popular acl dog brace

  • The three most important factors to consider when selecting the most popular products are price, quality, and popularity.
  • Price is one of the more obvious considerations since you want to make sure it is reasonable for your needs.
  • Quality should also be considered because if you buy a product with poor quality then that will not help with your overall goal of finding the best possible product.
  • Finally, popularity may not seem like an important factor but it can actually be just as crucial as either price or quality considering how many consumers there are in this world looking for great deals on amazing products!

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How We Selected The Acl Dog Brace

Most of the products listed are not selected hand to hand. We used artificial intelligence to make the list. But we can assure you all the products listed here are of superior quality as they are already tested by real users, rated by expert reviewers, and recommended by real humans.

Key decision-making factors you should consider to select the products:

Adjustable Strapping Accommodates Muscle

Braces provide support to allow your dog to remain mobile while undergoing treatment for a damaged or torn ACL, and can even act as an alternative to surgery.

The custom-made ACL braces for dogs that we fit have adjustable strapping to provide your dog with greater comfort and to allow you to easily remove the brace when your pet sleeps.

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Making Your Dog Comfortable

Whenever your dog is in pain from a knee injury, you can take steps to make them more comfortable throughout the day.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs work to reduce swelling, stiffness, joint pain, and inflammation in humans. Your vet can prescribe a dog friendly version that have these same effects, effectively taking the edge off of your pups pain. Never give your dog the human versions of NSAIDS like Ibuprofen.

Keep in mind that overuse of NSAIDs can result in kidney or liver complications in your dog. They may also cause an allergic reaction. Monitor your dog while administering these drugs and stop using/contact a vet if they show signs of distress such as labored breathing, lethargy, or vomiting.


Adding supplements to your dogs diet can help prevent further injuries and reduce the pain associated with their current injury over time. Bone and joint supplements such as this one are loaded with ingredients that work to repair and heal knee injuries.

Supplements can take several weeks before their effects start showing, so these are better for prevention, attempting to relieve pain in an arthritic dog, or healing a CCL injury over time, rather than for treating an acute muscle strain.

Best For Customization: Labra Supportive Dog Hock Brace : Labra Dog Canine K9 Dual Knee Stifle Brace Wrap Metal ...

While the Labra Supportive Dog Hock Brace is technically a hock brace and not a knee brace, it is another supportive option to consider. The brace is perfect for dogs with arthritis in their rear hock joint and works to compress and stabilize the area to make it less painful and easier for your dog to move.

The brace is made from a quality neoprene material that is flexible to ensure your dog still can move freely, while also ensuring that their hock joint gets the support it needs. You can customize the fit of the brace using the hook and eye straps based on the width of your dogs leg.

The main customer complaint is that this hock brace wont stay in place.

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Acl Braces For Dogs: How They Help

Ligaments cannot regenerate themselves, so scar tissue formation is crucial. In Dexters case, once the mold was taken, much like a human brace, they crafted the finished product.

They are true artisans and were kind enough to walk me through the on-site fabrication process. It takes about a week to 10 days for the brace to be made. We were shown how to apply the brace and care for it. At the time, the stifle brace for my dogs ACL tear was $625. Price varies by need and dog size.

My friend and veterinarian Dr. Julie Buzby, inventor of Toe Grips for Dogs, says while human anatomy lends itself to a knee brace, a dogs anatomy does not. Some veterinarians promote the use of stifle braces for dogs while others do not feel they are beneficial.

Dr. Buzby is certified in acupuncture and animal chiropractic, so she doesnt commonly send dogs right off to surgery for a torn ACL. She is, however, in the pro-surgery camp for canine cruciate tears.

However, not all dogs are surgical candidates. If your dog isnt able to have ACL repair, a stifle brace is a viable option. I talked to my dogs board-certified orthopedic surgeon about knee braces for dogs. Of the thousands of ACL repairs he performs every year, my dog was the only one who tried a knee brace that year in his practice.

Custom knee braces are your best option because they conform to the anatomy and need of each individual dog. They can be pricey, so some manufacturers sell generic stifle braces that are not custom molded.

Considering A Dogs Anatomy

While human anatomy lends itself to a knee brace, a dogs anatomy does not.

Braces can work well for humans because they mimic the function of the ACL by preventing internal rotation and hyperextension. Dogs are not designed the same.

Also, humans mostly use our ACLs when flexing our knees into the crouch position, for example, while playing sports or doing the limbo. However, canine knees are in this position whenever the dog is standing or gaitingmeaning much of the dogs day is spent putting stress on his cranial cruciate ligaments.

Non-athletic individuals with a torn ACL can often avoid surgery with conservative treatment. By virtue of their quadruped status, dogs arent as lucky.

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Choosing The Right Dog Brace

If your dog needs support and stabilization due to a knee or ACL injury, you could aggravate the problem further by choosing a dog knee brace that is not correctly fitted.

This could result in further damage to the leg, increased discomfort for your dog, and the possibility of increased vet bills over time.

At Applied Biomechanics we provide customized braces for dogs with a torn ACL, so you know that your canine friend is getting the best treatment available for help with problem knees.

The 6 Best Dog Knee Braces For A Torn Acl

Torn ACL in Dogs: Knee Brace

July 20, 2021 by Claudia Bensimoun

In this review, well discuss the six best dog knee braces for torn anterior cruciate ligaments . If your dog shows signs of lameness in one of his back legs, it may be suffering from a torn or ruptured ACL.

Today, numerous pet parents are also opting to purchase dog knee braces for their senior pets or for pets that would benefit from them. You should focus on working with your veterinarian first so that your furry best friend can return to normal activities after an accurate diagnosis and with the appropriate veterinary care. In this ACL dog knee brace review, well show you our top 6 picks for 2021.

A brief note: The knee is often referred to as the stifle or tibiofemoral joint of the rear legs. The primary joints of a dogs front legs are referred to as elbows.

Tearing the crucial cranial ligament of the stifle is usually the result of a severe injury. This ligament connects the back of the femur with the front of the tibia . The CCL is responsible for keeping the tibia in place beneath the femur and stabilizing the knee joint.

Still, in most cases, there is already degeneration of the joint structure, a weakened immune system, or defects in the dogs conformation as in straight-legged dogs.

Most ACL injuries will involve a tear in the middle of a ligament, but some ACL injuries result from bone separation at the ligaments origin. When this happens, the stifle joint becomes unstable, and this may result in the following:

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Your Dogs Acl Surgery Alternatives & Surgical Treatment Options

When it comes to any serious injury, it is best to consult with a veterinarian to determine the best treatment option. In extreme cases, your vet might recommend surgery for the best chance at long-term recovery. However, in many cases, a dog may not be a good candidate for surgery due to health issues or advanced age. In addition, surgery to repair a torn ACL can be cost-prohibitive, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 per knee. Fortunately, when surgery is not the best option, there are some non-invasive treatment plans that may work for you. Joint supplements , diet and exercise changes, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, pain medication, and dog stifle braces are all options that can help heal your pup.


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